Vape No More: Nutter to Sign E-Cigarette Regulations

Wednesday ceremony planned at City Hall.

This press release, just now in our inbox, confirms Mayor Nutter will sign bills heavily regulating e-cigarettes in Philadelphia. If you were vaping publicly, well, it’s time to put an end to that:

Tuesday, April 8, 2014                                       FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE



WHO: Mayor Michael A. Nutter

Councilman William Greenlee

Dr. Donald Schwarz, Deputy Mayor for Health and Opportunity

WHAT: Mayor Nutter will sign into law new legislation that prohibits the sale of e-cigarettes to minors and the use of e-cigarettes in workplaces, bars and restaurants.

WHERE: Mayor’s Reception Room, Room 202 City Hall

WHEN: Wednesday, April 9, 2014 2:00 PM 

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  • HowieGambleChipsAllDay

    WHAT! WHY?

    • Nate

      Because politicians are just as stupid and ignorant as the people who vote for them.

      • HowieGambleChipsAllDay

        Indeed. This is extreme nanny state behavior. You’re banning water vapor? It poses no health risk to bystanders. Why? Because|don’t want to look at it? I want ugly people banned! I don’t want to look at them. And big women in yoga pants…. OUTLAWED! People who put their children on leashes jailed. And anyone with more than one bumper sticker should have their license suspended.

  • Myk

    You want to stop me from using my ecig. Come and get it.

    • Whatwhatwhat?

      Don’t worry, no one wants to take your e-cig. You are most free to continue to look like a tool “vaping” in public, just outside. As for the rest of us, it’ll continue to be nice to go out in Philadelphia and not have to leave an establishment smelling like the inside of someone else’s mouth.

      • Lawrence Shea

        You must be a special kind of stupid. There’s no lingering smell, you certainly don’t look like a tool…lol moron

        • Whatwhatwhat?

          There is a smell… when you are standing next to someone blowing vape in your face, it’s obvious and intrusive. It’s your choice to use it but it’s also my right not to have vapor from the inside of your mouth flying into my face. And yes, you do look like a tool using it(which based upon your profile picture, I imagine isn’t something you are necessarily concerned with)

          • Dscull13

            While I can not comment as to the profile pic of Mr. Shea, I must ask. Where are you hanging out to have all this vaper blown at you?
            Also, I agree that vaping and some vaporizers look strange, but so do those voice things that you hold up to your throat to talk and those oxygen tanks on cart. And cancer, cancer makes you look like a complete tool.

          • jeremy1980

            You want to legislate smells that you do not like? Think about the scent of your soap, laundry detergent, cologne, breath, deodorant or lack of deodorant, flatulence, food, household cleaners, air fresheners, thre list is endless. Get of your high throne of smugness. Whats next? A ban on hippies and old ladies? Oh, almost forgot, close your mouth.

          • Kate

            farts are obvious and intrusive. lightly heated food flavoring is not. smoking laws were passed because smoke (in any form) is toxic and dangerous. steam isn’t. that’s the only thing that comes from an ecig. steam. exact same chemical used in food flavoring and “steaming” from every bakery.

          • Whatwhatwhat?

            Thanks for that excellent technical perspective 3 months later. What you smoke or vape in your own house or on the street is none of my business. But if you are going to be one of those inconsiderate folks who chooses to do so in a crowded indoor restaurant or bar without even the slightest hint of consideration for those around you, then I’m entitled to take exception to being forced to breathe in whatever it is you blow into my face. If people were considerate about it, there would be no need for these regulations.

      • Nate

        You could sit in an unventilated broom closet next to a vaper for 10,000 years and you wouldn’t emerge smelling like anything.

        • Whatwhatwhat?

          Why don’t yo try that experiment and let me know in 10,000 years how it went.

      • JustSaying

        What smell are you talking about? You are obviously not a vaper or smoker, so why comment on something you know nothing about? Dumbass.

        • Whatwhatwhat?

          I’m not, but I’ve had vape blown into my face on the subway, on the street, and in a bar. I recognize you may not be the type of person who has even the faintest care about any one or anything but yourself, however some of us don’t like to be covered in whatever you exhale.

          • Myk

            You’ve had vapor blown in your face on a subway, street AND a bar? Since vapers make up a very small percent of the population you must be doing something to make people want to blow in your face.
            You’ll be covered in whatever people exhale whether or not you can see it. If you’re that paranoid, avoid people.

          • Whatwhatwhatlies?

            And yet all of us are covered in whatever it is all of us are exhaling. Imagine that.

