New York Mayor Won’t Take Ed Rendell’s Bait

“I offer only peace and love to the City of Brotherly Love.”

Apparently, former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell has been taunting the competition to host the 2016 Democratic National Convention — but the competition is staying above the fray.

Newsday reports:

Ed Rendell — not just a former Philadelphia mayor and former Pennsylvania governor but also an ex-New Yorker — said that New York City’s subway platforms are too hot, that the city is too “blasé” and doesn’t have the same “spirit” as other cities, according to a published report.

Told of the remarks at an unrelated event in Harlem, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio smirked but demurred.

“Wow. I see bait. I should really take that bait, shouldn’t I? What, Marti? No, I shouldn’t? Oh, OK. I won’t. Good try,” de Blasio said to his first deputy press secretary, Marti Adams, offstage.

He added: “I offer only peace and love to the City of Brotherly Love,”

DNC site selectors are finishing their visit to Philadelphia today.

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