Whole Foods Lawsuit: Muslim Man Sues Over Prayers at Work

“This is not a mosque,” management allegedly told him.


Kensington’s Robert Greene started working in the prepared foods department of the Glen Mills Whole Foods in April 2012. A Muslim man, Greene prays five times each day, including at times that overlapped with his schedule at Whole Foods, something he says was never a problem while working in prepared foods.

But, claims Greene in a new federal lawsuit, that all changed when he was transferred to the meat department in October 2012.

In the lawsuit, filed Friday in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, Greene says that the meat department management didn’t take kindly to his requests to pray and that they made “discriminatory and derogatory comments” about his religion as a result. Management allegedly told Greene, “This is not a mosque.”

Greene says he complained to upper management at the Whole Foods but that nothing was done. He adds that the bad treatment increased after he complained, and he was soon terminated.

Greene claims that his civil rights were violated, and he is seeking back pay and punitive damages.

When reached for comment, the Mid-Atlantic spokesperson for Whole Foods said she was unaware of the lawsuit, so we sent her a copy.

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  • Sera

    Are you kidding me? How would that affect any body? It only take literally 3-4 minutes!! Jeeez

    • The workplace is not a moske. And by the time he’s done washing his feet in the washbasin, it’s a lot longer than 3-4 minutes.

      • Absolutely right!

        • A lot longer. Not to mention the mess he’d make with his stinky feet in the basin.

          • I can’t imagine shopping not to mention buying anything where dirty, savages touch the food that I feed my family.

          • It’s a real worry.

          • A muzzie moderate…..is that like a Communist or Nazi moderate?

          • If there were any of them known to be moderate.

          • Or a moderate Idiot, a moderate Jerk and a moderate Pedo…

          • Right you are!

          • anon

            I guess that means you don’t cook at home.

          • It is a criminal organization and death cult masquerading as a religion. If anybody started a new organization today with the same principles as fundamentalist pislam, it would be labeled a violent pedophile gang.
            I see they’ve perfected the art of peeing on your head and telling you that it’s raining….
            Lock and load. Bye bye.

          • louisiana_mom

            Exactly! If people would take a good look at this cult that masquerades as a religion they would be shocked! There is nothing “loving” nor “tolerant” about them! Their “religion” gives them to right to kill, rape, maim, and tax anyone who is not a member of their cult… and anyone who tries to warn the public on the danger of this cult is labeled an Islamophobe to silence them.

          • When it comes down to the wire, if they are muzzie, they will rally with their own regardless…..it is their ideology that unites them…not their nations. When a “moderate” muzzie “gets religion,” he starts killing infidels!

          • louisiana_mom

            Yes! And infidels is anyone who is not a Muslim… no one is spared, even bleeding heart liberals get killed! Five major world religions… four can live side by side, helping each other, ONLY ONE cannot live with the rest and that is the one the Progressives defend the most.

          • And they will be the first ones beheaded…that’s the ironic part of the whole thing!!

          • louisiana_mom

            Yes, they will be… and they don’t see it! Putting Political Correctness over their own lives… I don’t understand that thinking.

    • buzzbye

      Go choke on some bacon you useless maggot!

      • Serena

        That sounds delicious, I’m not useless, your commentary is :)

        • buzzbye

          Nah. Just factual and liberals hate facts so go eff off and just crawl under a train and hope you die

  • buzzbye

    Take your sharia law and shove it! better yet go get some bacon from the deli and go choke on it you muslim p o s! So dam sick and tired of these muslim low life maggots telling us what to due and having us bow down to the way of there despicable life! go back to your dam country you dirty lice infected child molesting , child raping , pedophile, useless human pile of fecal matter!

    • priest

      You should really look into spell check, your grammar is horrendous. The human race is very unfortunate to have someone as yourself as a part of it. Just because a person who follows their religion wants to pray at the times they need to does NOT mean they want you to bow down to them. How does them wanting to pray, in any way infer, that you should bow down to them? Anyways, here is the 1st amendment: “The First Amendment (Amendment I) to the United States Constitution prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion…” America, years ago was founded for people to get away from unjust rule. The people who migrated here came to have a free land, freedom of religion, and many more great things. These people, these humans, some being AMERICANS, are Muslim. They are given the chance to live freely as much as anyone else. I do not know what sparks your hate, but from one American to another, I must say, I am disgusted at how you look at this human being who is innocently trying to practice what the forefathers of this country fought for; religion. You must also keep in mind that there are Muslim people out there who were born and raised in America. So your statement, “go back to your country…” does not and can not imply to Muslims. If you were even a tad bit educated, you would have known that Islam is actually a rapid growing religion in the U.S. among people who haven’t come from another country. Now I know opinions are opinions and not facts. But let me give you my opinion. You said, bashing the Muslims, “useless human pile of fecal matter”. Did you gain something out of bashing them? Did something change? Your horrible spelled statements are undoubtedly a bunch of fecal matter. Now, me writing all this to you, will I gain something? Yes. To make people as yourself conscious about fellow human beings and unity, at least as a country. Will something change? I do not know, but I sure hope it does.

