DHS Takes Child from Mom in SEPTA Video

The Daily News reports the mother posted on Facebook: “I just lost the best thing in the world to me.”

mother septa bus video

Last week, a video of a mother ignoring her child on SEPTA made the Internet rounds, and police said Philadelphia’s Department of Human Services was investigating. Now, today, the Daily News‘ David Gambacorta reports the child has been taken from her mother.

During the weekend, the little girl was removed from her mother’s home by DHS workers.

The mother, whom the Daily News is not identifying because she has not been charged with a crime, posted this update on Facebook: “I f—— hope all you skumbags [sic] out there are f—— happy,” she wrote. “I just lost the best thing in the world to me all because ppl [sic] think before they open there [sic] mouths!”

The video originated from the still incredibly loathsome People of SEPTA Facebook page. She was riding the Route 66 bus on Frankford Ave.

[Daily News]

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  • Bob Ladder


    • Danny Djpunisher Dunlap

      She has nerve to cuse ppl out in the paper when she needs the reality check true talk. If I was their that girl wouldnt have made it off the bus wit out me opening my mouth. Theirs a time n a place for everything and if shes ur world u wouldnt have done what u did point blank period.

      • DRossi

        Study with its a disease no drugs aren’t health related stuff is nobody tells u to pick up the drugs and become attics take responsibilities for ur own actions and stop trying to make people feel sorry for ur asses there’s people like me that been through a lot in life and NEVER PICKED A DRUG UP IN MY LIFE because I’m much stronger then that her children Is suffering seeing that peoples comments really pissed me off like ur basically saying its ok what the fuck are u fucking sick in the head the girl was used to that u can see it all over this video u want to be an attic don’t have fucking kids thats selfish and disgusting to bring a child in this life always being high she’s more worried about getting high then her own daughter she put DRUGS BEFORE HER DAUGHTER POINT BLANK !! If her daughter was the best thing that ever happened to her she would have put her first and she had a long time to get herself clean but she didn’t once again she is the SCUM BAG LOSER THAT THOUGHT SHE CAN KEEP GETTING AWAY WITH THIS … I HAVE NO SYMPATHY OR NOTHING FOR PEOPLE LIKE THIS U GUYS THINK THE WORLD REVOLVES AROUND U WELL THINK AGAIN I AM SICK AND TIRED OF SEEING CRACK HEADS EVERYWHERE AND ASKING WHERE THEY CAN FIND DRUGS AT WHEN U SHOULD WORRY ABOUT UR KIDS AND THERE NEEDS THIS DISGUSTS ME !!!

  • kg

    That Facebook post really sums it up.

  • kjaz

    The right or wrong of the video being shot is not what matters. What matters is the safety of the little girl. I would want to know if the mother was high on drugs or alcohol at the time, or if she was physically ill for some other reason. I hope there is follow up.

    • Mary C

      They’ve said what was wrong with the mother in every single article. She was high on heroin. For people from Philly, like all of us commenting, unfortunately we know what nodding off from heroin looks like. There is no doubt… SHE WAS HIGH ON HEROIN AND IS A VERY WELL KNOWN DRUG USER. I see people from across the country saying that we’re all too quick to judge and maybe she’s got an unknown illness. NO. People who know her are repeatedly saying she absolutely uses heroin. SHE IS NOT SICK. IT’S HEROIN!

      • fueatshitndie

        heroin is a sickness

        • spiocola

          Sickness? Lmao!!! How many times have people overdosed or have been to rehab? They Were clean and Chose to pick It Up Again

        • mel

          Lol sickness? Heroin is something that someone chooses to do. My taxes will pay for your heroin. Don’t you worry all us hard working taxpayers love to pay for you all to sit around and spend our money on your bullshit. Worthless excuses for a human. Makes me sick

  • Amber Rose

    “I just lost the best thing in the world to me.” Apparently the best thing in the world to her are drugs.

    • bill

      you dont even make sense…

      • Edgk

        What doesn’t make sense? Saying your child is the best thing that ever happened to you doesn’t mean anything. If her child was that important, she wouldn’t put using heroin above her child. Heroin is #1 in her life, the kid #2 at best.

      • TimX

        It’s clear as can be.

        Mom has a choice. You can have your daughter or you can be a junkie.

        You cant have both.

    • Christopher Marie Ryan

      I’m sure she doesn’t WANT to feel that way.

      • Amber Rose

        Being an ex-heroin addict myself, you know exactly what you are doing. You aren’t high 24/7. There are periods where you are coming down or run out…ect. You know you have a young person to take care of and you still choose to not get help? I do not pity her at all, sorry, but I don’t. She chose drugs over being a good mother.

        • cmoraff

          Based on the nature of your response, you’re either not telling the truth about being a former heroin addict or you weren’t paying attention in group. I’m thinking the former. Even your use of the term “coming down” reflects your lack of insight into opiate addiction/terminology, as does your overly simplistic framing of the “choice” this woman made. But the real proof is your lack of empathy for a person that could have been you. No one who understands the ravages of addiction would ever claim to be a “better addict” than someone else.

          • Nobodi Raj

            Eh, its possible that she’s telling the truth. People who have “recovered” from anything shameful, drugs, tobacco, junk food, poverty, tend to be 100times more self-righteous than anyone else. They define themselves by what they didn’t do, (see, I wasn’t so bad, it could have been worse! I didn’t do That. I never would have done That.). They also live by the false idea that “if I could get out of that situation, anyone else can do it right now!”. They minimize the surrounding factors and/or support that enabled them to make a change and take the win as a sign of their own fortitude & self-righteousness. They certainly deserve credit, its just that they tend to gloss over the times they wanted to change & couldn’t for various real reasons.

            Its not entirely a negative. They need the ego boost to keep from falling back in rough times, However, they’re tougher on the people currently stuck in whatever quagmire they got out of than anyone else, unfairly, when they gloss over how the right combination of factors came together to create an opportunity they were able to take advantage of.

          • Mike B

            Very well said!!!

          • Amber Rose

            My comments are not self-righteousness ego boosts. They are the truth. Quit…or lose your child. Pick one.

          • Matt

            Thank you that was well said.

          • Amber Rose

            I am not lying about anything. And I did not use a group, I did it on my own. I never ever said I was better, I just simply think it is very selfish and a CHOICE. You choose it every time you choose not to quit or get help. Plain and simple.

          • Jojo c

            Your absolutely right its a CHOICE

          • sandy r.

            My father has and still is struggling with his heroin addiction. He’s in his fifties now. I applaud you for successfully quitting such a horrible drug. But everyone’s addictions and if they can overcome them is different. Heroin is not a drug that you can just wake up one day and say I’ll quit and poof you quit. You get sick and in some cases dangerously sick. I’ve seen my dad go without the drug and he was a mess. Fever, chills, shaking and crying his body hurts. Drugs is a choice but sometimes that choice is forced by the pain of withdrawals to take that next hit. Get off your high horse and show compassion and pray she can overcome her addiction and be a better mother to her daughter.

          • Janella

            Compassion for that asshole??? What about the innocent child who has no choice who her shitty mother is? Compassion for the woman who is pissed that people who “think before they open their mouths”, sounds like someone who loves blaming everyone else and, at the very least, isn’t ready to get clean. My sister had to lose rights to 3 of her 4 kids before she got clean, someone who then and now blames no one for her addiction and her choices during but herself. No Ifs, Ands or Buts about it. I truly am sorry to hear about your dad, not sure if you were once this little girl but if not, try to imagine her life.

