Mayor Kenney: Islam Has Nothing To Do With Cop Shooting

The suspect has allegedly claimed an allegiance to ISIS.

From L to R: Police Officer Jesse Hartnett and suspect Edward Archer | Photos via the Philadelphia Police Department

From L to R: Police Officer Jesse Hartnett and suspect Edward Archer | Photos via the Philadelphia Police Department

[Updated 5 p.m.] Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney said at a news conference Thursday that Islam had nothing to do with the shooting of a 33-year-old police officer in Philadelphia.

“In no way, shape or form does anyone in this room believe that Islam or the teaching of Islam has anything to do with what you’ve seen on the screen,” said Kenney, who was sworn into office Monday.

Capt. James Clark of the Philadelphia Police Department told reporters that the suspect, 30-year-old Edward Archer of Delaware County, confessed to the crime, allegedly saying, “I follow Allah. I pledge my allegiance to the Islamic state, and that’s why I did what I did.”

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that Archer’s mother said “he’s been hearing voices” in his head. Police have not classified the ambush as a terrorist attack, but they said they cannot rule it out until they complete an investigation.

Archer is alleged to have fired 12 shots at officer Jesse Hartnett’s patrol car at about 11:41 p.m. Thursday night. Police said three of the bullets struck Hartnett in the arm. Philadelphia magazine obtained video of the incident at 60th and Spruce streets, which shows Hartnett getting out of his patrol car after being ambushed and chasing the shooter.

Clark said that the 9mm Glock pistol Archer used in the shooting was stolen from a police officer’s home about two years ago, but had passed through other hands before allegedly landing in Archer’s.

Police have obtained search warrants for two homes Archer has lived in over the last year or so: One, at 61st and Pine streets, is a block away from the scene of the shooting; the other is in Yeadon.

Clark said Hartnett, a four-year veteran, was on routine patrol when Archer walked up to the car and began firing at him. Police say Archer continued approaching the car and firing, eventually reaching into the window and then striking Hartnett three times. At that point, Hartnett got out of his patrol car and fired at the suspect. Archer is said to have fled in the direction of 61st and Pine, but was apprehended by officers who responded to Hartnett’s call for assistance.

Police Commissioner Richard Ross decried the “heinous” nature of the crime at the news conference and praised Hartnett for his strength, calling him “a warrior when he had to be.” He called the shooting an “assassination attempt” and said he considered it a miracle that Hartnett was alive.

Officials said Hartnett is in critical but stable condition. Archer, meanwhile, was treated at the University of Pennsylvania for a gunshot wound to the buttocks.

This article has been corrected to reflect the fact that Archer was treated at the University of Pennsylvania for a gunshot wound to the buttocks. Due to an editing error, an earlier version of this article said Hartnett had been.

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  • You know you want to

    Just get it over with, Kenney, and be a sanctuary city for ISIS and the Gitmo terrorist detainees.

  • mike t

    If the police officer was a transgendered degenerate like Bruce Jenner I’m sure Mayor Kenney would have shown much more outrage than he did at the news conference.

    • yoBro

      He would have given the guy a key to the city

  • Tiredofjournos

    c’mon Jim. Greta is coming to PHL tonight. Reporters are going to get the works on this assassin and he is an extremist Muslim.Why take this ridiculous PC position 4 days into your term?. Support Commissioner Ross and acknowledge that you have a bad guys going after an innocent officer. Otherwise, start wearing the elf hat full time.

    • Shirleyrclark3

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  • Jayfar

    CORRECTION: The officer was shot 3 times in the left arm. It was the suspect who was shot in the buttocks.

    “Officials said Harnett is in critical but
    stable condition after being treated for a gunshot wound to the buttocks
    at the University of Pennsylvania.”

  • RandlBackScrambln

    Terrible start to this administration. Mayor more concerned about being PC than police safety.

    At least Commissioner Ross seems to be on the ball.

    • Mariasmack1

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  • frank2411

    He should resign. What a wimp or another word …….

    • judethom

      Impeach him now. He is a disaster.

  • caolan

    Mayor Kenney, You need new handlers already. What a contradictory statement. The Lunatic gives a statement stating that he did it for ISIS, and You say no he didn’t. Great Defense Witness.

  • TheNewDeBlasio

    This guy has nothing to do with Islam, but the Planned Parenthood shootings are the Pope’s fault!
    -Kenney world

  • Kingsley Comane

    Any update on diversity at Philly Mag?

    Didn’t think so…

    • I wrote the article, and I’m listed on the masthead over on the right side of this page.. You can find pictures of me online, including on my Facebook Timeline.