      Have a good day and word to your mother.

      • buzzbye

        Honor raping there own kids in the U S . trying to take over DEeRborne MI? yea perfect sense when they immigrate isn’t it? I know more about whats going on than you do. They even beheaded somebody in south jersey after they stole his car last year in AC so don’t even go after me for my spelling loser!

      • But what have muzzies done since 9/11? They shelter terrorists, whine about being “discriminated against”, file litigation against innocent people for being “islamophobes”, attempt to build “IN YOUR FACE” mosques at the scene of terrorism, and never, ever, speak against a fellow muzzie.
        Whoever shelters a terrorist is, in fact, a terrorist themselves. Moderate pislamism is about as possible as Moderate Tyranny

      • Bwahahaha only upticks were made by yourself as a guest, loser.

        • louisiana_mom

          Sometimes they are so pathetic…

          • Yeah, he has I comment and 4 upticks by guests!!

          • louisiana_mom

            You’ve been around enough to know how they operate… they get a new account everyday, so no one can hold what they said yesterday against them today. They really cannot take it when we are proved correct.

          • Yeah, probably tlb!!!

          • louisiana_mom


  • Troubled by hate

    I am extremely disturbed by the overt racist tone of most of these comments. Perspectives such as those demonstrated in these comments have been used to justify violence against minority groups throughout our country’s history…perhaps even your ancestors.

    • How can any one person be so thickheaded as you?

      Radical Islam = Kill you now.

      Moderate Islam = Kill you tomorrow.

      Lazy Islam = Let Hasan, Hussein or Mohammed kill you.

      Indifferent Islam = Don’t care who kills you as long as your dead.

      Funny Islam = Laugh while killing you.

      Good Islam = Dead before he had a chance to kill you.

      • Frau Katze

        Very good summary. Must note that.

    • 4 guest votes again….up ticking yourself….. no account….troll is all you are and pretty dimwitted one to boot. I think you are related the some of the others here who uptick themselves because nobody else does.

  • Chuck Schwinger

    I’m sorry but the employer does not have to make accommodation for religious practice. millions of jews work saturday and millions of christians work sunday….it’s up to the individual to find employers willing to accommodate…. not the other way around.

    • Chuck Schwinger

      however, the slurs are illegal.

      • Amazed

        ok seems people are always looking for ways to SUE. Will he keep working at a place that does not respect his religion? Whatever happens, I do not think , in my opinion , as a Christian who was never granted Easter or Christmas ” off “as an employee of in a Fortune 500 Company, for over 30 years , for religios reasons, ever…that he will win this. I do kt think he is entitled to ” extra breaks” over other employees. But that is just my opinion.

        • sensiblesusie

          typos …i do not think he is entitled to extra breaks!

        • And in my opinion; IF the arselifter ……oh, excuuuse meeeee, not supposed to call the lowlife what he is; so, IF he wins it WILL be because the case goes before a dhimmi dip judge that should NOT be sitting in such a judiciary capacity, and he will favor the arselifter because he IS an arselifter!

      • Marie B.

        If you ask me, that’s where his lawsuit might be a winner…as a defamation case.

        • Believe me sweetie no one but no one is asking you. You don’t have one functioning brain cell at least on this subject.

    • philly10022

      you are incorrect- employers who meet the statutory requirements (and whole foods does) must make reasonable accommodations for religious practice unless it causes the employer undue hardship. not saying he is going to win, but he at least has the right to try.

  • Karl

    So there are problems with all this hate speech. 1) you assume that he is an immigrant. 2) Christian have killed far more in the name of god (look at your book) 3) As a person in America they have the right to practice their religion (so do you). 4) I know you haven’t read this far and only flinging venom about one and two.

    • muggsy

      1. If you refine heroin for a living, but you have a moral objection to liquor, You may be a Muslim.
      2. If you own a $3,000 machine gun and a $5,000 rocket launcher, but you can’t afford shoes, You may be a Muslim.

      3. If you have more wives than teeth, You may be a Muslim.

      4. If you wipe your butt with your bare hand but consider bacon to be unclean,
      You may be a Muslim.

      5. If you think vests come in two styles: Bullet-proof and suicide,
      You may be a Muslim

      6. If you can’t think of anyone you haven’t declared jihad against,
      You may be a Muslim.

      7. If you consider television dangerous but routinely carry explosives in your clothing,
      You may be a Muslim.

      8. If you were amazed to discover that cell phones have uses other than setting off roadside bombs, You may be a Muslim.

      9. If you have nothing against women and think every man should own at least four,
      You may be a Muslim.

      10. If you find this offensive and don’t forward / share it,
      You may be a Muslim.

  • Marie B.

