23-Year-Old Haverford College Grad Is Architect of Stunning Eric Cantor Upset

Zachary Werrell, who graduated from Haverford just last year, engineered Dave Brat’s win over House majority leader.

Zachary Werrell via LinkedIn

Zachary Werrell via LinkedIn

Washington is reeling today after House majority leader Eric Cantor lost his primary race to an underfunded college economics professor. The upset, which completely shocked every pundit in D.C., came after a Cantor internal poll had the Congressman leading challenger Dave Brat 62%-28%. Cantor outspent Brat 40-1. No House majority leader had ever been beaten in a primary before.

Behind this stunner? Zachary Werrell, 23, managed Brat’s campaign to victory in only his second paid politics job. This time last year, Werrell was graduating from Haverford College. He was operating using a flip phone he purchased at Wal-Mart: “The cheapest one I could find,” he told the Los Angeles Times.

Werrell graduated from Haverford with a Bachelors in political science and economics. His only job before was working for Mark Berg, who won his race for a seat in Virginia’s House of Delegates last year. “I am Dave Brat’s campaign manager to take out Eric Cantor in the Republican Primary,” Werrell writes on his LinkedIn page. “I do everything listed in my previous job, but with 10 times greater frequency and intensity.” He was one of just two paid staffers on the campaign.

Brat faces another college professor, Democratic nominee Jack Trammell, in the fall.

[LA Times]

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  • poyski

    Eric Cantor will be fine with new lobbying possibilities. He will make more money as a lobbyist. He was a big disappointment as a congressman who over-politicked every issue. He was part of the problem in DC.

    • Johnny Domino

      Meet the new boss …….

  • buzzbye

    Liberals, Old school boys take note . WE are tired or the lies, the games. Secure the borders and send the dam illegals back! No more taxes, no more free loaders! . No more free rides for those able to work! No Amnesty!

    • I_Love_Delco

      How much will it cost to “send the dam (sic) illegals back”?

      • buzzbye

        We can not afford now to keep these wet backs here to begin with stupid! its breaking our country! ITs done by design by Obama ! what part of that do you not get?

        • misslin

          You didn’t really use that phrase, did you, buzzbye? I am so ashamed for you…

          • I_Love_Delco

            Yeah, he did.

      • Dan Heizinger

        How much does it cost Mexico to send all their illegals from Guatemala back? Virtually nothing, because they aren’t concerned about their damn welfare

        • I_Love_Delco


      • notjenna

        We have illegal dams? I know a lot of them are in pretty bad shape and others were ill-advised as they interfere with spawning fish but I didn’t know they’d been made illegal! Where we gonna send them backj to?

    • Lady

      What’s breaking our country is investment banks that leach billions from the system without producing anything, corporations that pay starvation wages (I.e. Wal-Mart) and a shift from a manufacturing economy to a service economy. Also a military machine that engages in endless wars all over the world, a broken healthcare system and a bubble higher education system. Illegal immigrants are propping up the economy by doing necessary jobs at slave wages, I.e. crop harvest, sweatshop factory work, housecleaning and child care. The amount of taxpayer money going toward immigrant assistance is miniscule compared to what we get in return. Inform yourself and cease with the ignorant ranting.

      • buzzbye

        I know about the education bubble stupid. The tech bubble the biotech bubble. The russle 2000 that’s been decimated. The fact that eps have been decling for the past 2 years. The fact that Walmart is not a dam career loser! the fact that retail is collapsing due to the fact its over extended and that more stores have closed in the past 5 months than all of last year or during the entire collapse of 07/08. The fact tha mortgae apps are at a 19 year low and housing ownership is at a 29 year low. Student loan debt has wiped out a entire generation of home owners.

      • buzzbye

        The fact that banks will start charging us soon to deposit money in out own checking and savings account thanks to the ecb neg rates from last week. Disposable income at all time low. Labor participation rate at all time low. Goldman Sachs just lowed the 1st qtr GDP to 1.9 negative for the lowest ever on recorded history this morning! The new bench mark for GDP negative growth. The fact that under the commy Obama adm that only 100,000 real jobs have been created and that almost every job half of all created are all p t under 30 hours and are in service industry , retail or are temp jobs. NOw would you care to tell me I am not informed as to what’s going on you ignorant p o s?!

