264 Charged With Marijuana Possession Since City Council Voted to Decriminalize

“It’s unconscionable,” says Councilman Jim Kenney.


On June 19th, Philadelphia City Council voted to decriminalize the possession of up to one ounce of marijuana, passing a bill introduced by Councilman Jim Kenney. But Mayor Michael Nutter opposes the bill, and Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey has said that he will continue to make marijuana arrests, even if the bill is signed into law. In the month following the bill’s passing, 264 citizens were charged with the crime.

“It’s unconscionable,” says Kenney. “The issue for me is that we have a 26-percent poverty rate. I need to have everyone working. And for a lot of these people, it is impossible to get jobs, all over a nickel bag of cannabis or a couple of joints.”

We drilled down into court records to take a look at the marijuana charges between June 19th and last Friday, July 18th. Of those 264 arrests, the majority, 140 people, were charged only with marijuana possession. They weren’t breaking any other laws, they didn’t have any illegal guns on them, and they didn’t resist arrest.

Of the 124 people charged with additional crimes, the majority of those crimes were also drug related (possession of another drug, manufacture with intent, and conspiracy related to the drugs). The War on Drugs is alive and well in Philadelphia.

There were also a handful of gun and solicitation charges, two aggravated assault charges, and a littering charge. Approximately 200 of those arrested and charged with marijuana possession were released without bail.

In other words, the vast majority of the people charged with marijuana possession in Philadelphia during the month following the decriminalization vote were just folks looking to relax with a few puffs. They weren’t people with outstanding warrants or engaged in any violent criminal activity.

What we don’t know yet about the arrests is the racial breakdown. As Kenney has previously pointed out, 83 percent of the people arrested for marijuana possession in Philadelphia in 2013 were black, suggesting that blacks are being disproportionately targeted.

“As a white male, the odds of me being arrested for marijuana possession are virtually nil,” says Kenney. “If they want to arrest people for marijuana, why don’t they walk through the parking lot of the ballpark before a game? There are plenty of white suburban people they could arrest. They could visit a frat party on a college campus and round up a bunch. But they don’t.”

(A little trivia for you. Question: How many drug arrests were there at the July 8th and 9th Phish concerts at the Mann Music Center in Parkside, which were, no doubt, replete with illegal drug use among the almost entirely white crowd? Answer: Precisely zero.)

If there is any good news here, it’s that it looks like marijuana arrests may be down significantly. During the same monthlong period in 2013, there were 476 people charged with marijuana possession in Philadelphia.

To see how this is all going to play out, we’ll likely have to wait until September, when Mayor Nutter will be legally required take action, either by signing the bill, vetoing it, or doing nothing, in which case it will go into effect but without his endorsement. And then we’ll still have to see what Ramsey is going to do.

In the meantime, keep your marijuana consumption discreet, or you could wind up with a criminal record.

“We’re supposed to be progressive,” says Kenney. “But we’re the only county in the entire state that does custodial arrests for marijuana. It’s just wrong.”

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Update: Jim Kenney Urges Mayor to Sign Marijuana Decriminalization Bill.

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  • Charliefoxtrot

    One day, Fiorillo, just look at black vs. white crime stats. Please.
    A journalist should look at facts, yes? Doesn’t the actual fact that for all practical statistical purposes the PPD really exists to police AA districts in the city-since white murders/arrests are a tiny fraction of black count for anything in the lefty worldview?

    Is that because a nearly 40% black police force is….racist?

    I think if the black community decided to self police it’s behavior, it too could smoke weed at the Mann, but as it stands, they seemingly are hell bent on proving their racist critics right.

    You cannot murder at a rate an order of magnitude higher than other skin colors and not get profiled, and caught in other minor arrests along the way as a side effect. Fiorillo constantly mistakes the outcome as a cause.

    • Duncan20903

      The most common mistake by people who want to rationalize away the very compelling evidence of these racist policies is the belief that hatred is a required element for racism. It is not. Charliefoxtrot also seems to have missed the part where people can most certainly be racist against their own race.

