3 Teens Charged as Adults in Temple Brick Attack

And here are their mugshots.


On Tuesday afternoon, police announced that five teens were being questioned over last week’s brick attack near Temple’s campus. And on Wednesday, District Attorney Seth Williams announced that three teens were being charged as adults in the case.

According to an official announcement from Williams’ office, 16-year-old Najee Bilaal, 15-year-old Zaria Estes, and 15-year-old Kanesha Gainey (seen above, from left, in their mugshots) have been charged with aggravated assault, conspiracy, possession of an instrument of crime, terroristic threats, simple assault and recklessly endangering another person. Bail was set at $100,000 for Bilaal and Estes and $75,000 for Gainey.

And here is an account of the investigation from the Philadelphia Police Department:

On March 21, 2014, a female Temple University student and her boyfriend were walking on the 1700 block of Norris Street when they were attacked by a group of black females. During the assault, the female student was struck in the face numerous times with a brick, causing extensive damage to her face and mouth. The offenders fled south on 17th Street on a SEPTA bus.

During the investigation that followed, Central Detectives learned that the same group appeared to be responsible for three additional attacks in the same surrounding area.

Surveillance video from the area of the first attack was obtained by detectives and aired on local news stations. On March 25, 2014, the day after the video aired, five juvenile females called Police from different schools and locations, each claiming to be part of the group and each wanting to turn themselves in.

Witnesses from the area of the first attack were interviewed as well as School Board Police Officers who were instrumental in leading two suspects to turn themselves in along with Temple University detectives providing surveillance video which captured two suspects was recovered immediately prior to and after the robbery on 15th Street.

What do you think?

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  • http://yahoo.com/ peter kirk

    good,,throw the brick at them! i meant,,book.

  • phlhui

    LOL it was a brick thrown by girls, not a bazooka fired by guerrillas. Honestly the outrage over this is hysterical. White people are so soft and easily scared these days that it’s almost embarrassing.

    • nkraynak

      Let me hit you in the face with a brick then, phlhui

      • phlhui

        No problem.

    • skyye35

      Ridicules statement

    • lab

      Give us your name and address, phlhui, so we can see if you like to get hit too…. unless you’re scared LOL

      • phlhui

        If I give it to you will you really come?

        • USMCGY


        • thisfuckinguy

          Saturday morning 10am by the love park sign, ill bring the brick, you bring the face

          • phlhui

            LOL you’d need more than a brick.

    • lifeOnSoBe

      It is not normal. No one should live in fear, especially when trying to gain an education. Their parents should be charges with conspiracy as well. They conspired to raise three true pieces of Shit who will end up costing taxpayer’s money for welfare, food stamps, medical care for child birth, dhs, prison, training to be a CNA, prison again for stealing clients belongings and so forth……

      • Youreallidiots

        Holy shit you’re so stupid…..it’s you privileged, latently racist, Pennsylvanians who refuse to fund school systems adequately or engage in any serious dialogue about how systemically racist the city of Philadelphia is (I.e having a statue of bigoted scumbag like Frank Rizzo at city hall). You ignorant people, turning your back on these CHILDREN, have contributed as much to these acts as anybody. People don’t exist in vacuums; they are conditioned based on their environment and experiences. If you don’t care about North Philly and the blight there, why should they care about your oblivious, disrespectful, entitled children who come to North Philly to go to Temple and frequently disrespect the neighborhoods and homes of local families with parties, throwing trash everywhere and never giving back to the community after graduation. Yes there acts are heinous and should be dealt with in a fair means. But just as heinous is the lack of dialogue between Temple and the surrounding community. And before you say I know not what I speak of, I’m a senior at Temple and live off campus on 20th street.

        • USMCGY

          While I am no fan of Rizzo, it’s downright ABSURD to imply & state that Temple does not give back to the surrounding community. Not EVERY student parties & throws trash, stop canvassing the entire Temple community in a negative light. You’re no different than the blatant racists out here with your generalizations. Grow up.

        • Michele G Rogers

          Well I agreed with you until you made a sweeping generalization about Temple students. That attitude is really no different than the one you’re criticizing.
          The problem is complex. There is a self-fulfilling prophecy of underprivileged, unloved, and uneducated black people, in this city especially, and it’s a cycle that continues with each generation. People will call it an excuse, but the impact of low SES, poor nutrition and zero affection in the developmental stages is real, and it churns out criminals and sociopaths. However, no one should have to deal with violence and go lightly on it. People also need to be more aware of their surroundings and also have pepper spray ready to go in their hands, their phones in their pockets, and some self defense techniques. Think you should feel safe enough to not have to do these things? Then you shouldn’t live in Philadelphia right now, danger is a reality.

        • ThatsRight

          I’m pretty sure the “backs” were turned at birth by the animals who pushed them out.

          • HesRight


        • Soulxlight

          You can’t teach people who don’t want to learn. I’ve been in classes with people like these idiots, and trust me, all the money in the world wouldn’t make these any better. The school system can’t do anything if they parents won’t help them. The system can’t raise children as the system is only able to deal with them once they have done something to allow the system to deal with them. Stop with the calling racist every time someone calls ignorant fools like these 3 pieces of trash out. They will be a problem and a burden on society for the remainder of their lives because they won’t think beyond themselves.

        • LifelongAstorian

          Typical left-wing crackhead apologizing for the subhuman savagery of the ghetto animals. Most of those “people” deserve NO “respect’. If only someone like Frank Rizzo was still mayor: these crimes prove just how correct and enlightened he WAS!

