Are These Photos of DeSean Jackson Throwing Gang Signs?

Or is he just making stupid hand gestures like us regular people?

Now that the Eagles have released DeSean Jackson, with reports surfacing that Jackson has ties to members of violent Los Angeles-area gangs, the DeSean Jackson gang allegations are turning up everywhere. (Jackson has issued a statement saying, in part, that “I am not and never have been part of any gang.”)

But TMZ was pushing the DeSean Jackson gang angle weeks ago, with a story that none of us noticed then: “DeSean Jackson Throwin’ Gang Signs With Rapper Nipsey Hussle.”

And if you scour the Internet, you’ll find more than a few photos of Jackson “throwin’ gang signs.” But is Jackson really “throwin’ gang signs,” or is he just making stupid hand gestures, like all those idiots on the Tumblr WhitePeopleThrowingGangSigns? You be the judge.

DeSean Jackson Gang Sign or Stupid Hand Gesture No. 1
Pro bowlers me & da Homie Celreece45 West coastin !!

DeSean Jackson Gang Sign or Stupid Hand Gesture No. 2
Supporting the ShelterHomless kids !! Me & @_youngchris

DeSean Jackson Gang Sign or Stupid Hand Gesture No. 3
@damizza @weworking Great Meeting Big business coming !! We workin !!

DeSean Jackson Gang Sign or Stupid Hand Gesture No. 4


And for that matter, is this Justin Bieber throwing a gang sign?


(Because, really, if Justin Bieber is in a gang, that gang should really be ashamed of itself.)

Maybe John Lennon was in the Peace Gang


Winston Churchill, the Victory Gang


Victor Fiorillo, the Douchebag at NASCAR Race Gang


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    Where is the Jon Tannenwald sign? That’s what i want to know!!!

  • Lee Pavorsky

    So was Spock!

  • wheres waldo

    why is it the same dumb gesture? Tell us what that dumb gesture means? The peace sign by Lennon lets the readers know this not a serious site and no opinions on here should be taken that way.

    • Looks like he’s holding up #1. -____-

  • LRixhRu

    That aint no xrip sign. And im A Piru Blood.

    • Richard Colton

      I’m a South Park Crip. We got beef.

      internet beef.

  • Zack Selzman

    When your close friend kills a 14 year old kid for flashing gang signs and you stay friends with him then you aren’t John Lennon. Your a thug. And when in your twitter account you never spell words other than your name correctly if they have a C next to a K spelling back, bacc and track, tracc, And you flash the crips sign correctly with one finger pointing downwards, then you’re a thug. No crip signs like Winston doing a peace sign.

    • Louis Kaye

      Wtf you make absolutely no sense. This is media propaganda. Just worry about how he plays on the field.

      • Felicia Joyner

        That is not media propaganda…you just don’t understand the Crips writing so he does know what he’s talking about…it’s like a symbol…but the thug part of it, doesn’t make sense at all. You don’t have to be a thug because of someone else. Telling someone to worry about how he plays on the field, is wrong because the NFL is a professional sport. Notice I said, professional. There is a level of professionalism you are suppose to carry on and off the field. I enjoy DJax’s game even though I am not a Philadelphia Eagles fan, but he needs to show more professionalism and putting pictures on Twitter and Instagram throwing up gang signs and associating his business with gang members by signing them is a good look.

        • Louis Kaye

          Its football no more than the lack of professionalism exemplified by Cooper he even got a new contract. These guys are saints. After looking into this lets really consider did the Eagles really want to pay him 10.5 million? We already know the answer. He was the Eagles most talented receiver. Now hopefully they may pick up someone in the draft and you better believe he is going to make anywhere near that amount.

    • Alpha Male

      First, Churchill is flashing a “V” for victory in WWII. Second, continuing to be friends with someone who kills a 14 year old doesn’t make you a thug, it makes you an immature, misguided idiot. The thug is the killer. I don’t like the blind defense of DJax and I don’t like the blind defense of the Eagles. I’m upset that the Eagles cut him, but I also realize that if the organization is paying him 10.5 million they have the right to expect professionalism on and off the field at a minimum.

      • Northeaster

        His friend was acquitted anyway

    • Northeaster

      His friend was acquitted.

  • niggaholla1

    K’s up

  • Mark Saltveit

    The “hand sign” in #1 and #3 is just the universal “THIS dude…” pointing to your friend. No idea about the DeAngelo Hall one, or whatever he was doing with his fingers in that photo from Washington on Wale’s instagram.

    • variable

      How are you qualified to comment on the state of Mr. Jackson’s mind at the time he was posing in these pictures? Step off bruh

  • blahblah44

    I feel so bad for eagles fans, it seems like a pretty bogus accusation that has your best wide receiver going to a division rival. I hope Chip has a good plan to make everyone forget about Desean.

  • Show off

    Masonic hand symbols. That’s why Lennon , Churchill and Jackson are throwing up. Biggest gang in the world

  • username9000

    Are these not
    known current or former Crips gang members? Isn’t the sign in question a
    K for Killer?