Grand Jury: No Criminal Activity in Death of Chuck Peruto Girlfriend Julia Law

Verdict comes after months of speculation.


On Wednesday afternoon, the Philadelphia District Attorney’s office issued this one page announcement, stating that the Grand Jury investigation into the death of Chuck Peruto‘s girlfriend Julia Law found no evidence of criminal activity.

In August, Philly Mag profiled Peruto, one of the city’s most famous attorneys, and delved into the investigation surrounding her death.

Update: Peruto has taken to Facebook to respond to the news.

  • rabbit23

    Chuck, you had the scene of her death cleaned before the police arrived, and you and your sidekick spent the weeks afterwards making up ridiculous stories about a girl you’d been dating for only 5 weeks. that’s the dictionary definition of suspicious. the DA was right to investigate, and while you’re not being charged, you are clearly in denial about your culpability and lack of a soul. burn in hell.