          • Amber Rose

            I was sick…VERY sick. There is no high horse. I am just simply saying you have to push through the hard stuff to…i don’t know…KEEP YOUR CHILD! I had to take a 4 day greyhound bus ride back home while I was dope sick the entire ride home and for about 3 weeks after. I was stuck on a couch and couldn’t move, even if I wanted to. But I know damn well if I had a child, I would have given her to a friend or my mother until I was better to make sure I could keep her. I never said getting off of drugs was easy, but it is…ALWAYS a choice. Now whether or not you want to push yourself to make it through the awful times is up to you, but it is possible, people quit everyday.

          • sandy r.

            I never said it wasn’t possible but that every persons quitting is different. Some ppl need to be pushed, go through something bad to finally wake up and quit. I smoke cigarettes and tried quitting cold turkey numerous times with failed results. I still smoke. But there are ppl who quit cold turkey. Addiction is horrible. But because one quit they (sorry) act like everyone can too. Sometimes it’s harder for one and easier for another.
            Janella, yes compassion. I’ve been through it all with my dad. I’ve been in that little girls shoes but probably worse. Junkies are not horrible ppl. They just have a hard time dealing with life and deal with it through getting high. They need help not stones. My dad might be a junkie but honestly I wouldn’t trade him for another. He’s the most kindest, helpful and loving father I could ever ask for! He’s never hurt me, wouldn’t steal for his high. He works and makes a living. He just can’t stop. I love him dearly. Ppl outside our home would probably judge because he gets high but like I said, I couldn’t ask for a better man to be my father. Drugs and all.

          • Amber Rose

            I just find it sad that after all these years he could never quit to be a better role model for you. “If you can’t make sacrifices for your kids, you don’t deserve them. A true parent would give their life and their very last breath”. I take this quote very seriously. I am sure you love your father very much, as I am sure this daughter loves her mother. But, if your father does ever get the strength to quit I am sure he is going to have many regrets. Its those regrets that a lot of people never want to have that make them quit before it starts. I know everyone is different, but again, if you really wanted to…you could. You would find a way. Just like smoking cigarettes, which I have also quit…its will power. Choosing something else over a habit. Getting help, facing the inevitable, HORRIBLE sickness that is to come. If not for you, then for your daughter, your family. Sometimes you have to choose someone else over yourself. Imagine how different your life would have been had your father quit long ago. It is his choice to continue and his regrets he has to live with. I hope the best for your father I really do, but in the end, its up to him.

    • Matt

      You judge harshly. You should be thankful that it wasn’t you.

    • Maggie Ahrens

      …and that’s why it’s called “an addiction”

      Hope the poor woman gets help, so she can get her kid back.

  • ME

    Oh her own irony – yes, people DO think and evidently care more about the child than you do.

  • Stef

    She just needs help. Hopefully this wil be her wake up call. Pray

    • ne


  • zeb

    So she’s not charged with a crime and they still took her child away, and everybody is happy, even though she might have a medical condition that caused this. Judgmental people who don’t care about finding out the facts are pathetic.

    • Christina

      What medical condition makes you look, and act like a fucking drug addict. This obviously is not the first time she has done this by the way the child is reacting and im sure dhs will demand a drug test that woll make you look like the naive person you are.

    • Bill

      If she had a real medical condition she could have easily identified it to DHS and that would have been that. Additionally, she would have every media outlet in the world in the palm of her hands if a real health issue caused her nodding out just like a heroin addict. The last thing Philadelphia DHS wants to do is take kids since they are already bankrupt. Come on man, life does require the usage of logic and to not have everything spoon fed to you.

      • Bob

        Look I Have no sympathy for this mother. I am speaking from experience when I say it’s a choice they chose. My child almost lost her life because her mother was doing the same thing.

    • Kelsey

      They had to have done an investigation by dhs. They dont just take your kids. Apparently somewhere along the line she was proven unfit and now not in her custody.

    • Maryjane420

      You a dumb as fuck a medical condition ? Have you ever seen junkie ??

      • JBRIX717

        i love it when people call people dumb but they can’t even put a proper sentence together….

    • Kimberley Konczyk

      A medical condition that causes involuntary muscle movement to call a drug dealer, purchase drugs, inject them into your system with your child in public (with God knows how many whack-jobs around), and nod out like a junkie loser of a mother on public transportation? You’re right – Must be a medical condition. Seriously, you people baffle me with bullshit every day.

    • Markese TheMop

      i assure you that being high on opiates is not a medical condition

  • iLold

    Such mad. Very anger. Many addict.

  • Tina McAfee

    So, if ur not currently an addict OE ever was an addict, then you really dont have a place to talk. I have 8 yrs clean from heroin. She is not sick with a medical condition as some ppl are claiming. That is a signature “NOD OFF”. And for her little girl to hold her head up like that, it’s prolly best that she was taken because this damn sure wasn’t the first time!!!

    • Amber Rose

      I agree 100%. I have been clean since 2008. I could not imagine having my little daughter taking care of ME, not the other way around. That poor girl is being forced to grow up way too fast and have memories of a mother that chose drugs instead of her. Even when I was at my worst, I could never imagine putting my own child through something like that, EVER. That is plain selfish.

      • Jojo c

        I think the girl should go get help but think the little girl should go to the care of family not in the system

        • Casey

          for the mom to be on drugs i’m sure the family screwed something up. Prolly isn’t the best place for the child…
          although I agree “in the system” is not the place for a kids to grow up.

    • Beacher

      @tinamcafee:disqus I applaud your 8 years. God Bless!

    • cecilia

      Congrats on 8 years clean. You sure hit the nail on the head about that mother. God bless you today and always.

  • charmin

    Absolutely disgusting! Good job DHS! Now let’s just hope she’s placed with a family who actually cares for her…no child should have to experience this. Her mother deliberately did those drugs while she had her child with her. Anything could have happened to her lil girl while she was nodding off. Such trash.

  • Mike

    That is heroin, not a medical condition. I have no sympathy for these people. They willingly made a poor decision, even though they know the extremely detrimental effects it has on your self and those around you. These are weak people, and they should take more from her than just her child.

    • Chris

      You clearly know nothing about addiction so please stop spreading misinformation. There is nothing she is doing “willingly” in regards to heroin addiction.

      • Devon

        No one is making her do the heroin. She “willingly” tried it herself and became addicted. It is absolutely discusting that you think this behavior is acceptable. There are too many people is this world who want children and can’t have them, yet scum like this is given that chance and this is what they do with it.

      • Edgk

        You must be an addict. You all have excuses for everything.

        • kellye

          You obviously don’t know what you’re talking about, so quit making yourself look like an idiot and shut your mouth. Addiction is NOT a choice. It has been researched for many years by DOCTORS PSYCHOLOGISTS AND SCIENTISTS and has been declared a DISEASE. True, each and every addict makes the conscious decision to pick up for the first time, however, the disease takes over and the choice is gone, there is a physical NEED to continuously pick up, through any and all means. Just as the person that suffers from heart disease made the conscious decision to eat from McDonald’s or burger king 3 or 4 times a month.. they didn’t just wake up one day and say gee, I think I want to have a heart attack today. So if you decide to open your mouth about something, educate yourself first, sweetie.

