Why Didn’t Any Grownups Rush to Help This Child?

Heartbreaking video of an incapacitated mother and a child in distress on SEPTA’s Route 66.

mother septa bus video

This video from SEPTA’s Route 66 bus in Philadelphia is currently making the rounds on Facebook. Shot on Thursday, it appears to show an extremely disoriented woman severely neglecting her child (the young girl calls her mama at least twice).

Commenters have suggested that she is under the influence of drugs, but the cause of her behavior is uncertain. Police say that the woman has been identified and that DHS and the Special Victims Unit are handling the case. As of Friday mid-afternoon, the woman was not under arrest.

As shocking as the mother’s behavior is, what is equally shocking is the lack of help provided by the other passengers during the four minutes of this video.

I spoke with the man who shot the video, Northeast Philadelphia resident John Warren. Here’s what he says happened after the video stops: “A man tried to get her alert but she wasn’t, so he went back to his seat. I got up to talk to the driver with the video proof, but the daughter started pulling on the mom, yelling ‘Our stop, our stop,’ and she got off the bus.”

UPDATE 3/7 7:10 p.m.: I asked Warren if he was sorry that he didn’t do more than record video for those four-plus minutes. His response: “Don’t see how the daughter had me pinned in the seat. It took me several tries to get her to let me up and even if cops were called the driver wouldn’t have known to stop and would they have? No one knows, and you could see the fear and confusion in the other peoples’ eyes about what exactly to do about this.”

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  • Northeaster

    Even her daughter knows she’s under the influence of drugs….

  • Kelly

    Pointing blame as usual. Shes definitely on something, yes people could have detained her and called the cops but Im sure that would have been more traumatic for that sweet little girl. Best thing guy did was tape this video, now it will be dealt with and hopefully this woman gets the help she needs and the child can be put with relatives til her mother gets her life in order.

  • mable

    So sad. Tape her for evidence but for God’s sake put the camera down and help the woman. Maybe to other passengers she looked like she was falling asleep perhaps but the guy shooting the video knew better!

  • kg

    Shooting this video helped- did it not? Within a few hours, the proof was all over the internet and the authorities were involved. What more are people supposed to do? I would not have intervened, I’d be terrified that her boyfriend would get on at the next stop and beat the living crap out of me. People have to think about their own safety first– your proclamation that “nobody helped” is beyond ridiculous, and irresponsible. It lays blame on the wrong people.

    • wk

      Within a few hours this woman could have gotten behind the wheel and killed that little girl and many strangers. Someone could have called the police, alerted them to what bus they were on and the direction they were travelling and had the police board and assist her. The EMS at very lease.

      • M

        Exactly!!!! You are so correct. A call to 911 or having the bus driver call….they have a direct line FYI would have caused no one any harm and would have ended this disgusting behavior. From the child’s response to her mothers behavior, you can tell she has been through this many times. Maybe now she will never have to take care of her mommy ever again. Disgusting!

      • gl

        Get behind the wheel later on ? She is taking the bus now !!!! She doesnt own a car .

    • Terez

      Yes it helped, it helped me realize how selfish and cruel people can be by ignoring something like this, for fear that someone would hurt them if they intervened. Remember your “beyond ridiculous irresponsible” post when you are in need of help…

      • Air Balloon

        There was a woman that beat her kid on a SEPTA bus. When another passenger intervened the woman called her boyfriend and they got automatic guns and shot at the SEPTA bus…nearly killing everyone on board as the bus driver pulled away and drove to the nearest local hospital…and this is why no one intervenes anymore.

    • Ed


    • Jane Yavis

      Using the same phone to call 911 would have helped too. I don’t know what I would have done,,,,,And I don’t blame anyone, but i the boyfriend got on the train and saw him taping the incident, wouldn’t it be just as risky? When you call 911, you aren’t that obvious.

  • Liz

    As a transplanted New Yorker living here for 12 years, the one thing I have observed is that I wouldn’t want to be in need of help from a stanger In Philadelphia. The lack of concern or empathy is unusual for me. In NYC someone would come to your aid in a second most of the time. Whether rich/poor, black/white – I’ve seen everyone walk past people clearly in need in Philly. I’ve actually seen a few of them get annoyed at the person in distress too. Not the City of Brotherly Love when it comes to kindness. Oh, and instead of filming, ask the driver to stop the bus and get her medical attention next time! That would not put you in harms way either! And…even if she is a drug addict, she is human.

    • Obviously you’re from the tonier parts of NYC and NOT the Bronx. Thanks for playing.

      • Liz

        I’ve seen it in the Bronx too…with a bit of a twist…they will help you up when you fall but they may pick pocket you too.

    • mable

      As a lifelong Philadelphian I’m sad that as a transplant you have not seen the “brotherly love” side of Philly. Trust me its there! This is one example. There are many good deeds that don’t make the internet pages of Philadelphia Magazine.

      • Liz

        Another example…in Rittenhouse, this super aggressive panhandler had a schtik – he was about 6 foot 4 and would yell and tower over women and men and demand money – they were so intimidated, they gave it to him. My barista friends at Starbucks said he wasn’t homeless and he does this all the time. I watched men (wealthy, working class, middle class) and women walk on by as if it wasn’t happening…and yes, I stepped in, he moved on and I haven’t seen him since. And no, I am not a vigilante…I evaluated the situation and made decisions accordingly. In Center City, in order to get immediate help, I would have had to say the guy had a gun. Otherwise, in the words of one police dispatcher…we got a big city, not enough cops, and what this guy was doing is not a priority.

        • Northeaster

          yea, there aren’t any mean homeless people in new york.

        • mable

          So wait. A guy was yelling at people to give them their money, using no weapon, they gave it to him?? Are you sure this was Philly? I would almost bet my next paycheck they those people who gave in were NOT Philadelphians. If this were West, North or South Philly the guy would have been beaten with a bat! Nice of you to step and I’m not sure what decisions you made but not many of us are intimidated by aggressive panhandlers especially to the point of giving money.

    • ryan9

      I totally agree Liz.

    • Northeaster

      Yea, except the guy who fell into the tracks on the subway in nyc and no one came to his aid until he got run over by the train.

      • Liz

        Something like that can happen so fast and jumping down on the tracks can mean eminent death for both if you don’t believe you are physically able to get back up – lots of info I would need before I would say bystanders did not help…apples and oranges compared to this mother on the bus…no eminent danger – the most they had to do was just tell the bus driver.

        • Northeaster

          He was there for two minutes, and he was at the side of the tracks, all he needed was a strong hand. Meanwhile, in this situation, you could easily have a bad situation on your hands if you step in. But of course, “no true New yorker” does bad things, just like no true scotsman does.

    • Liz

      I didn’t say ALL Philly is unkind. In a recent snow storm, a Septa bus driver stopped a bus and helped an elderly lady who fell in the snow – the right thing to do. I applaud him. At the same time, I did watch people on the same bus in West Philly get visibly annoyed at the delay. Or when a store window on Chestnut Street had been smashed. It was dangerous with jagged glass still loosely attached. I watched people walk by, police drive by and I was the only person who contacted the number on the door to advise the retailer of the issue. They thanked me and they had it boarded up in less than an hour. If I were on the bus, I wouldn’t think twice about helping this woman…because I am kind and empathetic – it takes one to know one. My observation of the majority of people I meet in Philly is they will stand on the sidelines and come up with some reason why it wasn’t in their best interest to help and do nothing – I am sorry to say, your posts confirm my observations so far…

      • Ken Hamilton

        Deal with it or go back to NYC.

    • Judy

      I tripped on a sidewalk in West Center City. Went down head first and slammed my head on the concrete. Three strangers came running to see if I was okay. Two white women walking across the street and one black man at the corner.. They waited to see if I could get up and if I needed help. But they did not hesitate for one second!

