After Ukraine, Good Luck Getting Iran to Give Up Nukes

World to Ukraine: “You screwed up. You trusted us.”

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Hardliners in Iran are using America’s impotence in dealing with the crisis in the Ukraine as an example of what happens when you give up your nuclear strength.

Twenty years ago, no one would have messed with the Ukraine. Russia certainly would not have dared to move forces to its doorstep.

In 1994 Ukraine was the third largest nuclear power. That same year Ukraine agreed to give up its nuclear arsenal with the promise from the United States and Russia that neither country would use force or threaten action against the newly independent nation.

Ironically, Ukraine gave all of its nuclear warheads — 1,900 long range and 2,500 short range – to Russia.

The Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurance was considered a major diplomatic agreement when it was signed by Russia, America, Great Britain and the Ukraine. Now it seems like a worthless piece of paper.

Russia says the agreement with Ukraine has been dissolved because a “coup” in Kiev has created a new government that is not part of the agreement. Every other country that signed the paper disagrees, but the head shaking is not backed up with anything but “strong disappointment.”

To paraphrase the movie Animal House, the world is saying to Ukraine, “You screwed up. You trusted us.”

Other countries are certainly taking notice.

Iran and North Korea come to mind. Why would either country now give up nuclear capabilities for a pinky promise of non-aggression?

Like it or not, international respect is equivalent to your nuclear stockpile. Take North Korea as an example; Ukraine is Disney World compared to that country when it comes to poverty, corruption and human rights violations. But, no one has ever suggested invading North Korea because Kim Jong-un is crazy and sits on a nuclear arsenal. Why do you think he keeps testing them? To show the world he has them.

But there are those in the US government who want to invade Iran. Why? Because they don’t have nuclear weapons capability yet and we want to stop them before they have the same leverage as North Korea.

There have been signs that Iran is ready to stand down voluntarily. In February Iran and six world powers, including the United States, agreed to comprehensive negotiations over Tehran’s nuclear program.

New talks were to begin today.

Iran will be handed a piece of paper by Russia, the United States, Great Britain, China, France and Germany promising no aggression if Iran gives up its nukes.

Expect the response to be, “Isn’t this the same deal you gave the Ukraine?”

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  • DTurner

    Meh, The Crimea is more of a political anomaly than anything else, if Russia starts eyeing territory in eastern Ukraine then expect a much, much bigger reaction.

  • Hillary!

    Tal about a “pinky promise”, Iran “promised” to roll back their nuke development in exchange for preliminary relief from economic sanctions. We rolled back the sanctions, and Iran didn’t do anything to slow down their nuke development.

    We drew a red line on Syria, and Assad kept killing his people with Putin’s blessing. Obama’s response? Send a bunch of gays to Sochi.

    What’s Obama going to do when China’s military claims Japanese territory? Hit China with his handbag?

    What we need right now is Hillary! to start hitting that “Reset Button” of hers as hard as her man-calves will let her.

    • BJ

      Using derogatory, disrespectful, class-less, terms like “handbag” referencing POTUS Barack Obama, a wise, insightful, RESPECTFUL, compassionate man thoroughly knowledgable re world affairs and who has infinitely more information & wisdom relative to ‘world situations /issues’ than you says more about YOU than him! THE WORLD LAUGHS AT COMMENTS LIKE THESE SHOWING DISRESPECT/ignorance/immaturity! THAT is what folks world-wide are fearful about! “Man-calves” indeed! Think PUTIN would permit language like this? RE-THINK that! Your comment shows a lack of sophistication, class & taste not to mention lack of dignity! You do NOT have all the information our Russian Ambassador has and he’s stated repeatedly on NPR & all network interviews/cable news interviews that POTUS and Secretary John Kerry along w/Great Britain & others worldwide that POTUS’ judgment/decision re: PUTIN’s recent power-grab is SOUND, SAFEST, & “absolutely the right thing to do.” QUESTION? Did anyone bomb US when we illegally invaded IRAQ? PUTIN asked POTUS & the world communities if sanctions were placed on US when IRAQ was invaded. He has a point. WRITE ABOUT THAT, BADboy! It is more pertinent than fear-mongering and babbling non-substantive issues over which we have no control–other than diplomacy! While U ponder same, look up “RESPECT” & know that the WORLD watches / listens to more US/British news than do most Americans who settle 4 sound’bytes’ & FOX-noise! IF WE DO NOT SUPPORT OUR POTUS/ADMINISTRATION, how can we expect the World to do so? Bush & Cheney were ‘Cowboys’ e/ COWBOY mentality and the world loathes them.

      • BJ

        Btw, POTUS done a phenomenal job ‘mending’ relationships around the world that were treated with disrespect/dishonor and cruelty by the last Administration. He has no need to run to cameras to brag about that!

        Have you lived abroad ? POTUS did at an age when ‘ imprinting’ was highest during his growth/maturation. I can relate to that as I was privileged to experience same! What do you know, first hand of global perceptions? Where do you get your facts? TRIVIA ? : What countries were invaded or RE-taken by our “enemies” lol in which THE SITTING PRESIDENT DID NOT ORDER WN ‘Attack ‘. . . ? CLUE? BUSH/CHENEY is one: CLINTON/GORE Administration is another . . . . UUUUURRRR UP?

        • BJ


    • BJ

      Sending a bunch of “gays” to the ANTI-GAY RUSSIA packed a hugely powerful punch to the little.Dictator FYI . . . . OTHERWISE if he’d seen us back away from doing JUST that he’d likely have invaded all of UKRAINE: Had he NOT had doubts about President Obama’s non-verbal mantra: “Walk softly & carry a big stick.” One doesn’t have to be LOUD

  • Palvadore

    If they have a few in the till, this could get really interesting really fast.