Pennsylvanians Too Stoned to Go to Work

Survey: One-third of new hires in PA refuses or fails a drug test.

Ever wish you could skip work and spend the day in a blitzed-out haze of pot smoke, junk food, and giant-screen plasma televisions? If you’re in Pennsylvania, the answer is: Of course!

At least, that’s what we make of a new survey of 200 manufacturers from the Pennsylvania Manufacturers’ Association. Its bottom line: One-third of all applicants for “good paying jobs” end up ineligible for work because they won’t take a drug test … or because they did take the test and failed.

Nineteen percent of applicants skipped the required drug tests, the group says.

“The fact that almost one in five potential employees does not complete the required pre-employment drug test underscores the difficulty many employers face in finding reliable and dependable workers,” the group said in a press release. 

Out of every 100 candidates, another 13 fail the test, the survey said.

A couple of things we don’t know: What kind of drugs were found in tests. What kind of jobs they were being tested for. We’ll give them the benefit of the doubt; manufacturing jobs tend to have higher wages than other sectors.

The result of all this drug use, though, is that manufacturers are finding it tough to fill 8,000 manufacturing jobs across the state. The lesson, clearly: Drugs are bad. Don’t do drugs.  (PA Manufacturers’ Association)

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  • Good One. Just because you smoke some ganja at non-work times, that means you can’t be a dependable worker? It’s way easier on your body than coming to work with an Alcohol hangover or prescription pill jitters. Stop with stupid drug tests, unless you fly a plane or drive a train/bus.

    • TheEndGameIsNear

      They should stop criminalizing and destroying jobs for weed.

      Back in the alcohol prohibition if you were seen at the micro brewery or with any of their crew you’d lose it all the very next day.

      Money is changing hands and sides. Soon the money will be on the side of those of us who think if people want to go to a hash bar after work as well as have a nice beer no one should be allowed to say them nay.

      Just remember:

      The guys who were rich and employed people by the thousands who fired their workers because rumor had it they had a sip of moonshine last week at Joe’s house, in 1929 killed themselves because they went broke, and in 1933 alcohol and bars were mainstream.

      The years after the prohibition ended were dark and poverty filled.There was also war. Not until after WW2 was alcohol fully integrated into workers lives.

      We are entering a new era.

      Don’t be afraid of the dark.

      • Maggie

        What a piece of garbage. Second-hand pot smoke kills just as many people as second-hand cigarette smoke. Do some research before you speak, for crying out loud. People using marijuana walk around with their hair, clothing, hands, furniture, if they have any, all stinking like a week-old pig carcass. They make the elevators and walls stink the same. They cause asthma attacks and turn their small children into junkies. They are incapable of operating equipment, lose their hand-eye coordination, depend on other people to support them, and, after working for 8 years for Social Services, I can state, without a shred of doubt, that marijuana is both addictive and a gateway drug. On top of all that, you are making the same silly twit statements that your junkie grandparents were making.

        • Ralph

          You are the one needing to do research. You have absolutely no clue what you are talking about. Almost everything you said is absolutely not correct and made up by people like you. Did you know that put has never killed anybody, especially from second hand smoke! I think you are insane.

        • Dayboidawg

          Oh so wrong I smoke pot have a good job great wife and kids work hard and never have been arrested for anything. So what you just said was wrong. Question do you drink coffee or soda? If you say yes you are doing wayyyyyyy more damage than me and a blunt but nice try. #archaicmentality

    • Kev_H

      If you do more than moderately, once or twice a week, your motor skills are constantly off, so it’s best to stay away from manufacturing and stick to authoring rambling internet manifestos.

    • Maggie

      Why are you comparing yourself to drunks or prescription junkies? Don’t do any of them!!!

  • TheEndGameIsNear

    Prohibition will end.

    I can take a clean wizz, but California and Colorado are in the process of starving out the unfriendly employers with the money earned from the weed industry.

    • Maggie

      Oh pleeease.

  • Tark Blimtrep

    I’m not trying to defend drug use, but what I find ridiculous is that a cocaine addict can test clean after 72 hours, but someone who smokes pot only on occasion will fail a test for months. How does that make a cocaine addict a suitable employee?

  • Nina

    Don’t do drugs? But pot isn’t a drug…

  • Dude

    Clearly if all you can get is manufacturing, you should probably lay off the ganja, but why should you have to?

    • Maggie

      Another 13-year-old heard from.

  • YahBoidawg

    This guy probably drinks and smokes cigarettes #hypocrite