Electricians Union Spent $32,585 on Massages, $7,033 at Coach, and $81,063 at Clementon Park

And other expenses from their annual report.

ibew-local-98-electricans-union 2

Each year, labor unions of a certain size are required to file annual reports with the United States Department of Labor’s Office of Labor-Management Standards. The most recent report filed by IBEW Local 98, aka the powerful electricians union headed by Johnny Doc, covers 2012, and reports numbers like assets (Local 98 has over $22 million in net assets), salaries and other disbursements to officers and employees (Johnny Doc received $210,035, while at least 15 other officers received over $100,000), and other monies spent.

Below, a list of 50 select expenses and contributions from the latest annual report.

Payee: 9.14 Pictures
Type: Production Company
Amount: $46,600
Purpose: Media production services.

Payee: ARAMARK-Citizens Bank Park
Type: Food Service and Apparel Provider
Amount: $54,817
Purpose: None listed.

Payee: ARAMARK-Lincoln Financial Field
Type: Food Service and Apparel Provider
Amount: $36,229
Purpose: None listed.

Payee: ARAMARK-Wells Fargo Center
Type: Food Service and Apparel Provider
Amount: $58,278
Purpose: None listed.

Payee: Ballard Spahr
Type: Law Firm
Amount: $27,228
Purpose: Legal Services.

Payee: Barnes & Noble
Type: Book Retailer
Amount: $28,998
Purpose: Items to promote the goodwill of the union.

Payee: Bellagio – Las Vegas
Type: Hotel & Casino
Amount: $7,444
Purpose: None listed.

Payee: Black Clergy of Philadelphia & Vicinity
Type: Organization of Ministers
Amount: $20,000
Purpose: Donation to promote goodwill of the union.

Payee: Bochetto & Lentz
Type: Law Firm
Amount: $24,788
Purpose: Legal services.

Payee: Canal’s Liquor Mart
Type: Beer, Wine & Liquor Distributor
Amount: $6,516
Purpose: None listed.

Payee: Cashman & Associates
Type: Public Relations Consultant
Amount: $10,779
Purpose: None listed.

Payee: Cescaphe
Type: Banquet Hall
Amount: $51,870
Purpose: Food and beverage, various local 98 events, Mural Arts program event dinner.

Payee: Charlie Gracie
Type: Musician
Amount: $10,000
Purpose: Provided musical entertainment for workers rally.

Payee: Clementon Park
Type: Amusement Park
Amount: $81,063
Purpose: Annual Local 98 member and family picnic.

Payee: Coach, Inc.
Type: Leather Goods Retailer
Amount: $7,033
Purpose: None listed.

Payee: ComcastTix.com
Type: Online Ticket Seller
Amount: $32,727
Purpose: Tickets to promote job creation.

Payee: Doc’s Union Pub
Type: Restaurant/Bar
Amount: $30,200
Purpose: Gary Papa Father’s Day Prostrate Run Brunch, food for Local 98 event.

Payee: Dougherty Electric
Type: Union Electrical Contractor
Amount: $100,000
Purpose: Subsidy to contractor to create jobs.

Payee: Eagles Stadium Operator
Type: NFL Team Stadium Operator
Amount: $127,978
Purpose: Tickets to promote job creation, reimbursed by LMCC.

Payee: Finnigan’s Wake
Type: Restaurant/Bar
Amount: $38,856
Purpose: St. Patrick’s Day party, educational and athletic fundraiser, Toys for Tots fundraiser.

Payee: Frankford Umbrellas
Type: Umbrella Manufacturer
Amount: $6,882
Purpose: Umbrellas for workers rally event.

Payee: Gray & Oscar LLC
Type: Public & Governmental Affairs Consultant
Amount: $60,000
Purpose: Consulting services on governmental affairs, consulting services on political activity.

Payee: Heidi Winkel
Type: Massage Therapist
Amount: $32,585
Purpose: Massage therapy services at union events.

Payee: Hyatt Regency-Philadelphia
Type: Hotel
Amount: $53,620
Purpose: IBEW apprentice training dinner, IBEW 3rd district youth caucus.

Payee: IBEW PAC Educational Fund
Type: Political Action Committee
Amount: $100,000
Purpose: Contribution.

Payee: Jennings Sigmond
Type: Law Firm
Amount: $203,902
Purpose: Legal services.

Payee: Keel Communications & Government Relations
Type: Marketing Communications Firm
Amount: $101,000
Purpose: Public relations services.

Payee: Kimberly Hotel – New York
Type: Hotel
Amount: $10,546
Purpose: Lodging for the PA Society event.

