Medical Marijuana Activists Plan Sit-In at Corbett’s Office

Threat comes as medical professionals say benefits indeterminate.

CBS Pittsburgh reports that medical marijuana activists — including parents of sick kids — may sit-in at Gov. Tom Corbett’s office this week in order to get his backing for legalization.

At a rally on the capitol steps Monday morning, parents gave the governor until Friday to schedule an appointment with them.

“The governor does not accept any of our phone calls. He does not meet with anyone,” added Danielle McGurk of Beaver Falls. “If he doesn’t meet with our families, then we will have no other choice but to do a sit-in,” added McGurk.

CBS Philly reports, though, that a meeting here of the American Academy of Neurologists found the evidence of efficacy — in brain diseases, at least — inconclusve.

Review author Dr. Gary Gronseth (seated on podium at right) says they looked at more than 1,000 studies but only 33 were “of reasonable quality,” in his view.

“The problem is, we don’t know it works for most neurologic conditions,” he tells KYW Newsradio.

Does that mean they have a long way to go?

“There is a long way to go.  That’s why most of our conclusions are, ‘We can’t tell whether this works or doesn’t work.’ “

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  • matthew brandley

    After working in a detox unit , vol as a emt and seeing what drugs do to families and people who have started out on pot and then o d on worse and having to help a medic save them or worse , only a loser would smoke pot

    • Northeaster

      cigarettes are the gateway drug.

      • matthew brandley

        Not once have I ever seen , heard or talked to anyone . Doctor or otherwise that has even heard or said that. You are indeed a moron

        • Kimm Ryland

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          Volkswagen Touareg SUV by working off of a pc… blog link F­i­s­c­a­l­P­o­s­t­.­ℂ­o­m

        • Northeaster

          Really? Because almost overwhelmingly, doctors reject the gateway drug hypothesis, as does common sense.

          • matthew brandley

            Listen chump. Unless you sorry uneducated pathetic narrow uneducated narrow mind has seen a family torn apart by a 18 y o girl who o d on coke when you go back and take her mom to the hospital 2 hours later from a heart attack, laymens terms for you to understand, Or get the crap kick our of you from a druggy who just overdosed when you and the medic just pushed narcan and saved his life from o d on heroin or God nows what else your argument is invalid.

          • Northeaster

            Yea, ever get beat up by a pothead? Ever have to pick someone up for taking a dangerous amount of pot? No? You haven’t. Talk to actual people who do drugs. Coke is a powerful drug, but almost no one jumps from pot to coke. That’s because coke is a “party drug”, people take it when they are drunk, not when they are stoned. How is a drug people take when they are sitting around after work leading people to cocaine, a drug people take when they are up partying at 2 am? The way things work is people start smoking cigarettes (which are a drug) to hang with the cool kids, then they start drinking and smoking pot, and then a select few go on to harder drugs. That’s why almost every junkie you see also smokes cigarettes. Ever walk by a methadone clinic? Clouds of smoke, and not the funky kind.

          • Noob

            Chump. Uneducated. Pathetic. When you run out of logical arguments you start calling people names.

            You mention a girl who had her life torn apart by Cocaine and you blame it on Cannabis.

            You mention a person who overdoses on Heroin and you blame it on Cannabis.

            Give it up Matthew. You couldn’t prove the “gateway” theory if your life depended on it.

          • matthew brandley

            Millions smoke and have never done drugs stupid. So dont go spewing your uneducated crap in my face. your just a tool. a farce. Unl;ess you have seen and done what I have in my lifetime dont even try and change my mind . Your a idiot

          • Northeaster

            Millions smoke weed and have never done drugs. You don’t know what you are talking about.

          • matthew brandley

            your just a spoiled crybaby, probably a libturd whos making up crap like they always do . face the facts. Until you have walked in my shoes and seen what I have seen. its a waste of time . People who smoke pot are losers. And you are a loser

          • Northeaster

            I have voted for exactly one Democrat in my life, and that’s a vote I sincerely regret now. I have made nothing up. Until you have walked in my shoes, perhaps you should stop making assumptions about my life.

            Plenty of pot smokers are wildly successful. I changed my mind on pot when I found a guy I worked for, a man who set up his own business and became a multi-millionaire, was a committed pothead who had smoked while raising his kids (who are all successful) and building his business. Even the editors of National Review agree with me.

          • jessa

            a idiot.

            You are an idiot.

  • matthew brandley

    when you pathetic low life losers are stuck in your dead end low paying going nowhere jobs all because you cant pass a drug screen test or get hurt on the job and fail a drug screen test and are denied workmans comp because of it dont come whining and crying to me or anyone else because of your stupid decisions

    • Noob

      It must suck to on the losing end of this argument. You know, being schooled by pathetic low life pot smokers. Do you feel like the world as you know it is falling apart.

      Tell me, is alcohol ok with you? I didn’t hear you call drinkers any names. Do you drink alcohol?

      Everything you have been told about cannabis is wrong. I guess you are acting out because you feel you have been duped. Couldn’t happen to you, could it?