      Reality Charlie: these arrests are the product of racism and it doesn’t matter how you excuse it.

      • Charliefoxtrot

        Black crime rates are a product of selective enforcement, and whites/blacks/purples all commit crime at exact same levels? Is that your premise?

        • Charliefoxtrot

          The black PD force is no more racist than Bill Maher mocking whites in trailer parks.

          Or, put another way, same as white PD’s patrolling a white trailer park known for its drug use and assault rates. To white or black cops, the people they arrest are doing wrong. If you’re got an area with lots of crime, you …..get lots of arrests.

          Or are these white cops unknowingly racist?

          • Sandydog

            It’s low income more then color. Most criminals are low income.

          • Charliefoxtrot

            Yep, agreed.

          • Avedon

            I’ll buy that class has a lot to do with it. So, does that make it okay to wreck already-distressed neighborhoods by making a large segment of the population unemployable by arresting them for harmless pot possession?

          • Charliefoxtrot

            Whether or not pot is harmless, it’s not society’s fault that someone made a decision to break the law in regards to unemployment. Besides which , if what you say is true, is it society’s fault that this hypothetical guy fails a workplace drug test?

          • chris9465

            if you cant pass a work place drug test your to stupid for the job anyway……

      • Charliefoxtrot

        Curious if you think shutting off someone’s water is racial too?

        Or, do cries of Racism keep you from paying for water you’ve used?


        • Duncan20903

          Deny it all you like. It doesn’t change the fact that you’ve got your head buried in the sand.


          • Charliefoxtrot

            Yeah. I’m merely saying that firemen generally go where the fire is (PD response in urban areas) as an analogy explaining race stats. You reject this, and see the Invisible Hand Of Racism making black cops, Mayor, Chief of Police all acting like racist zombies….and I have MY head in the sand?

        • Inquizative

          I think poverty is the main cause of someone getting their water shut off, however, the media portrayed these residents as immoral criminals for needing water. When someone comes along and offers to cut it back on at a rate that they can afford, this reporter went to their doors to embarrass and expose them. After all Detroit is awash in poverty and desperation.

          Before you dispute this. Have you ever lived without running water, unable to cook, wash clothes, dishes, shower and flush the toilet. Consider that before you give me the conservative moral of the story.

          • Charliefoxtrot

            I’ve lived in a house fed by a spring that would freeze in the winter when it got really cold, so yeah I been there. Lived in a house heated by a wood stove only. Walked two miles down a dirt road to catch a bus. Eaten government cheese and watched my mom pay for food with food stamps for awhile….in one of the poorest counties in NC. Bills got paid, barely.
            So really I’m weary of this. Poverty is a state of mind, the result of life effort.

            While these folks cry racism there’s another minority close by cutting grass 60hrs a week seemingly not bothered by racism. This, after paying a coyote thousands to transport themselves here while black unemployment is in the 30-40% range.

    • lolfukyrself

      “If you were of the correct race, you too could break the law with impunity instead of being constantly surveilled, harassed, and detained. Silly people, why didn’t they just get born white?”

      • Charliefoxtrot

        A gross misrepresentation of what I said. You could take the families of Vietnam refugees who emigrated here penniless and see them never get harassed at the Mann too. Then again, they don’t commit the lions share of the crime in Philly. Hmmmm.

        Has zero to do with race. Has everything to do with results of your actions or the content of your character as a great man once said.

        • Charliefoxtrot

          To follow up, of course some blacks will get profiled, and that’s a terrible thing. But that’s not a racial indictment of culture at large-it’s an indictment of black culture, and is where the anger at this issue should be, not screaming Racism at a rational police response.

          But it’s simply easier to point to racism rather than deal with the structural problems in the AA community that lead to crime, I suppose.

          • Sandydog

            It’s rather obvious you’ve never lived in a low income black neighborhood.