    You people seriously are going bonkers and forgetting that not all Muslims are terrorists. I’m Christian and I was in college when 9/11 happened. You won’t believe how many Muslim people came up to me and said, “Please don’t think this is what we stand for.” You forget that there are molesters, pedophiles, bigamists, mass murders, and even terrorists in every religious denomination in the world. Remember that shooting at a Navy yard in DC a couple years back? That was done by a Buddhist. The Aurora movie theater shooter? He’s an Agnostic Lutheran. Also, Timothy McVeigh who was executed for the bombing of a federal building in Oklahoma City was a Roman Catholic. Next time, don’t use terrorisim as an excuse…use another argument like how with other faiths, they don’t get a lot of accommodation for their religious beliefs. I’m ex-Catholic and at my last job, I had to fight to rearrange my schedule to make it to Mass for a Holy Day of Obligation if I wanted to do so (most employers give you Christmas & Easter off unless for a few industries that run non-stop like healthcare, transportation, and food services). If anything, I see this man’s biggest win is the defamation since that obviously is unacceptable anywhere regardless of who you are.

    • Your takiya fails, sharmuta.

      All koranimals are commanded to be terrorists by the unholy koranus. Those who don’t aren’t true arselifters.

      McVeigh converted to Christianity on his ‘death bed’, so claiming he was a Christian is very specious of you. It’s now known he had associated with someone from al kaeda.

      And pislam is the only cult that mandates pedophilia, murder, robbery, theft, bigamy, etc.

      • She has a blockage in the brain area…must want to have her face burned off and her genitals mutilated…must want to see 8 year olds raped and stoned to death. Must love it when they behead their daughters and cut children’s hands off. She’ll never know what hit her when they come for her…so sad people like her love this kind of cruelty and stand up for it.

      • She apparently doesn’t realize they are commanded to lie to infidels. Also did she not see the cheering of these slime balls in cities in the USA when 9/11 happened? I can’t even imagine being this dumb.

    • It’s not religion it’s a death cult…. try doing some research on what they plan on doing to people like you…everything you just said is so naive it’s laughable.

    • louisiana_mom

      Yes, there are evil people in all religions… but NONE of those evil people claim to be killing for their god, nor does any of their religious teach them to kill all those who do not follow their faith. That is the difference… Muslims are commanded by their god to kill anyone who does not worship as they do! They cannot get into their heaven until ALL non-Muslims are dead! When was the last time a Christian shouted “God is great” while he was killing non Christians? Because almost every Muslim terrorist attack the Muslim terrorist always yell, “Allah akbar” (Allah is great). Please, learn some history. Muslims have been waging their Jihad for 1400 years… the same Jihad they are waging today is the one they were waging 1400 years ago. Now tell me, what other faith has been waging war on earth for 1400 years? None! There is ONLY one religion that is actively killing non-believers and if they get enough numbers in America, they will try to kill you too.

      • I can’t figure out why seemingly good Americans are drawn to this type cruelty to the point of calling those of us who standup to it are called names. My God I never knew I lived among people in my own country who believe children should be maimed, people beaded, women should be stoned and all the other horrific beliefs pislam has.

        • louisiana_mom

          They are idiots! They buy the BS that Muslims want “peace” without looking to see what Muslims define as “peace”. Peace to Muslims is a would where there is only one religion (everyone would be required to be Muslim, even the so called atheist like this poster or be killed), “women’s rights” are what women had in the 7th century and have all the rights of a possession, etc. They refuse to see the word games the Muslims are playing… the Muslims have many Useful Idiots with these Politically Correct idiots!

    • This is the cult you stick up for…it’s pure evil!


      • louisiana_mom

        And those “honor killings” many times require no evidence the woman done anything wrong… all it takes is ONE man to accuse her of something to have her put to death! A husband that wants to get rid of his wife, a father not wanting to pay the dowry, a brother looking to make a name for himself… even if a woman is raped, she is stoned, while the rapists get off with a slap on the wrist and a fine!!! That is their “religion of peace”!

        • I’m glad there is a God of justice waiting for them at the end of their lives. His name is not “Allah” and He is not impressed with sacrifices.

          • louisiana_mom

            And they will pay…

          • Those who allow it, and those who admire it, and those who turn their backs will pay dearly!!!

          • louisiana_mom

            Yes. God told us what evil looked like, it is up to each of us to fight it, not embrace it in some twisted hope that the evil will change its nature.

          • Plus they are pre-human life forms that should never be allowed in a civilized country. Look at them drinking camel pee!


