Damon Feldman Cancels George Zimmerman Press Conference

POLL: Should the fight be canceled, too?


Earlier this week, Philadelphia Celebrity Boxing promoter Damon Feldman told us that George Zimmerman would be coming to Philadelphia next week. The purpose: to take part in a press conference for the upcoming boxing match pitting Trayvon Martin’s killer against troubled rap star DMX. But on Friday morning, facing a torrent of outrage, Feldman said that Zimmerman wouldn’t be appearing as scheduled.

AP-damon-feldman-photo-Matt-Rourke-400“There’s not going to be any press conference [next week] due to all the controversy,” explains Feldman (left), suggesting that a press conference may happen two days before the event instead. (Feldman later clarified that there would be a press conference next week, but that Zimmerman wouldn’t be at it.) But Feldman says that the  Zimmerman-DMX boxing match will happen on March 15th as planned, regardless of the growing opposition to it. He has not announced a location for the fight.

The White House petition to stop the fight had just over 4,000 signatures as of Wednesday afternoon. As of Friday morning, that number had grown to 22,000. (Any White House petition with 100,000 or more signatures requires a response from the White House.) A Change.org petition boasts over 73,000 signatures.

Meanwhile, the Facebook page “Cancel George Zimmerman’s ‘Celebrity’ Boxing Match” had over 230,000 “likes” as of Friday morning. “I just think it is ridiculous that this man has celebrity status based on murdering a teenager,” says Facebook group member Lisa, a mother of three who lives in suburban Philadelphia. “I’m against it because I think it’s ridiculous for a cold-blooded killer to have the opportunity to make more money off of a senseless murder of a young teenager,” says Koko, another group member.

“When was the last black guy who killed a white kid given a celebrity boxing reward?” asks attorney-activist Michael Coard, a Philadelphia magazine contributor. “Let me get this straight: An unarmed black kid who was committing no crime gets shot and killed and now the half-white (non-black) killer gets fortune and fame? Think about what kind of precedent that sets! Think about how that could entice future Zimmermans to kill future Trayvons. The only fight Zimmerman should be having is the one with Bubba in a state prison cell.”

But Feldman won’t budge. “I’m not quitting this,” he insists. “People want me to quit. I would never do that. This is the opportunity of a lifetime. It’s entertainment, man.”

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POLL Should George Zimmerman Boxing Match Be Canceled?

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  • Terrance

    The fight is silly and a terrible idea, but I believe Zimmerman is not profiting off of the fight, instead donating the money to a charity. A little research before posting something such as this and quoting Facebook groups may be warranted.

    Regardless, the fight is pointless and only promotes racial tension.

    • WhatsTheProblem

      Yes he may be giving the money to “charity” but keep in mind that there will be endorsements and other incentives he WILL receive from this fight. And what is this said “charity” he’s donating to? He also had a “charity” set up for him when he was on trial…. who’s to say he will not put this money into that “charity”

    • St. Jack

      Since you did research … What charity is GZ donating it too? Dmx has had celebrity status from his music? Where did GZ get his celebrity status?

      • Melinda Craig

        Zimmerman stated he was donating some of the money to an animal rescue charity. You know, animal rescue, like the one juror 39 is involved in.. the juror who the others say bullied and intimidated them into voting not guilty.. that kind of animal rescue charity. just sayin… idk..

    • Toni Hillsman

      He’s giving a “portion” of it to charity, and everyone knows that even 1% classifies as a “portion”. ITS A LIE!!! HE INTENDS ON MAKING MONEY OFF OF THIS FIGHT!!! Dont be fooled… anything this prick has EVER done has been self-serving, including the “neighborhood watch”!

      • Justice Delivered

        No, he was giving all of his share to an animal rescue organization.

        • Melinda Craig

          no he wasn’t. He said ‘part of’.

    • Melinda Craig

      Zimmerman stated he would contribute some of the money to charity. Not all of it.

