The Awful Comcast Customer Service Stories Keep Coming

Comcast Today: Suddenly, it seems the Internet is competing to tell the worst tale.

This couldn’t come at a worse time for Comcast, but its oft-complained-about customer service is becoming a thing.

By this, we mean it’s becoming more than another on the list of everyday life gripes — moaning about Comcast like you do taxes or the weather. No, we mean it’s become part of the zeitgeist: The Internet now seems to be in an active competition to see who can come up with the worst story of bad treatment at the hands of the company’s customer-service reps.

It started with the story of the man whose customer service rep just wouldn’t let him quit the company’s Internet service.

It escalated with last week’s story of the man who had to record his calls with Comcast to prove they’d charged him for a service they had promised would be free.

Now the stories are coming fast and furious. Two more have emerged in recent days:

WHNT reports: “A video showing a Chicago photographer on hold for more than 3 hours trying to cancel his service, only to be told in a separate call that the office that handles disconnects was closed for the day. Aaron Spain’s video on You Tube has 1.4 million views in the three days since it was posted. In the video, Spain holds up the phone to show the original call passing the 3 hour and 25 minute mark. “That’s how long I’ve been on hold, and they’re closed,” he said. “I’m pissed.” Spain said he was able to cancel the service — in just 17 minutes — when he called back the next day. He said once the video went viral, a Comcast executive called him to apologize. “It seemed genuine,” Spain said.”

Here’s the video, which is now at 1.7 million views:

Spain explains: “I’ve had a lot of people ask why I would stay on hold so long: I’m not the first person I’ve heard have this happen to. I refused to hang up as I wasn’t going to give them any reason to keep my service active. There would be no ‘well you did hang up before we could get to you,’ nonsense. I had been attempting to get a service technician out from Aug 21st through August 5th. I’d had 3-4 service calls scheduled, all of them no calls no shows, and no reason as to why they can’t get the service done. At this point I was trying to cancel service. I was transferred to the “retention” department at 7:17pm. I’m uploading this video at 10:19pm.”

And now? The story of a man who went on Reddit to get Comcast’s attention to his “howls of rage.” BGR reports

“During the six month period from mid-January of 2014 through the end of July of 2014, I had to contact Comcast an astounding 25 times in regards to a multitude of issues, errors, and mistakes with my service, and charges related to my Comcast account,” writes Dann Furia, a customer who first told the world his story via Reddit last week. “I kept careful, written records of my experiences as far back as January of this year, and by early July I had experienced such a stupefying range of problems with Comcast, that I additionally began recording my interactions with them.”

After a whopping 25 customer service phone calls, he basically gave up trying to engage Comcast through traditional methods and instead tried unleashing a primordial howl of rage on Reddit. This apparently worked because after his story went viral, Comcast’s corporate offices called him a hilarious five times in just 18 hours desperately trying to help him with his issues.

“When I listened to the first voicemail from Comcast Corporate, I felt relieved that someone might actually finally help me,” he writes. “But by the time I made my way through five consecutive Comcast Corporate messages (4 of them from the same person), and realized that they had all been delivered in an 18 hour period directly after my “Comcast fees” post went Reddit-viral, I literally began to feel sick to my stomach by Comcast’s response. Now, I understand that when a Comcast customer story like mine starts to get national attention, Comcast probably tries to minimize whatever gripes might publicly emerge.”


It’s probably never good for any company to endure a wave of bad publicity like this. It’s worse if you’re Comcast, trying to merge with Time Warner, and undergoing a federal review to determine with that merger can actually happen.

Will it stop the merger? The betting here is that Comcast has too much corporate muscle to be blockadd completely. But don’t be surprised if approval comes with a set of conditions that challenge the company to improve its godawful reputation.

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  • Scooter1116

    After having their small business internet for 5 years I tried to cancel since we are moving. You have to give them 2 months notice in writing and you cannot return the modem until after that time and receive your final statement. They also state that you must provide proof you sent them the notice since it is not thier job to keep track.
    What if I move before the 2 months are up? They don’t care.
    Told them I would pay the 2 months upfront and deliver the modem. No they will not accept it.
    Not everyone who moves stays local or moves where they can just change over their account. You want 2 more payments from me, I get that. Don’t remember that being in the 3 year contract 5 years ago.

  • Denise Rambo

    My BIGGEST gripe (among many) about Comcast is that you can call up to make a change to your service because it’s too expensive and they are more than happy to work with you to get you on another plan … or whatever … that will result in a lower bill. And you get that lower bill … for about 3 months … and then it’s right back up where it was … with no explanation. Even if you REMOVED services … after 3 months … you’ve got ’em back. And dealing with them take so much of your time that eventually you just suck it up. And they know it.

  • Helene

    I have been trying to get my infirm, 88 year old Mother’s phone number ported to Comcast since the beginning of August. As of Aug 7, Verizon had released the number to Comcast. As of Aug 18 the connection still hasn’t been made. My sister and I have spent many, many days each week on the phone with the same Comcast reps and Supervisors trying to get the issue resolved. Each call is a minimum of 3 hrs long. We have spent our summer vacations attempting to get some assistance from Comcast. Nothing has worked. I am disgusted with the poor customer service and I plan to cancel my comcast account as well as my Mother’s. What a shame for what use to be an amazing company. My Mom was an acquaintance of Ralph Roberts Sr when the company was starting up and she cant believe the level of incompetence to which the company has dropped. I am also sorely disappointed! Comcast shouldn’t be allowed further expansion since it can’t handle the business it has.

  • mraugustwestie

    We canceled Comcast within the 30 day guarantee after a horrid installation of equipment and the ruination of our existing phone system. We returned all equipment promptly. They used the day the Comcast salesman knocked on our door as the installation date despite documentation that we did not have a tech here until 3 weeks later. They also refused to port over a phone number and impacted our business. Now they are turning us over for collection. I discovered two things: 1) the techs are paid by the job, not by the hour so they rush through a job to get to the next one – they are also not certified (at least not in our area) and 2) when a customer cancels, the retention department receives a bonus or something if they can convince someone not to cancel. The corporate office promises to call back but they never do, even if there is a medical emergency and the customer needs a landline.

  • crateish

    We were on Comcast for ten years. So bad. So many days without service. Such bad customer service, based god knows in what country.

    Then we were on Verizon FiOS for two years. Exactly 1.5 hours without service. Excellent customer service. Even when we cancelled, the call center was in AMERICA, and they were courteous and prompt for our needs.

    Had to commit to Comcast in Philadelphia. PHILADELPHIA! Which is their HOME and where the local government is 100% in their pocket. I thought it might be different here.

    NO! NO! NO! Our service has been down for at least a week over the first six months. Worse customer service than ever from ‘Beverly, and Chuck, and Jill’ in what ever third world country these people reside in.


  • Chandra

    I have been dealing with Comcast for last 3 months to move my service from 1 location to another location ONE mile away. I was a triple play customer. Before I moved, I called Comcast and they assured me that service will be connected at new location on the day of the move. It has been 2 months since then and at least 5 visits from Comcast techs and still no service. They keep blaming it on each other while I have no cable TV service, no phone and no internet. I have managed my life with Verizon Wireless Phone and Verizon MiFi. Comcast is still going in circles and I still do not have the basic services that we have gotten so used to.

    We desperately need a competitor to Comcast so there is some competition in this other wise, Comcast will never fix itself….