          • louisiana_mom

            Think I’ll pass, thank you! Just reading that sent my stomach into spasms…

    • JettieG

      You ask a muslim: if their religion called them to jihad, would they stand with America or fight for their religion?

      • She apparently has no answer, as to why she respects this evil cruel cult. And why she thinks it’s just honky dory to hurt woman and children.

        • JettieG

          I ain’t wearing no burka.

          • louisiana_mom

            I ain’t either! I’m NOT a Muslim and I am NOT living under their friggin laws! They need to go back to Islamic countries if they cannot handle seeing an American woman not in a bedsheet!

          • JettieG

            Just shoot them.

          • louisiana_mom

            Trust me, I’m not going down without a fight!

          • Yeah the UK went down the drain because they have no guns…muzzies took that country without a shot! Now they all know the US won’t be that easy especially since all us patriots enjoy our 2nd amendment rights, you know what the 2nd amendment says Marie B???? I bet ya don’t. The new rules are when they get in range THEY become a target! 20 yds is about right!

          • louisiana_mom

            And now you know why the Muslim sympathizers want to ban the 2nd Amendment…

          • Exactly!

          • Me either!!

    • Getaclue

      Little problem with your examples.. Batman Shooter.. James Holmes.. convert to Islam…
      Report: ‘Batman’ shooter converts to Islam
      ‘He has brainwashed himself into believing … his victims were infidels’

      Timothy McVeigh.. also had Islamic connections…
      U.S. ignores Muslim Brotherhood infiltration, Timothy McVeigh’s Islamist ties, and much more

      Navy yard shooter.. also a reported Muzzie..

      Looking for more information on the DC Shooter’s Facebook page which reportedly used the Muslim name ‘Mohammed Salem,’

      • Excellent facts!

        • Getaclue

          Ferreting out the info :)

          • LOL…something that a few people on this thread don’t have the smarts to do. Confront an idiot and they run away.

          • Getaclue

            Yup… just the people with the brains left now..

    • Getaclue

      Also.. if you knew anything at all Islam is a political system not a religion.. therefore he has no religious rights in this area..
      This man is only trying to make Whole Foods be Sharia compliant.. and our laws over-rule any Islamic laws that they are trying to push here.

      • And now since she identified herself as a Christian she’ll be one of the first ones to go!.

        • louisiana_mom

          She identified herself as an “ex-Catholic” she really thinks that will save her when the killing starts. I hate to tell her, historically Useful Idiots are always the first to go…. and I don’t see the Muslims changing their 1400 year history any time soon.

          • Getaclue

            No.. its well in grained into them..

          • Should be, they’re all inbred!

          • Getaclue

            teeeeheeee! ewwwww!!

          • Yep them and sodomites!

          • Where the hell did Marie go??? With her one guest vote…stand up Marie….let’s hear another brilliant dissertation you have on the muzzie culture…..

          • louisiana_mom

            Oh, you know the type, once facts are presented to the debate they run… All they want to talk about is how you feel and we need to “Coexist” with a group of people who want to kill us…

          • Yeah, bored here now. :)

          • louisiana_mom


          • Frau Katze

            LOL, the posse is here!

          • Yep our own patriotic tribe….trying to enlighten some dimwits!

  • Zzzz777

    REALLY? Religious practices aside, I worked there with this dude and he used to corner me in the back room when no one was around and tell me I was “smoking hot” and he wanted me to break up with my boyfriend and go out with him. I was afraid to leave at night, feeling as though he was going to follow me home. Fortunately someone else reported him before I did, and had him fired.

    • They think all women are theirs to do with what they want, you’re lucky to be rid of him

      • Zzzzz777

        It had nothing to do with religion. He was just a jerk who is bitter that he got fired, and anyone who knows him knows that this lawsuit is a complete fabrication. And I’m not one to defend that store…

      • Zzzzz777

        It had nothing to do with race or religion. He was a converted Muslim, though that fact has little relevance. He was just an arrogant jerk, and anyone who knows him realizes that this is a complete fabrication.

  • linklater

    I know most of the people who worked with him. He was fired for sexual harassment, which multiple employees witnessed.

  • dddd1234

    I worked with this guy too and he was NOT fired for the reasons he states, he was fired for sexual harassment towards myself and many other women that worked there!! I cannot tell you how many days I feared coming to work or leaving alone.. he would corner you and try to get you alone.. it was horrible!!! And now for him to go and do this.. I can’t even…

  • J

    What’s the point in Philly Mag asking people to be respectful and mention how they can remove comments that contain personal attacks, threats, or profanity if they are not going to enforce it?

  • meigancam

    I am really interested in what you wrote here. This looks absolutely perfect. All these tinny details are give me a lot of knowledge.

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