      • Elizabeth Trasmundi

        Great to hear….I know a white, affluent woman who is about 72 who fell near the Kimmel Center…knocked out her one of her front teeth…people looked at her and were commenting on why it was her fault she fell and was injured… no one helped her up and she walked herself to the hospital…. glad to hear that was not the case for you.

  • Terez

    No Excuse Mr Warren, you should have turned the camera off…

  • KDragon

    As a reminder, there are MANY conditions that can cause this type of disorientation/behavior, including blood sugar problems in diabetes and some forms of epilepsy. Assuming that a person is on drugs (and judging them, as a result) can delay getting them potentially life-saving help. If you see someone acting like this, alert the nearest police officer, firefighter, etc., or call 911. Please!

    As to the people watching this unfold… if you see something, you have a human responsibility to try and take some action. If you’re not comfortable intervening personally, that’s fine. Call 911. Alert the bus driver. But DO SOMETHING. Don’t just sit there filming it for almost 5 LONG MINUTES and then try to pass off responsibility for your actions because after you stopped filming you say you told the bus driver. Those 5 minutes could mean life or death in a diabetic emergency, a stroke, or an overdose.

    Instead of judging, take some action people! Even if it plays out that she was on drugs (and that’s by no means proven here yet), she is still someone’s mother, someone’s daughter… worthy of help and compassion.

    • RightsTough

      Yeah, I’ll take some action and end up on the short end of a letter from Chuck Peruto Jr. and his merry band of litigators! No thanks. Didn’t you get the memo at the last meeting? It’s every man for themselves.

      • KDragon

        How sad for you, to let someone like Peruto make you so afraid of life and your fellow humans. The only way people like him “win” is when other people let him. I choose to remain human and compassionate.

        • RightsTough

          Dragon, you are terrific. We’re all proud of you. Now get home, take out your little hammer and build bird houses until Monday morning.

          • KDragon

            What a wonderful, helpful, and mature reply, Rights. Definitely raised the level of dialogue on here! Troll away to your heart’s content, Little Man.

          • RightsTough

            Thank you for the nice words. While I may be small in stature I am head of the Mental Health Department at a major Philadelphia hospital. I have diagnosed YOU and I have offered you sound advice. Now go ruin the rest of your husband’s weekend!

          • Social Worker SMH

            Hey Rights, just because you have been IN the Mental Health Department for a long time as a resident, that doesn’t make you the “head”, anymore than my 15 surgeries make me a candidate to have M.D. after my name. Gallbladder need removed anyone?

          • RightsTough

            Point taken. Okay, I since I am clearly exposed it’s time to come clean. I wash the floors at a mental health facility but I feel like a member of the team!!

          • Social Worker SMH

            At least you are an amusing troll. =) By the way, wrong form of “since”. It should have been “sense.” You are exposing your lack of education too.

          • Ladyf8

            Actually, the correct form is since. I am not agreeing with Mr. Rights in any aspect whatsoever and am not defending him in any way, but I felt that needed corrected.

          • ladyf8

            Actually, the correct form is “since”. I am not agreeing with Mr. Rights in any aspect whatsoever and am not defending him in any way, but I felt that needed corrected. He used it as a conjunction. I’m not trying to be rude to you in any way , nor am I trying to give you any grammar lessons. Mr. Rights has already made himself look pretty bad on here. I just don’t want him to make himself look any worse by using improper grammar too. It looks as if he is struggling enough to keep his ego afloat. I’m not sure he could withstand much more humiliation.

          • RightsTough

            Thanks for agreeing with all aspects of my posts Lady and thank you for the nice words. You clearly have a stranglehold on my id, ego and super ego. Well done.

          • RightsTough

            Thanks for the nice words. It’s a good lesson for the kids out there that even Ivy League educated folks like myself can be prone to grammatical errors here and there. I remember an undergrad teacher at Dartmouth telling me “not to rush”when writing white papers. In grad school one of the Harvard professors I worked withed with use to reinforce the value of semantics and proper sentence structure. Now a professor at UPenn myself I stress the importance of owning one’s mistakes: I MADE AN ERROR!. It happens every couple years and I am embarrassed that I exposed this error in such a critical and public forum. The tolerance you have all shown is remarkable. Thank You.

          • Barbi

            Im sorry but last time I checked , there was never another form of “since” being “sence”?

          • KDragon is a heath professional. I mean, a dental hygienist counts as one, right?

        • JB

          This child (her daughter obviously), is very used to her mother’s behavior. She was not worried or upset or crying out for help. This was very “normal” for her to see her mother this way. But, I still would have called 911.

          • Branden Leider

            Oh Ok so lets just leave a 6 year old to deal with that

        • Ken Hamilton

          That still doesn’t change the hassle, disruption and COST to defend yourself and clear your name from that type of slimebag, it’s safer to mind your own business, especially when it involves an obvious junkie

      • Beth Hun

        I hope nothing ever happens to you and someone with your attitude is sitting there just “watching” it unfold. Helping someone never hurt anyone.

        • RightsTough

          Thanks Hon!

          • Beth Hun

            My Pleasure!

          • RightsTough

            What are you wearing?

    • matthew brandley

      you nailed it! as a former emt I would have called 911 and have them intervene and stop the bus regardless if the bus would have been late. Good samaritan laws protect people who call 911 in cases like this. So sad that people are so self centered and would not even think of getting involved. I have taken that bus thousands of times and have seen it all. I would have not even hesitated to call 911 on something like this.

      • RightsTough

        You have seen it all? How many times did you call 911?

        • matthew brandley

          ah another douche bag so quick to judge other people. tell ya what smart ass. I use to work for medtrans /amr abmbulance a s emt transporting patients in every part of phila and doing emergency calls your ignorant ass wouldnt have the balls to step foot in. from the badlands , north philly west philly s w philly south philly center city you name it . been there done it seen it. Also vol doing 911 at a squad in bucks country and 8 of those 10 years was as a line officer while working as a emt in the city for amr. So again would you care do do or argue to tell me I havent seen everything?

          • RightsTough

            Matt, try the decaf! I said you HAVE seen it all. Read the post! While I appreciate you transcribing your linked in page to me you still haven’t answered my question (actually you deflected like many men do when they feel inferior but that’s okay). The question was: How many times did you – Philly’s finest and bravest – call 911 in situations like the one that included this little girl and her “disoriented” mother?

            ME? I would have stepped up and handled this situation like Batman. I put the kids first. It’s how I was raised. It’s who I am to the core of my being. But that’s me. I take control of a situation yet I don’t need to stroke myself on some retarded blog board!

            Do us all a favor now and review the first 15 years of your life in your next post so we all know how great you’ve always been!

          • KDragon

            Umm… I think someone may have hacked your account, Batman… Aren’t you the same one who posted in your reply to me that you’d never take action because you were afraid of being sued? I believe the exact quote was:

            “Yeah, I’ll take some action and end up on the short end of a letter from Chuck Peruto Jr. and his merry band of litigators! No thanks. Didn’t you get the memo at the last meeting? It’s every man for themselves.”

            Before you start going of on a first responder who doesn’t NEED to call 911… because he IS 911… at least keep your own story straight.

          • Nfl All Day

            KDragon your right on point with everything you’re saying. I’m sorry you have to face this amount of name calling, and abuse, in a chat room full of people who are so used to screaming at reality tv characters that they dont know how to switch on their common courtesy in a public forum.

            And that was also the problem on the bus. Too many bystanders with front row seats to a live reality tv show. As sad as this situation is, the behavior and lack of human decency shown, not only by the riders on the bus, but also the commenters of this forum, is indicative of a crumbling society. Unwilling to reach out to a fellow human except to push them to the ground so they can continue to look down upon them, and in turn feel better about themselves.

            Amazing to think the posters on the Eagles page here at PhillyMag show each other more respect, and argue with fewer slurs and curses than your average person on a local news page. What a time we live in…

          • Ken Hamilton

            She’s a junkie, and deserves nothing but what she got. She did it to herself, no one FORCED her to stick needles in her arm for laughs and giggles!

