Rutgers Profs Protest Condi Rice As Graduation Speaker

Handing a ready-made controversy to Fox News?

At NewsWorks, Chris Satullo notes that profs at Rutgers’ New Brunswick and Newark campuses are protesting the decision to host Condoleezza Rice, George W. Bush’s national security advisor and secretary of state, as this year’s commencement speaker.

H. Bruce Franklin, an English prof on the Newark campus, put this point pungently (maybe a little too pungently): “What we’re doing is awarding an honorary degree and having a commencement speech from someone who is a war criminal.”

Mr. Franklin and I could probably agree that during the Iraq War the United States did things that violated our constitutional values, as well as Christian morals and common sense. And, yes, Condi Rice was in high office while that went on.

Unhappy that Rice is speaking?  Arrange a teach-in on the conduct of the Iraq and Afghanistan war; come up with a plan for a dignified protest at commencement, something that  will make the point without spoiling the day for grads and their families.

Rice is still expected to speak at the May 18 ceremony in Piscataway.

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  • crateish

    It’s not just that she’s a war criminal. Rice more than any of the inept Bush cronies, was responsible for 9/11. She had all of the information to prevent it, but was too busy working behind the scenes for oil companies. ‘National Security Advisior?’ She’s a useless putz who should not be allowed around decent people.

    • Northeaster

      You are insane.

      • crateish

        Snappy repartee.

        Uh-oh. Your mom’s calling you to take out the trash. Sad for you to be 42 and living in your parent’s basement.

        • Northeaster

          No, just the truth.

        • matthew brandley

          somebodies been sniffing up obamas crack way to long

    • matthew brandley

      you need a shrink and some heavy duty meds. thorazine might not even help your sorry messed up state. Please .. step back from the kool aid bowl and put down the crack pipe

    • Neoconhater

      Condi Mushroom Cloud Rice is as pure as scum gets.

  • Joseph_S

    The professors protest Dr. Rice, but if iranian president Ahmadinejad or North Korea’s Kim Jung-un were invited to speak, he (either speaker) would be welcomed, because the professors would claim that they believe in “freedom of speech.” I wonder if Castro is available?

    • pchild57

      Castro is too old to make the trip, Ahmadinejad is a nobody now and Lil Kim wouldn’t come, but the darling of the right-wing Vlad Putin might.

      • Northeaster

        Putin is not the darling of the rightwing, half the american right is screaming for the US to put boots on the ground in Ukraine.

    • SharksBreath

      And if it was Putin you Cons would have a hard on.

      She’s a war criminal.

      Funny how you cons love criminals.

      Reagan. Sold weapons to Iran and Iraq.
      Oliver North: Oversaw those sales.
      Bush I. Ran CIA and bought in boatloads of Coke from Noriega.
      Bush II. Iraq war. Torture is legal.
      Condi Rice. Lied under oath about 9/11.
      Dick Cheney. Darht Vader himself.

      All republican heroes.

      Funny. We don’t have to go out the country to find Republican criminals.

      They actually get invited to speak at our universities.

      Even though they can’t leave the country due to fear of arrest.

      • Northeaster

        The war criminal accusations are absurd.

      • matthew brandley

        more left wing liberal logic liberal dribble. obama is war criminal along with the entire adm . the irs and epa is criminal

      • Richard Colton

        was this supposed to be a Haiku?

    • Neoconhater

      Ahmadinejad is no longer in a leadership position in Iran.
      Rutgers would not invite or welcome Castro or Jung……pretty absurd to think they would.

  • matthew brandley

    Libas are mentaly indecent, moraly bankrupt and just downright despicable but you dont see conservatives having a public protest or temper tantrum every time they dont get there way do you like these liberal losers do. Grow up and grow a set and let the students have there day losers. Its not about you. Its about the kids who pay outragous money to learn nothing from your left leaning views. Better yet just shut your mouth ne time and keep your left wing comments to your self. The kids go to college to learn . Not be brain washed by some left wing nut job. We have a muslim loving left wing commie in the w h already doing that to the country