Sadly, the Eagles Aren’t Going Back to Kelly Green Jerseys

The team is sticking with its midnight green color scheme, but wants to wear kelly green jerseys as its third jersey. The problem: The helmets.

Philadelphia Eagles running back Wilbert Montgomery  in a game against the New York Giants on September 2, 1984. Photo | AP, Paul Spinelli.

Philadelphia Eagles running back Wilbert Montgomery in a game against the New York Giants on September 2, 1984. Photo | AP, Paul Spinelli.

Eagles president Don Smolenski caused a stir this morning when he said on 94 WIP’s morning show that the Eagles were considering wearing the kelly green jerseys again. The station trumpeted it as a major change, and Smolenski seemed to hint at nefarious plots against kelly green: “We have talked about it and there are some rules with the NFL that provide some restrictions that we’re trying to work through, but that’s going to take some time.”

Eagles fans – at least ones with taste, unlike Foobooz editor Arthur Etchells, who prefers the current “midnight green” teal-ish uniforms — rejoiced. A return to the obviously superior kelly green color scheme, finally!

But it turns out the Eagles just want to wear kelly green occasionally, as a third jersey. Currently, the Eagles wear their black jerseys as their alternate colors. (I prefer these to the midnight green ones. Kelly green and white — and black jerseys twice a season — would be the ideal combo.) But there’s an issue: Due to new helmet safety protocols in the wake of the NFL concussion lawsuits, teams can’t wear one-off helmets anymore.

The league could probably grant the Eagles a dispensation, but that would only be likely for a special event (such as the 50th anniversary of the 1960 championship team in 2010 —  the sole time the Eagles have worn kelly green since 1995 — or the 2007 75th anniversary throw backs). But maybe not: Last season, the Buccaneers were scheduled to wear their old creamsicle jerseys but didn’t after being told they’d have to wear their current helmets. The Head, Neck and Spine Committee and the Player Safety Advisory Panel made the recommendation to keep one helmet the entire season last year.

As Birds 24/7’s Tim McManus explained in February of last year, the team is unlikely to wear kelly green anytime soon. The NFL tightly regulates teams’ colors and style. The stadium is kind of colored midnight green. The Eagles would have to buy all new seats! They’re not going to replace all the seats at Lincoln Financial Field until they can at least sell them as “the seats from the Super Bowl season!” And who knows if that will ever happen!

You can keep wishing all you want, but it appears we’re stuck with the midnight green jerseys.

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  • John Winans

    I’d rather they make the move to change it up permanently, not just for the “third uniform.” Mrs. Lurie is no longer Mrs. Lurie, so let’s do this!

  • newunisorelse

    Article is about kelly green jerseys and they show Wilbert in…a white jersey.

  • Art from Foobooz

    Midnight green is great. Unique in all of sports and doesn’t scream generic middle school, like the kelly green does.

    • GlassJawn

      No those ugly midnight green unis and logo scream “1990’s GRAPHICS”!

      • Drew

        Dude, calm down! He’s hust saying his opinion. I have to agree with him. I think we’re the only team in professional sports with midnight green. When people see that color, they know. It’s the IGGLES! So calm yourself!

  • ztom6

    one more vote for midnight green.

  • Lovetron

    Midnight green blows. It is a fake color that was created so the Eagles could join teams like the Raiders and Falcons and work black into their ensemble when it was cool like eight years ago. Their unis were cool when they wore black pants with black jerseys and we had players like Dawkins and Trotter. It is time for us to modernize and today modernizing means going back to something both classic with modern touches. And that, my friends, means Kelly green.

    • Logic

      You mean 20 years ago?

  • Sean Stott

    This just in: grass is also kelly green. Amazingly, football is played on grass.

  • snotbubble

    What a lot of the younger fans don’t know is that the Birds lost a *ton* of games wearing Kelly green. I’d personally rather forget those days as it was a tough time to be a fan back then. Going back to that color is exactly that – going backwards. And if you’re still not convinced, Kelly green is way too close to NY Jets green. Not a winning franchise. Kelly green is just weak.

    • GlassJawn

      How many Super Bowls did the ugly, dated 90’s era midnight green teams win?

      Compared to the classic, simple, awesome kelly green I see only one SB visit with no win BUT no QB puking either.

  • Jeff

    I kinda like Midnight Green…

  • ‘Stanley Esposito

    How about a compromise? Add Silver pants once and a while.

  • Stephen

    I could handle continuing on with the midnight green if they would at least let Nike update the uniform. Not a crazy update, just something more modern and less shiny…that was for you Pat Shurmur.

  • jch

    As all Cowboys fans know, there’s nothing good about the Eagles, but the midnight green is so much better than Kelly green it’s not even funny. If they go back to Kelly they might as well change the name to the Fightin’ Leprechauns.

  • Amadeux

    The Kelly green jerseys are cool to use every once in a while, but I sure as hell hope they don’t go back to using it permanently.

  • Bobbie

    the old uniforms are much nicer than the puke green ones currently being worn. selling merchandise to gang members trumps class, though, any day.

  • baldeagle

    Midnight green is like aluminum siding on Independence Hall