Mugshot: Stephanie Amato, Special Ed Teacher Accused of Sexual Assault

She allegedly slept with a 14-year-old student.

stephanie-amato-special-ed-teacher-sexual-assaultThis is Stephanie Amato, a 30-year-old special education teacher at the Ethan Allen School in Northeast Philadelphia. According to the District Attorney’s office, Amato, who taught 8th grade, had a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old male student in her home and in her car in March and April.

Amato has been charged with involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, statutory sexual assault, unlawful contact with a minor, interference with the custody of children, endangering the welfare of a child, corruption of a minor, indecent assault and indecent exposure. In other words, they’re throwing the book at her.

On Tuesday, Amato posted the following photo to her personal Facebook page, with the caption, “My fav students!” (The faces have been blurred to protect the identities of the minors.)


And this one:


According to Tasha Jamerson, spokesperson for the District Attorney, Amato turned herself into the Philadelphia Police Department’s Special Victims Unit. Amato posted bail on Thursday morning, court records show. It had been set at $125,000. She is scheduled for a preliminary hearing on June 24th.

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  • Chuck Schwinger

    those poor boys will be scarred for life …..

    • James M

      I sincerely hope you are joking by that comment. These kids will be far from scarred for life. They will tell all their friends for the rest of their lives the story about how they banged their teacher.

    • Will Drucker

      hahahahahah good one!!!

  • davehorne

    That would have spiced up my high school days.

  • Chris Smith

    She did do something wrong and she should pay the price, However I am sorry these kids knew right from wrong at the age of 14 I knew the difference, I am tired of everyone saying the kids don’t know and can’t make up their minds! Then please tell me at what age they will know right from wrong? I assure you from there reactions in the pics they knew exactly what they were doing and they to should face some sort of discipline!

    • Guest

      It’s not about if the child new right from wrong, it’s about the law. It is against the law for an adult to have sex with minors: PERIOD! It you disagree with the law then work to have it changed!!!

    • Ali Mizrahi

      It’s not about if the child knew right from wrong. The law states the an adult can not have sex with a minor. PERIOD! If you disagree with the law then work to have it changed!!!

    • alltruthbrandon

      I guarantee u that if this was a picure of a black male Special Ed teacher who was surrounded by white Special Ed girl students that he had been charged with having had sex with, then there would be incredible anger and outrage in your comment.
      Instead of blaming the victim.

    • Paul Whitfield

      Apparently you are not grasping the situation. When I was 14 I knew the difference between right and wrong and, given the opportunity to have sex with a 30 y/o female teacher, I would have said yes every day of the week and three times on Sunday! Now that I am an adult and a father, I still know right from wrong, and if the same situation arose with my son, I would destroy this woman! Why? Because she is in a position of authority over my son, she is an adult and he is not, he doesn’t have the capacity to make mature decisions, etc.

      No, the law is written the way it is because the adult is the one who is supposed to be responsible enough to make the right decision. A 14 y/o is going to “go for it” because that is what 14 y/o’s do; they don’t understand the consequences of their actions.

  • FML

    14 year old retarded boy pulling better a$$ than me… FML

    • Rollie

      Dude, you realize she is fat white trash, right? It’s amazing what goons like you find attractive. You must be from the Northeast too. Yao, ‘dem Flyers!!

  • Rollie

    I wonder who the redheaded freckled loser guy is in her Facebook pictures? He’s acting like this fat beast is a supermodel. I guess to him, she is a prize. He looks like a plumber or something.

    • KBM

      Wow, Rollie. Look at you, all holier than thou, judging people you don’t have the first clue about. Loser? How do you know that? Look at the dates on the photos, then step back and hope with all your might that you aren’t ever connected with someone who makes a bad decision. Good luck with that. Cause I’m sure your life is full of people, past and future, who never did or will ever do the wrong thing.

  • joeg

    She is one incredibly stupid person who will spend some time in jail thinking about this.

    • cool

      she dot out of jail

      • temporarily on bail….lol

  • Voice Of Reason

    The blame should b more on the teacher cause a 30 year old should know better even if the students didn’t but I think they did but hey, if ur teacher is comming on 2 u, there’s a sense of trust even if u know deep down there’s something wrong with it, u say “Why not”? As a 13 or 14 year, u can forcefully always tell urself it’s o.k. cause the teacher says it is but there’s a part of u sayin it’s not plus to the teen, it’s a thrill to have a sexual experience with a teacher. We also haveta remember that teenagers brains aren’t fully emotionally or psychologically developed as a 30 year old’s. This is not2 say that a 13 or 14 doesn’t know right from wrong, it’s just2 say that a 13 or 14 year brain doesn’t fully grasp the total picture of what’s goin on in terms of consequences. They know there’s a chance they might get caught but it’s almost like an afterthought and plus, they also don’t have as much 2loose as does the teacher cause in the end, the teacher is held responsible as the 1 who is held 2 a higher standard as someone who is in a position of responsibility and accountability to the students in her care

  • TheLiesPeopleTellToday

    I know this family and there is no way that there was any wrong doing. I would believe that the boy’s family who made the statement is lying. They are good Christian people with excellent family values. There is no way this is real. Someone has made up lies here. I am sure of it.