      • Myk

        As long as I have it I’ll use it. I don’t recognize these laws passed with corruption. Stop me if you can. You can’t.
        No, I WILL NOT be forced outdoors to be around my former addiction unless by my own choice. These laws are as clueless as your comment about ecigs smelling like smoker’s mouths.

        • Whatwhatwhat?

          Well good for you. Such a freedom fighter you are.

          • Myk

            And such a freedom destroyer you are. All because you don’t want to imagine yourself smelling like smoke.

      • Rain Man

        Like you have a clue. No smoke smell, no pollutants. Ask someone who knows .. My wife.

      • blah blah blah

        There’s no fire, no ash no odor and no smoky smell. If you don’t have the knowledge, just shut up.

  • Old Dog

    What a nutter !

  • Nate

    Your government in action, protecting you from threats that don’t exist.

  • Rain Man

    Well, I used to enjoy visiting Philly but since I’m not welcome I’ll travel elsewhere. A real shame too, since I’m travelling a lot now that I’m retired. I won’t support totalitarian bigots in any fashion whatsoever.

  • lynnette

    This ban is ridiculous! And comments like vape smelling is simply clueless! Some people have to sit up on their high horse and look down at others and coment on things they CLEARLY dont understand! I was a smoker of two packs a day for 25 years! Since I started vaping I havent touched a cigarette! Vaping should be celebrated! Not banned. Because of vaping I quit a 25 year old tobacco addicition! Now thats powerful! Say what you will about vaping, I know its only coming from a place of ignorance. Vaping does not smell like smoke and barely has a faint hint of what is being vapid, likely fruit.the vapor disapates so quickly I cant th imagine why it is offensive to anyone!! But I honestly dont give a care about what you u anti vaping people think!! You all are closed minded idiots in my opnion. I do have a right to my opnion! If it wasnt for vaping ie still be a slave to cigarettes! Vaping has done a lot of good for manymany people, but anti vapers wont look at the positive things. Which their are a lot of positives! You people see a cloud of vaper and think it should be banned, when vaping can save lives! What about the positive bennifits of vaping over smoking? You just want to close your eyes and see only negative things. These bans are ridiculous and those banning should really be ashamed of themselves! As I said and I’ll say it again. Vaping should db be celebrated not banned!!!

  • Advocateforchange

    I just feel like there is no real effort being put into the positives of vaping. Ya I read everyday how the media blasts the negatives and never the benefits of vaping. Ya sure there a incidents where kids got a hold of juices and ingested them but that is not the industries fault that PARENTS can keep a watchful eye on their kids or, place their juices where they can not reach them.Look if a parent can remember to put Tylenol and other medication out of the reach of children they should do the same with e-liquid. They compare e-cigs to the 460,000 people die on a yearly from basis from cigarettes. I am not an advocate for drugs or smoking but I am an advocate for change. Why not embrace an alternative to quite cigarettes I am pretty sure everyone here has a close friend or family member they want to quit smoking.

    People are quitting tobacco all in all from a nicotine delivery system that expels water vapor that essentially smells like some sort of candy or desert. I sure as hell rather smell a jolly rancher or vanilla custard in the air then a Camel non filter. Nicotine unless ingested directly or taken in large amounts is about as harmful as cup of Joe. Nicotine is a stimulant like caffeine so if you ban ecigs ban starbucks or nic patches or nic gum while we are at it.

    The chemicals used to make the e-liquid are food grade product approved by the FDA to begin with so this is sorta a catch 22 and and government hypocrisy at its finest. There are no carcinogens expelled from e-cigs and was said by another person in the thread it dissipates rather quickly and the smell does not stick to your clothes.

    I do understand the other side of the fence as well. I would not want to be at restaurant and a cloud of vapor is constantly chucking large amounts of vapor my way. Just for the fact that it is rude, I don’t mind the smells but when you got a guy with one if the higher end mods blowing ridiculously enormous vape clouds at an alarming rate it can get pretty annoying. There are ignorant people out there that take vaping in public to new level. Those are the people that kill it for people who genuinely use the devices to quit. I mean come on vaping in disneyland and in grocery stores blowing huge clouds. I am aware of how these things are built cause my brother works at a vape shop. You can build these things and do modifications where it blows out larger and thicker clouds of vapor.

    But in my personal opinion I can handle this being around ecigs a lot more then I can handle a cigarette being smoked around me. It is a great way to get people to quit smoking and it smells a hell of a lot better. They say this a gateway to cigarettes for minors. 18.1% or 3 million [Boys: 19.9% Girls: 16.1%] are past a month current smokers and in high school. So right now 3 million high school students are current smokers and have been for more then a month. I don’e think personally that ecigs are the culprit the numbers do not lie.

  • kite07run

    Government in action 2!

    agentii recrutare personal