• Earl J

    That is disappointing to hear from Raheem. I have met Raheem twice and the one time we had a decent amount of interaction. He was very nice to me and my kids. He always wears his Philly proud and was a hair away from becoming a Bird. I would think with him being older, worldlier, urban and supposedly more mature than the current players he would set a better example of inclusion. The goofy interviewer did not help matters. Come on Raheem, do yourself and Philly better than that.

  • steve Davidson

    And what would be his response to a physican doing an annual physical who happens to be gay, or a trauma surgeon, etc.?

  • Kev_H

    Let’s be fair. It’s okay and no one’s business if a guy has sex with other guys. It should be okay for Brock and others to not want to shower around gay guys. It’s nobody’s business and nobody is being hurt.