          I’m not saying this girl is in anyway justified in her actions. And she is also wrong in blaming other people for losing her child, that is her own fault and nobody else’s. There are many places and people out there who offer help for addiction.

          Also, I would like to point out that DHS would not just walk into this chicks home and take the child away over this video, drug abuse is the suspected reason behind the girls’ actions, I’m pretty sure DHS would need proof of drug abuse in order to remove the child from her home(drug test), if the girl wasn’t using, I doubt she would have lost her daughter.. and if it were a medical condition, I’m sure a doctor’s note stating this to be true would be more than enough to allow this girl to keep her child.

          • BA

            Kellye, I’m sorry, but are you nuts?? And to anyone else that believes that addiction is a disease… I completely agree that drug addiction and alcoholism both are self inflicted conditions. Bottom line – the individual KNOWINGLY knew that the first drink or pill or line or needle was a way to alter their state of mind and WILLINGLY made the CHOICE to go forward and do it. TO THEMSELVES!!!! If I were to go along with the scenario that B believes that a person is prescribed a pain medication, then is unable to obtain that prescription, turns to the streets, cannot afford the street price then turns to heroin and then becomes an addict. Hmmmm I choose door number 2—after the doctor tells you the prescription will no longer be needed and you feel you still need treatment….ASK YOU DOCTOR to suggest the next step. And before anyone says anything, YES I do speak from experience. I was on high dosage of narcotic Rx pain medicine for 4 years. The doctor was uncomfortable increasing my dosage due to my complaining of it not working any longer. The DOCTOR suggested pain management, physical therapy and a number of sources to contact. And yes, I went through a lot of pain, withdraw, depression…the whole 9 yards…. BUT I chose to GO THROUGH IT!!!! Not cave and turn to the streets and become an addict!!! So Mike, I also agree with your statement of people being weak minded. Today’s world is full of weak minded, finger pointers who simply refuse to take any sort of responsibility for their own actions. Grrrrr!!

      • pjshowery

        absolutely right, she’s calling the grip

      • JBRIX717

        she is doing it willingly…..you have a choice everyday…..keep doing drugs….or get clean…..no one makes you get high….and no one can make you stop…..if you wanna get high that’s on you im in no position to judge anyone….but there’s a time and place and in front of your kid isn’t it

      • Kimberley Konczyk

        You don’t just unwillingly pick up heroin and unwillingly inject it in your bloodstream. Addicts always making excuses for other addicts. YOU’RE A JUNKIE. Get used to being labeled that way. Drug addiction is a choice. If you don’t want to be a junkie piece of sh*t, then avoid drugs all together.

        • ZenMonkey

          Congrats on using YOU’RE correctly in a post. I’m being serious. It’s soooo rare to see anymore. ((insert golf clap here))

        • B

          Most heroin addicts addiction begins with pain killers that were prescribed to them by a doctor for a real injury… If a doctor gave you pain medication because you were injured you would probably take it, we’ll an addict did too not knowing the effect that it would have on their brain… Their brain kept telling them that they needed the drug when they didn’t have it they were in pain and didn’t feel right, so they had to keep taking the pain medication but eventually they couldn’t get a prescription for it but still needed it so had to get it on the streets, but then it was harder to find and more expensive and not as effective so they turned to heroin and they became trapped and they couldn’t free themselves until they had the help of others… It’s really sad how people who don’t have a clue can pass such judgment and act like they know everything…

          • Brian Knownst

            There is no amount of pain I could possibly be in that would make me inject myself with heroin.

          • jjellybean

            No B is saying that sometimes it starts off innocently as a prescription for something like vicodan for pain. Progresses to heroin because an addicts mind can not take any drug in any form without overdoing it. The tolerance gets higher and higher til they can no longer afford the prescription pills and turn to heroin.

    • Amy

      Apparently you have never had an addiction. There is nothing “willing” about being an addict. It is a way of life, that until she receives treatment will never be able to break free from. Addicts don’t want your sympathy, they just dont want to be judged by those who have never been in their situation. People can get help, and change.

      • Edgk

        No, we haven’t been addicts because we aren’t weak minded losers. Addicts absolutely want sympathy, something to blame their own weakness for, excuses, anything they can get that is cheap and easy, unlike personal responsibility.

        • justme

          I agree this woman is in no shape to be a mother. Addict not an addict these are excuses. Sickness is a pathetic excuse for people who are weak and want to blame others for their behavior. Honestly its pathetic

        • George Bruck Jr

          Like god?

        • Shelly

          Edgk – It’s hard for me not to hope that one day your judgmental self finds you in a place to understand first hand what it is like. Maybe with your “strong mind” you will be able to beat an addiction.

          • Janella

            You hope he becomes a drug addict?

          • zeb

            Where does it say “drug”? Read what’s written, not what you want to see.

          • Janella

            Here ya go bud

        • Nette

          Edgk ,, everyone has an addiction, it could be coffee,or cigarettes,beer, even sex !!! That doesn’t make you a loser,or weak minded person.. you seem like you have verbal abuse issues,I understand being pissed off at this situation as we all are,and I truly pray for her to get the best help to overcome her addiction,so she may get her child back, as well as everyone else who is an addict.. take care every one,and may God Bless You All ”

          • Janella

            Verbal abuse issues? LOL. Where did you receive your doctorate?

          • Miriam

            Everyone’s addicted? Maybe in your world. Not in the real world.

        • B

          I’m sorry but that is so messed up… I’ve never been addicted to drugs or alcohol but I know people who have been… They don’t want sympathy, they become prisoners to the substance… Their brain tells them they need it to survive just like yours tells you you need water to survive. Don’t speak unless you are educated on a topic you have no idea what that person’s struggle is like do some research on addiction maybe you will understand what an addition really is. Of course the child should not be with her, no addict should have children, the child is better off away from the mother and the mother needs help.

          • Janella

            Are those loved ones of yours still using? Are these people very close to you that you see and deal with often?

          • Chrystina

            Good job. You have allowed yourself to be manipulated by all of the junkies around you who WANT YOUR SYMPATHY so they say things like, “It’s a disease.” A person on drugs will do and say ANYTHING to make what they’re doing somewhat acceptable to the people around them. It subsides their guilt and conscience so they can keep doing it. I have been on drugs. It was NEVER a disease. Any excuse is what these people will use. OPEN YOUR EYES. You are probably an enabler.

          • Amber Rose

            Unless you have ever been an addict, which you clearly haven’t, you honestly sound retarded. I have been a heroin addict. I only say this in response to your comments. VERY few people in my life know this. I never did it or talk about it for sympathy, actually most people are ashamed of it. Only one person in my life actually knew I was even doing it when it was happening. I had moved 3,000 miles away from everyone I knew and secluded myself just so no one would know. We are not weak, in fact, before, during and now I am a very strong personality. There are many reasons people start to do drugs, and a lot of those reasons may surprise you and have ZERO to do with any kind of weakness. The few you may know might be the way you speak about all of us, but that does not make it true for all or even most. You watch too much tv and too many movies to form an opinion like that. You sound like a want to be therapist about substance abuse, when in fact, it is quite clear you are talking out of your ass about something you really know nothing about. Do some people talk about it for sympathy? yes. Do some people lie, and steal to get attention and support their habbit, yes…but that is just one group. I never had to lie, because no one knew. I never had to steal because my habbit was supported by a friend who had endless money to spend on it so I never had to pay a dime. Still to this day only 1 of my friends (Who knew when it was happening) and my current bf of 4 years are the only two people in my life who know I ever had this problem. Why I started is none of your business, but I will tell you that 1. I did not do it to look cool, 2. I did not do it because I am weak and could not deal with something and 3. I did not start to gain sympathy from anyone. Your comments could not be further from the truth, so unless you know every addict or former, I would not open your mouth anymore because you look ridiculous and very uneducated on the subject.

