Poll: Do You Want Speed Cameras In Philadelphia?

First, red light cameras. Now, speed cameras.

Family Struck on Highway

Pennsylvania State Senator Mike Stack has proposed legislation to install speed cameras in Northeast Philadelphia along the downright treacherous Roosevelt Boulevard. The idea is simple: You speed, a camera detects your infraction, and you get a ticket in the mail. And now it sounds like influential State Representative Brian Sims may be throwing his support behind Stack’s plan.

“I just met with an advocate for Senator Mike Stack’s recently proposed legislation to place speed-enforcement cameras along Roosevelt Blvd.,” wrote Sims on Facebook last week. “I’ve had experience with these cameras in the D.C. region and I’ve seen data that they can cut accidents down by as much as 25-40%. On the Boulevard that would literally mean saving lives.”

Red-light cameras have been a reality on the Roosevelt Boulevard for a decade now, and Stack’s plan would add speed cameras to those. According to PennDOT, 17 pedestrians were killed by drivers on the dangerous road from 2008 to 2012.

Speed cameras are in use in just 14 states plus Washington D.C., according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. If Stack’s plan is adopted in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania will become the first state in the tri-state area to deploy the cameras.

Supporters say that the cameras make roads safer, with one study indicating that 815 lives would have been saved between 2004 and 2008 if the cameras had been in use in all major cities.

Meanwhile, opponents argue that the cameras are inaccurate (Baltimore’s speed cameras were recently stopped after an audit showed a fail rate of over 10 percent) and that speed cameras violate your civil rights. It’s not difficult to see the slippery slope theory at work here.

What do you think?

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POLL Do You Want Speed Cameras In Philadelphia?


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  • DTurner

    How does charging people for exceeding the speed limit in a significant way restrict civil rights?

    • matthew brandley

      Its simple idiot. People have recieved tickets in the mail for driving a car in a city they have never even visited before. Case in point . Down in miami fl it has just happend to a man who lives in pensacola who has never even visited the city! The license plate reader omiytted part of a letter from plate and whola! ticket in mail and now heres the legal mess of a lifetime that the city refuse to write off! Also md state police use license plate scanners and store the info for 1 year every time you go down any of the interstates. so be forewarned

      • DTurner

        That’s a technology issue, not a civil rights issue. The police already have your license plate number, if that’s what you’re really worried about.

        • matthew brandley

          well douche bag turner since you seem to have a answer for everything on here and its always critical and left libtard leaning answer me this then. How do you keep the dumb asses from the ghetto from crossing in the middle of the bolvd? These are the same dumb asses to lazy to cross at the lights and cross walks that keep gtting killed or are you to stupid to even rationalise that?

          • DTurner

            You’re logic, much like your grasp of English, is quite flawed. Even if we ignore your argument that pedestrians should not be allowed to cross signaled roads, your argument is lacking.

            Why does it make sense to right a wrong by tacitly folks to tear down the Boulevard going 80, which is also blatantly illegal?

          • matthew brandley

            I have proven my pont. Libturds like you attack others for spelling when they are right. Your arguement is lost loser. People will break the law regardless. Your pathetic. All because I mis spell a few words you attack me. your a pathetic piece of libturd left wing trash. Again all the clowns that have been killed have crossed illegaly you uneducated moron

          • DTurner

            Hmm, funny that you claim that I’m attacking you when you started this conversation by calling me an idiot…

          • Joseph_S

            DTurner asks a fair and legitimate question, and Brandley starts with the name-calling! Sadly, Brandley makes some valid points, but why be so nasty? What’s with you, Matty? Still mad about failing spelling class back in school? BTW… I’m not in favor of “Big Brother” watching me, either!

          • DTurner

            This is pretty standard behavior from him, you tend to just ignore it after a little while.

    • stopbigbrothermd

      1) The person receiving a violation does not need to be the driver. You can be found guilty of an offense you literally did not commit.
      2) Your right to face your accuser has been eliminated.
      3) The cameras are ALWAYS run by a private company with a FOR PROFIT MOTIVE. In most cases they are paid based on the number of citations issued, or for a percentage of the revenues, and as such their incentive is to issue more tickets (even if that means issuing tickets based on questionable evidence).
      4) Photo tickets typically carry a reduced burden of proof. You are presumed guilty. This is despite the fact that radar is PROVEN to be capable of errors.
      5) The prosecution is generally allowed to admit “hearsay evidence” against a defendant, which is normally banned in court. Defendants are typically NOT permitted to present hearsay evidence in their defense.

      You should look at next door Maryland to see how this REALLY plays out. Look at the Baltimore Sun’s coverage of that city’s failed program.

      • DTurner

        Do you happen to have any information on the Montgomery County, MD program? I understand that it has been a bit more effective than the Baltimore program.

        • stopbigbrothermd

          That depends on what you mean by ‘more effective’. They haven’t been shut down like Baltimore was, but I’d argue that Montgomery County just has a better team of taxpayer funded attorneys and media relations people than Baltimore. Montgomery *invented* the policy of paying contractors based on the number of tickets, despite a provision of state law intended to ban the practice. In Montgomery they will not allow you to cross examine the camera operators in court even though state law says you can request that they appear. And Montgomery conceals the sort of detailed timestamp information which was used to prove systematic speed measurement errors in Baltimore, so they withhold evidence from defendants which proved exculpatory in other jurisdictions.

        • matthew brandley

          Baltimore co has in fact removed3 from service in the past 2 months due to low tickets being clicked off by the cameras in school zones. The cameras in the counties are only allowed in school zones. period.

  • rabbit23

    “influential” Sims?? this whole article is because of a facebook post? he’s a freshman in the minority who does lots of interviews but no legislating… that’s not a bad thing per se but he’s probably one of the state’s least influential legislators…

  • stopbigbrothermd

    Before you vote, Google the words “Baltimore Speed Camera Audit”. THAT is what you are really in for.

    • matthew brandley

      And how the mayor has blocked the release of the audit info to city council. Typical democrap run rat hole. Been following it every day

  • LinuxGuy

    Stack’s bill does not require speed limits be posted to the 85th percentile free-flowing traffic speed, nor does it require decent cushions before ticketing starts. In some places it can be +6 mph. There are oddities, such as vendors calibrating their own equipment. All of this relies upon poor traffic engineering and predatory enforcement, while not correcting real issues. You likely will have more crashes with safe drivers ticketed. A 20-40% reduction is pure fantasy. This is all about money! The errors are also real. A number on a ticket shows nothing and can be done with photo software by anyone.

  • srd275

    Safety is pulling over someone. Speed scameras do NOT do that. All they do is send a bill weeks later. Already the RLC have been reported not improving safety http://www.phillymag.com/news/2014/04/09/red-light-cameras-roosevelt-boulevard/.

    MD is a good example of WHY YOU SHOULD NOT do speed scameras. Read all the abuses down there: http://articles.baltimoresun.com/2014-01-22/news/bs-md-ci-speed-camera-audit-20140122_1_city-speed-cameras-documented-erroneous-speed-readings-xerox-state Also check out http://www.mddriversalliance.org

    Even AAA has become concerned.

    Heck even “reform” of the speed scamera scam has been sham! http://www.mddriversalliance.org/2014/04/legislature-fails-to-pass-meaningful.html



    camerafraud on Facebook