Billionaire’s Super PAC Targeting Tom Corbett over Climate Change

Liberal billionaire Tom Steyer’s super PAC is trying to make the environment a campaign issue in 2014. He plans to put $100 million into seven races.

Tom Corbett

Liberal billionaire Tom Steyer’s NexGen Climate Action super PAC has announced the states it plans to pour over $100 million into this election season. I know what you’re thinking, and I agree: Tom Steyer’s NexGen Climate Action super PAC sounds like a Sega Genesis accessory.

And, also, yes, Steyer’s super PAC is planning to target Tom Corbett in Pennsylvania. Politico’s Andrew Restuccia reports Steyer plans to spend $50 million of his own fortune on the seven-state effort. Four senate races and three gubernatorial elections are the target.

Steyer, a San Francisco resident who made his money in hedge funds, has successfully bankrolled two California ballot referendums on the environment. After helping Terry McAuliffe win the Virginia governor’s race in 2013, he’s attempting to make climate change a campaign issue in 2014.

“I feel like the guy in the movie who goes into the diner and says, ‘There are zombies in the woods and they’re eating our children,'” Steyer said of his activism.

Politico reports this is Steyer’s strategy in Pennsylvania:

The group will dismiss Gov. Tom Corbett as an extremist on climate change. It will target low-income voters affected by pollution in the state and voters in Philadelphia who didn’t vote in 2010.

Prediction: An infusion of cash from a billionaire will mean anti-fracking protesters won’t have to jump on stage to get attention in the general election.

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  • mememine

    Stop scaring my kids! We have clean air now!!

    Most of the Great Lakes area and most of Canada and the USA hasn’t had a smog warning day (actual smog) in close to 10 years now. It’s never good enough is it, even after defeating the smoggy 70’s when a river caught fire in Ohio. But we keep that finger on the fear button as usual. Note: “Be kind to the air days” and smog “alerts” and “advisories” and “watches” are not measurements of smog, just predictions that a “Smog Warning” could be issued within the next 36 hours.

    32 years of science being nothing beyond their laughable; “95%” certainty that THE END IS NEAR is anything you want it to be, except sustainable for another 32 years of “could be”.

    And get up to date;*Occupywallstreet now does not even mention CO2 in its list of demands because of the bank-funded and corporate run carbon trading stock markets ruled by politicians.

    • CB

      Stop intentionally attempting to destroy your kids’ future.

      If we haven’t set the world on a course toward total polar meltdown, 246 feet of sea level rise, the drowning of the homes of 3 billion people, and untold climate chaos just with the CO₂ we’ve already emitted, why isn’t there a single previous example in Earth’s history of polar ice caps withstanding CO₂ so high?

  • matthew brandley

    Climate change is a scam and a web site can prove it! go to climate depot and all the facts are laid out plain as day!

    • CB

      Really? You mean a website like

      “The new estimates, which are more than twice as accurate because of the inclusion of more satellite data, confirm both Antarctica and Greenland are losing ice.”

      • matthew brandley

        Loser! they are going to do what Obama tells them to do! Heres a example for you since your a clueless bafoon like most libturds are. The arctic ice cap for example has been melting since the early 1700’s and theres documented proof but you clowns in the libturd media would never want that to come to the surface now would you? noooooooooo! I could go on about so many things about how you freaks are scamming us. About how shutting down these coal fired power plants is raising electric rates and going to cause electric shortages by end of this year. Or the fact that a volcanoe spews out as much pollution as we do in a year. Or the fact that China does in a year as we do. But you liberals wouldn’t want to hear any of that now would you? Nah your just clueless baffoons hell bent on taxing the poor into oblivion.

        • CB

          NASA is falsifying data? That’s what you believe?

          If the people with the satellites aren’t the best ones to measure global changes, who is?

          How far does your paranoid-delusional conspiracy theory go?

          • matthew brandley

            Listen dumb ass, the polar ice caps are at the highest coverage in recorded history and the article on climate depot has the graph to prove it! so piss off!

          • CB

            Really? The University of Washington says Arctic sea ice has declined 67% in the last 34 years:

            “Monthly averaged ice volume for September 2013 was 5,500 km³. This value is 52% lower than the mean over this period, 67% lower than the maximum in 1979, and 0.6 standard deviations below the 1979-2013 trend.”


            Which do you think is correct, a well-known research institution?

            …or a dishonest, Climate Denier propaganda outlet funded by ExxonMobil?

          • matthew brandley

            Lsten maggot loser liberal. Go to climae dept. In the middle of the page article with graphs points out hat polar ice is now full 1 point above normal deviation. As far as the arctic ice? lol. to rove how much of a unedeucated idiot you really are proof dictates its been melting since the 170s you clown!

          • CB

            Climate Depot is run by CFACT which is funded by ExxonMobil.

            Do you always consult sources which have a short-term financial interest in misleading you?

            The University of Washington and NASA say ice on both poles is declining. Which do you think is correct, a research institution and a space agency?

            … or a propaganda outlet you already know is lying!?

            If you weren’t mentally ill, why would you be pretending NASA is wrong about climate science and ExxonMobil is right? Who’s going to take a person like that seriously?

  • Enuf already

    If he’s so concerned that 100 million would be best served rescuing the animals in the Sub…. zoo in India, stopping the extermination of wolves and horses being done allowed by the Fish and Wildlife/BLM when they’re job is to protect them, stopping the slaughter of lions, tigers, animals, etc.