        • I_Love_Delco

          You’re not informed, and your posts make Jesus cry.

  • backliner

    Nice job guys. Great to see there are some academics who have their heads on straight.

  • Samuel J Hurst

    This article shows that if Republicans show up to the Primaries, we can make a difference. Contrary to what some believe, voting in the Republican Primary is important. It allows us to ensure we are providing the best Republican Candidate to best represent our views in the November General Election, against Candidates from other Parties.

    If you don’t vote, don’t complain.

    • Frank

      Virginia has open primaries. Cantor even lost his home county which strongly indicates Dem crossover votes. Smart kid. Why try to convince people to go against the incumbent when you can just mobilize Dem who despise him. Very efficient work.

      • I_Love_Delco

        I would expect a heavy dem hand on this result, putting the lesser of the two candidates in the primary…eliminating the bigger threat, so to speak.

        • Frank

          Americans for Prosperity could very well be the culprit too. Any way you slice it, either one person or a very small handful of people just removed the Majority Leader from the House. The Information Age can be wild!

      • Linda Johnson

        Secure the borders and send the dam illegals back! No more taxes, no more free loaders! .

      • Curt Diemer

        That would be cool huh. Except every expert analysis of the vote says that didn’t happen.

  • TGFD

    TGFD here.
    Cantor is a RINO bum who is an amnesty advocate for illegal scum, and who is also in bed with Wall Street’s criminal scum. Thank goodnes he’s gone.
    Hopefully, the Republican majority throws his sorry a$$ out of his position this afternoon and replaces him quickly with a genuine, Tea-Party conservative.
    Go home Cantor. You a$$wipe.

    • I_Love_Delco

      That’s alot of scum…

    • Erudite Mavin

      A bogus charge that Cantor was for Amnesty.

      Brat’s campaign manager said he got into politics because of his admiration for Ron Paul.

      The same Ron Paul who when in Congress voted every time against bills that would fence the border.

      His son Rand Paul is Mr. Amnesty

      The Rand Paul Evolution: Rand Paul calls for ‘path to citizenship’ for illegals

      By Rosalind S. Helderman, Published: March 19, 2013

      Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), a conservative tea party icon and possible 2016
      presidential contender, endorsed an overhaul of the nation’s immigration laws
      that would allow the nation’s estimated 11 million illegal immigrants to obtain
      legalized status.

      “Immigration will not occur until conservative
      Republicans, like myself, become part of the solution.

      Rand Paul: GOP must get ‘beyond deportation’

      By: Katie Glueck

      April 1, 2014

      Sen. Rand Paul on Tuesday argued the Republican Party needs to get “beyond deportation” in order to break through to Hispanic voters

      Rand Paul is also against E Verify.
      Why do the Pauls get a free pass

      • congratstoNard

        Maybe that’s why the campaign manager didn’t go WORK for either of the Pauls’ offices…Someone can spark your inspiration for something, then stop being that inspiration…think about it.

        • Erudite Mavin

          He worked for Ron in 08 and 12

      • JoeThePimpernel

        “A bogus charge that Cantor was for Amnesty.”

        Lying comes so easily to you psychopaths.

        • Erudite Mavin

          and you believe Rand Paul isn’t even though you see his own words.

  • Brooke

    Are you the one who advised him to say he went to Princeton when he actually went to Princeton Theological Seminary? It doesn’t look good when a man who went to a seminary lies to get elected. Just sayin….

    • Erudite Mavin

      see my post just below

  • Fakir Smith

    This was a set up. Given the anti liberty narrative in the media the dems need a tea party guy to run against. You’re seeing the proof now, Brat is being attacked from all sides. Tea party walked right into this one. Ambush from the word go! Now soros and company can get close enough in the election that their vote rigging will give them the victory. All you need is the appearance of a fair election to satisfy apathetic brain dead Americans.