          • HowieGambleChipsAllDay

            Little late to the party there kung fu…

          • Ken Hamilton

            I returned to the article after another bleeding heart commented on a post I made earlier.

          • LookLikeTarzanPlayLikeTarzanAl

            My comment was in support of the poster, not the chick on the bus. Crawl back in your hole please. Thanks

      • Ken Hamilton

        And you should get a beat down for stopping the bus, what about the others on the bus?

    • sameso

      I wholeheartedly agree with you, and in an ideal world people would always step in when they see situations like this. It is much easier to pass by and see everyone else sitting there and say “well, THEY can help her….” It is a sad way for people to be, but it seems that many are hardwired to be in order to protect themselves.

      Unfortunately, it is apparent that that girl is all too used to her mother’s behavior… she wasn’t upset to see her mother disoriented at all, and was even taking a parentified role, taking care of her mother. Hopefully this family will get the help they need – whether the issue is mental health or physically related.

      • barbi

        You hit the bull right on the nerve with ” the little girl taking a parental role”. She is more aware that she knew this was gonna be another one of moms episodes, where shes gotta look out for herself and mom to get home safe.

    • ccx7

      This woman was high on herion or some sort of opiate. I know the behavior all too well. You are very ignorant if you think that this mother was suffering from a clinical disease.

      • even if she was on the nod you’re not going to help? she had a kid

        • KDragon

          Have you ever seen a diabetic on the verge of shock? I have, on a number of occasions with a close family member. It looks just like this. Likewise, I have a friend whose epilepsy looks an awful lot like this. And yes, I also have a family member whose addiction to opiates looks like this.

          My point, though, is that IT DOESN’T MATTER. You are still dealing with a human being in trouble and a CHILD.

          • we’re on the same page, lady. It doesn’t matter if she was on the nod or sick… she had a kid. do something!

          • Ken Hamilton

            NO, Mind your own business, that’s what should be done

          • Yeah my MOM has Diabetes you stupid idiot, when she goes into a crash she doesn’t re-animate 2 inches before she face-plants and nods off immediately after she becomes upright, over and over in a cycle. It’s called the “doper dip”. Let’s cut to a clip of MOM OF THE YEAR from 2013, shall we? -> https://scontent-iad.xx.fbcdn.net/hvideo-frc3/v/t42/1619923_10152822856917788_2061034911_n.mp4?oh=38ad36761d2ced191b8906b85059014b&oe=531A89FD

          • Janine Wilson

            Yep when my blood sugar dropped while I was pregnant with gestaional diabetes in hospital I looked somewhat like her, luckily I was already in hospital on the maternity ward. Help came very fast.

          • PEE Diddy


          • Melissa Clair

            Why the hell do you have to be so rude calling complete strangers stupid idiots. Maybe you should work on some tact, because you have none

          • Because people who don’t know shit about junkies and don’t ride SEPTA and have to put up with it suddenly have all the answers.

          • Poser Hunter

            He does it because she’s a stupid idiot you moron.

          • Parrishon

            You are so right!! Who yells at their child but not anyone else in the middle of a seizure or diabetic shock? She is picking up her purse reacting to people touches for her to move so others can get by. She is high.

          • Jimmy

            Why do you have to be abusive to somebody who has a valid point? You sound like an idiot, and you look like one too with that dumb ass cowboy hat on.

          • Kelly Ginger

            Your the idiot! Your judging a 5 minutes clip that you know nothing about except that a women doesn’t look normal, her child is the only person attempting to help her on a bus full of people and some sick lunatic is video taping it instead of calling 911 to help this women. And now you want to call some one an idiot because of how they look and call them call them names for wearing a cowboy hat??? Wow you are special all right!

          • Jimmy

            shut the fuck up you dumb bitch, nobody likes gingers anyway.

          • Keara

            Kind of ironic how you called someone an idiot and misspelled the word “you’re”

          • PEE Diddy


          • Ken Hamilton

            Help a junkie? I think not, they brought their own problems on by their own actions.

          • alegna

            The point she is making is that our first instinct shouldn’t be to judge and try to determine what is wrong and accuse her. We see something is wrong, we should get help.

          • Amys

            Your insane if you think she hypoglycemic!

          • Branden Leider

            What does it matter you fucking idiot? Drugs or not, they left a SMALL CHILD in that situation!!! How well would you have adapted if you were 6 or 7 years old?

          • people of septa

            I live with a diabetic. Low blood sugar looks worse than this. More like death. This looks like a junkie.

          • aj5

            But you dont “come to” eith a shake or your daughter yelling our stop when in a diabetic shock you need medical attention via a injection etc… so im sorry althouh I agree with you by saying these things happen and can cause that type of behavior it clearly s not the case here. Saddens me that not one person on that bus helped that little girl not one not even the lady sitting next to the mom taking pictures.

          • Natalia

            Yeah sorry that’s def DOPE! She’s noddin’ out hard. I have blood sugar problems and I don’t look anything like that. Have friends who are diabetic and don’t look like that. Heroin is a huge epidemic right now. It’s outta hand…something’s gotta give. It’s not only a disgrace to let your child see you like that but then to put your child in harm’s way is disgusting. I’d bet my life she brought her kid to wherever she got her fix from too ’cause clearly it hit her on the bus ride back. So sad. There’s millions of people trying to have kids but can’t and here we have this scumbag of a mother dragging her kid around the city for a cheap high.

          • Maria

            This child was all too familiar with her mom NODDING out on dope for this to have been a medical emergency.. the child would have been a lil more alarmed.. notice how she’s used to the behavior???

          • Kourtnie Bonk

            I suffer from Narcolepsy with Cataplexy many people have thought I was on something in the middle of an attack. I once also had a bad reaction to an anti anxiety medicine that put in in a similar condition.

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          • katiee

            yup, see how she kept pushing her head back up? she probably gets high in front of her kid(s) all the time. poor girl, child services need to be called on that piece of crap mother.

          • Nodding off is a medical emergency.
            That’s how people die on heroin, one of the first things that happen is they nod off

          • Ken Hamilton

            Good, one less junkie on the streets sucking up public dollars for something THEY brought on themselves

          • shlala
          • alphanon
          • Ryan James Wilkie

            ?????…hoping that is fake….

          • Ryan James Wilkie

            ?????…i feel that is fake…..

          • Ken Hamilton

            Yeah RIGHT!

          • patti livernash

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            old Audi allroad Wagon by working off of a macbook… look at this site B­u­z­z­3­4­.­ℂ­o­m

          • Christina Arena

            Well if she was on the verge of a diabetic shock, instead of yelling at her kid to stop trying to push her out of the middle of the isle, why didn’t she ask for help?, that woman was high and I would have called the police, obviously the man needed proof and got what he needed to have action taken. I am not judging anyone, I am calling it what it is and I thank God he is watching over that little girl and she is now out of that situation, which she wouldn’t have been taken if that woman would have shown proof of diabetes, God watches over all of us and and I pray for that woman to straighten out her life and that little girl grows up KNOWING God.

          • Lucilletheguitar

            How do you know the kid was taken???

          • BoJangles

            Agreed, you don’t have a clue. Try coming out of your artificial office and ride SEPTA and see this all too common occurrence…

          • PEE Diddy

            HEROIN……….I was a cop for 20 years and that was NOT anything but a JUNKY

          • Dukes

            Someone on the verge of diabetic shock quickly deteriorates. They don’t do the “heroin nod” for a full 5 minutes, then get off a bus and go wherever. Don’t you think they would have followed up in the article and said the woman went into shock after she exited the bus?

          • alegna

            Yes. Moral of the story. Our instinct should be to HELP FIRST. But instead our first instinct is video tape and judge. I understand what you are saying and I hope more people do too.

        • Ken Hamilton


      • RightsTough

        BINGO! She wasn’t “disoriented” – she’s stoned and selfish!

