Get Ready for Brian Sims v. Babette Josephs Vol. II

This should be fun.

The ugliest political race of 2012 was not the BHO vs. WMR presidential duel. It was the cagematch for Pennsylvania’s 182nd house district, AKA Babette Josephs’s longtime Center City turf, son. Recap: Babette’s former campaign treasurer, the openly gay studmuffin Brian Sims, beats the longtime progressive champion and LGBT rights advocate at her own game, edging her by 200 votes in a race full of personal, vitriolic attacks.

Well, after a little more than a year out of office, Josephs has apparently gotten bored of walking her pooch to the Schuylkill Banks dog run, as she has been known to do, and will vie for her old seat.

Sims, 35, reported having $42,029 in his political account as of Dec. 31.* Josephs said she did not raise any money in 2013, which means her PAC will start at $0.

“I’m always outspent. This is not about money,” Josephs said. “I’m indefatigable. This is also about having a good campaign team, which I did not have last time. I do this time.”

She’s right about the money thing, having been outspent $174,000 t0 $79,000 in 2012, according to campaign finance reports. But Sims’s star has grown considerably since ’12, as he’s become the face of a nascent (though doomed unless the state supreme court does anything about it later this year) push for same-sex marriage in Pennsylvania.

[Daily News]

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  • Steve Miller-Miller

    I hope there is a debate, and Josephs accuses Sims of being an ineffectual egomaniac, and Sims responds by citing how many likes he gets on Facebook EVERY SINGLE DAY.

    Also, got an email from the Sims campaign wherein they called the campaign WITHOUT elected office and with no money “entrenched.” Typical.

    • CenterCityer

      Oh Steve, you do the worst job of hiding your disdain for a guy working 10 times harder than you’ve ever worked for anything. You’re a professional snarky do-nothing and I bet Rep. Sims’ existence makes you physically Ill. You seem to be the only one taking about his Facebook page while he’s off working on your rights. Save everyone the time and just go get a therapist.

      • Steve Miller-Miller

        Well hello Brian!

  • SimsWatch2014

    I was a supporter and voter of Brian’s when he ran back in 2012. I believed in change and reform, plus, Babette was that old grey mare that ain’t what she used to be. Now, I believe that he is nothing more than trying to replace “Big Boss Brady” with “Big Boss Brian” on all levels, from elected office to even PAC boards.

    In 2013, after he took office, a lot of Sims’ personal confidants joined the board of the Liberty City Democrats. Also, at the time, Sims was gearing up to try to get his guy Brett Mandel elected controller. Funny thing is, Brett and his campaign surrogates attacked the LGBT candidate in the race, Michael P. Williams (a well respected individual that has mentored hundreds of people and has been suffering from health problems), with innuendo that his lawfirm and even his sexuality was fake. Furthermore, at the same time, Josh Kruger, a known Sims ally, started weaving dizzying conspiracy theories about the Liberty City Democrats, the PGN, the Sheriff’s Office, Alan Butkovitz, Mark Segal, and Micah Mahjoubian, which may have been a ploy to guilt Liberty City into supporting Mandel, lest they look like some sinister organization that operates in shade.

    Well, Mandel got the endorsement. I did not like Big Boss Brady’s candidate (Butkovitz) nor Big Boss Brian’s candidate (Mandel). However, as Mandel lost, Sims has decided to get revenge on Butkovitz’s supporters, including supporting Jared Solomon over Mark Cohen (a vocal Butkovitz supporter). Furthermore, a well-respected activist was actually denied a position on LC’s board due to their support of Butkovitz.

    Now, I see Cameron Kline, a known Sims ally, is working as McCord’s press secretary. I wonder what political consequences will come to him for betraying Brian (an Allyson Schwartz supporter).

    • PhillyVoter


  • SimsWatch2014

    Also, his office staff leaves much to be desired. They seem to all be young, vacuous, and self-absorbed. His chief of staff was practically hired just out of law school and probably only got the job because of his good looks. Also, that Barbie Doll he hired spends her time picking her nose and chatting with people rather than doing her job.

    • Vote4Nobody4staterep

      “Young, vacuous, and Self-absorbed” was probably in the Help Wanted ad. Like attracts like.

  • Guest

    Interesting that I’m considered a “known Sims ally” considering I (obnoxiously and vocally) supported Josephs in the primary. Though, I suppose, that matters little when you’re dealing with the Internet.

    • SimsWatch2014

      Hmmmm, Josh, didn’t you write a blog post, shortly before your blog ratcheted up the attacks on a bunch of people, about how Sims won you over. Let’s face it, it was a Machiavellian plot to replace the Big Boss Brady machine with the Big Boss Brian machine, and you got played for keeps.

      I wish I could link to all those attacks, but I do know Philadelphia Weekly made you take em down as a condition of working there.

      • Josh Kruger

        That’s actually a libelous claim as it’s not true.

        • KrugerWatch2014

          I have a hypothetical question about libel. What if someone accused you of dealing crystal meth and had text messages to prove it?

          • Josh Kruger

            I think it’s not a state secret that I’ve struggled with sobriety for years. I’ve publicly talked about this at length this year, in particular. I am sorry that you’re in a place, whoever you are, where you feel the need to focus, apparently, on this as though being an alcoholic or addict is something shameful and to up the ante weirdly with some yarn that nobody is interested in. I don’t view my sobriety (or the days of my active use and drinking) shamefully. I’m always glad to address people publicly, politely, and when they’re named. I won’t, however, continue to go back and forth with an anonymous commenter feeding whatever dysfunction he has.

  • Sims4President

    I guess Bitchy Babette doesn’t know when to quit. She appears to have senile dementia and needs to be in an old folks home.

    That old grey mare she ain’t what she used to be, ain’t what she used to be, ain’t what she used to be, that old grey made she ain’t what she used to be, Bitchy Babette has got to go, HEY

  • DTurner

    Wow, small wonder that our city gets the short shrift from Harrisburg, we can’t help but tear down one another, even in an area as small as CC.