          • Lee

            I think the focus here is being lost… the child. Willing or not, choice or no choice, sympathy or no sympathy, weak or not weak, the bottom line is while she like that she is not able to properly care for her child. The child’s well being should always be first.

        • ladyD

          Your addition is your ego, pride and your so high and might above all people. Where is the father at , oh thats right men walk away from being a real man ( husband, father and respectful) . There are too many men just doing whatever they want and leave pregnant women behind …..

          • Janella

            Wow. There’s too many women taking children from their fathers, I knew this all too well and can provide story after story of fathers fighting just to see their kids.

          • Guest

            How do we even know the mother used or is using drugs?

          • jjellybean

            Because it is obvious in the video…Even a person who is not an addict can tell that was not not normal behavior but “nodding”.

        • zeb

          You know nothing about addiction. Simply put, you’re an idiot.

        • clean and sober

          There is hmm othing easy about being an addict. And you have to be the strongest person in the qorld to survive. I have 8 yeats clean this month and though I didnt have children, I was as disgusting as this woman. Dobyou take prescription narcotics prescribed by a dr? Well then you must be weak too. Because its no different. Ibbecame an addict due to a dr that liked to over prescribe pain killers after being inbtwo auto accidents. I didnt choose that. I didnt even know I had a problem till it was too late. Dont be so quick to judge. Just be grateful someone stepped in to get the little girl help and hopefully the mom will now have more motivaton to change.

        • Maggie Ahrens

          This woman is clearly having a very bad time, and it’s good that CPS stepped in.

          Are you unaware that people make mistakes?
          Some can turn their lives around, but it depends on the individual and the treatment options … which are scarce and expensive.

          If we had commonly available and affordable treatment for addictions and mental health issues, this would be much less of a problem.

        • Casey

          I know many many addicts I’d rather have a conversation or relationship with than you. You are truly an ignorant ass hole. Ignorant because you’re speaking on a topic you have no clue about.
          I hope you sit alone at night and dwell on how fucked up your head is, that you must shame other people to feel better about yourself.

          I’m glad I just smoked a joint to feel better when I was down.
          I never had to bash on people who are already at rock bottom.
          G day to you Mr ass hole. (I pray to God, I never have a relative like you)

      • nala

        I’m in recovery from a Xanax addiction. It controlled my life. I woke up, lied to family to get a few quarters in my pocket, and $2 i was high. I did the same thing in the afternoon. While I totally see what you’re saying, I was WILLING to put that first pill up my nose. No one did it for me. I did and then I got trapped in addiction.

        • Chaz Arrington

          I was addicted to xanax…so you’re saying, you were addicted to xanax and it controlled your life off $4 a day? what 2 bars? come on. Theres this thing called tolerance, I started with 1, 2, 3, 5, and then a year later it was 15, 20, 25. Second, I believe your comment is falsified because xanax is not water soluble, therefore it cannot be absorbed through the nasal cavity. Who are you trying to fool?

          • jjellybean

            People still snort them along with adderal…

      • Jen

        Spoken like a true addict who doesn’t take responsibility for their actions. EVERYTHING is willing about an addiction. The addict was the one who chose to do drugs the first few times and then chemically altered their brain themselves. The only ones who didn’t make a choice were babies born to an addict who was using while pregnant, You made a conscious decision to do the drugs that you are now addicted to and gave yourself that “illness”.

        • Nette

          I agree about the unborn babies,, it pisses me off when I see pregnant woman all fucked up,, so many women can’t have children and end up adopting, most children end up with emotional an learning disabilities,, its so sad.. I’m going to continue praying on this issue.. May God Continue to Bless You All

        • kellye

          I advise you and everybody else on here that are being judgmental to read what I had to say below under a comment made by “edgk”

        • B

          Just because you use a drug or use drugs doesn’t automatically make you an addict… No one decides to do a drug for the first time thinking heck I want to do this every day for the rest of my life… No, most people think hey it looks like this person is having fun doing drugs and can stop when they want… I’ll try that too, I can stop whenever I want… But for an addict it doesn’t work that way it has a different effect on their brain than on a non addicts brain. I swear the world needs some serious education in addition because people just don’t get it… Btw if Amy didn’t take responsibility then she would still be using now

        • Cheryl

          I’ve met women on the streets whose parents shot them up with heroine at 12 yrs old. Parents are suppose to be your role models. Now at 18,19 + yrs. these women are fighting addiction. Yeah, there is help out there, but addiction is so powerful that these girls are afraid of everything. Are they weak? Sure they are because this drug has been controlling them for so long. It is a mental,physical and spiritual take over of one’s being. I find it sad because, yes people get hurt, especially young children. Thank GOD there is family services to protect them, but people who are addicts suffer too, but we are ignorant to what we don’t understand. People who are addicted are still accountable for what happens during their addiction and being an addict is not an excuse it’s an explanation to their irresponsible, unpredictable behaviors. Pray that they get help so that there children don’t have to grow up without their mother or father or brother or sister, ect….<3

      • Janella

        She has to want to get right, not just because a judge makes her go to treatment. My cousin had to lose custody and rights to 3 of her 4 children before she finally DECIDED to clean up and be a mother to the child she had left. She has since been clean for over 3 years and even went to school and got her certification as a drug counselor.

      • Janella

        Telling an addict it’s not their fault, they have a sickness & it’s just their way of life does nothing for them other than giving them more excuses to run with. Do you have a loved one hooked on dope?

      • Chrystina

        It is not a “way of life”. That is a load of crap. You DECIDE to make it your way of life. YOU choose to work your life around it and hold your sad-assed pity party on yourself. Pick yourself up and take some damn responsibility. YOU are your higher power, take control of your life! Addicts want to sit around and cry and isolate because “no one gets it.” Bullshit! I was an addict for years and have been clean for 4. You don’t get better until you make the choice to.

      • mel

        It is a way of life that is chosen. Nobody put a gun to her head the first time she picked up. So yes Amy it is willing.

      • antfu

        As a child of two Dope fiends fuck addiction. If you are too weak to realize your kids are your fault and responsibility then do not have then you can get as high as you want. Do you know what it is like to watch your parent nod the fuck off with a cigarette in hand repeatedly? I will judge every dope addict because I seen it first hand as the child of the addict I feel no remorse for a fuckin junkie!

    • not a dick

      Mike ,you’re a judgemental piece of shit! You’re a soapbox house of cards and glass so you shouldn’t be tossing stones around!

    • George Bruck Jr

      Kinda like believing in god

    • c

      your extremely ignorant

    • D Jizzims

      Your a weak person for not having sympathy its easy to turn your head the other direction its easy to forget. It is hard living in reality its hard knowing the facts, its hard to give a shit. SO go to your perfect world where you think the state has the right to intervene in the lives of people. By the way the war on drugs is a sham anyway if the state wanted to clean up it would have in the 30+ years of this”heroin epidemic” ..instead of openly admitting to shiping drugs from Afghanistan

  • Meg Doran McGoldrick

    That video disturbed me! That poor child was holding her mother’s head up while she nodded off. The mom needs help. Maybe this will open her eyes……..very sad. I am praying for both of them.