      • Not Surprised

        So wouldn’t that mean he’s profiting off of it? SOME is not all so where is the rest going? Right into fat boys pocket. Stop drinking the kool aid and quit defending a murderer.

        • Melinda Craig

          I hate this fat slob. My point was that he was not donating all of the money to charity as some people are being led to believe.

        • Justice Delivered

          “I hate this fat slob”

          I had a thirteen year stomp their foot and announce that they were mad. I told the kid that I and her mother might occasionally care, but the rest of the world did not give a s!!!.

          The same applies to you and your hates. The more that you show such hate, the more people will become disgusted.

          • Not Surprised


          • Justice Delivered

            I guess it was too subtle for you. We have a fairly large group suffering from a collective psychosis. They seem to be under the misguided impression that they or their truant teens can assault and that whomever they assault should accept such because they are the chosen ones.

            So, one of their punk teens gets shot while assaulting someone, and since then they have been pitching the same kind of fit as a teen, using the same kind of flawed reasoning. Most of us do not care if they are mad.

            Conduct in this case reminds me of McCarthyism.

            It appears, that like teens they are not smart enough to know when to quit. Eventually the rest of us get pissed off enough to do something about it.

          • Not Surprised

            Georgy Boy is that you? Don’t you have a boxing match to get prepared for????

      • upstandingblackguy

        Just shut up bitch you just making a ass out of yourself more and more believing this fool first the killing of that boy, then he been in trouble 3 times and now this. You still on his side? Also just because he said he was gonna give it to charity doesn’t make this right. Where the hell are your morals…ohhh you must think of blacks as animals?

        • Tony

          You’re an idiot, man.

          • upstandingblackguy

            Is that the best responds you can give when you know someone is speaking the truth insult them? Get a life little man.

          • Melinda Craig

            is calling a woman a *bitch* the best ‘responds’ you can give

            when you know someone is speaking the truth insult them? Get a life little man.

          • upstandingblackguy

            yes because thats what you were being “Zimmerman stated he would contribute some of the money to charity.” you were being a bitch by taking his side.

        • Melinda Craig

          Zimmerman had 3 arrests under his belt before he killed Trayvon, now he has 5, all for violent offenses. Trayvon had NONE. Trayvon’s ‘trouble’s were 1. drawing on a locker door 2. being tardy a LOT and 3. having an empty baggie in his backpack that had some crippy crumbs in it.

          *bitch* Ya know it’s ironic that you would call me that since some of you backwoods inbred hillbillies keep using that against Trayvon, for having called girls *bitches*. Zimmerman didn’t just call women names, he HITS them.. yet it’s Trayvon who is supposed to have been the ‘thug’.

          • upstandingblackguy

            No wait I am talking about Zimmerman who are you talking about?

          • Melinda Craig

            I’m talking about you calling me a bitch

          • Jackson

            Zimmerman was never convicted of anything. The first offense was pushing a peace officer who was hitting a black man. The one with Shelly was a he said she said pushing match with no injury. They both said they were pushed. Shelly and the new girlfriend both admitting lying and recanted. What better way to get back at GZ than to say he assaulted you. Trayvon admitted doing drugs daily, was into fighting, and suspended three times. He was troubled and his friends new it. Black people are not lost puppy dogs that need to be protected.

        • Jackson

          Boo hoo hoo. I am bwack in America. All the whiteys are out to get me. (sniff, sniff) boo hooooo

    • ktyxes

      gz will profit. if not monetary, then notoriety. at any rate, this is disrespectful. and if gz “says” he will donate the $ to charity, now he is an honorable person that we should believe. everything he has done since being found “not guilty: has been to promote himself.

    • outraged

      Did Feldman say anything about giving all of profit to charity?

      • Melinda Craig

        Feldman has been sanctioned by the las vegas boxers association for not getting proper permits, rigging the outcome and not giving money to charity several times already.

        • Justice Delivered

          So what? It was Zimmerman who committed to give proceeds to an animal shelter.

    • Wake Up

      Can you imagine what charity that could be. Maybe kill an innocent black child INC.!

