Police Union Attacks Christie on Pension Funding

PBA head accuses governor of “sleazy games.”

Another day, more headaches for Chris Christie. NJ.com reports:

The head of the state’s police unions today slammed Gov. Chris Christie over some $50 million in what he called “pension giveaways” to local municipalities.

The giveaways, state Policemen’s Benevolent Association head Anthony Wieners said in a scathing release, were gained on the backs of the state’s public sector unions.

“While the governor continues to campaign that the state pension system is ‘unsustainable’ and in need of reform, he himself is intentionally weakening the (Police and Firemen’s Retirement System) by waiving an additional $50 million in local government’s pension obligations,” Wieners said following the release of the PFRS actuary report. “In doing so, he is continuing the same fiscal mismanagement and sleazy games that underfunded the pension fund for over a decade and that led to the situation we are in today.”

Christie’s office responded that his administration has put $5.3 billion into pension funding—double what the state contributed to the fund the previous 10 years.

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  • Jane Yavis

    Christie put himself in a bad position. He knows it’s politically correct to attack the Teachers Union, that wins elections. HOWEVER he also knows the most powerful union is the Country is the Police Union, so he dare not cross their path. Looks like he will have to give them “EVERYTHING” they ask for again, or be called anti-law enforcement,,,,, with a little anti-second Amendment thrown in for good measure.

    • Jan Breen

      In what universe is it “politically correct” to attack the teachers’ union? The reason why the pension is under funded is because Christine Todd Whitman jacked up the fund many, many years ago. It was supposed to be refunded and NEVER was. The REPUBLICAN party dug this hole and now blame the teachers for how deep it is. Just like the police, the teachers work for crappy salaries with the understanding that, in old age, they would have a pension. The police keep you safe by protecting you from criminals. The teachers instruct children to read and think so they won’t become criminals. Why would ANYONE put themselves in harm’s way so that their government can then belittle and demonize them? What would your life be like without police, or firemen, or teachers?

      • Jane Yavis

        My point being, Chris Christie’s claim to fame was his never-ending attacks on Teachers, their Union and their Pension. It remains Politically correct and successful for Republicans to blame everything on Unions. Now Christie wants to do the same thing to Police Unions.

        In what universe is it politically correct to attack teachers unions??? Do you not listen to Conservative Talk Radio?

        Christie was elected because in the world of Republican politics it is politically correct to blame everything on the teachers Unions, their pensions and their salaries. Police Keep us safe from criminals,,,,and teachers instruct children to read so they won’t become criminals,,,We agree 100% – However, the corner Christie and his Republicans counter part talking head have backed themselves into is the harm they can do to themselves and their brand if they try the same Baloney on Police Unions.

        If I worded it incorrectly, you have my apologies, I support and respect Law Enforcement 100%, and I support teachers 100%. For Republican mouthpieces looking for re-election it remains a plus to attack Teachers and Unions. It is not a plus to do the same to Law Enforcement,,,,and that’s where Christie and a politically correct Republican Party that blames everything on Unions walk a thin red line.

        • Jan Breen

          I think I may have misinterpreted your first post – and I apologize. I am, without a doubt, sensitive to the governor and his attacks on teachers and the union. Today Christie, at a Town Hall Meeting, told someone to “Sit down and shut up.” What would happen to a teacher who spoke like that…to anyone!?
          I totally agree with your statement about backing themselves into a corner. I can only hope it becomes obvious to more people, sooner. The teachers were thrown under the bus 3 years ago. I hope the police don’t let the same thing happen to them.
          Thanks for getting back to me!

          • Jane Yavis

            Glad we got that straightened out. As a retiree from the Private Sector who admits she would prefer a Public Sector Pension to her own, I had a choice. I could have entered the Public Sector and did not. I agree teachers have been thrown under the bus by Chritie-ites who could not do the job, but envy the Pension. They have to be more careful when they do the same to the Police and Fire Union.

            Bashing State Workers and taxes Christie-ites seem to think only they pay has turned into a career. I suggest they use that free time to volunteer at a local school and witness how children of parents who disrespect teachers behave. “From the mouths of babes.”,…and posts of their parents. If you get my drift.

      • Tough Love

        Quoting … “What would your life be like without police, or firemen, or teachers?”

        What/Where ? ……. Sitting on a GREAT DEAL more money that I would not have had to pay in taxes to fund the grossly excessive pension & benefits granted ALL Public Sector workers.