      • wiselatina2theright

        That doesn’t matter why..the bottom line is that there was a scared little girl on a public bus with a mom who was incapacitated. The fact that every adult there didn’t care enough to stop and call for help is just despicable. But what can you expect from Philly?

        • Air Balloon

          Really? Because New Yorkers walked by a DEAD homeless person for hours and did NOT call the police. I know if I saw a dead person in Center City I’d call the cops…

      • Melissa Clair

        Some of the comments on this post are really rude. I don’t understand why people have to try and insult other peoples intelligence when they don’t agree with what a person says. The whole point of the op’s post was to point out the fact that we are not doctors, and should always call for help when someone is acting like this, no matter what! It doesn’t matter if the daughter was used to this, this is child neglect, and the daughter should be put somewhere where she will be better taken care of.

        • Ken Hamilton

          It’s called Minding your own business, more people should try it!

        • Chad Wolfe

          Ignore Ken, ignore the rude and clearly ignorant people. Truly, the only intelligent act is to intervene, not question why it’s done. Regardless of why it happened, it happened, and obviously more than once. Those who judge other’s because they think they know everything are foolish and closed minded, they could all be right and nobody would ever know. What we all know is that treating children that way is wrong, and if someone is going to let it happen then they are themselves evil, allowing more evil to come into the world. Do not let such things happen, things should be peaceful and nice, because that’s the way people like it. Even those made of evil like it, because we’re human. We like happiness, and only those that are jealous act like they don’t. Give what you can to the world, the future depends on every living being to do what they can.

          “Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You, ask what you can do for your country” – John F. Kennedy

      • Tina Vinluan

        You are right. I just watched it. You can tell the mother is high and the little girl is used to seeing her this way. If the mother was having some kind of a medical issue the child would be very upset seeing her mother in this condition. I hope they take that kid from her and find someone who wants to take care of her.

      • John D.

        Do keep telling yourself that.

      • Patricia A. Hillman

        addiction is a clinical disease!

        • Jamie A

          That’s one theory. I’d say..it’s just a problem. :P

        • Ken Hamilton

          Bull, who told her to stick a needle in her arm for laughs and giggles

        • Ken Hamilton

          Your part of the reason that Junkies are considered disabled, they’re no more disabled than my left foot is. They brought it on themselves by sticking a needle in their arm for laughs and giggles.

      • gary

        Hey CCX7, I hate to tell you, but I am hypoglycemic, and if and when my blood sugar drops too low, I look exactly the same! I have passed out before and woken up trying to figure out what the heck happened.

        • Jamie A

          This could be possible. Not sure how old the child is. It stinks that people have to suffer like this with whatever is happening to this woman. She just needs to get better so she can protect her child until she gets older! I hope it works out this way.

      • johnee

        And you know this how?

      • alegna

        She’s just making the point, you shouldn’t be so quick to judge. The situation doesn’t need judgement it just needs attention from the police. But I agree with you… she’s clearly messed up on something. But the thing is… there will be other situations like this, and we all need to learn from this… get help before you judge.

      • lisa

        You are very ignorant to assume she is on drugs, wont you feel like an arse when you find out it is something else.

        • Ken Hamilton

          and… won’t you feel like one when you find out that it was drug related and all she is, is a useless junkie

      • Poser Hunter

        As an insulin dependent person, I can only say you are ignorant of most and all conditions that could cause this. I’m 65 years old. Stop being so judgmental. I was a certified drug and alcohol counselor for the government and I know more than you do.

    • Tina Vinluan

      I agree. Someone should have done something. Shame on ALL of you! This man took a 4 min. video and did nothing but tape it. Really? They are just as bad as the mom by NOT helping them or the child!

      • Barbi

        Exactly! Not only did he take the video, he posts it to facebook. And you know it was more about how many likes he was expecting for it!

        • Ken Hamilton

          What part of JUNKIE don’t you get? She did it to herself

    • shlala
    • shlala
      • Toni

        I can understand what the woman above (KDragon) is trying to say about the fact that the bottom line is someone should have called for help and why Christopher, above, would get frustrated and call her an idiot as well. Not that I agree with calling the woman names but when there is a level of frustration that comes with seeing this when you stop and think to yourself, “ANYONE who knows a junkie nod, KNOW this woman was high. As for the “don’t judge” part KDragon…..tell the woman not to get high and come out in public where her young child is forced to be the one in control, if you don’t want to be judged!!! And then the fact that the scumbag yells at the girl, “I KNOW” when she tries to tell “Mama” that the bus has reached their stop. This little girl is all too familiar with the mother’s behavior. I do, however, find it disgusting that NO ONE stepped in to ask the little girl is she okay, do you want me to call someone or the fact that they didn’t. And as for the POS mother’s response above, kick rocks bitch! SHE’s getting sick of people!!! How dare she. If she thinks we, as fellow humans, believe this was the first time she got high, then she’s been high too long. So you’ve never been that way around your child…..BULLSHIT! Your daughter behaved liked this was the norm for her.

    • shlala
    • IdiotDetector

      First of all. Who the fuck are you to tell someone “they have a human responsibility to help”?

      Why don’t you fly your pompous morally superior ass to where she lives and get her some fucking help, instead of coming to a message board to exert your moral superiority over others.

      No one has any responsibility, moral or otherwise to help -anyone-.

      Jesus Christ. You’re a self righteous cunt, who should feel ashamed for acting better than other people and preaching what -they- should have done.

      It’s easy to say you’d do something in hindsight, or when the situation didn’t happen to you. A lot harder to do something.

    • Jordan

      Hahaha..she is high on heroin, end of fucking story..she’s a junkie, simple as that, you can tell the condition she is in too..if she just had a problem with diabetese anything like that..she would still look pretty average appearance, to busy getting high all the time to pay attention to that!! My ex girl used to have both conditions u spoke about n never suffered like this..drug fuelled, not cause of a condition haha..fuck sake man, this guy is a hero..put her in the slammer where she belongs, doesnt deserve a child!!!!

    • making_pie

      WHAT!?? Alert a police officer?????? Are you retarded, or just a complete MORON!???? YOU DON’T CALL THE POLICE!! THOSE EVIL PIGS WOULD END UP KILLING HER!!!!! WAKE UP!!!

    • Steve Mattes

      Make all the justifications you want. What is proven is this: She was on a Frankford line SEPTA bus. Also, the child acts as if this is normal. No crying, screaming, etc. I cant say with a 100% certainty but ODDS ARE – she was high. I am a recovering addict and have seen this often. Thanks. bye

    • PEE Diddy

      That was straight up HEROIN…PERIOD…Look up “Junky” and THAT girls photo is there giving the “thumbs up” stop with the PC garbage and call it what it is

      • Kimberly Adams Stahl

        I agree with you on the HERION! Can you also agree somebody should have done something? I can’t stand these addicts and really can not understand why that if done once can kill you or be hooked for life why you would do it in the first place? It is happening younger and younger and with the doctors prescribing all this junk because parenting and morals have gone down the crapper. You can’t tell me a good reason that more than 60% of children these days are medicated. I prepped medical documents for a living and these kids were on some toxic doses of PHARMACEUTICAL crap and then the nasty cycle begins! We have created a zombie bastard society!

        • Ken Hamilton

          No we can’t, because you don’t know what a junkie might do to you if you tried to help, you could end up with a knife in your chest

    • Nikki Malicious

      any one who has lived in philly for 6 months or longer learns what an addict looks like. they’re every where. either we have the highest rate of diabetes in the entire world at an alarming rate or it’s the all too common and easily available option b. the city if rife with it. take septa for one week and tell me if your opinion is still the same. i do agree that something should have been said/done to help the girl, but if you keep digging you see that it was and that DHS has removed the child for the time being. this video is what did that. it has almost 85000 shares on facebook.

    • newjoy

      You are correct. Yes she could have been high, but she just as well been suffering from a seizure, stroke, diabetic problem or many other life-threatening afflictions. @ Maria — I have seen a person suffering from a TIA (mini-stroke) while her children laughed at her because they thought she was acting crazy. It shouldn’t matter what the problem could be, she had a child with her and the child needed help.