      • Justice Delivered

        I hope that Thugvon is not representative of all black children. We know that the Hollister picture of a 12 year was representative of Thugvon at 17. How many B&E’s, rapes, assaults & murders are committed by teenage black males? What are the percentages relative to other races? What are the factors which cause this?

        These issues are what we should all be talking about. Effort put into persecuting Zimmerman would be better spent fixing these issues.

        • Melinda Craig

          Trayvon was 15 in the ‘red shirt’ picture. He had just turned 17 two weeks before he was killed. Have you ever seen the pictures of Zimmerman stoned? on his myspace account of ‘ohtobekingagain’.. I have the pictures…

          • Justice Delivered

            For some reason anything Trayvonites say is not credible anymore. Cite an expert source for this, one which is not connected to to his parents. Perhaps a year book, or documented evidence?

          • Melinda Craig

            Google it. I did. There are a ton of pictures of Trayvon, for whoever wants to see the truth. Michele Malkin admitted and apologized for having used a picture of ‘the game’ as being Trayvon on her ‘Twitchy’ website. Look it up. I dare you.

          • Justice Delivered

            Pictures with no chain of custody data. They mean nothing.

        • Melinda Craig

          We know that you don’t represent most White People. Most of us are kind decent people.

          • Justice Delivered

            Actually, I am a mix, Native American and probably some black, but no Hispanic.

            Kind decent people do not approve of large scale feud type smear campaigns as has been the case with the Zimmerman family.

            And, I think that boxing is crude.

            The issue here is petty vicious conduct by blacks where their primary focus has been on Zimmerman’s light skin. Otherwise, they would be giving black on black assaults and killings the attention which they deserve. And they would be giving the issue of child rearing more attention.

            Trayvon should not have turned out thinking that fighting was his calling. No child should.

  • Stormy Monday

    Thanks for all the support!! So glad I decided to create the FACEBOOK page and bring awareness to the slap in the face fight! Together we alllll shutdown this foolishness.

    • Angie

      Yes the Facebook page was a great idea! I “liked” it this morning.
      Do you have any idea who is sponsoring this event? I personally have not heard anything. I think it would be worth a shot to take aim at those guys as well. Events usually need sponsors in order for promoters to pad the purse and pay for the facility.

  • Gloria Cassell

    My question is how is it possible that you had no other choice but to shoot this “Teenager”bus he “over powered you”….but now you are strong enough to fight another man in the ring for nine rounds? come on it throws everything that the defense said in court in our faces…smh

    • Jacqueline Cooper

      yup you are right

    • Jaime Andres Pretell

      Not really. Zimmerman isn’t the brightest kid. He has done cardio boxing, not real sparring. He may feel it is a way of making money but he will probably get hurt. Maybe they will use larger gloves.

      • Justice Delivered

        News clearly reported that George’s share was being donated to an animal shelter. It is clear that this was not about personal profit, it is another example of George Zimmerman doing good works.

        • Melinda Craig

          nope, George said a ‘portion’ would be donated. Good Works? That is to laugh

          • Justice Delivered

            George’s good works are something you could learn from. People like you spend all your time scheming and hating. I doubt that you have ever done anything useful.

    • cliff

      Perfect way to put it @Gloria cassell..I hate err thing about zimmerman and this stupid ass boxing match..plus Id rather see trayvon pops In the ring wit him..thats the only way he cud get his witout worry n about the law.
      I neva looked at it the way you jus put it thou..too weak for trayvon but then turns around and challenges random niggas..

      • Gloria Cassell

        Absolutely…no different than OJ trying on a dry rotted leather glove…”if it dont fit… and everytime you turn around he’s flaunting it…

  • jay Lopez

    Seeing as the promoter won’t cancel the farce and we know child killer wants it, then we ask no one fight him, Dmx now this falls on you, money I understand but there’s other ways for you to get it, yo Russell Simmons, put the dog on.