    • samerha

      ew you’re a piece of shit u little fucker

    • What

      I am a black female and I am outraged. I hope they throw the book (I doubt they will be able to read it) at those wenches. They messed up their victim’s face and did some serious damage, in an UNPROVOKED attack. The average person would be scared of that happening to them.

      No one should have to live in fear of walking down a street. No one.

    • Charlie Brown

      Actually it was a brick thrown by Monkeys

    • critical mass

      It’s a shame to hear that there are people whose minds and feelings are so dulled to violence that they see someone being smashed in the face with a brick as acceptable behavior, not a cause for alarm. Barbaric.

    • Soulxlight

      Have you ever been hit with a brick thrown by anyone ? If one hits you square in the face let me tell you it can hurt pretty bad, or kill you if at the right angle and striking you in the head. People should be outraged . . . these three decided they wanted to ruin somebody’s life . . .

    • LifelongAstorian

      It’s a shame it didn’t happen to you!

  • WoodCarverHolo

    Where did all the comments go? Why is it EVERY time the plain scary truth about black violent racism is (so rarely) discussed, it is totally censored? Hate-crime this is! How can you run a city this way? And you let black racist comments remain, @phllui – unblieveable, girl got her face smashed in, lost all her teeth, wired broken jaw – and you let a comment laughing about white people remain here?

    • Aerodamus

      ctrl + f: nigg
      “0 of 0”
      Yup, comments were censored, moving on.

    • Jane Yavis

      Guys, chill. if it’s race, Hate Crimes and Black violence you don’t want censored… just turn your radio dial to 1210 Philadelphia WPHT. You will be well served all day long.

  • Rocco Lamagela

    Temple ought to re-think their ban on student carry permits on campus since this is not a private secured campus as we could have been rid of these POS’s with few double taps!

  • Rocco Lamagela

    Wouldn’t have been complete without a Kanesha!

    • Gabby

      Kanesha is a really pretty name. It means beautiful and prosperous. It also comes from the name Aisha which means powerful queen.

      • Soulxlight

        Too bad this piece of trash isn’t any of those things.

  • Armored Knight

    Go to Change org and sign petition to force Obama and Holder investigate this as a Hate Crime…

    • Jane Yavis

      Give Dom Girodano from 1210 talk radio. You can sign a petition to have Obama and Holder investigate,,, then you can signe a petition to open up the ACORN thing, then you can sign a petition to Impeach Holder, Obama, AND Kathleen Kane.

  • davewoo

    Useless Monkeys…don’t forget to delete this! It just might be the truth!

  • Hammer

    You can’t have a hate crime if the victim is white?

    • Jane Yavis

      Give Dom Giordano from 1210 talk Radio a call. He’s been asking the same question for three days now.

  • JusticeIsServed

    Good, I hope they rot in there

  • DisturbedStudent

    Just like Temple to release the news story three days after it happened… It’s time to stop passing things off as “community issues” and start taking responsibility for not having adequate safety precautions as a university in a dangerous community.

  • ThatsRight

    OK, now someone hold these beasts down while I grab a brick…………….

    • Glenda Freeman

      It is sad that these young girls would even think of doing such a brutal act to anyone black or white. I hope all the victims will recover. I hope this will cause other young girls to think twice before they do something so stupid. I believe the parents should be fined as well then maybe they will stay on top of their children’s activities, and who they are associated with. Perhaps the children will think twice when they see their parents getting mugged shots along the side of them. Let ‘s all try to keep peace and speak well to one another lets try to be the example that provokes change and peace towards every race.

  • AnotherTemplestudent

    Interesting that the girls turned themselves in.

    • Gabby

      yeah that’s awesome. I mean obviously it shouldn’t have happened in the first place but I’m really glad they did.

  • Gabby

    they’re allowed to include names? I thought that wasn’t allowed for minors.

    • Hammy Hamtaro

      Charged as adults. Diff rules apply.

  • Army Guy

    Hate crime if I ever saw one. Charge them accordingly. Let Rev. Al squeal like a pig.

  • Astarte

    These girls first attacked an African American teenage female who gave the police names and addresses of the same gang of girls. Nothing was done until the same group of girls attacked a white student. So don’t talk about something you don’t know about. I live in that same neighborhood and I know that unless crime happens to the Caucasian folk there sometimes appear to be no hurry in trying to apprehend criminals. And let’s mention how some of these students disrespect the very community and people in it by the illegal things that they do.

    • LifelongAstorian

      Typical black racist apologist.

  • James Fennessy

    It is a horrible and sad situation, all the way around. There is no excuse for these unprovoked thrill attacks on the Drexel girls – who did nothing to deserve being attacked. I hope that the victim of the brick attack fully recovers from all the injuries, including the physical and emotional scars that will result from this type of brick attack to the face. On the other side of this sad situation, there are 15 year old girls who are woefully unprepared for the adult thugs that are waiting for them in the adult prison they will go to now that they have been charged as adults. They are children who committed a horrible crime on this day, and their lives are now over. There is no need to keep proclaiming what we would like to do to them to extract revenge – because they are in for years of torture, which I suspect will be far worse than any of us would truly do in revenge. I am hopeful that the victim will fully recover and regain her normal life. That will never happen for these out-of-control 15 year olds who got wrapped up in a mob mentality and committed this unprovoked brutal and senseless assault on an innocent victim. It is just so sad.

  • fishlips19106

    perfect scenario for “eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth”, don’t turn the other cheek.

  • Rumplestilskin

    These three should be beaten about the head and shoulders with a baseball bat so they can appreciate what they did to their innocent victim who will never be the same.

  • LifelongAstorian

    And this is why we SHOULD be “racially profiling” these vermin. “