Al Gore Endorses Katie McGinty for PA Governor

She served on his staff when he was a Tennessee senator.

The Patriot-News reports that Al Gore is endorsing Katie McGinty to be the Democrat who challenges Gov. Tom Corbett in the fall. McGinty served on Gore’s staff when he was a Tennessee senator, and later was an advisor to his 2000 presidential campaign.

“I strongly endorse Katie McGinty for governor,” said Gore. “She shares my belief that we can build a better country and improve the lives of hard-working families. Katie has always viewed environmental challenges as economic opportunities. She knows how to create jobs—while protecting the environment. And she has the intellect, leadership skills, and optimistic, can-do attitude to build a better and more prosperous Pennsylvania.”


  • RightsTough

    This guy is shameless!!! He cons millions of people to send him obey for “Global Warming” and then he disappears with BILLIONS in the bank. Now he is backing a candidate for PA Governor?

    But luckily Americans are so stupid they don’t even recognize that they were conned!

  • Janearthlover

    If she supports fracking that is all a lie about here regarding the the environment. Disappointed in Al Gore . He should stand up to all candidates regardless of party to stand up against these destructive energy sources.