  • Maryjane420

    Her name is Katye Stacy

  • mel

    Their *

  • Holly

    Every one has a choice. Her choice was to use heroin instead of acting like a responsible parent and now she is paying the price. This is no “medical condition” and she was most certainly willing to be an addict when she willed herself to use drugs. Plain and simple. I can in no way sympathize with someone who puts an innocent life in danger in such a selfish, disgusting, way no matter how it’s spun to make it seem like it’s not the addict’s fault. Something really, really, really, awful could have happened to that little girl while her mother was nodding off. It doesn’t matter if she hasn’t been officially charged with a crime YET, but DHS would not come in and immediately remove her child from her care if there was nothing wrong. I hope she gets the help she needs, but this is all 100% her fault and she has to deal with the consequences, meanwhile who suffers? Her daughter that doesn’t have a mother, and probably never really did.

  • AnnaMae Law-Whitehead

    As her mother she put that child is so much danger did she review the same video we all did . AND YES I WOULD REPORT HER OR ANYONE ELSE iN THAT CONDITION WITH CHILDREN

  • critical mass

    Now if only the DHS were a good agency, this would be a happy rather than a terror-provoking story, for this little girl could end up in far worse hands than those of a heroine-addicted mother, sad to say. Check out the hair-raising stories of child abuse in foster families in Phil, and the shamefully bad record of DHS in addressing those situations. Junkies are seldom abusive; the little girl would have found her own way. Let’s hope she doesn’t fall into the hands of a predatorial foster parent.

    • Christopher Marie Ryan

      Love it. Thank you for making an intelligent comment!!

    • LittleBodyBigBrain

      Your a special kind of stupid…. While I do agree that DHS has to do a better job of placing children in safe home to say the home of a heroin addict is acceptable, well there are just no word for how ridiculous that is. Kids touch everything, play with everything, they are curious and could very easily get their hands on what ever drug their loser parents have laying around. In addition to the drugs and needles most drug addicts are extremely paranoid and there for are very likely to have weapons/guns lying around. The houses are often dirty and have no food because the only priority these people have are drugs…. I could go on, since I have seen first hand the way these people live and how they think.

      • critical mass

        Given that you open by verbal abuse yourself, I guess you wouldn’t be my go-to person for guidance on what’s best for kids. I too have had experience with drug users (the fact that you use old-fashioned “addict” tells me you are not really in any way involved with drug usage: you just watched some old corny movies and have formed your reefer madness notion of drug users from it. Between the danger of being brutalized, to death, by freakishly disturbed and hostile foster parents, or being raped or brutalized by other foster kids in the home, well, I’ll take “mommy mommy get up it’s our stop” any day.

        Note that I said that this *should* be a happy story, but it simply can’t be, given the conditions for most foster kids and the incompetence of the DHS. In between your extensive research of the drug community, you should do some on foster care and DHS. It’s not a solution: it’s just another problem.

        • Jezzied

          I’m sorry, but you just stated that drug addicts aren’t abusive?? What about the women in camden who cut her sons head off with a butter knife, while the child was alive!!!! Is doesn’t get much more abusive than that! While I understand the point that is being made about addicts having a disease, they only have the disease because they made the choice to try the drug in the first place! It’s a sad way to live your life. However, I don’t understand how people try to justify the actions of drug addicts. They ruin their life and everyone around them. Now there is another little girl in the system because her mother choose drugs over taking care of her child! I say choose, because she could have chosen to go and get help instead of putting her daughter in danger that day!

        • BA

          Wow, did you have a bad experience in a foster home? Because your posts certainly sound like it. My parents were foster parents for over 40 years in Philadelphia and never, never , ever ,ever would hurt a child. There are so many foster parents out there doing so much good for children in need like this little girl. They are providing a safe and loving environment, encouragement, education, I could go on and on. My parents circle of friends were all foster parents aside from our own wonderful neighbors and I can tell you first hand they are wonderful people all doing the some wonderful things as my parents. I was a ward of the court at 9 months old, and placed in an orphanage called Stenton Home, then turned over to The Children’s Aid Society of Philadelphia (now Catholic Charities) and placed with my foster parents, now adoptive parents…and I had and now have a wonderful life because of them. Problem; you only hear the bad things regarding fosters, I so wish people would speak out and show that not MOST fosters are so horrible, that actually MOST fosters are wonderful people opening their hearts and homes to such unfortunate children as this little girl. Point blank critical mass, get your head out of your ass!!!

          • critical mass

            Along with the many horror stories you can find if you search foster care, and the many children who are aging out of foster care (ie, institutionalized and then dumped on the street with no family ties or support network), yes, I have had experiences with foster care, including an experience with a number of foster care parents in Philadelphia, and it wasn’t what one would call reassuring. I also happen to be a neighbor of a foster care parent whose conduct and sheer number of foster children are hair-raising, and an effort to get DHS to look into it was dismal.

            That said, there are of course good foster parents, but putting a child into this system is gambling with her life, putting it in the hands of people who are not her parents and who may be doing it because they need the extra money–sometimes for drugs, irony of ironies.

            I am glad that you had a positive experience, though your closing line is angry, abusive, and unprepared for, which does make me wonder a little if the experience was altogether as lovely as you suggest.

          • BA

            Enough said, you had bad experiences with foster care, that explains your negativity and I’m sorry for your bad experiences. However, I have done research all my adult life and if you had as well you would see that my statement holds true. MOST fosters are good people thinking only of the children. I agree wholeheartedly that bad(awful, horrible) fosters are out there, I know a few of them as well, but not MOST. The bad ones are publicized and unfortunately the good ones are not.
            Trust me when I tell you, I fought that battle growing up as well. Especially through high school being scoffed at and my parents being judged and called horrific names. Although I also had a lot of people change their minds once they met my parents and saw all the wonderful things the did for kids.

            So, please research again. As for dealing with DHS, wow, I know it can be an unnerving task. I sincerely don’t envy them their job. I can only imagine what they deal with on a daily basis. As for my last comment it was out of frustration, so if you would like to question if my experience was as lovely as I say based on that comment, feel free to question anything you like. But also know this it was not a “suggestion”, it was and is my life.

          • critical mass

            I have done research on this, and the statistics are that around one-third of foster care children are documented as abused, while the actual amount of abuse is thought to be considerably higher. As I’m sure you know, the state system (DHS in Philadelphia) is pretty messed up, as in most other states. Thus to be able to *document* such a high rate of abuse suggests how bad things really are for *most* kids. I note that you weren’t in the state system; you were in the Catholic system, which is from what I’ve heard somewhat better. There was, by the way, a series on the harm foster care does to many kids published a while ago by Psychology Today magazine, by a therapist who worked with a great many foster kids as well as with the California state system.

            You are one of the lucky ones. This young girl sent into that system has a higher chance of being abused than of anything happening to her in the care of her drug-using mother, sad but true.

          • critical mass

            PS: It’s a shame that you were taunted and bullied in school: I now see why what I said made you feel badly, as if I were one of those ignorant, mean-spirited kids. Far from it. Congratulations to you for rising above it and being the successful, articulate person you are today: quite a childhood, all in all!

