Mayor Nutter Apologizes for 4th of July Nicki Minaj Cursing Debacle

But also blames 6 ABC.


On Monday, we demanded an apology from Mayor Nutter for turning our 4th of July festivities into a family-unfriendly event filled with f-bombs and penis jokes. And then he apologized.

“I am very sorry for anyone who could’ve been offended,” Nutter said at City Hall on Monday afternoon, reports the Inquirer.

That was certainly better than his “apology” last week, when he basically told prudish parents to take a bathroom or hot dog break during the more vulgar parts of songs.

But then Nutter also implicated TV station 6 ABC in the disaster, saying that they censored parts of songs where there actually wasn’t any cursing, making it seem like there was more cursing than there was. That may have been true some of the time, but certainly not all. I know, because in addition to watching 6 ABC, I was also watching and listening to an uncensored feed.

Nutter’s staff “investigated” the matter and cited only one song where Nicki Minaj actually used any “inappropriate language.” That song was “Yasss Bish,” which Nutter says Minaj’s people wrote on the song list as “Yes, Chick, Yes.” Guess no one in the mayor’s office knows how to use Google.

But the truth is that there was more “inappropriate language” than that. I defy Mayor Nutter and his staff to watch the following and tell me that Minaj didn’t unleash her potty mouth here, too.

Thanks for the apology, Mayor Nutter. But we’ll see if you are truly sorry next year when we do this all over again.

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  • frankp

    The mayor’s staff that planned the concert investigated the concert?
    Your dog just crapped all over my lawn.
    Really? I’ll have my dog investigate that.
    Let’s see what the FCC has to say. They’ve been notified.

  • Alex

    For the umpteenth time, Nicki DID perform “Yass Bish” as “Yass Chick”. And your lame youtube video has ONE single usage of the b-word. Stop trying to rile people up just because you get nervous whenever you see black people rapping.

    • frankp

      Alone in the car, I’ll turn up rap music and curse right along with them. With my kid in the car, it’s Kidz Bop and Radio Disney. This concert was on Ben Franklin Parkway where families waited for fireworks and on Channel 6 during family television hour. One curse word is too many, the number they used was a disgrace!!!

      • meme

        why do you think the black family is in disintergration

  • Whatwhatwhat?

    Maybe it’s because I don’t have kids, but I think you are really stretching to create a controversy out of nothing here.

    • frankp

      I don’t think you need to have kids to think that it’s sad that this is how things are now. You turn on a 4th of July concert on local television at 7 PM and hear the n word, curse words and jokes about sticking gerbils up you know where just to mention a few.

      • Whatwhatwhat?

        Perhaps. Every generation has had a moral disagreement with the music and culture of the generations after and I guess I see this as no different. As far as I’m concerned, the vile hatred and intolerance expressed on cable news and by some religious organizations is far more offensive then Nikki Minaj or Marlon Wayans saying curse words and it seems many parents are totally fine with their kids being exposed to that. Parents can raise their children however they wish, but let’s not pretend their isn’t some hypocrisy in picking and choosing which forms of media are offensive or non-offensive.

        Tens of thousands of people gathered in America’s birthplace to celebrate July 4th at a peaceful concert that went off without incident. Instead of celebrating that, all we’re talking about is a few disgruntled parents who are mad that the free concert they attended wasn’t up to their personal standards of decorum. I still think we’re creating controversy for the sake of creating controversy.

        • frankp

          If we can’t have a family-friendly holiday event without it turning into something vile and disgusting, that’s fine with me. I give up. Invite the Westboro Baptist Church to a Memorial Day event. Turn the Thanksgiving Day Parade into a minstrel show for all I care.

          • Whatwhatwhat?

            If 3-5 curse words makes an entire week’s worth of events meaningless for you and your family, then maybe you ought to find something a little more “kid-friendly” and let the rest of us enjoy ourselves.

          • frankp

            Note to self: families aren’t welcome in Philadelphia

          • Whatwhatwhat?

            Not sure how you’d make that conclusion based on a few cuss words, but hey, if you want to overreact then you are most welcome to do so.

          • frankp

            Didn’t the mayor just tell me not to participate in the holiday if I didn’t want my family to hear the n word, curse words or crude jokes?