Is Kathleen Kane the Next Public Official to File Suit Involving the Inky?

She has retained an attorney after Inky’s story about abandoned sting operation.

NBC10 reports that PA Attorney General Kathleen Kane has hired a law firm to represent her in a possible defamation suit, following this week’s Philadelphia Inquirer report that she abandoned a sting operation in which several Philly Democrats were caught on tape taking cash payments. Attorney Tom Sprague told the station he has been hired, along with his father, Richard, to represent Kane in the matter:

Sprague and a source at the Inquirer confirm Kane and the attorneys visited the paper’s editorial board on Thursday afternoon.

During that meeting, which was scheduled before the attorneys were hired, Dick Sprague informed the editors that he and Kane are concerned about potential defamation issues related to their reporting.

Citing the defamation concerns, the attorney told the editors the attorney general would cease to answer any questions from the Inquirer, Tom Sprague confirmed.

Kane said she shut down the investigation because it was flawed, and possibly racially targeted. She said information was shared with federal prosecutors, who also declined to bring prosecutions based on the investigation.

She is the second Pennsylvania public official this month to raise the prospect of a suit against the Inquirer. Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Seamus McCaffery filed notice earlier this month that he would sue the paper over stories that appeared in 2013, regarding referral fees his wife received for steering cases to law firms.

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  • Starboard

    Serves you right, Inky. Don’t you know that your job is to make Democrats look good? Kane and Sprague will now administer your re-education lessons until you get your mind straight. And by the way, you’re racist.

  • KKKane

    Kane should concern herself with staying out of federal prison.

    • MarkJ

      Well, if Kane does end up in the can, with her looks she’ll get all the booty she wants.

    • jones

      You defamed her! She so gonna sue you!

  • J.Oz

    Hmmm…”defamation”? Really…?

    “The lady doth protest too much, methinks” – Queen Gertrude

    • tennant

      Such a bossy woman..

  • enufalready

    She needs to go as in impeachment for dereliction of duty and abuse and misuse of power and office. I wonder if she’s aware she can also is held accountable for the same laws she is failing to enforce. Defamation my foot by her own words and actions she’s built the case against her.

  • J.Oz

    CONFESSION: I voted for Kane and for that I apologize.

    It will NOT happen again. I want an adult in the AG office.

    • pjcostello

      Then you understand that you can never vote Democrat again, right?

  • sukietawdry

    How convenient that she won’t be able to answer any more questions.

  • Guest

    This is insane. As an elected official she has virtually no chance of winning a defamation suit against a newspaper covering a story as to her official duties. We don’t want our public officials using the courts in an attempt to silence even their overzealous critics especially those in the press.

    So what is she trying to attempt here? Intimidation? If she thought she was going to cut-off any more inquiries into her to her actions as to this bribery investigation then she did the exact opposite by lawyering-up and drawing national attention to herself. My guess is that she saw this as a threat to her dreams of higher office and pushed the panic button. If she had just let her statement as to why she did not pursue prosecution be her only response then she probably would have been better off.

  • Enzyte Bob

    Stupid b-word! Impeach her!

  • 2big2failinscranton

    she cant do nothing wrong in my book !!! shes DREAMY

  • Anne Chovey

    Kathleen Kane is simply an extension of the Philadelphia Dem, ghetto, union machine. She has an agenda as plain as her capped teeth. Where is cojone-less Tom Corbett ? She has violated the public trust and has abused her duty as an elected public official by selectively prosecuting law breakers that fit her template. I will do everything I can to get rid of this woman.

  • Lee Smith

    She is a public figure, she has no case whatsoever. It is the job of the press to investigate stuff like this (when a case is dropped for no apparent legal reason) The ONLY reason to bring in a outside lawyer out of her own pocket is because she has something to hide. I’m guessing maybe she was bribed to drop it maybe?? This is another Lois Lerner moment, how long before Kane takes the fifth?

    • Les Kimbler

      I was thinking the same thing. How can she push forward an investigation in which she would have to implicate herself for taking bribes. The only reason she is crying it was flawed and racially targeted is because “RACIST” is the new buzz word for when Demonrats can’t find any legitimate/viable argument for something.

  • jones

    ahem ahem

  • tennant

    I hope they don’t sue online commentators too.. but in Barack Obama’s America with it’s violation of privacy, spying and indefinite detention of americans, anything is possible..

  • tennant

    Looks like someone’s got something to hide! Nah I’m just kidding! Please don’t sue me..

  • Fed Up

    Holy cow, how corrupt is Philly?

  • Ms. Pinky Stanseski

    I hope & pray that She wins her lawsuit & anyone that defames her has to file for bankruptcy!

  • Christina

    Something is fishy. It appears Norcross is behind All of this. He is EVIL. This is what he does, first he gets the AG to file a defamation suit against the inquire. He’s targeting Marimow. Norcross is using people and targeting them. Johnny Doc filed a defamation and now mccaferty.

    Norcross is targeting lack elected officials just like he does in NJ. Wake up people. Norcross should be under a Federal investigation. He is trying to be sneaky and get Marimow fired by having people come fourth with these defamation suits.

    He’s dirty and he’s behind this madness at the inquire. Pray GOD takes Norcross Down.