Payee: KYW Newsradio 1060
Type: AM Radio Station
Amount: $10,000
Purpose: Workers rally radio advertisement.

Payee: Lore’s Chocolates
Type: Gourmet Chocolate Retailer
Amount: $22,448
Purpose: Christmas holiday chocolates.

Payee: Luxury Suite Alternative, LLC
Type: Suites and Ticket Seller
Amount: $128,220
Purpose: Tickets to promote job creation.

Payee: Matrix Promotions, LLC
Type: Mixed Martial Arts Fighting Show
Amount: $15,000
Purpose: Show sponsorship.

Payee: New Balance Athletic Shoe
Type: Footwear Manufacturer
Amount: $7,046
Purpose: Sneakers for workers rally workers.

Payee: North Bowl
Type: Bowling Alley
Amount: $33,894
Purpose: Holiday bowling party.

Payee: Philadelphia Eagles
Type: Professional American Football Team
Amount: $40,018
Purpose: Tickets to promote job creation.

Payee: Philadelphia Phillies
Type: Professional American Baseball Team
Amount: $47,520
Purpose: Tickets to promote job creation.

Payee: Phillies Funding LP
Type: Suites and Tickets Seller
Amount: $81,360
Purpose: Tickets to promote job creation.

Payee: ShopRite
Type: Supermarket
Amount: $56,212
Purpose: Turkeys for Toys & Turkeys campaign, holiday food baskets for Toys & Turkeys campaign.

Payee: Smith & Wollenskey
Type: Restaurant
Amount: $7,267
Purpose: None listed.

Payee: Spasso Italian Grill
Type: Restaurant
Amount: $14,984
Purpose: Business meetings to promote job creation.

Payee: Sprague & Sprague
Type: Law Firm
Amount: $142,533
Purpose: Legal services.

Payee: StubHub
Type: Online Ticket Seller
Amount: $8,393
Purpose: None listed.

Payee: The Pennsylvania Society
Type: Membership Organization
Amount: $7,000
Purpose: Tickets to events to promote job creation.

Payee: Third Base Sports & Trophies
Type: Sporting Apparel Retailer
Amount: $104,480
Purpose: Apparel for members for St. Patrick’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day patches, items to promote the goodwill of the union, apparel for All Star Labor Classic.

Payee: Ticketmaster
Type: Ticket Sales and Distribution Company
Amount: $12,068
Purpose: None listed.

Payee: W Hotel – New York
Type: Hotel
Amount: $36,151
Purpose: Lodging for PA Society event.

Payee: Waldorf Astoria – New York
Type: Hotel
Amount: $154,315
Purpose: PA Society event ballroom rental.

Payee: Wells Fargo Center
Type: Professional Sporting Arena
Amount: $229,890
Purpose: Tickets to promote job creation.

Payee: WHYY
Type: Public Television Provider
Amount: $27,500
Purpose: Charitable sponsorship.

Payee: William Penn Ticket Agency
Type: Private Ticket Agency
Amount: $7,805
Purpose: Tickets to promote job creation.

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  • DTurner

    So any idea what “Tickets to promote job creation” means?

    • Junkets for friends maybe?

    • Nfl All Day

      It means your taking perspective clients out, to hopefully build a relationship that leads to them hiring you for future projects.

  • pietrof

    Aren’t stories usually supposed to have conclusions? Or are you hoping this rests on implications alone?

  • OG

    The price that the City of Philadelphia, and its residents, pay, right here. Not to mention the excessive compensation of every single IBEW union member.

    • Carl

      And how does this in any way have anything to do with the city of philadelphia and its residents?

    • Nfl All Day

      Hey genius, That money comes from US, the union memebers. Not the city. So get off your soapbox.

      • OG

        The overpriced construction projects the city is forced to use union labor for, due to political reasons…this is where a good amount of the money goes.

        • Nfl All Day

          The city isnt subsidizing union labor. The money this article is talking about comes from member dues. If there is a job being done FOR the government (local, state, federal),THEN it is a prevailing rate job permitted the total cost exceeds the government mandated threshold, which is currently $25K on things like schools and office buildings/$100K on things like roads and bridges. It’s this type of misinformation that gives the general public a bad taste in their mouth regarding unions, when the REALITY is all the above expenditures were paid for with OUR OWN MONEY. We don’t receive welfare from tge government. And being OUR MONEY, we’ll spend it as WE SEE FIT. Whether that be on political campaigns, or massage therepist,( which, admittedly, is a bit on the shady side! I didn’t get any of that action:(

          • OG

            Where do you think that “prevailing wage” law comes from?
            Prevailing wage does not equal “market wage.” It equals “overpriced wage which benefits unions and screws taxpayers.” This law was created solely to cater to unions. Member dues which pay for political contributions…which then lead beholden politicians to create and maintain laws such as this, which favor overpriced union labor.