          • Charliefoxtrot

            Lol. How does Germantown two blocks from Stenton grab you? Stepped on crack vials once a week coming out my door in 92.

            I grew up in the South anyway, I’ve seen real poverty. Ate government cheese as a kid for a year. I know what being poor is.

          • Sandydog

            I’m talking about a low income neighborhood with homes of good family people that are black.

            “I grew up in the South anyway” nvm, that explains a lot.

          • Charliefoxtrot

            Oh, I surely have. But I like your stereotyping of me, it’s very interesting-it may come as a shock but not all southerners are racist. The area I grew up in was much more diverse than Philly by a mile.
            But I get your need to impugn my motives rather than debate on ideas.

          • Sandydog

            “not all southerners are racist.” Ok

          • Charliefoxtrot

            Yeah. Like I said. It’s all you have.
            Senator Tim Scott would be surprised, as a black Republican from SC serving in the nations capital.
            Seeing as how less than 8 years ago Team Blue had an ex Grand Wizard in the Senate for 40 years in Robert Byrd, but hey whatever.

          • Sandydog

            I agreed with you. lolol

          • Jeff Johnson

            Arresting someone for smoking a plant is hardly ‘rational’, no matter what color the ‘perp’.

          • Charliefoxtrot

            I’m not referring to weed arrests specifically here.

          • Avedon

            The “structural problems” in the black community are called “poverty”. There is disproportionate poverty in the black community. And part of that is because black neighborhoods are targets of police attention.

          • Charliefoxtrot

            Yes, but it’s a great deal less simplistic than cops making blacks poor.

            You can be poor, be married, and have a job. Millions of illegals are poor, married, and have jobs.

            The reason blacks are in northern ghettoes was work in Philly, Detroit, etc. They…..moved to where the work is from the south. Now, benefits interrupt the basic human need to provide, nurture children, get married, etc. This corrupting aspect of welfare affects all races….

            A working mom makes less working at a 30k a year job than she receives in public assistance. It’s madness.

            I get people need a hand up. I really do. But the lefts fundamental misunderstanding of the corruption of family structure from welfare is it’s biggest blind spot.

          • JofreyRice

            What about northern European socialist democracies? If it was gov’t assistance “corrupting the family structure” and causing society to unravel, why are their violent crime rates so low, and their quality of life and happiness ratings so high?

            You’re acting as if racism is this long buried and vanquished foe. Not sure if your political worldview will allow you to give this a shot, but this is a fantastically written look at the effects of generations of racism by Ta-Nehisi Coates:


            Coates actually mentions Mayor Nutter in the article, itself:

            “In 2011, Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, responding to violence among young black males, put the blame on the family: “Too many men making too many babies they don’t want to take care of, and then we end up dealing with your children.” Nutter turned to those presumably fatherless babies: “Pull your pants up and buy a belt, because no one wants to see your underwear or the crack of your butt.”) The thread is as old as black politics itself. It is also wrong. The kind of trenchant racism to which black people have persistently been subjected can never be defeated by making its victims more respectable. The essence of American racism is disrespect. And in the wake of the grim numbers, we see the grim inheritance.”

          • Charliefoxtrot

            Joffrey I don’t think I am acknowledging that racism is completely dead, in fact I mentioned it several times that it’s very difficult for black people to overcome the stigma of racism in this thread.

            My point which no one has yet responded to is that urban black culture consistently proves it’s racist critics right in some ways, in the most bizarre ways.

            My suggestion to you is read some of Thomas Sowells thoughts on great Society bill and welfare in general.

            Comparing Scandi countries to tge US is hard; you’re comparing completely homogenous cultures smaller than a lot of US cities who don’t have military expenditures, thanks to the US. Sister married Danish guy and lives there and it’s not as rosy a picture as painted according to her -and she’s a big Obama supporter. This was big news awhile back, if you google “Carina Denmark Ny Times” you’ll get a sense of the outrage a lot of Danes feel. Sister does translation work-and doesn’t work past November as ALL her pay goes right to the State.

