KKK Grand Dragon Doesn’t Understand Why Tacony Town Watch Kicked Him Out

Also: The importance of not accepting every friend request you get on Facebook.


William Walters

After years of dedicated service with the Tacony Town Watch, Bill Walters was told his services were no longer needed earlier this year. The reason for his ouster? Walters is a proud member of the East Coast Knights of the True Invisible Empire, that empire being the Ku Klux Klan. And Walters isn’t just a member. No, he’s the group’s Grand Dragon, which at least sounds impressive.

“We received information that Bill had been distributing flyers in the neighborhood trying to recruit new members,” says town watch president Joe Nicoletti of the excommunication, adding that no one on the town watch had a clue about their neighbor’s association with the Klan until the flyers turned up. “And part of our bylaws state that members must promote harmony in the neighborhood, and we all know that harmony is not what the KKK is about.”

Walters has been with the KKK, which he consistently refers to as “my Christian group,” for over 30 years. He has lived in the Tacony neighborhood for the last 20, joining the town watch about five years ago. Walters also served as Republican committeeman in the 65th Ward for more than a decade until he was recently kicked out.

And Walters doesn’t get what all of the fuss is about.

He claims that he’s being persecuted for his religious beliefs. “We are a conservative Christian group,” he says. “My rights were infringed upon. I can’t believe in what I want to? This has infringed on my First Amendment rights. It’s reverse discrimination.”


William Walters | Photo courtesy Bill Perry

Last weekend, a handful of his fellow Klan members came to Tacony to show their support for Walters outside the neighborhood’s Free Library, with Walters wearing his KKK uniform, as seen here.

After a large group of people showed up to laugh at and yell at them, the Klan left. The KKK is planning another rally there this fall.

Walters wants to take legal action against the town watch and the 65th Ward but hasn’t been able to find a lawyer to take his case. He sent a letter to the ACLU, which turned him down, and now he’s waiting for a reply from the Philadelphia Bar Association.

His Facebook page (his friends there include City Councilman David Oh, Daily News columnist Stu Bykofsky, Congressman Pat Meehan, attorney and former District Attorney and Councilman-at-Large candidate Michael Untermeyer, former State Representative Babette Josephs, meteorologist Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz, and, well, Milton Street) is filled with the sort of things you’d expect from a guy with his background:

The Wicked including homosexuals will NOT inherit the Kingdom of God.

End White Discrimination; for every non white right our government passes they take away rights of the White Americans!!


But, naturally, Walters maintains that he doesn’t hate anyone or have a lick of prejudice in his body. The KKK isn’t a hate group, he says.

“I know we have a bad name, but it’s not that way no more,” he insists. “When was the last time a black or Hispanic got hung on a tree?”

Walters says that he’s going to wait and see how things play out with the lawyers, assuming he finds one, but that his next step might be to start a town watch of his own with KKK members.

“We’re basically the same thing as the town watch,” says Walters. “We want to try to get rid of the trash coming in.”


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  • momatad

    And of course, ‘keeping all the trash from coming in’ is KKK speak for ‘keeping the area white’. I grew up around and with the KKK, buddy, so try pulling the other leg. Just a good ol’ Christian boys network, eh? How Christian is it to hate your fellow man just because of his color or who he/she decides to love.

  • Phil McKenna

    Bill doesn’t understand that he is the trash we are all trying to keep out.. Bill was ousted as committeeman because he lost an election, fair and square. He also has a criminal record so Townwatch didn’t want him either I guess

    • Steve Batschelet

      With that being said, does that mean they will discriminate against ANY MEMBER with ties to discrimination or criminal records? Does that mean if you have a DUI or assault you will be removed? How about being a Mormon which did not allow African Americans until the 1980s? Was this guy singled out because of the KKK affiliation? What is the difference between the KKK and the Christian religion? Christians have prosecuted and killed more people than the KKK ever have. Are you kicking Christians out? I dislike the KKK and what they stand for, but I believe in their freedom to believer what they want just as I believe in your freedom to believe praying to imaginary Gods will allow you to go to wonderland when you die.

      • Bob Houston

        Phil is not a member of town watch Steve

      • William C

        Perfectly put

      • Ken Hamilton

        The Klan ISN”T a religion, it’s a vile hate group

        • Steve Batschelet

          I feel the same way about most religious groups, yet that doesn’t stop them from identifying themselves as a religious group regardless of how we feel about them or any religion.

          • msLiz506

            There are federal regulations outlining who qualifies as religious groups. The KKK doesn’t pass muster.

        • exboyracer

          A christian hate group.

  • Ken Hamilton

    “I know we have a bad name, but it’s not that way no more,” he insists. “When was the last time a black or Hispanic got hung on a tree?” … SO, just because you haven’t LYNCHED someone in a while, means all is to be forgiven??? A leopard or in this case a Dragon never changes it’s spots!

  • Tracer Bullet

    That’s not the way the First Amendment works, dammit!