    • MrsT

      I doubt it will happen..given all the threats that Zimmerman is getting….He’s a dead man walking.period. But if it does…Can we PLEASE get Mayweather or Travon’s father…whatever happens…We can call it “Standing their Ground”.

      • Melinda Craig

        If anyone wanted Zimmerman dead, he’d be dead

      • Justice Delivered

        Be brave MrsT, go let George teach you about the firepower of his 13 round tactical shotgun. It is probably loaded with 00 buckshot.

        A head on approach is bound to result in a closed casket funeral.

        This is one of dumbest suggestions I have seen.

  • lady

    Umm the press conference is canceled not the fight. He seems dead set on the fight

  • Muhammad Malik

    The only way this fight should happen is if all the money goes to the parents of Martin. Period.

    • kb

      Why would they want money from the man who killed their child? The fight shouldn’t happen period.

      • Muhammad Malik

        Why would they? People file wrongful death lawsuits all the time in civil courts. If there is NAY money to be made, then it should go to the parents. Doesn’t matter if it’s from a boxing match, a book deal, anything.

        • Jackson

          GZ deserves all the $$ he can make. He was visiously attacked for no good reason. His absentee parents, black racists, andmedia exploited him. You created his fame now deal with it.

          • Melinda Craig

            oh he’s going to get what he deserves…everything he deserves, on day.. click click pull George… sleep tight

          • Justice Delivered

            Yes, his art career is off to a good start and he can expect considerable income from numerous people who have libeled him.

          • Melinda Craig

            yes, those 2 paintings he plagiarized from the internet. Very original… Libeled him? He suffered no losses from anything that was said or done to him.

          • Justice Delivered

            Painters have been creating their works based on scenes or from photos for a very long time. Regardless of claims otherwise they are derivative and transformational. Every brush stroke is unique, colors and shading are unique.

            The text has political and social meaning, from George’s very unique perspective.

            George’s next paint should be of Corey offering a finger gesture to an AP logo. That would be use of the picture to criticize AP and totally circumvent what are already very weak copyright claims.

            And that brings up another career possibility for George Zimmerman, becoming s spokesman for grass root copyright reform.

            Both you and AP are full of sh!t.

          • Melinda Craig

            Poor George, always the bridesmaid, never the bride,.

            He’s a deadbeat who’s been sued 5 times for not paying his bills. He owes O’Mara a ton of money.

            He was rejected from the police academy and the military.

            He spent 6 years FAILING to get a 2 year degree.

            His first cousin accuses him of having molested her, for 10 years beginning when she was SIX years old.

            He has 5 arrests under his belt now for violent offenses. Hitting 3 women, 1 cop and for having murdered a kid. Nice guy this Zimmerman. pfffttt.

            He’s a fraud and a wannabe who’s 15 minutes of fame are over.

            He’s a known liar and cheat who’s only claim to fame is that he shot and killed a kid HE chased when the kid wasn’t bothering him or anyone else.

            He wanted so badly to be the hero when we all know now he’ll never be anything but a big. fat. zero. Sucks to be him.

          • Justice Delivered

            I would rather have George Zimmerman for a neighbor than someone like you or anyone on the Scheme Team. It is all about character.

            Look at how he keeps bouncing back. Don’t you love the way he keeps turning your lemons into lemon-aid?

            How many people are trying to ruin him, thousands? Yet, in spite of your best efforts, all of your best efforts – George Zimmerman keeps improving his position.

            What is ironic, is that your and your partners are destroying your own reputations. People are noticing your conduct and it is changing attitudes.

          • Melinda Craig

            What people are noticing is that they gave him the benefit of the doubt in the beginning but now, following his abhorrent and narcissist behavior, they know what he is. Even his friends are commenting that ‘then don’t know who this man is”.

            this is who you would rather have for a neighbor?

            “. . . I can hit my boy up to handle a lil somethin with my sister and he’s at my house with his boys on bikes before i hang up with her! They do a year and dont ever open thier mouth to get my ass pinched.”

            Someone who would brag about having others ‘do their dirty work’ for them..