      • Kingsley Comane

        How come YOUR Management team did not update the public and provide transparency following the cover fiasco?

        We were told all along that we would be provided timely news about these happenings ,and yet, unless i missed something, I do not recall anything being shared about your arrival.

        I am glad you are on board. Your work is already better than several key others in the news department, from what i have seen.

        But it is rather disheartening knowing that I had to ask for an update, rather than seeing one prior.


        • I’ll leave it to my editors to address your questions here and simply say that I am pleased to be part of a very talented and capable team of great reporters and editors. My formal welcome appears on the editor’s page of the January 2016 issue, which was the first to be produced after my arrival.

          • Kingsley Comane

            I do not bother to pay for the print edition given the lack of quality stories. Plain and simple. So I did not see it there.

            But, how come no formal welcome online?

            That seems to be a very simple thing to do

            Am i missing something?

            Regarding a “very talented and capable team”, I get your point. But lets just say the reader base is HIGHLY skeptical of some of your colleagues.

  • Mike Smithy

    At best, Mayor Kenney comments are disingenuous. Since he is not an Islamic scholar, he has no moral authority to speak on behalf of Islam or the Koran. If the shooter said that he carried out the criminal act on behalf of Islam, who is the Mayor to dispute it.

  • chilitom

    I was stationed there when the Navy Yard was still the Navy Yard. And my daughter graduated from La Salle. Oh how your mighty city has fallen. That poor cop. That poor police commissioner. This guy Kenney has obviously sold himself to the gutter side of the Democratic party.

  • The Real Richard Cranium

    It has everything to do with Islam. The scumbag said he was following the word of the Koran. I have yet to hear of an Atheist, Buddhist, Christian, or any other religion subscribing to this ISIS nonsense. Call it what it is, Jim Kenney, and walk slowly from the Kook Aid dispenser.

  • delder

    How does he know this as fact? That statement is right out of the Obama handbook

  • barrygster

    Why is Kenney so desperate to play the Progressive card? Who is he trying to impress at this point? He admits they are still investigating, then says he absolutely knows what it is not. We’ve elected a genuine idiot.

    • mike t

      Because he’s a typical liberal buffoon. He showed zero empathy for the wounded police officer, his only concern was not to offend terrorists. Then that ridiculous comment about “too many guns on the street” when the gun was stolen. It’s too bad the officer wasn’t a transgendered degenerate. In that case, the mayor would have went straight to Archer’s jail cell and been judge, jury and executioner on the spot.

      • barrygster

        I disagree that he is typical, Obama or Nutter wouldn’t say something this stupid less than 24 hours after the incident. Not a good start for the 99th mayor.

        • V. Jarrett

          “ISIS is contained” ring a bell?

    • DenisetheCelt

      Follow the shekels. Always.

  • BLM not ISIS

    Archer is a BLM inspired nutbar more than an ISIS nutbar.

    BLM is about killing white cops.
    ISIS is about mass murder. This Archer clown could have shot up a crowd at church if he wanted to honor ISIS.

  • Name

    All evidence to the contrary Mr. Mayor. Liberalism is a mental illness.

  • AccountableForAll

    We don’t need Kenny & crew to define what we see. Stop catering to those who wish us harm

    I am pleased the the mosque has posted their objections to this violence. I hear their words more clearly than Kenny’s excuses.

    Violence in the name of Islam is too prevalent to ignore that it is indeed attached to the religion. Until you recognize that, we are helpless to protect our own.

    • DenisetheCelt

      The mosque and all it’s flock need to GO. There are loads of Doon Co 0 n countries to send them to. They need to be booted OUT Kenny the Re ta rded Cuck needs to go with them.

      • AccountableForAll

        We have freedom of religion here in the US, yes?

  • DenisetheCelt

    Kenny- are you developmentally disabled? Who or what put you in office, you FREAK?

  • bmkester

    Well, it’s been nearly 24hrs. since the incident. ‘Been watching the news. Only comment from the Whitehouse…”No comment”. Ok, can’t expect a POTUS comment every time a jihadi stirs a little trouble. Especially since the cop wasn’t killed. It was probably a good thing the cop didn’t kill the guy or it would have been another white cop – black man running away story. With so many shots fired the guy’s gun was empty so Archer was essentially shooting an unarmed man too.

  • Rick James

    Short lived mayoral run….almost as illustrious as Filner. Resignation expected and excepted.

  • TN.Rushbabe52

    Talking points straight out of the WH, new narrative is emerging for 2016 because this type of thing is getting more prevalent with all the refugees and POTUS needs cover.

  • judethom

    Islam has everything to do with the shooting because the wannabe Muslim killer screamed, “In the name of Islam.”