PHOTOS: Gaza Protests at LOVE Park

On Wednesday afternoon, pro-Israel and pro-Palestine groups demonstrated over the current conflict in the Middle East.


As the conflict in Gaza intensifies, on Wednesday afternoon around 1,500 protesters gathered at LOVE Park to show support for their side.

On one side of the block pro-Israel protesters chanted and demonstrated, while on the other side of the street pro-Palestine activists gathered to counter-protest. The demonstrations were mostly civil, though at one point there was a fight in which a pro-Palestine activist was briefly detained, but not charged.

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  • Len Z

    Please send donations for Israel rebuilding fund to Jewish Federation @ 2100 Arch Street, Phila, Pa 19103 immediately!

    • Manal Y

      Susan Israel is not defending their citizens! Their is a genocide in Gaza they are being massacred just for the simple fact that they are Palestinians! Israel hopefully will never be at peace and Palestine will return to her rightful owners the Palestinian people!!

      • Manal Y

        We Palestinians aren’t going anywhere!!!! Long live Palestine!!!!!!

        • Manal Y

          Israel does not want peace they want and are killing innocent people children, women and elderly alike. If there are plenty of Jewish physicians they are tending to their own people. However,there are more cold blooded, ruthless barbaric Israeli murderers than there are those who want peace. Long live Palestine! !

          • Susan

            Hmm, you seem quite unaware of the reality that Hamas is using Palestinians as human shield. Hamas WANTS Palestinians to die. It helps their PR campaign and people like you believe it. Israel sends warnings to Palestinians telling the people to leave the area. They drop leaflets…even call people on cell phones. Hamas purposefully hides weapons in civilian areas. Palestinians are still going to Israel and being treated by Jewish doctors even while this is going on. So, you are just wrong on all counts. The day that Palestinians want their children to become physicians instead of suicide bombers will be the day that there is peace. And now, I have to get back to work so I can make another big donation to the Friends of the IDF. G-d Bless Israel and all those who value life!

          • Manal Y

            You’re the one that’s being fed lies!!! And God including the “o” bless Palestine!

        • Susan

          I agree, Palestinians aren’t “going anywhere” until they renounce terrorism. Get rid of Hamas!

          • Manal Y

            We are fighting for our God given rights. ..which Israel denies us. We retaliate because israeli’s ARE The Real Terrorists

          • Manal Y

            It was wrong in Auschwitz and it is wrong in Gaza!!!!

          • Susan

            Renounce terrorism and live in peace along with the rest of the civilized world. And while you’re at it, try to stop stoning women and gays and living by Sharia Law. Join the civilized world and enjoy life. As opposed to waiting for the 100 virgins!

          • Manal Y

            Israel should join the civilized world… and while they’re at it stop marrying your uncles and aunts. Stop incest which is rampant amongst Jews and frowned upon by the rest of the world!

          • Manal Y

            Susan, it’s funny how you totally avoided my earlier comment about the similarities of what happened in Auschwitz and what is happening In Gaza. Yet you attack my religion….hahaha is that what you do when you can’t answer for Israel war crimes.

      • Susan

        As I said, Israel wants to live in peace and values life. As you just said, “Israel hopefully will never be at peace”. Thank you for summing it up.
        Israel wants peace. Hamas wants death.
        I guess that’s why there are so many Jewish physicians, dedicated to saving lives (my husband included). Hamas…they dedicate themselves to death.

    • Faz

      ha!! sure will idiot

  • Susan

    I was at the rally for Israel yesterday and I stood with over 2,000 people in support of Israel’s right AND responsibility to defend her citizens against the terrorists, Hamas.
    The Palestinians elected terrorists to their government. And those terrorists are using the Palestinian people to act as human shields. Those terrorists have launched thousands of rockets from Gaza at Israeli citizens.
    Can you even imagine living here in Philly as terrorists in Cherry Hill launched rockets at us day and night? And that we live with 15 second warnings to try to get to a bomb shelter?
    And then can you imagine the world telling us not to respond to these attacks?
    Hamas is a terrorist organization, just like the Taliban, and Al Qaeda. Israel must destroy Hamas. The Palestinian people need to stop harboring terrorist and electing them to their government.
    Israel wants peace and values life. Terrorists like Hamas want death.

    • Susan fanatic

      Susan F, you are a very beautiful woman, both on the outside and inside; who a fellow could fall in love with, even though you are very stubborn and damn bright!

      • TheSystemIsBroken


    • Similarities

      Dear Susan, look what the putzes here in US elected as “their” president! Many US citizen’s lives are now vastly negatively affected by this “dreck”



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