    • She did it

      Ummm they have text records showing her saying “don’t tell”

      • TheLiesPeopleTellToday

        There has to be a mistake the family is like one of the better families you could ever meet. I have not read anything about any evidence or records. They are like the nicest family you would ever want to meet. So something is off here I tell you.

        • JW

          say “nicest family” all you want. sounds like you are just convincing yourself. bet you stand up for every single priest who has ever touched a child inappropriately as “a nice godly man”.. WAKE UP

        • CervezaJen™

          The police don’t arrest people without evidence.

        • Nancy Longo

          The family is one of the “better” families. They were very very involved with their children, their neighborhood of Morrell and their parish of CTK. Now, they are sick with worry, shame, and hanging their heads I am certain. They did not do this. After awhile, you can advise, but you cannot make your adult children follow how you live. This girl had it all. A good education, a good upbringing, professional parents, and a very nice house and neighborhood to live in. She threw it all away in an instant. And her stupidity showed in posting it on facebook. Now her parents are going to be financially punished as well since they will be paying for the best lawyer they can find. What a shame. Don’t move, Amatos. You didnt do a thing wrong. What a world.

    • Will Drucker

      LOL you’re hilarious……I’ll give Roseanne a call…I think she could use you.

    • guest

      You “know the family”? Do you know she was addicted to prescription meds and was in rehab last year? Good Christian people don’t ride around with 14-year olds with their middle fingers up. Great role model. You are clueless of how her life has spiraled out of control.

  • cool

    that is my school

  • Mom

    Please, this goes on all the time. It is always the younger teachers both male and female who are just out of college. Also they are usually a)fat,ugly or both; b) immature; c) think they are hot. Obviously, she was desperate for any male attention and guys her age don’t dig her.

    • Will Drucker

      I hardly call “30” “just out of college”…..I’ll go with ya on a and b…..but c???….nah she only thinks she’s hot with 14 year old prepubes….with anyone her own age, she knowssss she’s friggin fugly.

  • Disgusted

    No wonder why she was banging kids……shes fat white trash.

    • Steve Sparks

      Im sure a few of them already have kids, besides, they all look special ed.

  • Those poor bastards

    Betcha she was like…quadruple penetrated. These kids having knowing looks on their faces.

    • Will Drucker

      how can you see their faces?

  • She is really a special being…why the hell would she post a photo on facebook with these kids sticking their middle fingers up – caption- “fun with these kids” … did none of her “friends” on facebook not see a problem with this. I am disturbed from first glance. I feel like everyone is being way to easy on her if it was a Black male teacher and a gang of 14 year old white girls that man would have been the devil. Let’s not be hypocrites and be sympathetic for the idolized White woman. A student-teacher relationship should never be compromised the psychosocioemotional effects/affects will be endless. God help the children.

    • CherryTraylingrif

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      on the computer . see post F­i­s­c­a­l­p­o­s­t­.­C­O­M­

    • guest

      The people she works with knew an investigation was ongoing and turned these fb photos over to principal/police the second they were posted. Unbelievable that she would post them but helps a lot see her for who she really is…a predator.

  • Bananacraterican

    Can someone explain to me why white women are so obsessed with blacks? Is it because they want be “Hip” or because they want to find out if the “myth is real”? If I sound bitter it’s because I am. WHERE THE HELL WERE ALL THESE SLUTTY OLDER WHITE WOMEN WHEN I WAS IN HIGH SCHOOL?!

    • Will Drucker

      to quote grampa Simpson….”It’s a little of “a” and a little of “b”.

  • daggolden

    I guarantee it was more than just 1 of those boys. The whole crew was probably having a good time with her.

  • Those kids giving the “Smell my teacher” middle finger pose….

  • ….Oh and when you see comments like “Where were these teachers when I was in school?”- know they’re from guys with ZERO game who NEVER get laid. lol

  • mike nottingham

    Hahah this is my ex and shes an idiot. And a Chester molester. So stupid. She deserves to rot in jail. My opinion may be swayed by the fact that she was the worst girlfriend ever. Those kids were really cool. Talked to them every time I drove her to work. Cant beleive she really did that with him. I know exactly which one it was.

  • jamie

    well at least we know the teacher likes black boys

  • Mark Power

    Disgusting mudshark. No decent man will ever want her.

  • AuntieEster

    What a knee gar luvin white pig