            I think if you set up a welfare system that manages to keep families together rather than receiving less benefits if married outcomes would be better, but who knows.
            Go Eagles.

          • JofreyRice

            Scandinavian countries are much less homogenous, than they used to be, but if the thrust of your argument has to do with the disintegration of the family unit as a result of welfare, I’m not sure I understand what the racial makeup of the population should have to do with the outcome.

            My wife is Danish. Has multiple relatives over there. It’s not Shangri-La, but it’s also not a post-apocalyptic wasteland of burning ghettoes and trash the way it out to be, if a welfare state caused such conditions. And that’s a REAL welfare state, not the pittance that we give out–SNAP allotment being about 25 dollars a day to feed a family of 5. I’m just saying, that’s consistently one of the “Happiest Countries in the World”, along with Norway, Switzerland, etc.

            Quite a few members of my wife’s extended family have been in what would be called “common-law” marriages for years, because they don’t even necessarily care about the financial incentive to wed. Yeah, OK their taste in fashion and television is a bit weird when they come to visit, but other than that, they’re perfectly nice people who don’t try to kill me.

            I think the problem with the story of Carina, or the tales of the welfare queens, in the US–which has historically been a racial dogwhistle, first and foremost–is that it’s an anecdotal example of a worst-case scenario. It feeds into a deeply cyinical perspective; people will mooch remorselessly if given the slightest opportunity. I don’t agree with that notion.

          • Charliefoxtrot

            I’m not saying it’s a racial thing. Saying that incentives matter…..if you receive less $ as a married couple, get free food/housing, you don’t think that replaces the need to get married, and have stable two earner households which prevent more crime and lead to stable societies?

            Why the implosion of black marriage rates post 1968?

            The answer is government is playing the role reserved for adults. Adults pay for food for their kids.

            I’d say Danes have much more of a cultural homogeneity than Americans. Recent immigrants aside. Communities self police behavior, healthy ones do. This is a place with rows of babies sleeping outside of the Acme in their carriages according to my sister.
            Now we could argue that the overall lifestyle there, to your point, is one of higher standard of living…which would dampen crime stats considerably, and make having children less of a burden than here.

          • JofreyRice

            What I’m saying is, in my wife’s families case–purely anecdotal–removing the financial incentive to get married seems to have removed some of the desire. That hasn’t resulted in the collapse of Danish society, the way it seems your implying it should. And it’s not just anecdotal, Danes love divorce! (by the numbers, anyway). Still, it persists as one of the best places to live.

            Again, I’m not understanding your point on homogenousness. Are you saying that “community” only happens in racially homogenous societies? Agree with you that the relative income equality within the community helps greatly. They also don’t have huge swaths of Copenhagen that have been surgically turned into ghettos the way say, Chicago has, because of racist government housing policy (as Coates details).

            My point is, I think you’re overemphasizing the role of divorce and/or single parent families that creates these “bad kids” that the police only pursue because it’s logical, and underemphasizing the effects of actual verifiably racist federal housing policy, 30+ years of the war on drugs, substandard education, and generational poverty.

          • Charliefoxtrot

            I’m saying that high functions communities will do the small things-correct kids from littering, publicly shame rule breakers, and encourage behavior that we mutually agree society benefits from while strongly condemning negative behavior. Urban black and poor white areas do not do this obviously.

            Since you cannot have this self policing behavior with 16 year olds having kids, it only comes from stable two parent households (unless you’re in Denmark and the state supported bennies give you economic freedom maybe?)
            I do know demographic shifts over there have eggheads worried since having babies is kinda passé now in Europe. The conservative response is generally that the more secular and self absorbed a society becomes the less it has kids and I think there’s a little truth in that.