    • Lainey

      “the little girl would have found her way”? Where?? After someone abducts her from the mother because she’s too out of it to notice?? WTH kind of thinking is this??

      • critical mass

        Again, I am not saying that living with a heroin user is the next best thing to french bread. I’m saying that the foster care system is even more dangerous than the conditions she’s in, and in fact she could very well end up in a foster home with drug users who are, in addition, severely abusive. Read up on the stuff that has been happening to kids in foster care in this city. it’s a nightmare.

        • critical mass

          I’m sure all those who think DHS is a great solution are themselves loving foster care parents. Poor kid: what a world.

      • Shawn

        figuratively found her way. Not hard to comprehend.

  • Wanda Barr Merkel

    I guess you wouldn’t have lost “the best thing in the world to you” if you weren’t doing drugs and putting your needs before your daughters.

  • Chien

    i love that fact that you guys and gals are criticizing her but i bet if it was YOU who was the druggie in the video, your kids prob wouldn’t even hold your head up. even if sh was a druggie at least her kid knew what to do and held her head up -_-. pretty sure if half of you were in this position, your kid wouldn’t even bother to help hold your head up or some shit. shows (even though she was a druggie) she at least knew how to raise her kid.

    • eimkma

      She wasn’t raising her kid. Her kid was raising her.

    • JBRIX717

      ya because that’s a great thing to teach your kid…..hey when mommy’s doing the dope fiend lean hold her head up………foh

    • Kimberley Konczyk

      Yeah, because every kid in the world needs to learn how to care for a junkie piece of shit properly. Did you even think about this and how insanely neanderthal it sounded before you typed it out? Probably on the same drug she is. Unbelievable.

    • mike

      This would never be me since I made a decision to not do drugs ever in my life, and what childs place is it to hold their parents head up because they chose to take an illegal substance, one that most everyone knows is very addictive and hard to kick from the first time you use it. a kid is only supposed to worry about being a kid when they are young…not act like an adult. this woman is an addict, I feel no sympathy for her since she chose to obviously shoot up shortly before getting on the bus….with her child around. and dont sit there and say she knew how to raise her kid, this right here and the consequences from her actions are going to scar her kid for life….possibly doing one of two things, make her kid not want anything to do with drugs or fall into the same habits.

    • kate

      I would rather be died than put my daughter through that hell- let me ask you if it a child’s responsibility to hold her parent’s head up? and how did she raise her child? to help her when she is in a drug stupor?
      she needs help and by the way I believe you do too since this is not the way to raise any child. a parent should be setting the example for their children

    • alex

      HAAAA. get real please. I don’t know what planet you are from but this post has me mind boggled that you are defending her and actually saying she knew how to raise her child? if she knew how to raise her child, SHE WOULD STILL HAVE HER CHILD. her child should have never been in that position in the first place. end of story. her child was more of an adult she will ever be and that’s very sad.

    • Lainey

      It’s not a kid’s job to take care of the parent, especially when the parent chose to inject herself with drugs. Boy…how proud she must be! My kid knew how to hold my head up when I was nodding from heroin….give me a break

    • critical mass

      Chien makes a good point that this was clearly a loving, caring, responsible child–far more mature than the average kid. This is the silver lining of children in some dysfunctional homes: they learn how to take care of themselves and their messed-up parents; they acquire all those skills and habits that we only wish most kids had. I’m not saying that therefore one should be a drug user; I’m saying that messed-up parents abound and this sometimes leads to phenomenal success stories. Some of our greatest artists, writers, musicians, and filmmakers, came from dysfunctional homes. Seldom, however, do you hear of the success stories of foster children, because it’s a brutal, bureaucratic nightmare from which children nearly always emerge scarred and dysfunctional themselves.

  • rocketman

    Only 3 things in the world that can make you sing the blues like that: lack of heroin, somebody making off with your junk, and not having heroin

  • Kevin Kieffer

    there is the start if you want your child prove it clean your a.. up and go take care of your child !!

  • Susie

    After looking at the video it seems like the little girl is used to seeing her mom like that. I had an allergic reaction to medication and looked like her. My daughter freaked out and called my mom and sister who came and helped me. Not saying that’s what happened to this woman but, children who aren’t use to seeing their parents act a certain way don’t usually respond in a calm matter the way this little girl did.

  • LittleBodyBigBrain

    How has she not been charged with a crime? Let’s just start with child endangerment then they can move onto the drug charges.

  • joeyb

    We now live in a world that enables the mother due to liberalism. You might point your finger and call me a tea bagger or whatever you call someone on my side, but it is the truth. Labeling drug addicts anything other than an addict is enabling them. BTW who is paying for all of the treatments and for child services to take the child away? Liberals are ruining every major city in america. Last laugh is on all of us.

  • joeyb

    How far gone are some of you not pinning the blame 100 percent on the mother. Give me a break. Some things are meant to be seen black and white. This is one of them. She is a loser and hopefully she gets help, but the odds are stacked against her.

  • Dj

    Do not pass judgement. We don’t know her. We have not walked her pathn and we donvt know the road she has had to follow. More and more people are finding themselves in troubled time. She needs our help. Not our harsh words. I hope she get itn and eventually is reunited with her daughter.
    Be the change you wanna see in the world. And be grateful situations in your own life have not lead to this. <3

  • Jim k

    Your a junkie. What did you think would happen when you take your kid with you to get you fix, I am so glade they took her off you. Know you can shoot up anytime you want and see won’t see it, get your life together if your going to be a real mom. If not give her up to some who will love and take care of her and keep her save.

  • Laineykins

    I love how it’s us “ppl” who had her kid taken away. She’s the only one responsible for her behavior. Nice way to shift the blame.

  • love.thy.neighbors

    Well I have to ask weather or not any of you have ever had the pleasure to know an addict before their addiction thru their addiction and after they hot help for their addiction? I pray this child is safe and remains safe and I pray my friend could contact the mother as they are willing to help her get clean. No one is perfect in life and I pray none of you fall off your pedistools.

  • Tina Slaymaker

    Tina McAfee you are RIGHT she is a junkie, and she was fallen out. As you said YOU no one when you see one, because you have been there. That girl needs to SHUT her trap, go get help and see if she can at least start seeing her child. If she loves that child it is a no brainier. Worse part about this is the mother most likely gets help from the State (your tax dollars) for the child and spends it on drugs.

  • Sequoia

    If u weren’t so f…ed up on your drug of choice u would of never lost your child. do u actually think no one would say anything while riding a bus ? Pl. child get your self together and if she was the best thing in your life then get clean and prove yourself ,so u can get her back……

  • Charlie

    Some people are so critical. Yes it is her fault, but it appears that so many are forgetting that no one is perfect and some people will make choices that are far worse than others. I just hope that she does get help because ultimately the best ending would be for her to come out of this strong and be a good mom for her daughter. I find that most people quick to judge so harshly end up in a situation at some point where they will either have to learn how to put that aside for someone close to them or make their own imperfect choice only to find out what it feels like to want others to set aside judgement.

    • joeyb

      Nobody is perfect and then there is the actions of this so called mother. There is a far gap on the judgement line. She is a piece of $hit. Anyone who sugar coats it is nothing more than an enabler.

      • Charlie

        I wouldn’t suggest sugar coating. But I know that if she were someone close to me I’d wish for the best. She is clearly at a pretty low point. I just wonder if she actually did make changes and become a responsible mother, would people at least be happy for those involved. Or would they still see it fit to pass negative judgement.