    • Fuzziness

      Please, tell us all how it “works”. *waiting*

      • epicface2000

        Well for one , religion is separate from state so U.S.A is not a christian nation no matter what you say

        • William C

          You are protected by the first amendment to believe. . Practice. . .within law. . And say anything particular to your belief. So sir/maam. . That is exactly how it works. Sorry to bust your bubble. Tacony Watch shouldn’t be hypocritical. That journalist no matter how biased and how predisposed to dislike and write
          Very prejudicial and condescending remarks like after a large group of people gathered to laugh or yell at them. . They left.
          He is also entitled to the protection under the first amendment.

        • Fuzziness

          What does that have to do with this situation? The 1st amendment doesn’t say anything about the right to be part of a neighborhood watch…stop being silly folks.

  • penelope

    There was a youtube “interview” that made the KKK look like respectful people. Sad, what our world is coming to.

  • etfp

    The last lynching of a black person by KKK members was in 1981 so even by those really low standards, it’s not looking so good.

    • William C

      HILARIOUS. .,81?

      • Yadda yadda

        I am confused, the town watch is like a club? And the KKK is like a club? And it’s not ok for the town watch “club” to kick out a KKK member, but it’s ok for a KKK member not to allow anything other than Caucasians? How is one discrimination but not the other? I know I’m a natural blonde here but his reasoning makes no sense to me..

  • Frups

    His Facebook page has quite a few prominent members of society identified as friends. Perhaps a somewhat curious journalist could stop by their offices and ask them about it. The Daily News columnist could give more than a “no comment.”

    • Fuzziness

      Well what you’re describing is called good journalism in most circles. You’ve set your standards too high…

  • Kenny

    Why is everyone picking on Mr. Grand Dragon. They don’t lynch darkies anymore..LOL

    • joeg

      nice touch kenny. where are you; in the 19th century??

      • Kenny

        Do you think I actually care about this racist piece of crap? He can eat crap and die for all I care.

  • Donna

    well i know Bill the Dragon n he is fsr from what they r saying that is going on,they r a good group trying to change what the KKK uzr to b known for years ago,Bill is in my work alot,i have the chance to talk to him all the time.He is mot a bad person.

    • I_Love_Delco

      Do you type with your feet?

      • Fuzziness

        LoL the only way to stay a “pure” race is to inbreed…so you end up with feet for hands and hands for feet.

        • brokenpinata

          She’s “All Thumbs”…. literally.

        • William C

          Id much rather believe that we had a choice to do that than to believe the big story of 2 people . . one made of dust and a bone. Now IF we really follow that story than we are ALL INBRED AND THEREFORE YOU POINT AGAIN IS MOOT

          • Fuzziness

            Um…what? Allow me to help you out here William…my comment was a joke. Jokes aren’t meant to be “points”.

            *wish this board had emoticons*

      • Eric the Red

        hahaha! you beat me to it.

  • Blackbriar

    For starters, how can people like this fail to realize that there is NO ‘Right’ to insist on being a member of any Neighborhood Watch or serving on a committee?

    Even without the KKK association, it’s impossible to take someone seriously who misunderstands the Constitution so completely. Claims that “my Free Speech rights are being violated!” are far too common and most often made by those who have no real idea what the 1st Amendment is about, has never even read a single SCOTUS Case Law regarding Free Speech and Expression and base their hare-brained notions of what is and is not ‘Constitutional’ on what is tantamount to propaganda promulgated by people and groups making loud, completely wrong assertions usually in support of their biased and self-serving Agenda…

    • Fuzziness

      Well said.

    • William C

      Hilarious again. . . .
      Let me guess another amendment lawyer. . . . Dealing with freedom of speech cases. . . LOL get out of here . . . You almost had me until that self serving agenda. . . Moving. BUT again. . . The first amendment allows and protects ALL Americans to BELIEVE. . . Practice. . Within the law of course . . And to speak their mind freely without legal recourse. Not public recourse. Committed will do what they do. I’m sure you will have some one day how great you worded the absolute reverse discrimination he is talking about. You can feel how you do but Bill can’t? Hmmmm. . . Sounds very very very discriminatory to me!!! And as I’m probably in the same field as you I’m intrigued to see if you can . . I’m speaking like a good year old for s reason. It’s seeming to me the second a word longer than three US used people click and say yes yes yes when its wrong. It’s my real name. My office is at 8th and market in Philly. I’m using my first amendment right. . .RIGHT

      • William C

        And I’m done. GoodNight Philly. Mytyping in the last comment is also protected by the First. . . . LOL

      • I_Love_Delco

        Crack is whack, yo.

    • CriticalDragon1177

      We can also be confident that Bill Walters wouldn’t take issue with them denying the same positions to anyone for any reason who was, gay, Jewish, Hispanic, Muslim, or Black.

  • Fuzziness

    Woah did anyone notice the CRT monitor and shortwave radio in that picture of his!? He is literally and figuratively living in the past…

  • nissi-n-phiili

    Bill is as blurry as his photograph……………………….