          • JofreyRice

            Denmark, Sweden, Norway. All these places have higher out of wedlock birth rate than the US as a whole; Sweden, back in 2009,was clocking in at 55% of kids being born that way, with the curve steeply rising–certainly enough to outpace AA out-of-wedlock-births in the US. It may actually be there now, for all I know. I definitely think the government benefits give those people the freedom to not marry for financial gain, pursue higher education, and focus on recreation and physical health; by the way, all things that contribute directly to “quality of life”, along with security from violent crime. I lived in Germany for awhile, and the same is true there, although I don’t know as much about the help they get from the state.

            Here, the teen birth rate from 2010-2012 fell across the board, according to the CDC. 6% for whites and 7% for blacks. Funnily enough, I put that down to an increase in secularism, in part–and sex education, as well. When I start worrying about the future of humanity on planet earth, my fears are not centered around not having *enough* people to use it’s resources, that’s for sure.

        • Avedon

          Not really. Black kids go to jail all the time for things we did in my white neighborhood without even getting our names written down.

          • Charliefoxtrot

            It’s possible, like I said, it’s terrible that innocent blacks pay the price for the worst offenders. I know moving up here from the South people were very quick to judge you on speech patterns and dress etc. People stereotype….100% of lefties think Palin said she could actually see Russia from her porch, when she never said that, for example, but got stereotyped that way after an SNL sketch.

            It simply means to me that if I’m black I want to be conscious of how screwed up public perception of me is, and if I want to succeed in life, not help perpetuate the same stereotypes by looking like a gangbanger. Some would say that’s unfair and racist, but life is rarely fair. Just as I can’t get a job without credentials is unfair, even if the credentials are meaningless.

    • Presbyton

      perhaps the fact that black teenagers are more likely to go to jail over some petty arrest that would never create jail time for a white teen has something to do with the disparity. If you send a young man to jail, he will come back a harder man.

      • Charliefoxtrot

        They’re more likely due to repeated arrests=higher incarceration rates.

        • Presbyton

          No, black teens are more likely to get jail time for teenage hijinks the first time than white teens. Its a documented fact. Jail is like college for criminals. Sending people to jail has a high likelihood of turning them into criminals.

          • Charliefoxtrot

            Untrue. No judge throws kids in jail for minor first time offenses.
            If you cannot see how an increased PD presence in high crime areas will lead to more arrests then we are really not communicating.
            As I said before, once the black community decides to return to the solid family units that existed before LBJ “helped” them with welfare, when divorce rates in AA families were lower than whites, you’re going to have high arrest rates…..which are either evidence of racism, or evidence that police are rationally responding to crime, depending on your political beliefs.

            I’m maintaining the latter, while saying that the AA community self perpetuates it’s worst stereotype, ignores it’s responsibility in this matter, and prefers to focus on the response to their behaviors in society, rather than do any self reflection at all.

            Already, I’ve been called racist (I’m not), accused of never living in AA community (I have, in Germantown and NC). Ridiculous.

          • ColBatGuano

            Untrue. No judge throws kids in jail for minor first time offenses.

            Do you have a source to back that claim up?

          • Charliefoxtrot

            Pre trial intervention programs. Esp for minors.

          • Presbyton

            That’s just false, judges do this routinely, especially to black kids.

          • Charliefoxtrot

            Depends on the charge, I suppose. Battery, etc, might get you there. The court systems ostensibly try to take it easy on first time offenders.

            Please don’t equate the astronomical disparity in crime rates btw blacks and whites and then say it’s because we are living in Selma Alabama in 1963. Because there are already enough people studiously ignoring this fact in this thread already.

          • joefromnc

            You are talking out of your posterior CF.

          • ColBatGuano

            I think the “I suppose” pretty much covers his knowledge on this subject.

    • chris9465

      if they went and started arresting all those sons and daughters of middle class white voters for pot…….and saddle them with the same problems others races have to deal with, cannabis would be 100% legal tomorrow….

      • Charliefoxtrot

        Not sure I agree. DUI stats I believe skew more white. Not much will to change them or underage drinking laws. I can’t even buy beer at wawa.

  • Joseph

    “…83 percent of the people arrested for marijuana possession in Philadelphia in 2013 were black, suggesting that blacks are being disproportionately targeted.” NO… It suggests that blacks are disproportionately USING.

