Wall Street Abandons Chris Christie for 2016

“The stench from the scandal is starting to look impossible to overcome.”

The New York Post reports that Wall Streeters who formed a core of support for Chris Christie’s expected presidential run in 2016 are quietly abandoning the New Jersey governor in the wake of the Bridgegate Scandal. Charles Gasparino writes:

The Wall Streeters I speak to (people with direct access to Christie and his inner circle) say the Christie presidential campaign is clearly on life support: They think he’s in the clear himself, but the stench from the scandal is starting to look impossible to overcome.

They cite the cool reception Christie has been getting recently from Republican establishment types outside of his home turf in the Northeast, and the fact that many fund-raisers are now looking to former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush as the party’s savior.

Christie is “meeting with the RNC establishment, and he’s still trying to decide, but they want him out,” one major Republican fund-raiser who runs an investment business told me recently. “I don’t think he can run and be effective. Republicans are held to a different standard by the media. This thing is a killer.”

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  • RightsTough

    Jeb Bush is the “Savior” of the GOP? Okay, Hillary please step into the White and finish the dismantling that Mr. Obama started. Last one out of the U.S, please turn off the lights.

  • medford_resident

    ha! its not the “republican establishment” he’s got to worry about. Its The Tea Party. Being pro NSA spying, pro big government, and anti-gun won’t get him past the primaries.

  • Mister Bill

    How is it Christie’s fault? He had a few power-hungry employees who went rogue on him. He fired them. His brutal honesty, lack of political-correctness, and desire to help fix this country scares the hell out of you libs. In 5-10 years when this country is TOTALLY effed, you’ll start to consider a take-charge person like Christie who is willing to ruffle some feathers. It’s the only way you can EVER get things, done…you Obama zombies!!!

    • Chris0555555

      But he hired them. One of them, he literally created a position for. He is just not fit to be President. And if corruption is the only way to get things done, we need to impose a new way as voters.

      • Mister Bill

        I once hired a guy who stole from the company I worked for. Nobody blamed me. People act out on their own. Somebody hired Bernie Madoff too. Christie got rid of them right away. What about Obama “protecting” Katherine Sebellius, who mismanaged the epic FAIL in rolling out Obamacare? How do you explain that?

        • Astralmilkman

          Nobody gets fired for anything in Barrys White House.
          Even when their actions lead to people losing their lives.
          I thought nobody could be worse than Jimmy Carter.
          But I was wrong.

      • Astralmilkman

        NOT FIT ? And that dim wit in the oval office is ? This s just politics , trying to knock out all the possible challengers to that other Dim Wit
        Hillary . Hows Obama care working out for you. Did anybody get fired for ANYTHING in the White House ? 17 trillion in debt!. The best thing about Obama being out of the White House is he won’t be such a sacred cow anymore. We might actually get some honest reporting.

    • PC

      I wouldn’t be so quick to blame “libs” for this. Christie is not beloved by the more far right tea party types that have invaded the Republican party. Besides, not everyone is convinced as you that Christie wasn’t aware of what was going on.

    • Heliopsis

      Mister Bill, your post is the funniest snark ever! Thx.

    • The_Preacher

      Mister Bill, you may be stupid and gullible. or you are blind in your support of Christie.

      The rest of NJ is not. A new poll by Monmouth University came out today that says 61% of NJ residents do not believe Christie is telling the truth on Bridgegate and 50% believe he was involved in lane closures. Christie thinks people are stupid and believe his bs reasons but they are not.

      Christie’s corruption goes beyond Bridgegate though. He has been using Sandy Federal Aid dollars, taxpayer money that you and I paid for, as political slush fund along with his corrupt lawyer buddy David Samson who is not resigning as Chairman of Port Authority.

      David Samson is deeply involved in all of Christie corruption.

      1. The Rockefeller development project that Christie was pushing in Hoboken as condition for the town receiving more Sandy Aid, that firm is a client of David Samson’s law firm.
      2. Another client of David Samson is NJ Transit. NJ Transit has paid more than $1.5 million to Samson as consulting fees. Last year Samson as chair of Port Authority voted on deal to give a lease on parking lot to NJ Transit for $1 per year. The previous lease was for $899,000 per year. The conflict of interest was obvious but Samson voted to get his client a sweet deal. You can bet all these clients have donated heavily to Christie, to RGA and were planning to donate heavily to Christie in 2016.
      3. The losing bidder in Fort Lee Hudson Lights development was Silverstein Properties. They developed World Trade Center. They are also a client of David Samson and were not happy about losing the Hudson Lights project in Fort Lee. Hence, Christie and Samson closed down the bridge to teach the Fort Lee mayor a lesson.
      4. Christie gave $6.5million of Sandy money to a Senior Center in Belleville that had nothing to do with Sandy. In return, the mayor of Belleville endorsed Christie.
      5. Christie gave another $4million to another luxury apartment complex in New Brunswick that had nothing to do with Sandy. The project was led by a Christie donor and one of the partners was NBA Star Shaquille O’Neal. Christie gave Sandy money for the project and Shaq cut an ad for Christie in his 2013 elections to help him get the black vote.

      Chris Christie does not run NJ government. He runs NJ mafia.

      He is going down. Christie is now a 350 pound of toast.

  • becki

    We in Lower Merion love Gov. Chistie. He uses mafia techniques to keep dissenters in line. Sopranos eat your hearts out! There was no crime in the Queens in the good old mafia days. Keep the rif out of our hood please, and just support him.

  • SNJ Employee

    The bully got caught pushing people around. I’m a Republican who would never support Christie. Day NO to bullying!