  • zane.h

    I would just like to say that America is not a Christian nation it never was or never will be it is even in the constitution that religion will always be separate from state even if the early settlers were christian,it doesn’t matter! No matter what organization like fox news (which to me is a conservative republican news agency) or any church say it will never be a christian state nor a muslim for that matter

    • FallenHeros

      Muslim state soon coming to a theater near you. They don’t play by your rules.

      • CriticalDragon1177

        Not likely. There are far more Christians than Muslims here, and the percentage of the population that is Muslim is very small. Even if all or the overwhelming majority of American Muslims supported the extremists ( Most of them do not ) there would still be too little support for an Islamic state in America.

        • FallenHeros

          Since 2007 the population of Muslims in this country rose from 2 to 7 million, making up 2.2% of the population. 1/5 of the world’s population is Muslim. It is the world’s largest growing group. If the increase in immigration, birth and converts stays its course Islam will dominate Catholicism in 20 years in this country which has been steadily declining the past 2 decades. At its current rate Islam will account for 25% of Europe’s population by 2025.

          • msLiz506

            How would the US ever become a “Muslim state”? Separation of church and state is, like, a constitutional thing here.

          • CriticalDragon1177

            Really? The last I checked the percentage of the American population that was Muslim was around .6% and those statistics were from the year 2007, I doubt it has increased that much in only seven years. Don’t give me that stealth Jihad / creeping sharia / Eurabia nonsense. The increase in the European Muslim population has also been greatly exaggerated as well.

  • Tacony Holmesburg Town Watch

    We will never give up in our community… His group is to us a pure hate which is pure evil, which will be defeated.

  • FallenHeros

    What is a shame is the KKK is not the worst group of people in Tacony.

  • FallenHeros

    With the Latin Kings, Nuevas, the Pagans and The Wheels of Soul growing in NE Philly and moving into Tacony they make the KKK look like boy scouts. No one will stand up and oust them publicly because most of you people are afraid. The only reason you people will stand against the KKK now is that they have stopped their violent approach, walk about unarmed and are just ignorant. The city is the biggest threat to Tacony. How long have you people lived here and how many foreigners are you seeing getting government grants to purchase homes they then get the city to section 8 and rent to other foreigners dirt cheap, filthy and unmaintained? That IS what Tacony IS now and becoming….. the KKK gets an article……ignorance is bliss.

    • Lamont Cranston

      Wouldn’t it be funny if you were beaten and left to die in a ditch by a bunch of white thugs? I sure would laugh!

      • FallenHeros

        I am more susceptible to black on black violence than any other race Lamont….I am more likely to be attacked by my own kind then the KKK. Sad your comment and that true reality.

    • CriticalDragon1177

      The KKK stopped their “violent approach” for the most part when they realized that…

      A) they realize that the days of them being able to murder and terrorize their “racial enemies” with impunity are gone.

      B) Blacks and other minorities aren’t so easy to terrorize anymore, especially since the federal government is going its job.

      The group is still at its heart a violent racist organization, and the only thing keeping Klansmen from going around murdering people who stand against them, left and right is they realize most people, including most white people won’t tolerate that nowadays and its likely to land them in jail.

      Also if you think the Klan doesn’t engage in violence anymore go talk to the Folks at the Southern Poverty Law Center, The Anti Defamation League, or the National Organization for The Advancement of Colored People.

      • FallenHeros

        There has not been a KKK act of violence in Philly for as long as I remember. I do not condone one thing they stand for, they disgust me so you are way off, I did call them ignorant. As for engaging in violence, show me one example in Philadelphia in the past 30+ years of KKK violence here. You will be unable to. I can give you plenty for the groups I mentioned, many are murders. You completely missed the point of my comment.

        • CriticalDragon1177

          Talk to the people who monitor racist hate groups like the Klan, like I suggested. They will be able to give you plenty of examples of acts of violence carried out by Klansmen along with other white supremacist organizations in the past ten years. Don’t tell me that we shouldn’t worry about Klan anymore because they’re not violent, because every expert on them will tell you that they still are.

        • essbird

          With 5-8,000 members and lots of infighting, they don’t have enough power to actually do anything but they are recruiting and they have the same ideology and goals they had since Reconstruction. They are not harmless now, merely weak. That fact does not merit our mercy or tolerance.

          • CriticalDragon1177

            Agreed, they also haven’t entirely stopped trying to use violence to what they want either.

  • William Walters is White Trash

    Another racist republican! William Walters is a piece of white trash! I feel sorry for the town. People like him are a disgrace to the great state of PA!

  • CriticalDragon1177

    He claims he doesn’t hate anyone? How does he expect us to believe he would behave any differently if did hate blacks and gays?

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  • Loki1001

    “We are a conservative Christian group,” he says. “My rights were infringed upon. I can’t believe in what I want to? This has infringed on my First Amendment rights. It’s reverse discrimination.”

    HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! Oh delicious irony! I wonder how quickly the Fox News crowd will come out to dispel him even though they’ve spent years promoting this kind of thinking.

  • OriginalExtraCrispy

    So his bar for being a good person is, “We haven’t killed anyone in a while.”

    Way to really go above and beyond, dude.