    • Charliefoxtrot

      What I’ve read is that use is the same or higher in whites. It’s just that since Black community sadly commits astronomically more crime, they get increased police presence, increases presence means more arrests, and more arrests on your record lead to more incarceration. To most of us, police response to crime is logical, to Fiorillo, It’s Racism.

      • Daveland3d

        Look. The law was changed because the majority of Citizens want it that way.
        The fact that the Mayor is letting his own preferences interfere with the implementation of this law and that the Police Commissioner has taken things into his own hands and refused to follow the law, these things should be the most alarming about this article.
        The People have spoken!
        Free the Weed!

    • Jack B Nimble

      Wrong…. the National Household Survey on Drug Abuse & Health statistics from 2001-2010 show white & black marijuana use at roughly the same rate…. yet blacks are arrested for it at 3.73 times the rate of white users.

      You’re spouting an uninformed opinion. Go find some facts instead of spreading lies & misinformation. You are entitled to your own opinion….. but not your own facts.

      • Joseph

        No, the author, Victor Fiorillo,, used the term “suggesting,” therefore it was his opinion. I merely used the same terminology. I don’t recall seeing any survey in the above article. Journalists are supposed to deal in facts, and not putting a liberal spin on news articles by inserting personal opinions, which is what Mr. Fiorillo did.

        • Presbyton

          You should have looked up the facts before suggesting that black people use more drugs.

        • Avedon

          The journalist may not have looked up the facts, but you could have. Anyone who has paid attention to this stuff knows whites use at least as much pot as black people do. Get a grip.

          • Joseph

            Hey guys, get a grip! Don’t wet yourselves. I’m supposed to do a journalists work for him? I don’t get paid for that. I merely used the same term, and where are the stats for Philadelphia specifically?
            If NBA players are 80% black, does that suggest racism? A lot more whites play basketball than blacks. Or it might suggest that the best players are mostly black. Raw numbers without background info are open to interpretation. They could “suggest” anything! Have a nice week! js

          • joefromnc

            I’m embarrassed to share your name.

            The stupid…. It hurts…

          • Joseph

            But nothing to add to the discussion. BTW… There are a lot of good counselors out there. Maybe you can find one who can help with your self-esteem issues.

    • Youssef Ismail

      Ummm, no, it doesn’t. Back to school child.

    • Presbyton

      Except all the evidence says that blacks and whites use drugs at the same rate.

  • FunkSiren

    Seriously? Did you single out Phish Phans?

    • Presbyton

      What, we all know they were smoking up.

    • Jeff Johnson

      Seems logical. You know Phish fans are likely to be creating CLOUDS of smoke! Sure wouldn’t be difficult to find some smoking. Chances are, the police everywhere are gonna start targeting phish and widespread panic shows so that they can get those ‘white people’ arrest rates up!

      What it boils down to is the cops simply don’t want to lose out on all these drug arrests! It means money to them and the state. Prohibition IS about to fall though! It’s gonna happen! Then all those people out there who are so afraid of marijuana will feel silly in six months when the sky hasn’t fallen. Actually, many of them won’t. Many of them will say “Oh, it’s too soon to tell”!

      • FunkSiren

        I can’t wait to tell my kids that i lived through marijuana prohibition

    • chris9465

      if they went and started arresting all those sons and daughters of middle class white voters…….and saddle them with the same problems others races have to deal with cannabis would be 100% legal tomorrow

      • kevin_hunt

        “Meet Matthew Fogg, a former U.S. Marshal whose exploits led him to be nicknamed “Batman.” When he noticed that all of his team’s drug raids were in black areas, he suggested doing the same in the suburbs.

        “If we were locking up everybody, white and black, for doing the same drugs they would’ve done the same thing with prohibition, they would’ve outlawed it,” Fogg says in the video produced by Brave New Films. “If it were an equal enforcement opportunity we wouldn’t be sitting here anyway.”