            It becomes “YOUR MONEY” the second that we’re not forced to pay for your services, as taxpayers and as consumers (both directly and indirectly).

          • Nfl All Day

            Prevailing= which ever workforce doew the majority of the trade work in a particular area sets the Prevailing wage. Yes. It was fought for by unions, because the altenative would be nonunion contractors bidding jobs with a labor cost likely 60% lower than the union competition. A workforce that, in today’s world, would likely be unskilled, and undocumented. This law benefits as many non union tradesmen as it does organized labor. The problems arise when non union contractors break the law on such projects writng payroll checks that reflect the PW, and then forcing their employees to return the difference between the PW, and the regular wages. One of MANY reasons why we need unions, niw more than ever.

            Im always amazed that people like yourself find ways to demonize organized labor. Your anger at the fact we are able to mobilize support for candidates who protect OUR interest, you know, the way the system is supposed to work? REPRESENTITIVE GOVERNMENT. It works best on the local, and sometimes state level. It’s not an R vs D thing, like you might imagine. At thus very moment we are doing everything in our power to help and protect a number of Republican legislators across the Commonwealth who are weatehering attacks from the real BIG MONEY lobbies, the Koch Brothers, and groups like the Heritage Foundation. This groups are coming to Pennsylvania and telling our Republican elected officials to end any relationships they have with Unions immediately, or face primary challenges and slews of attack ads from candidates the lobbies will fund to defeat them.
            But do unionbashers like yourself have a problem when big corporate interest, often with no more than a monetary stake in our Commonwealth, come here and use their money and threats to buy politcal favor? Not a peep.

            Unions make the concept of a middle class a reality. They give voice and strenght to men and women who would otherwise be disposable labor. Do you honestly believe, given the nature of Corporate America, that we would have a chance at a decent lifestyle without somebody fighting to check their power. Even with unions in place, corporations do their best to keep wages low, cut benefits, force layoffs, outsource jobs to underdeveloped parts of the world where there are no OSHA’s or ACLU’s to protect human rights. They do this to expand profit margins and trigger bonuses for the men in penthouse offices, with zero regard for the impact layoffs, unemployment, foreclosures, bankruptcies, poverty and it’s faithful companion, crime, broken neighbirhoods, and broken lives. These are the realities left behind when corporations forsake us. The people who make the goods, and provide the labor that fuels their growth. Unions ask for an equal piece of that growth, on behalf of the men and women who make it possible. Without them, we slide into servitude and eventually despair.

            Ask an Enron employee. Ask anyone who lost their home to a wave gamblers, masked as investment bankers, who played a game of high stakes crabs with our homes and economic well being. And when they came up snake eyes, went to their former Goldman colleagues Paulson, and Geitner, now heads of theUnited States Treasury, The People’s Treasury, and had their debts wiped away. While millions of Americans had their homes TAKEN. Where were you? Did you speak out against the real BIG MONEY and influence then. For crying out loud, Google purchased Boston Dynamics, and is now a legitimate defense contractor. A defense contractor who has so much infomation on you and your family they could write your biography, and now your epitaph. Do you speak out against their influence and power. Not a peep. You probably didn’t even know, and definitely don’t understand the ramifications. Your venom is reserved for your fellow Americans, who made a choice to stand together and fight each other, so we could maintain our way of life and prosper. You are no more than one of Pavlov’s Dogs. Trained to respond to envormental stimuli, and sit patiently waiting for your master to handout a milkbone. We got tired of waiting for handouts, so we got a bunch of friends together built a biscuit factory. And the more people suffer at the hands of these greedy CORPORATE GOONS and THUGS, the more appeal a union of their peers has. United we stand divided we beg. Its as American as Apple Pie. Matter fact America IS A UNION.

    • Nfl All Day

      You do realize that non union companies charge just as much for their services as union contractors, the difference is that the profit goes solely to the owner, instead of being reaped by the men and women who actually put in the labor and risk their lives to build buildings, don’t you? You poor brainwashed man.

  • Tuna

    All it is is misappropriation of union dues, a federal rap; the rest of you anti-union whiners can take a rest.

    • Nfl All Day

      It’s not even a crime. This is only public knowledge because LU98 disclosed it all as part of their yearly financial statement. Surley if any of these expenditures came from funds designated for say, health and welfare,or as the idiot below thinks, subsidies attained from the city or state, they’d have done a little more to hide it.