Our Newest Hero: The Woman Who Confronted the SEPTA Pervert

She saw something. So she said something.

Video probably NSFW, definitely not safe for kids:


Fox 29 reports:

The incident happened around 9:30 a.m. Friday morning, according to Transit officials. A woman recorded the video after she noticed the man was exposed, sitting right next to her.

“When you’re in that kind of situation you’re more concerned with thinking,‘Am I really seeing what I’m seeing? Is this really happening?’” said Ida Goldkorn.

Philadelphia police have not released the name of the suspect, but they say they know who they’re looking for.

It’s not always easy to speak up directly in such situations — something that the gross people who touch themselves in public may be counting on. (Some are also mentally ill, so pure evil isn’t always the explanation.) So cheers to Ida Goldkorn, who took action.

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  • Good for her!

  • Rosella E. LaFevre

    She’s my hero today

  • Rain Francica

    Wow. thank goodness he didn’t get violent with her.

  • Carol Edmonds

    Good for her! Two months ago,there was the heroin addict who ranted about the threat of losing custody of her daughter because she was semi-coherent and not paying attention to the danger she presented to herself and her fellow riders on the 66 trolley! Now,we have degenerates exposing themselves on SEPTA vehicles!!! Hope he gets help for his problem!!

  • Northeaster

    If the people of Septa page continues to shame Philadelphia and Septa Police into taking action against the worst offenders on public transit, then perhaps it isn’t a public menace.

    • I love how people try to throw shade on the POS FB page but it’s got 77,000 followers.

  • Coleen1027

    The fact that some are mentally ill makes her statement of “are you crazy” a little unnerving. Also, it makes her confrontation dangerous. She should have gone to the driver. I applaud her doing something, I just don’t know if this is the exact course of action to promote.

    • RickyJxxx

      You probably would have just sat there and did nothing about it, loser.

      • Roger Brown

        That was unnecessary. You should be ashamed about what you are condoning and about your remark. And I will not call a jerk like you a loser.

        • RickyJxxx

          Cry about it, Rog.

    • dratman

      The right course of action depends on the situation AND the person making the decision. If that person happens to be young and/or fearless, the outcome MIGHT be bad for that person. But if the outcome is good, s/he gets fifteen minutes of fame and maybe a favorable boost to future employment, love life or just self esteem. If the outcome is bad, the whole thing gets forgotten very quickly.

      My point is that there is no universal course of action to promote. Or rather, since obviously, Coleen1027, you are basically correct, I should say more accurately that there is no one right course of action. In some situations taking a risk makes sense… well… what I really want to say is that in some situations, taking a risk happens.

      Things happen. Decisions get made. People do things.

      That is the realistic version of the story of our lives. The other versions are nice stories, fictional stories, with very good good guys and very bad bad guys and a perfect super-hero or super-heroine who, we know, will triumph in the end. That is so comforting as fiction.

  • sibyl

    you go girl. take back your city.

  • Soldier

    Hope she’s carrying a knife or gun for protection. She doesn’t know that guy, so who knows if he was carrying. It’s hard to confront pervs because those same type of pervs could be dangerous too other than being perverted.

    • dratman

      But even when a person does not have a weapon, there is such a thing as courage. If you take your life in your hands and you do something because it seems like the thing to do, guess what — you might fail. You could get hurt, or even die. But if you succeed, good for you. You might get accolades. You deserve accolades. Feel good.

  • http://goo.gl/zXsV7H – See the Real Hero, like it