  • spaceman

    good dope, good fun!

  • Nikkis8897

    Bitch please! Get ur shit together!

  • Johnny Cakes

    They couldn’t screen shot a better picture? Come on!

  • Picky pax

    The answer is simple just don’t start…. See what happens! You make a choice if you start using drugs…. That is why you become addicted… You made the decision to try it knowing what could happen ….

  • Janella

    Instead of making excuses for her, why not read her public reaction to her daughter being removed from her. She’s not ready to get clean and take ownership so therefore it’s a great thing this beautiful little girl had been removed. Hopefully she wakes up before it’s too late.

  • Logan

    What is more f*ed up, the fact that this woman got what she deserved, or the ahole that took this video and did nothing. Me, I and I am being very clear on this, I would have had the bus stop and EMTs on site. And then punched the person who thought this so funny to post this on the internet for her to suffer for the rest of her life. Granted a punishment, but to subject that child to this disrace is worse. I hope you had your fun, you jerk with the camera phone.

  • amber

    She is def high on heroin. I was on it for less than a year and have been off of it for 7 months now. I was strong enough to get off it by tapering down for a month without using medicine they use to get people off it. However I know too many who use and shoot it, and I list a friend last summer to it. I have no desire or remain to go back, I want ever like this lady was but many who use are. This really made me mad and I’m glad they took the child away. Addiction it’s an illness, but people don’t know how to get off our don’t want to. People think you have to go to a rehab or replace it with anther drug like methadone, which is worse. It’s scary. It takes over your life, changes your thinking, and no one wants to be an addict of anything. Thus video rally disgusted me and her response. She needs to own up to it. If she really loves her daughter than this video should own her eyes and her daughter being taken should also. I am sure she loves her daughter and her daughter wants to be with her. She needs to realize this is for the best for her daughter and she can get her back, so she needs to take this time and get clean. You can’t help someone who doesn’t want to help their selves. If she, doesn’t get clean then she needs to raise her daughter deserves better. Smh this really broke my heart.

  • Domenica

    Just FYI
    Addiction is a Disease. Chronic, Progressive, and Life Threatening. Therefore a medical condition. In no way do I believe what she did is OK however instead of judging her and feeding the stigma of addiction do some good in the world and say a prayer or send some words of encouragement. Separating a child from her mother is never a positive long term solution. Hopefully she gets help in order for her and her child to be reunited when she is able and well.

  • Jennifer McDermott

    she was most likely nodding from methadone with other illegal drugs mixed in.

  • Chrystina

    I have been an addict of heroin and clean for 4 years now. It is a CHOICE. Doesn’t matter how sad-assed your story is, mine was as sad-assed as the next persons. It was my decision rather than deal with my issues and join the real world I gave up, laid down and just decide to die. There is no illness. There is influence and exposure and BAD decisions. Everyone has a choice in this world. This woman is a disgrace. Any pervert could have snatched that little girl up. I don’t care how good any rush feels it is not worth my life and happiness or anyone else’s. This woman needs a reality check.

  • DashaStarr


  • critical mass

    For those interested in how unsafe foster care is for children, you might check out this link. Among the many statistics gathered, a foster child in Arizona dies every 7 weeks from brutal beatings. It’s estimated that well over one-third of all foster children can expect to be abused; as well as moved from household to household, disrupting school, medical care, and emotional and psychological well-being. Over 500,000 kids are thrown into a highly dysfunctional system.


  • Jean eklund

    there are so many dippers on the el and buses and so many people that need to wake up. She doesnt deserve to have her child taken away she needs help in getting to a rehab and getting back on track. Addiction is ugly!!!! As a child who watched her father almost O.D. I know all to well what its like. Now that you took her child your are just giving her the freedom to continue to get high. Yes I understand the child needs to be protected but arrest the mother and put her in rehab.

  • Donna

    Addiction is a disease. If her child is the best thing she will clean up not matter what to get her back. Praying for that precious child, that she does stay clean and has good foster home till then.

  • Charlie

    I have to laugh at those on here who are both recovering addicts and stone throwers at the same time with some of the harshest of words. So you recovered and you were strong enough.. I guess that makes you better?!?! It’s amazing again how quick you are to judge. I’ve never done drugs before and still I feel for those who are so lost. Tough love is one thing, but being a complete a$$hole about it makes you a useless contributor. How about solutions for people like this lady and her family who need help?… Since we are all obviously involved enough to comment.

  • Carol Marszalek-Wilkinson

    She probably pissed because welfare took her food stamps away!

  • J Rob

    I’m sure DHS didn’t take her child away from her permanently. They will ask her to get help and once she proves she is clean,can get her child back. But by her FB status, it seems she is blaming everybody else but herself and that’s the first step she needs to take, admission she has a problem. Sadly, when people are on their high, they cannot focus and that is an extreme danger to a child. Enough said !!!

  • Chaz Arrington

    before i begin, i’d like to say i am in now way condoning the actions of this mother. With that being said I don’t think anybody who has never battled addiction has any place to sit here and judge. I was addicted to prescription pills for 3 years, I just turned 20, and I’ve been clean since august 2013. In my addiction my life revolved around it, sure, it started as something that felt good but quickly morphed into a necessary component of my daily functions. I needed it to feel normal, not sick, to get out of bed and go to sleep. For people to sit here and say this woman is a low-life, degenerate is incredibly repulsive. If you have never experienced addiction you will never understand its grasp over you, you are its prisoner. You’ll never understand to never-ending internal battle that wages between the desire to get your shit together and the desire to get your next fix. Never. I’m willing to go as far as to say that if any of you people judging this woman’s life ever went thru addiction, you would fold. Former addicts are survivors. Additionally, my point is that, when I finally woke up and decided to make a change, I was in jail and that was my rock bottom. The power of addiction is so great, when I was in a jail cell, forcibly separated with the ability to get high, it was the most free I had felt in years. Non-addicts will never understand that. My point is that all addicts that have ever gotten to the point to kick it and work the program and be clean have hit their rock bottom, whatever it may be, and I just hope this is her’s and this is the wake up call she needed to fix her problems. I wish her nothing but the best and she deserves to get her daughter back if she does get clean. Period.

    • Charlie

      Great word choice Chaz. And good luck to you :)

  • serenity

    No one ever intends on becoming addicted to ANY substance. I’m 6 months clean off the needle.. not sure if that’s her demon as well, but it’s like trying to break from two addictions. You wind up having a sick obsession with the needle and it all becomes a ritual. Yes, I understand how to an outsider it’s extremely difficult to even begin to comprehend. and the whole stigma that all drug addicts are trash… and yeah, ultimately, they turn you into a straight up piece of shit. You turn into someone that YOU don’t even know, your loved ones can’t recognize… and a lot of the time we lose loved ones because they don’t want to enable, or can’t stand to be around it anymore. I almost lost the love of my life because of it.

    And yes, IT IS A DISEASE. that hurts everyone involved. Addicts go back and forth in their minds, hating themselves every day. It becomes a viscous cycle. Usually there are underlying reasons as to why a person uses but then you add self loathing on top of that, you have a huge case of the “fuck its”. To fix all of your mistakes and fuck ups seems so overwhelming to you that you don’t even know where to start, so you continue to use because that becomes all you really know.

