Profane Gun-Toting Libtard-Hating Police Chief Is Now “Retired”

Mark Kessler was just too much truth for The Man.

Remember this guy?

Lovely, right? Turns out he was the police chief in Gilberton, Pa. Now he’s the ex-chief.

AP reports: “Officials in Gilberton borough reached a settlement agreement with Mark Kessler on Thursday that pays him $30,000 and considers him as “separated from his employment and voluntarily retired.” He became the center of a controversy last summer after he posted videos of himself shooting borough-owned automatic weapons and cursing liberals and others.”

It’s probably a good thing he’s out of law enforcement. But we hope he finds work soon. We’re not all that comfortable with the idea of a gun-toting libtard-hating guy with too much time on his hands.

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  • MystiKasT

    He was a good man, sad to see him go. Keep up the good fight Mark. They’ll never take our firearms!

    • gatsby

      No one is taking away your toys. And Kessler is an embarrassment to real law enforcement officials everywhere.

    • Scooter Livingston

      People like you thought Hitler was a great man as well…

    • rayb_baby

      If you think he is a good man, then that makes you as much of a vile, hate-mongering idiot as he is!

  • matthew brandley

    A great man! LIbs hate this guy! I worship the ground he walks on!

    • gatsby

      Then you’re a bigger idiot than Kessler.

      • matthew brandley

        you must be a liberal idiot then. sad sad to bad than. what a loser

        • Jane

          Matt, were you one of the men who called in to praise his actions when talk Radio’s Dom Giordano defended this half-wit’s first and Second Amendment rights. Love the part where he thought he felt his father’s (not his) service to his country gave hiim the right to be a crack pot.

          • matthew brandley

            ah no. To bad your clueless. Do you have any idea that gun control laws have not worked in any state in the country where they have been instituded to stem the amount of violence and death.? take baltimore for example. Md has some of the toughest gun law in the nation. Murders where actualy up in the city by over 60 last year! and the rules just got tougher and the murders are already on a clip to be almost double last years! they dont work! and you idiotic liberals dont get it! Instates that have conceal caryy murder rates are down . look up the stats man! dont be a Idiotic moronic crybaby

    • rayb_baby

      So, you’ve got your vile hate on, do you? Good for you, moron! Now go on and lick his boots!

  • Scooter Livingston

    I expect this lunatic to run for President on some ultra-wingnut ticket…get maybe 1,000 votes nationwide tops.

  • moral DK

    Shooting your mouth off is never a good idea no matter what your views happen to be. This guy screwed up, perhaps on purpose, but that doesn’t mean his message is that far off the mark, just the presentation. The left’s strategy IS to remove firearms from the law-abiding public, and they’ve been caught saying as much, so don’t give me the “they’re not going to take away your toys” BS. Once guns are completely out of the hands of civilians, dictating the fed’s will on them will be so much easier.

    • plowking

      where, where, where are guns being taken away from people in this country?????? I have relatives in MD (a ‘liberal’ state)…..they have arsenals! And they’re not paranoid about ‘the MAN’ in black helicopters/ jack boots coming to get their guns! Or their ammo!

      • Allan Kim Harrison

        California and New York just to name a couple.

  • plowking

    wow, I never knew so many ‘conservatives’ who were paranoid about guns being taken away posted on Philadelphia Magazine! Can we be honest here? There are enough reasons to criticize the President and his party without doing the MORONIC stuff that the ‘Chief’ did and said. Every cop I know hates cowboys like this.

    The even bigger concern is this: is he still a school board member in the North Schuylkill School District??? What an embarrassment to the community if he is.