    • Ken Hamilton

      Oh Well, sucks to be a junkie

    • The truth

      I grew up with a diabetic father, I know the signs of insulin shock, I retired as a officer I seen the effects of heroin and pills.I dealt with idiots who were on drugs driving then claimed they were diabetic, just to have a medic come to location and after testing sugar told me their sugar was fine, This mother is on some sort of drug, nothing medical here. I have went along with DHS (them calling for a assist) to take children off of parents, the result is they leave the child in the custody of the parent 9 out of 10 times. It is ashame about the daughter growing up with her mother on drugs, Most likly she’ll follow her mothers footsteps but what would you like for the bus driver to do?
      think of all the time wasted on calling 911,police officer tie him up for 8 hours, medic tie up for a hour transporting. Hopefully DHS takes the child away, doesn’t just give her to the grand parents and this mother gets the ultimate high (dead) and stops being another burden on the government. other passengers did the right thing, ignored it, it’s not their responsibility to care for a child this mother had because she isn’t responsible and would rather get her fix then care for her child, she made her choice. Guy who recorded it helped that little girl then you would ever know! he documented it. Now junkie has to explain herself.

    • Jon Palmer

      Thank you. I knew if I read through enough of these comments I would find someone using logic and kindness. Most of these comments are speculative, not to mention judgmental and smug.

      • Ken Hamilton

        So this junkie DIDN’T do it to herself? Who forced her it stick needles in her arm for laughs and giggles.

        • Jon Palmer

          Thank you for proving my point with your speculative, judgmental and smug statement making assumptions without any proof.
          Until further information is revealed, you are only guessing.

  • Ave Maria Pospieck-Schnerr

    sorry, but I agree 100% that SOMEONE on the bus should have intervened…especially bc there was a child involved!!…wth…I would not be thinking about myself at a time like that…it is all about the innocent child…that disgusting excuse for a mother should NEVER be able to have custody of her daughter again!….

    • gl

      Never have custody again ? Thats a lot extreme. You going to save the world too by rounding up all the children whose patents are on drugs and separating parents from childs ? What kind of solution is that ? You can take your foot out of your mouth now.

  • Andrew Thompson

    I’m not sure where all this opprobrium is coming from, and I’m curious what everyone thinks strangers on the bus should have done.

    • wk

      Call the cops/EMS and they would be able to board the bus and assist her without someone having to confront her themselves. It’s not that hard…

      • bc

        Believe it or not Mr. Warren is a father himself, hard to believe he could be that pathetic& selfish not to help a child! Total POS, a call to 911 would have taken less time then his post on facebook. But he is more worried about Taco Bell starting a breakfast menu according to his facebook. Does anyone know if is true the police & dhs were notified.

    • KDragon

      quite simply, call 911 to get her help and to rescue her child.

      • Andrew Thompson

        So she can become part of the revolving door of DHS?

        • gl

          Yeah the DHS . They have been getting alot of great press lately. Incompetence as it best . That organization is just another money grab from the people of philadelphia .

        • Beth Hun

          I’ll take the child and DHS doesn’t have to pay me a dime !! I don’t know why everything has to be about money, there doesn’t have to be a revolving door, the mother can get the help she needs and when DHS feels she can go back to her Mom then she can.

          • gl

            This conversation has gone beyond the point of reality. Feel free to save the world and take in the thousands of children into your home. Really ? Geeesh .

      • Ken Hamilton

        It’s called ” MINDING YOUR OWN DAMNED BUSINESS” that’s why no one helped

    • Beth Hun

      If I had been on the bus I would have moved and sat next to the little girl and let her know everything was going to be ok, then I would have tried to talk to the woman, if I was getting no response I would call 911, I would have stayed with them until I knew they had the help they needed…period !

      • gl

        There was no need to sit next to the little girl and tell her things will be ok because the little girl has been through this before ( as people have pointed out already ) . The little girl didnt need anyones help. She was doing fine alone taking care of her mother. Shes been through this before ! I did not see any signs of the little girl being in any kind of distress.

        • Beth Hun

          any child with a parent who can NOT function to take care of them needs help….who cares how many times this poor child has gone through this, she has gone through this one too many times !

        • innerbeauty

          You know what they say about assumptions! It saddens me how quickly people judge. The child’s calmness is not indicative of “being through this before”. It’s indicative of her age. You would know if you studied psychology. Children don’t have a panic response and children are more “monkey see monkey do”. So when a child is not feeling well, a mother comforts, to the child, her mother didn’t appear well. Please don’t jump the gun without the facts! The only fact is, is that someone should’ve stepped in an help. Regardless of what was going on with the mom.

  • Felice

    I cannot believe how disgusting some people can be. To not help and ignore the situation- especially the ‘woman’ on the left is appalling. How can people in good conscience not do anything? I hope the trash- esp the idiot on the left shown on the video- have their day- what comes around, goes around

  • RightsTough

    This poor kid!! No shot in this life.

  • RightsTough

    If you listen closely you can hear the kid say, “God I wish Casey Anthony were my mother”.

    • KDragon

      I cannot honestly believe that anyone would say such a horrible thing. Think twice.

      • RightsTough

        KDragon: Do you really believe that this “Mother” was suffering from a clinical disease? If you do, I have an “original” Lichtenstein print I’d like to sell you! Drop the PC nonsense! Get it together!

    • Barbi


  • KDragon

    Why are we so trained to judge first and only act if someone’s condition is one that we deem “worthy”? Or “not their fault”? If you saw a person fall down, hit their head, and then act like this, would you have intervened and called 911? If you saw an elderly person act like this, would you call 911? Why is it any different that in this case you don’t know what caused the symptoms? The point is that it’s not our business to know and judge – only to respond to what we can see before us. Turn off the video and call 911.


  • Beth Hun

    I saw this video on FB and my first thought was why isn’t anyone helping this woman and her child ? Anyone of the people on that bus could have at least tried, the woman needed medical attention no mater what the cause and the little girl was in danger because her “mama” was not in any shape to protect and take care of her. I pray they are ok and I pray that this gets out there and people start actually helping others. Remember the old saying “it takes a village”. this woman was called a junkie on FB, I hate that word and I hate that assumption, she could have a serious medical condition, the child was never confronted to see if she was ok. If this was my daughter and granddaughter I would pray that someone would reach out and help. Did the woman have a cell phone, im sure any one of her contacts could have gotten in touch with a family member.

    • Ken Hamilton

      A Junkie, kid should have been taken a LONG time ago

  • Ivan__Drago

    I love the rush to judgement to blame the other bus riders for not doing anything. First of all, who rides a bus in 2014? They are for 14 year olds and restaurant workers below the rank of busboy.

    If I was a used car dealership, I’d make a promo out of this video, OD’d on the bus? Get a new ride through us! No credit, No problem!

    • Jason

      quit trolling kiddo

  • Krystal Casperite

    She is a disgrace of a mother……. she doesn’t deserve to have her child or any other children. I hope that child goes to a better home and if she has any more kids I hope they do as well. she should be locked up and taught a lesson. no child deserves to go through that. I guess that’s what happens when your on drugs you don’t care for your childs needs. she is digusting and shouldn’t even be called a mother!!!!! That man who shot this video did a great thing he was the only one who did anything and as for the woman next to her how I ss she just gonna add sit there look and laugh and take a picture that’s just horrible. someone should have called 911

  • Dorothy Williams

    And the sad part is that absolutely no one got on their cell phone and called the police, the driver didn’t flash the sign outside the bus that someone neede help. This is how callous the hearts of so may are these days!!! The will laugh, snicker and talk trash, but no one would put a REAL effort to help!!! NOT EVEN FOR THE SAKE OF THE CHILD. SMDH!!!!

    • Ken Hamilton

      Not for a junkie

  • Sweet T

    Kensington is a huge heroin hot zone in Phila.