    How DARE anyone say they’d never do such a thing. When I first started experimenting with drugs, I swore I would never even touch heroin… let alone a needle! It’s sad. No one knows this girl’s life story. it’s easy to say you’ll get clean for a kid, and part of me thinks if I was in that situation and it came down to it, I would too, but I don’t know that. Hell, you know how many times I relapsed before even getting 2 straight weeks clean?

  • Angela Foti

    What’s with people saying she was “willing” to use Heroin or “willing” to get high, how about you take a laxative and “will” yourself not to shit! I don’t wanna knock her for drug abuse because I think where she went completely wrong was having her daughter with her while she was insanely doped up! I think there are 2 kinds of addicts: those who got messed in the game and want to get clean but don’t know how for fear of being sick and being faced with what they’ve done to their lives and the lives of their loved ones. And then there are those who just love getting high and don’t care about who they hurt in the process including themselves! Everyone’s rock-bottom is different and hopefully this was this woman’s bottom. You don’t want your “never-wills” to turn into “not-yets”.

  • Mat

    Your own fault!

  • pjmerc1964

    This is all such bullshit. This woman was in need of help and so was her child. NOBODY DID ANYTHING TO HELP! I think the whole bus load of people should have their kids taken away. That is how much they cared. All of the self righteous people watching and making accusations, are FOS! Just because you used drugs it makes qualified to vilify and judge others. You may have years clean, but you are a poor example of someone who has used the 12 Steps. Maybe this woman was having a stroke, maybe she was diabetic, maybe for what ever reason she was losing consciousness. I know all about drugs and alcohol. I am sober 19 years, my ex-boyfriend was a serious heroin addict. It is troubling how this all played out.

  • Lanna

    I feel sorry for her and her daughter.. I think taking the child away was the right thing to do .. given the fact that she’s nodding out so badly that she clearly cannot take care of herself let alone another human being.. that doesn’t mean I don’t wish the best for her and want her to get help! addiction is a struggle, it’s a battle everyday for those of us who have been down that path or are still struggling understand what im saying. I just hope she can find the will to get help for her little girl.. because ultimately thats the main person whose going to suffer in this situation.

  • Bre

    “I just lost the best thing in the world to me all because ppl [sic] think before they open there [sic] mouths!”

    According to the video, the only person opening their mouth was you! This is a disgrace I feel so bad for the daughter she was cheated out of her childhood and this is going to have a huge impact on her life now. I hope she grows up to be exactly what her mother isn’t. This is reality and it’s scary, the by standard effect is very real and it’s unfortunate to see.

    • Bre

      The bystander effect*

  • Tiffany Helsel

    Has anyone stopped to think that this mother may really have a medical condition??? One that requires her to take a very strong opiate such as methadone for pain control?? Don’t get me wrong, she definitely was neglecting her child by nodding off while taking care of her, but its possible that heroins not the cause.

  • Tiffany Helsel

    Besides I thought this was supposed to be about that poor little girl. Who cares why the mom was “nodding off” the point is that she was. That little girl probably had to see her mother like that quit often, she didn’t even seem scared, that’s what saddens me. She was used to it! I for one hope that the mother is made to get some serious help before they give her her child back for even one minute.

  • Rebecca Coomes

    Said “mom” needs to just rewatch this video every single day to remember WHY they took her child away. Watching this video every day may actually help keep her clean. But she needs to watch the video to see who to blame instead of blaming others. That poor child of hers is going to have to deal with the humiliation of that video through classmate teasing FOR YEARS.

  • Jojo c

    Hope she gets the help she needs seriously i hope there are people within the family who take in the child while she gets the help she needs I don’t believe that just because they took child away its going to be the best thing for the child the system is flawed tremendously addiction sucks but there is help out there as much as that video disturbed me I honestly hope this women gets the help she needs and is reunited back with her daughter hope this was a huge wakeup call for this young mother god bless

  • know thyself

    SHE called THEM “skumbags”? interesting.

  • Nicole

    The woman is apparently in no shape to be a mother, at the moment. That’s not a lack of empathy, that’s fact, and it’s a fact that’s endangering a child’s life. Regardless of how much of it is her fault or not, the bottom line is that she needs to get clean and try again, because right now, the hell she’s going to properly raise a daughter. Period.

  • Tntobx

    Right now I’m thinking of a sad little girl, who’s whole world has been turned upside down. She’s obviously immune to her mothers incoherence, can’t imagine what her life has or is like right now! Her mother shouting leave me alone as she attempted to take care of her by holding up her head is beyond words! I have absolutely no sympathy for her mother! Praying for that little girl and hope that she finds someone to love and care for her the way that she deserves!

  • kellye

    I posted this as a reply to somebody’s judgmental bullshit, but I feel the need to repost for those who may not have read what I had to say.

    You obviously don’t know what you’re talking about, so quit making yourself look like an idiot and shut your mouth. Addiction is NOT a choice. It has been researched for many years by DOCTORS PSYCHOLOGISTS AND SCIENTISTS and has been declared a DISEASE. True, each and every addict makes the conscious decision to pick up for the first time, however, the disease takes over and the choice is gone, there is a physical NEED to continuously pick up, through any and all means. Just as the person that suffers from heart disease made the conscious decision to eat from McDonald’s or burger king 3 or 4 times a month.. they didn’t just wake up one day and say gee, I think I want to have a heart attack today. So if you decide to open your mouth about something, educate yourself first, sweetie.I’m not saying this girl is in anyway justified in her actions. And she is also wrong in blaming other people for losing her child, that is her own fault and nobody else’s. There are many places and people out there who offer help for addiction.Also, I would like to point out that DHS would not just walk into this chicks home and take the child away over this video, drug abuse is the suspected reason behind the girls’ actions, I’m pretty sure DHS would need proof of drug abuse in order to remove the child from her home(drug test), if the girl wasn’t using, I doubt she would have lost her daughter.. and if it were a medical condition, I’m sure a doctor’s note stating this to be true would be more than enough to allow this girl to keep her child.

  • Jennifer

    All im saying is WOW!!! I for one could give 2 SH*TS what happens to this “mother” i hate saying that word “mother” she AT THIS TIME DOESN’T DESERVE THAT TITLE!!! A mother protects, loves, and GIVES her life for the happiness and well being for her child.. CLEARLY NOT THIS WOMAN!! I HOPE THIS LITTLE GIRL GETS THE LOVE AND HAPPINESS SHE DESERVES as for her “mother” Ahh… whatever!! Sorry just sayin!!

  • Jane Yavis

    Now that the Walk on Water Wing Nuts have told us how great they are,,,,,maybe they can initiate a “Little Girl Your Mother’s Not Good Blog” to help her heal.

    The little girl everyone was so concerned with seems to have taken a real back seat. How about we humiliate her a little more in the name of whatever.

  • Sara Speal

    maybe this is her “bottom” and hopefully she will get help. If you were or are in NA or AA you know that being addicted to anything is a disease. Pray for her instead of bashing her. Only God knows her path. “judge lest ye be judged” Remember that.

  • Edie Causey

    The next article says they took the lil girl away at least. That is why we need more foster parents that are good people! This happens almost everyday here in the valley. There are sooooo many kids that need a home it’s overwhelming for OCS. So overwhelming that they end up just leaving kids with the parents.

  • Catowner

    So next time you screw up your little daughter who depends on you with her life ,won’t have to witness your bull in public & be embarrassed on a city bus for your behavior.
    Get help, she needs you.