          • Justice Delivered

            Far better than someone who brags about beating a snitch, drawing blood and planing on assaulting that person again — Trayvon.

            Regardless, Zimmerman is still a better person than you or the rest of the Scheme Team.

          • Melinda Craig

            Zimmerman is a loser. Always has been always will be. “this was a good kid, a kid with a future, a kid who’s parents cared”

            What the police had to say about Trayvon.

          • Justice Delivered

            “a good kid”

            Not by most people’s standards.

            “a kid with a future”

            Probably in and out of jail and eventually killing or being killed. Even if he had dodged this particular bullet, he probably would not have made it to thirty.

            “a kid who’s parents cared”

            But did not care enough to be there for him day by day, month after month for at least twenty years.What was done, or should I say not done with Trayvon is tragic. Then multiply that by tens of thousands in Florida alone.

          • Melinda Craig

            really? not a good kid….

            1. Was an honor student with a 3.7 GPA.
            2. Was accepted at a college on a full ride
            3. Was a volunteer of 600 service hours
            4. Was a devoted member of his church

            Funny you forget that it’s Zimmerman who just turned 30 and has been in and out of jail his whole life.

            Trayvon had just turned 17 TWO weeks before he was killed, his parents didn’t have the chance to have him for 20 years. Were you drunk when you wrote that?

            You’re an idiot and eat up with the delusion of White Privilege. You honestly believe that even when a White person commits a truly heinous act, they are still ‘better’ than a Black person.

            You’re sick. Like most racist, your self esteem is based on ‘being superior’ to someone/anyone.

            Zimmerman lives under the same delusion. For now

          • Justice Delivered

            1) We know that he skipped about 60 days of school. We also know that he was smoking weed, and while weed is mild as drugs go it does make it pretty hard to learn and retain things. We also know that Trayvon was very fond of LEAN, a mixture of Arizona Watermelon Juice (not tea), Skittles (remember that he had these two items) and cough syrup. He was probably going back to steal dads girlfriend’s cough syrup. And we know that he had liver damage consistent with using a lot of Lean.

            2), If he actually had a full ride it is an example of affirmative action waste.

            3) As to community service, even if this is true for some reason Trayvon still went bad.

            I have made a point over the years of hiring teens, generally just one or two. When you have one teen you get one teen’s worth of work, typically something between 10% and 50% of an adult’s productivity. When you have two teens you still get one teen’s worth of work. And when you hire three or more you usually don’t get any work.

            4) Being a devoted member of a church is not the same thing as being an upstanding citizen. Some of the evilest people I have even known used their church and feigned religion as cover to do their dirty deeds. There is more than enough information about Trayvon to determine that he was rapidly sliding down the slippery slope towards ruin and that he did in fact bottom out. His poor soul is now lost for eternity.

            I do not buy white privilege arguments. I had parents who stressed the value of education and work ethic. Nothing was given to me. My family was not wealthy, parts of the family are still dirt poor and some of them are just as bad as Trayvon’s family. We all, every race have the privilege of working hard, of stressing the importance of work and education. Those who do not do so become losers, and their children become losers, and their grandchildren become losers.

            My opinion of Trayvon and his family is not based on race, it is based both their handling of Trayvon and character.

            Last, defending oneself is not a heinous act. It is not racist and not buying the Martin PR, really propaganda is not racist, but your actions are very much racist and it is long past time that the whole Scheme Team is held accountable.

            How about you slither back under your rock?

        • Justice Delivered

          Why do you think Trayvon’s parents and their associates are fighting SYG law even though it was not a factor in George Zimmerman’s acquittal? SYG pretty much slammed the door a civil lawsuits by criminals and their families. Much of the Ghetto Lottery was stopped by SYG.

          Since George Zimmerman was acquitted, he could now file a lawsuit against the parents for damages for both the assault and ALL related damages.

          • Melinda Craig

            HA AHA! Alrighty then!