  • gl

    If this reporter, Victor Fiorillo, thinks this is shocking. Obviously he is out of touch with society around him. There are people on drugs all the time that ride septa. This goes on all the time. Its posted every where every day. Maybe this reporter should write a story on himself on how out of touch he is with society. Go ride septa, victor fiorillo, and you will find this type of behavior all the time. The riders are all to common to witness it to call it shocking.

    • vfiorillo

      This reporter will tell you that he rides SEPTA all the time. Trolleys, the EL, buses, the subway. And I have seen plenty. And yes, this is shocking.

  • Thomas Hawk

    Anyone can talk a big game and say they would have done this or that, I am sure the day before this video was filmed everyone on the bus would say the same thing if they was Monday morning quarterbacking…..

  • ANON

    similar incident here in boston area …no child involved however talked to the bus driver …his response was ” she gets on the bus just as you do standing up straight and comes home every night like that, as he takes a turn woman falls on the floor , people try to help she yells at them , get off the bus and she is still falling over …I see a police man and tell him she may need help his response was ” oh her , shes like that all the time she will be fine ” and walks away ….this man did what he did to help the child ! stop judging him …he did more than anyone else on that bus …put the blame where the blame lies ! with the woman ! obviously that child has been through it before as she reacts like a parent would to a child !

  • people of septa

    This is a junkie! They’re all over this route. Diabetes isn’t dipping out on H. Get a clue lady. This trash bag should lose her guardian rights. Absolutely disgusting.

  • wiselatina2theright

    Warren..you sir are a coward. You should have immediately demanded that the driver stop. Warren should have called 911. Don’t need the bus driver’s permission. That little girl must have been scared as well even though she was trying to help her incapacitated mother. The fact that so many adults were around them witnessing this and no one helped them is sure to leave a scar on that little girl’s soul. Everyone who was on that bus and did nothing…should be ASHAMED.

    • shlala

      hellllooooo – he did a hell of a lot more than anyone else on the bus did! wtf?!

  • Natalie

    No excuse. Do not sit and film something instead of helping….no matter what was wrong with the woman. And if you really cared about people, why would you ever post this online? Share with authorities to get help after, sure but someone posting this online for everyone to see didn’t really care about her just wanted a good video to share so others can make fun of this woman and judge her. Agree that there are many things that can cause absurd behavior and disorientation. You never know and should err on the side of getting help. I have stopped and helped people multiple times in the city. Takes very little time to let the bus driver know or call someone.

    • Ken Hamilton

      You’re full of it, the only thing that causes this behavior is being a junkie

  • sellyg

    I work in center city and this is all to common of people coming from the Methadone clinic. I see people with infants in coaches and toddlers sitting at the busy curb waiting for their mothers to finish up. Then they get on the bus or el with these children and they are so out of it. This is nothing new only that someone caught it on camera. People shouldn’t be allowed to receive their treatment if they have small children with them.

  • Nelly

    Really?? Why didn’t anyone help? .take a trip down to 12th & Market, plenty of kids in need of help, while their Mommies & Daddies are dipping out. They are there all day, every day…watching their parents dipping out, getting cursed at & smoke blown in their faces. Who is going to help? the same system that gives their parents the Methadone, OUR Government…smh

  • SPSWebb

    I totally agree with what is being said that it should not matter if the person is high or sick, but it’s the bystander effect. Some may think someone else is going to help and there is a fear that if you do anything that something bad is going to happen. If I were on that bus I would have no choice but to help because that’s just the right thing to do and I am a mandated reporter for the state. I would have gotten in trouble if anyone would have found out I was on the bus and did nothing about the situation.

    • Ken Hamilton

      And no one would have know that your a “mandated reporter” if you didn’t tell anyone

  • MB Schaeffer

    I can see how people may want to give her the benefit of the doubt, but I’ve seen people dipping on heroin a million times before and thats exactly what this is and it’s apparent that the little girl has become accustomed to having to play the role of care taker. The first time she tried to get her mom’s attention, she yelled to leave her alone… because her daughter was ruining her buzz. The poor little girl was so worried about getting all the bags and not missing the stop… it’s obvious she’s done this 100 times before. I have a daughter the same age and if it was her and I on the bus, grabbing and carrying bags would be the last thing she’d think about because *I* am the mom and I am the one who carries all their crap plus my crap and any other crap that needs to be carried. If I was on that bus, that little girl wouldn’t have gotten off the stop with her mother. I would have kept her with me until the police could have met me at a stop. Anything could have happened when they left the bus and they could have been killed.

    • innerbeauty

      It’s not apparent. Children that young don’t have a “panic” response. The child’s sense of “calm” is not indicative of anything more than her age. It’s annoying to see so many posts from people making assertions about what they do not know. No one KNOWS anything about this mother or daughter except what is in the papers. Everything else is foolish gossip. I pray for both mother and daughter.

  • justlive111 .

    She was obviously on dope; you’ve got the head nod, the dead stare, sick look, she was most likely having the cold sweats from taking to much just by looking at how pale and ghost white she was, I’m surprised the movement of the bus alone didn’t have her throwing up. The reality is a sad one that is for sure. But the more we work together and stop seeing each other as strangers the sooner we can help with this matter. On a miniscule level it may not look like a lot, but remember all it takes is One. Be the change that you want to see, and truly be it!! Don’t just talk about it, anyone can do that. Coming from a recovering addict of being clean 4 years; stay strong and act positively. You never know when one small action can change a person’s life.

    • Ken Hamilton

      Yippee for you junkie, don’t care how long you’ve been clean. Once a junkie always one

      • justlive111 .

        Well hello sir, and thank for you due diligence in your statement. You
        have actually made a very valid statement; no really you have. It is an
        every day struggle and I would love to be able to see everyone as a
        whole on the same page about this situation. Thank you kind sir for your
        input, you may have helped thousands of people now!! :)

        • Ken Hamilton

          and you should never be viewed any better than that, junkie

          • justlive111 .

            Are you on one right now? The way you act towards others is why our society as a whole is the way it is. You are the problem my friend, not the drugs, not the stigmas or anything attached to that. Your mind set is the mind set of a failure. That is sad, but you’ve made your bed and you can lie in it like have been for all this time. Nothing that you have said is relevant to the issue at hand. On top of that attacking me as a person is morally wrong. But hey, I guess you missed the boat on what is morally correct or incorrect. That’s okay, no one is ever to far gone :)

          • Ken Hamilton

            How about this then to get back on point, the only help she should have gotten was to be thrown from the bus, preferably while it was moving, one junkie problem solved

          • justlive111 .

            WOW.. that is very interesting. Your thought process is a little off base sir. ummmm, hmmmm well sir I do believe that the issue was more about the child’s safety. I don’t think throwing her off the bus would have actually helped the issue, it would have just put a little band-aid on the passengers of that vehicle.

          • justlive111 .

            This is about the kid my friend, not about the junkie. She is what she is and she made her bed as well. I’m not justifying her by any means. She showed a major neglect for her child. But we as a the people of this country need to stand up together and not let this kind of stuff happen. If you see it, report it or escalate to whatever means you need. This is our world and we need to shape it before others do!!

  • San Diego

    Thats HEROIN, not diabetes but more importantly YES – CALL 911 – you wont have to worry about the person being confrontational because they are lit up on HEROIN. Very very sad. I HATE drugs.

  • larinsky

    you know what is the most disgusting thing about this? The fact people are fighting. yea we dont know what the case is here, drugs or medical, whatever the case may be a CHILD is involed! point blank! oh and by the way I work in a hospital ( bucks county ) I also have friends and family members that have diabetes I have never seen one “dip ” like that i have seen NUMEROUS drug overdoses.That is classic. but than again we are all innocent till proven guilty. Im sure updates will follow.