  • Tommy Grover

    Love to skew stats. Guess what I bet? Of the 124 people charged with the additional crimes, the 140 who had nothing else were standing next to the 124.

  • Youssef Ismail

    What a disgrace.

  • Alabaster Hanz

    “Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey has said that he will continue to make marijuana arrests, even if the bill is signed into law”

    He doesn’t agree with obeying the law? I believe if you break the law that’s known as a criminal act. If this lawless buffoon refuses to obey the laws of his city and state, he should be fired and/or locked up.

    I’m sure there were a lot of white cops who didn’t want to allow desegregation, but you know what – it’s not up to cops to decide what laws to uphold. Their job is carrying out the LAW. Period.

    It doesn’t matter for squat if a cop doesn’t like the law. If he isn’t mentally capable of doing his job due to personal issues he needs to be fired,

    • Daveland3d

      Well said!

    • downthelaw

      I agree 100%. He should be forced to retire or better yet be fire out right. But you know he won’t be and it will be total BS.

    • filthadelphianfat

      nutter is above the law, in his own mind, or what’s left of his mind…

    • Pueblo Potter

      http://www.healersfarm.com is the place the growers go who need to grow.

  • Impasto

    One point that is being missed here, the prohibition of pot was initiated based on race. Therefor, every time a person of color is arrested for weed, this in itself is a perpetuation of racism.
    If 100 people, half white, half of color, all with the same amount of pot in their pockets, walked down the streets of Philly, what do you think the outcome would be?

    • DanKase

      They’d fine 100 people for weed, because they really are that greedy..

      • Impasto

        True, though I think they would still only arrest 50, and keep the other halfs stash.

    • Various

      it has now become socio-economic “class-ism.” We’re all slaves now!

      • Impasto

        Good point. We live in a plutocracy, and the dividing line is not race, but economics. The haves versus the have nots.

  • familyguy

    Sounds like you need a new police chief! Someone who knows his job!

  • the guy in the chair

    free to die from alcohol poisoning, but don’t you dare use cannabis!

    • the guy in the chair

      here have a cigarette

      • Starrk

        The middle school I attended had a poster by the nurse’s office that said that smoking 1 joint was as harmful as 4 cigarettes though! Lol

  • chris9465

    Phish concerts at the Mann Music Center in Parkside, everyone smokes at these concerts even people who dont normally lol

  • Charliefoxtrot

    Turn back, dear reader. You are about to discover that racism and racism only is the reason for astronomically high black crime rates. Despite the success of Vietnamese, Korean, Cuban, and Iranian immigrants proving them wrong. Despite the fact that millions of illegals are here doing work that the black community could do if it weren’t shackled to their Democratic slavemasters keeping them in welfare and infantilizing them.

    Despite the fact that the Mayor, Chief of Police, and 40% of cops are black. Despite the fact that blacks murder each other 84% of the time.

    Despite the fact that blacks live in an area crawling with cops, deservedly so, yet somehow the fact that more cops=more arrests is a shocking leap of logic.

    By this logical standard, locking your doors in No Liberties is racist, since you’re profiling. Of course you aren’t, you’re being as rational as cops are patrolling areas with lots of crime, but lefties see zero correlation.

    • Sandydog

      I’m curious how long you have lived? Your knowledge & experience is very different from mine. I’m from the west coast.

    • smashdivisions

      Lol. Most of those legal immigrants already arrive with wealth and/or education. Here in LA, upscale places like Westwood and Beverly Hills are known as Little Persias. Same with Cubans in Florida, they came mostly from the upper class. Koreans here in LA live in nice suburbs like Torrance, for the same reason.

      And “illegals”, (which I assume you mean Hispanic illegal immigrants, since you didn’t include Hispanics previously?) have a large network of fellow immigrants that can help them find work easily who either own a business or know an employer. Except for maybe in the public sector (from my experience), most blacks don’t have that. They have to start from scratch, in the poorest of areas.