      • Melinda Craig

        sometimes a loss of money is the only consequence some killers face. If the family of Trayvon Martin can grieve in better financial circumstances, more power to them

        • Jackson

          GZ was aquitted of allcharges. he was viciously attacked byTM! The media, liberals, and black racists turned him into a celebrity. Get used to it.

          • Melinda Craig

            He ran for his life for 4 minutes being chased by a creepy weirdo who refused to identify himself. Trayvon died trying to defend his life. The only racism that entered into this is by those who tried and failed to ‘thugify’ Trayvon.

          • Jackson

            He said he wasn’t scared. He made it to his father’s girlfriends house. It did not take him 4 minutes to do that. You are confused. There was a 4 min gap after he reached that house and when he attacked GZ. He left the area of safety to escalate the situation. GZ was being a nuisance maybe but that is no need to viciously attacked him. Michael Dunn did the same thing to the young black kid who was playing music too loud and being a nuisance. Skin color is the difference between Dunn and TM. I think you are well meaning but living in a dream world. There was NO evidence that GZ attacked TM or was running after him. All the evidence pointed the other way. Hence the not guilty verdict. Maybe GZ can be an MTV DJ or something useful like that.

          • Melinda Craig

            Why would he lead this creepy stalker to his home? Why do you put the responsibility of doing the ‘right thing’ on a just turned 17 y/o kid when the grown did everything wrong?

            He SAID he was running after Trayvon. Of course I don’t blame you for not believing him.

            the new improved george zimmerman reenactment vs the world. It’s George in his own voice, as he walks through the crime scene the next day with police video on you tube.

            He changes the story of being felled with a sucker punch when jumped from behind to the 2 of them meeting up face to face, speaking to each other and trading blows covering over 30′ of ground.

            Michael Dunn shot and killed a kid sitting in the back seat of a car after yelling out “you’re not going to talk to me that way” as described by witnesses to the shooting.

            You haven’t a clue as to what you’re talking about.

          • Jackson

            You did not read my post correctly. I said Dunn was responsible for escalating the situation just like Trayvon did. At NO time did GZ ever say he was running after him!!!! He was following him in his car in the beginning and then stopped. He never changed his main story. He said TM yelled at him and he answered back meekly. Then TM answer back and attacked. That is exactly what the ear witness heard. We know from RJ that TM was that first person to speak. You are basically admitting that Trayvon tracked back to where GZ was. It was pitch dark and GZ was no where near him. TM said he was not a bit scared. He made a bad decision because he had poor parental guidance. I really do not put all the blame on him. He was just a troubled kid from a broken home with absentee parents. Even his friend say if you keep acting like that you are going to get hurt. All this is not GZ’s fault. He just protected himself. Even if he was scared and did not want to lead GZ to his house what crime did GZ commit to deserve a vicious beating? Because he was paranoid is not an excuse. Because he was black is no excuse. It was a horrible tragedy but not murder. GZ may have been a nuisance but did not deserve a violent attack anymore than that young black kid Michael Dunn shot just because TM was black does not mean he was innocent. He was misguided at best. Looking for trouble at worst. His parents deserve a lot of blame. This is very typical in the black community.

          • Justice Delivered

            “I said Dunn was responsible for escalating the situation just like Trayvon did.”

            Remember how media cheerfully spread Martin Scheme Team false talking points? We really do not know yet what happened and we cannot trust media to give us the straight story.

          • Jackson

            Although the trial is not over Dunn already stated that he thought he heard the kid threaten him and thought he may have had a weapon. Instead of leaving the scene, going into the store, or getting into his car and driving away he went to his car, rifled through the glove compartment for a gun, and then returned to the other car. My point is that he is using the same exact excuses people gave for TM. That he was scared, had to stand his ground, some creep was threatening him, etc. He had time to go to his car so he had time to leave the scene just like TM did. They both chose the wrong way to deal with the situation.

          • Justice Delivered

            I have not spent any time looking for credible sources so I do not know what the facts are of the Dunn case. But it is easy to believe that one or more of the teens might have threatened him. And he would have good reason to fear a group attack.