  • lacey

    Myb she on the drug methodone I no a lot of ppl like that is sad

  • Ed

    camera man is a pure loser. come up with a BS excuse. he could of switched places with girl to help woman out. he was more interested in getting a video to put on the internet so he could get some laughs. pure scum

    • Ken Hamilton

      No, the junkie is the pure scum

  • WebAddict1

    No one did anything because she looked like she might have been developmentally disabled.

  • Prof. D

    The situation with Septa Mom points to another problem. What is witnessed in the video is called the Bystander Effect. It is a well known phenomenon that is taught in college Psychology courses. The problem this points to, is unless you paid for the information on the bystander effect, via paying your college tuition, you won’t hear about it. The problem with that is that pertinent information is largely suppressed which is wholly detrimental to society. The proliferation of information is necessary for humanities success and progress.

    • Prof D

      Oh, and this is definitely opiates; along with the bystander effect. It leaves that child in total danger.

    • Jack Levitt

      Yeah, you keep thinking this would happen exactly the same way all over the USA. Not just in the blue state cesspools, if it helps you deal with your own personal situation better.

      • Prof.D

        Uh statistically, it’s a fact. Jack.

        • Jack Levitt

          You remind me of someone that would use staged entertainment program such as “What Would You Do? With John Quinones” and the anecdotal data collected from them as ‘proof’ that you didn’t piss away your life in a liberal arts school learning how to hand out EBT cards.

      • Prof.D

        I have a degree in psychology, and a masters in social work- I’ve seen the data. What I wrote is not an opinion. It is a fact based on empirical data.

        • Jack Levitt

          “Lies, damned lies, and statistics.” The refuge of the scoundrel. British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli, Mark Twain and I agree on this.

        • InPhilly

          Hopefully you also present to your students empirical evidence of how the bystander effect is sometimes exaggerated, as in the reporting of the Kitty Genovese tragedy, and, I suspect, in your post.

          In this case, a passenger reported the situation to the bus driver in perhaps seven minutes. That was a reasonable amount of time to wait to see if Mom got better or worse. As explained in the article, there was time taken to let the driver know without pushing the girl out of the way. Reasonable again.

          I commute by SEPTA and have alerted staff more than once that a passenger appeared to be sick. Did I, to quote the Philadelphia Magazine article headline, “Rush to Help.” No, I thought about it, and maybe even asked a fellow passenger what they thought, and then acted, or not, as seemed best.

          Should we passengers act a little quicker, on average? Probably.

    • Barbi

      Hahaha! Using big words to explain there was a situation that no one attended to, doesn’t impress anyone. Just saying! Looks like your trying to hard to look intelligent!

  • tom santana

    obviously the women was high on herione ! i live in phila. and u see this all the time!

  • Elizabeth Trasmundi

    Deathstalker…if you cared about the child, as you say, you would have notified the bus driver. Your statement is hypcritical.

  • dave

    i get like that all the time when my suga levels drop below 70

  • John D.

    And almost nobody’s mentioning that the person taking the damn video is ALSO not doing a blessed thing to help the kid. W. T.F?????

    • Morgy17

      Except the article that clearly mentions speaking to the man who made the video?

  • Teresa Chiari Hardin

    yeah the child clearly knows what is wrong with mom.if medical emergency,im pretty sure the child would be asking the parent if they were ok,and “what is wrong mommy?”are you ok??? she would of been trying to get her mom to respond to her.this is a very smart child,i doubt she would be pushing mommys head back and then doing it again with no question as to if mom is ok.

  • Brian

    in the end, this issue was resolved

  • Guest

    As a white male who used to have to ride SEPTA when I was younger, I can tell you why no one helped. Reverse discrimination happens ALL THE TIME on SEPTA. Go ride the 104 or 108 as a white person and see the ugly face of MEDIA CENSORED reverse discrimination. It’s been going on for over 15 years now.

  • ladyseakayaker

    It doesn’t matter in this case who has experience more than another does. You discretely pick up the phone and say there is a medical emergency on board Bus such-and-such.. If she gets off the bus, perhaps you also get off, recall 911 with your location, and observe which way the woman is going. Whether it’s drugs or diabetes or whatever, it is a medical emergency.

    • Ken Hamilton

      Bull, junkies bring it on themselves, it is not a medical emergency

  • Joe

    Oh Yeah so we must have a lot of diabetics riding the bus is these days…..

  • Mitch .

    Why not arrest the person making the video for not helping a child in danger. No matter what was wrong with the mother, the child was still in an awful situation .

    • Ken Hamilton

      Since when is it against the law to mind ones own business, that too is a problem in this country today, nobody minds their OWN business

  • mike

    Most likely because it has become much to common of a sight on public transportation. Way to many people video these types of events just to be able to post them on social media. It would be difficult for most people to be able to react properly in a situation such as this for fear of getting involved and the sheer confusion of witnessing such an incident. They often hope someone else would step up and usually they do after the incident is over. All I can say is that as a father, and a human being we all need to just step up and not wait for someone else, especially when there are children involved.

    • Ken Hamilton

      No, more people need to MIND THEIR OWN BUSINESS

  • Meghan

    this comment thread is what is wrong with the United States. Take some flippin responsibility for your fellow man or get off this planet. It is so easy to write some one off well this is your notice that everyone here who has two IQ points to rub together has already written you off too. There goes another destination crossed off my must see itinerary. Didn’t know the liberty bell actually stands for freedom to be a twat.

    • Ken Hamilton

      Good, because we don’t want or need your dollars here anyway, so STFU

  • Troyboy

    If I were on the bus I would have tried to lure the daughter off the bus and taken her home and made her my woman that very night . I would then finish raising her and make it so that she knows she needs to always please me and be ready for me to mount her at any time , she would be in pain the first few times we had inter course , but after awhile she would stretch out and my manhood would become a easier fit inside her .

  • Doneisha Peace

    It’s amazing how people tend to go back and forth throwing hate at one another when the reality is a child was involved and instead of helping the situation( regardless if it was drugs or medical issue). Not one person said or did anything. All of you make valid points; however must we be so mean towards one another?

    • Ken Hamilton

      The only help should have been to throw the junkie off the buss, preferably while it was moving.

  • Rene Sisk

    One thing I know. I would have stepped in and stayed with that little girl. Shame on the person recording as well as anyone observing. Glad I am me.

  • Birds_Rocks_Things

    Nothing changes.
    Two people, in obvious need of help.
    That’s right you pack of cretins.
    Two people that needed assistance. And one sits and shoots a video while the rest don’t do anything.
    And then, talk about her as if she’s a sub form of a human being.
    I’ll tell you what. Every last person on that bus has a far worse problem than that young lady.
    Lack of empathy.
    Whining about the child in these threads.
    You folks don’t care. Step down off of your high and mighty pillars, head downtown, and help an addict.
    That’s what I thought.

  • Ryan

    this guy maybe should have said something. but he’s right police wouldn’t care nor would the driver unless it got a lot of public attention because that stuffs EVERYWHERE. Also, you never know what people like that are gonna do or how they’ll react. He made the right choice. And If you think that lady is on ANYTHING other than Percocets/OC’s/Heroin than you are naive as all hell ( @karen_goeller:disqus )

  • MsArrington

    This dude recording is full of crap. If he was truly concerned for the well being of the little girl he would been able to get past her. She is a tiny little thing – how hard could it have been. He could have also recorded just enough to have proof for authorities, turned the camera phone off and called the cops who coulda ordered the driver to stop. tsk tsk… everyone wants to have their few minutes of cyber fame. Anyways…I’m glad the girl has been taken away and hopefully she will be placed in the right care of a family member not foster care.

  • sft Philly

    Tired of all the cowardly bystanders in Philadelphia lately

    • Ken Hamilton

      Then LEAVE, the junkie brought it on herself, no one cares what happens to them except the bleeding heart Libs.

  • J

    How could a small child have a man pinned? So sad that NOBODY did anything!! What happened to the city of Brotherly Love? When I grew up outside Philly, people actually care about others! Disgrace!