      Eithe way, nobody should be arrested for small possession of marijuana. Whether white or black, rich or poor, or because of where they live. PERIOD.

      • Charliefoxtrot

        Then just take the immigrant experience of Vietnamese refugees in the war, most of whom arrived here penniless.

        My point was lots of minorities face adversity and work thru it. And we would agree that getting a job is hard enough, let alone if you’re black and have to carry the stigma of other idiots in your culture that don’t represent you.

        Still. Black people have much to overcome in getting back to where they were pre Great Society, in terms of crime/family structure etc. Sad part is how do you change a family dynamic where 3 or 4 generations have never been in a stable two earner household?

        The point I made was that jobs are available. You do not need a network to find jobs in the trades. You need the will. Welfare removes will. (Again, I get temp assistance. It’s tge right thing to do. But intergenerational welfare is wrong. )

  • Adam William Majkowski

    Why can’t you just stop already? I submit that arresting people for pot i smore addicting than actually smoking pot. These guys can’t stop!!!?? WHY? We passed a law telling you to stop. It is your job to stop. Why can’t you stop? Addiction. Addiction to power? To Corruption? To money? Why can’t you stop arresting people for weed?

    • Adam William Majkowski

      Also, where can I get some really good wee in Philly? Like Kush or Trainwreck?

      • Sandydog

        Find a High School, as long as cannabis is illegal, you can get it there.

  • http://politivajustice.com/ Politiva_com

    The White House, the President, and Congress make it up as they go along why not cities and states as well? Rule of Law Schmool of law…

  • PhillyWebGuy

    How do you arrest someone for a crime that does not exist? How is this not a civil rights violation?

  • knowa1

    Policing for profit can’t work with legal marijuana

  • sharpss

    This reminds me of a visit to the Crazy horse monument in South Dakota and then going down the street to Rushmore where we see many references to the statement that “we believe these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal”. Bullshit, bullshit, and more bullshit.

  • downthelaw

    This is the reason why prohibition is the worst thing about marijuana. Like the story said “I need to have everyone working”. Prohibition uses taxes to take good, tax paying, working people out of the workforce and into the criminal system. And like he said “for a nickel bag or a couple of joints”. If we legalized it, then we would be making money and tax revenue and create jobs. Prohibition is the worst, most costly, wasteful, FAILED law that we have today and the reasons go on and on.

  • Tony D-nonya Bidness

    that’s because they count on those arrests to make a easy quota . god forbid they go after a dangerous person like a cereal killer or a burglar. the main reason they oppose the decriminalization is that they would actually have to… wait for it… Do There Job. in my experience 90 % of police are power hungry moronic bullies that are to cowardly to actually protect and serve the public because there to busy protecting there authority and serving there own over inflated egos. and feel like they have the right to take away others rights because of a shiny piece of metal.and also a good % of them are probably taking that marijuana and using it themselves after the fact or flipping it for extra $$

  • The geek

    Criminalizing marijuana is nothing more than the government’s “stimulus” program to law enforcement! Clearly, the United States government is the most oppressive regime on the face of the earth!

  • Melissa Graves

    It is classist as much as or more so than racist. Somebody has to fill the for-profit prisons and it most certainly won’t be the shareholder’s and thier friends, family, neighbors.

  • Red Fox

    Fire That NumbSkull He Aint following the LAW!! . Get Rid Of CRAPY COPS!!

  • Various

    This should be construed as 264 counts of conspiracy to kidnap and/or unlawfully detain, and every participant should face the maximum amount of criminal charges that can be legitimately construed.

    All of them should be convicted of felonies, imprisoned for the maximum allowable sentence, and lose their pensions.

    The Spiderman Principle applies: “with great power comes great responsibility.” When law enforcers knowingly and willingly violate the law, they should face even more severe penalties than regular citizens, who are by definition, not obliged to the same high standard of responsibility.

  • Brandon Leaton

    They shouldnt have been buying pot if theyre in poverty……