  • MystiKasT

    I’ve done opiates before, that beautiful woman is definitely on the nod — looks like good dope

  • Steven

    This looks like a common Methadone ordeal….if you drive past the clinics early morning people line up outside of the doors just waiting for the doors to open to get their supposed cure to less addicting substances. With the constant invisible bugs, and the glazed over stare…..it’s like an episode of walking dead

  • sandra boyer

    I was on the bus where a 2 year old was in this kind of situation. He began to stand up in his seat. I played with him while calling 911. So many of the passengers were annoyed when the police stopped the bus. They were able to wake her. She was so drugged up. They asked her if she was ok. Stumbling on her words she said yes she was tired. The police said ok and left. They did not give a Dam either. The lady tried to say Im sorry for that. This is a sad situation for everyone. I can not hate that young girl (mom)in the video. She needs prayers and help!!

  • J Paul S

    As for other adults not helping, I think I know the reason for that. There’s so much paranoia about pedophiles that children have been disconnected from the surrounding community, set apart and locked away behind all sorts of security barriers which then translate into psychological obstacles. “It takes a village to raise a child”, but unfortunately the people of that village have been shut out.

    Imagining myself in that situation, I’d like to think that I would have helped, but would I have done so, really? Probably not, because as soon as I talk to a child in public, I’ll get people looking at me like I’m a criminal suspect of the most vile sort. So unless the child is in clear and imminent danger of severe injury or death, I’d probably keep to myself like everybody else. I have a hardened habit of ignoring children in public, even though I’m actually a very talented and respected childcare volunteer at my church.

    • I wouldnt have talked to the girl… but to the mother…. sure, she could be a junkie… but she could also be in medical distress / having a bad drug reaction to persribed meds…. the kid wasnt in danger, but the mom???

  • PEE Diddy
  • PEE Diddy

    3318 Hartel Avehttp://www.whitepages.com/name/Katye-Stacey/Philadelphia-PA/8gq7m8t

  • Jason

    people – just stop having sex before you have a house thats paid off. the internet is full of quick self-gratification places!

  • JP PGH

    Conservative America — you want the government out of your live and you tent too stay out of others lives until you’re told to act. This country’s pie slice of ignorance is shown through the comment sections of articles across the web. It would not hurt to ask the female if she has a medical condition and as a 911 dispatcher I know children are very honest and will tell you everything, someone could have asked the child. But most of the couch quarterbacks want to call the play with out any experiences outside of their immediate surroundings. In Western PA we’ve had over a dozen death in a month from heroine overdose (which made the news) so if the eastern side has the stuff that doesn’t kill you immediately then I defer to your heroin expertise. If you see something – say something, bedsides filming it and posting asinine comments.

  • Paul Joseph Farkasovsky

    Upset that the conversation in these comments is about whether or not the mother was on drugs. It doesn’t matter. Something was happening to her and it was obviously harmful. To sit here and say you wouldn’t help her, or her daughter because she was POSSIBLY, MAYBE, COULD HAVE BEEN on drugs is COWARDLY. Even if i saw that woman shoot up, take pills and snort a line in front of me, so I knew she was high, I STILL WOULD HAVE IMMEDIATELY HELPED HER. Next time you are in need of help, and somebody like me considers not the possibilities but rather YOU, make sure to thank them. I’m sorry to the people like me for the world we live in. Sincerely. There’s a hero in all of us, but obviously some of you discriminate to who we serve.

  • bellarose

    DHS would not have taken her daughter away if it was a medical condition.

  • Kimberly Adams Stahl

    I’ve seen this video at least ten times. I was trying really hard to find another reason for this behavior. I’ve seen it many times and much too often of this behavior due to heroin or other opiates out there. This is an epidemic! With that being said, I would have called 911 immediately either way. What if she was overdosing? She is still a person and her child to witness a death? Why nobody called is disgraceful?! This crap is ruining our young! My children who are in their late 20’s and early 30’s have gone to more funerals because of this junk than I have in my lifetime. This is a sad, sad world! God bless them both!

    • Ken Hamilton

      So what if she were, one less junkie on the streets

  • Debbie Mills-Kelly

    My brother was addicted to and died from herion…. this is what he looked like when he was “On the Nod”…. thats def what is happening here and the little girl looks like she is used to it… I hope the Mom and the little girl have gotten help… very sad !

  • Jessica B in NC

    Listen the woman was high on heroin. There is not a question in my mind about that. Also…never mind this child has obviously seen her mother f$!#ed up like this before because she wasn’t concerned as an innocent child would be. It DISGUSTS me that NOT ONE ADULT thought maybe I should call someone. Wtf that child is severely neglected because of this mothers addiction. Every one of the adults on that bus that noticed this had an obligation to that little girl to make the call to someone… and we as a society failed her. Instead we post shit like this on facebook and people laugh at it. I would put a grand on it that we are paying her bills with our tax money – not to mention paying for her drug habit.

    OK u didn’t know what to do? For future reference call the FU@! Ing police…. unreal. I’m so aggravated that we as a society handled this how we did… disgusting!! That is a CHILD for F@$k sake!! Ugh!! #disgusting

    • Ken Hamilton

      It’s not my job to worry about other peoples brats, and if, IF she was strung out on something that’s her problem not mine. We’ll be seeing more of this sort of trash now that the Clinic at 7900 Frankford Ave. has had it’s licenses approved by our wonderful state and federal governments.

  • jojo196323

    no one knows what this is all about so quit assuming if she is high might be another medical reason

  • Elizagal

    It is pretty disgusting that no one stepped in to help. Shame on anyone on that bus and the ass monkey who video taped it but did not help.

  • miss s

    I’m sorry I would so beat this guy’s ass for taking a video. He would get the pound hardcore and I have fell asleep like this too. I guess that makes me a druggie. I hope she gets help that she needs and her baby comes home.

  • Jeanne Tucker

    Does everyone really think the cops are going to show up in less than 4 minutes for a nodding Mom with a kid on the bus?

  • Tonie Jones

    The sad thing about this nobody cared just walked pass. This is our world today

    • Ken Hamilton

      She’s a junkie, no way I’d have lifted a finger for her

  • lisa

    almost looks like she is having some sort of seizure. I “love” how no one offers to help.

  • fedupwithstrays

    There is no reason for people to just record or watch this woman go through this with a young child. Someone should have stopped the bus, called 911 and summoned emergency personnel immediately. This is what is wrong with urban and suburban living. In the country we take care to see about people’s welfare whether they are people we know or strangers. No matter what she was going through, these two needed help. Very sad to see people do hardly anything for a fellow human being indeed.

  • Ryan James Wilkie

    No matter if she was on any drugs(HIGHLY BELIEVE SHE WAS) or if she is suffering from being overtired or other medical reasons….SOMEONE should have Come forward to help, especially with that poor little girl….

    • Ken Hamilton

      WHY? Who told her to stick a needle in her are for laughs and giggles?

      • Ryan James Wilkie

        Why what?….. why help….cause it is what a good human being would do with a child around. …

        • Ken Hamilton

          She’s a freaking JUNKIE, the child should have been removed from that situation long before she was filmed on the 66. She did this to herself, too bad she didn’t faceplant while nodding

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  • Hey, what are ‘We’ supposed to do? Like the time on the bus when Victor decided how a parent can discipline their child and decided to ‘take action’? Folks can call 9-1-1 or notify the bus driver, but I can tell you I’M not getting involved in her drama and make This Girl my ‘project’ for the day. Kids having kids never really works out like it does in the movies. Alert the professionals and let Them take action.

  • vanessa pearl

    If she was black ya know damn well people wouldnt be saying she was in diabetic shock or epilepsy! No question that she is on drugs! Smh poor baby girl

  • Mike Mekonen


  • Dustan M. Howell

    Uhhh…I remember a video where a Septa bus was shot up because someone decided to be a hero and say something to a bad mother. Just call the police. Do not intervene.

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