            But if it is factual that he went to his car and returned, then he may be guilty. In some ways the Dunn case sounds similar to that of the battered woman who went to her garage and then returned to kill her husband.

            We have rule of law, and for the most part I am comfortable allowing a jury to weigh all the facts, facts which we do not have access to at this point.

          • Jackson

            Good points. I agree with that.

          • Jackson

            BTW I would not argue with Melinda anymore. She invents facts and when she is called out she just invents new facts.

          • Justice Delivered

            The person posting as Melinda is probably a PR hack and a member of the Martin Scheme Team. It might be a man, and regardless of gender all it does is repeat Scheme Team lies.

          • Justice Delivered

            If they had been trading blows Thugvon would have had some evidence of being hit. In reality, all the evidence points to LoserVon initiating the assault and dieing while committing that assault.

          • Melinda Craig

            exactly. But that’s what Zimmerman said in his walk through with police the next day… ‘the new improved George Zimmerman walk through vs the world’ on you tube.

            he actually states “he was about right there” indicating about 10′ out from him..

          • Justice Delivered

            Are you high, because your claims are completely at odds the evidence of the case. No one has to thugify Thugvon, he did that all by himself.

          • Melinda Craig

            O’Mara contracted a private eye who couldn’t come up with anything on Trayvon. He never found anything and Zimmerman had to be sued to paid hiim

          • Justice Delivered

            Discovery of cell phone and school records produced quite a bit of information and recovery of incriminating Intent posts which the Scheme Team had removed from the web was also quite revealing.

            Trayvon had been on a self destructive path for several years.

            Attempts to hide the fact that Trayvon had assaulted a bus driver were also interesting,

            It seems that between B&E and assaults that Trayvon was bound to come to a bad end.

          • Melinda Craig

            there was SO nothing on Trayvon’s cell phone that O’Mara had to make something up, which he later apologized for.. it didn’t show his friends beating up a homeless man, it showed 2 homeless menfighting over a bicycle.

            No one ever came forward, nor did any bus driver file a complaint, nor did Miami Dade police have any record of this. him allegedly hitting a bus driver.

            Zimmerman now has FIVE arrests for violent offenses.. 3 for hitting women, 1 for assaulting a police officer and 1 for murder. Unfortunate coincidences?? I don’t think so.

            Trayvon had NO criminal record. The AP sued for his juvenile records and found NONE.

          • Justice Delivered

            “Trayvon had NO criminal record.”

            Yet we know that he had numerous drug offenses, that he was a vandal, that he was connected after his death to a B&E and theft of jewelry and that he did in fact commit at least three assaults.

            What did come out is that his politically connected parents likely pressured the school to not report drug possession, the B&E and to pressure the bus driver into not making a complaint. We have all seen how Travonites gleefully get people fired from their jobs. I have little doubt that the bus driver was threatened with loss of their job.

            You should consider that if Trayvon had been forced to suffer consequences for one or more of these infractions that he probably would be alive today.

            Good parenting is about giving a teen enough rope that they can get into some trouble, but not so much that they have a chance to do something really stupid.

            It is incredible that Trayvon’s father was not home that night making him very sorry that he had been expelled permanently from his school.

            Trayvon desperately needed tough love and no one cared enough to give it to him.

          • Melinda Craig

            Trayvon had no drug offenses. He had been caught at school with an empty baggie with crippy crumbs in it. That’s ALL. A 10 day suspension.

            The jewelry was investigated by the Miami Dade PD and found to have been not reported stolen.

            He had not been expelled permanently, he had been suspended for 10 days.

            IF the truth would serve your cause you wouldn’t have to make stuff up.

            No Bus driver ever came forward, just as NO parents of those ‘mentored youth’ EVER came forward on Zimmerman’s behalf.

            The failure of parents rest on Zimmerman’s parents. They raised a man who would molest his 6 y/o cousin for 10 years. Who would be a financial deadbeat, being sued 5 times for not having paid his bills/creditors. For being EXPELLED from his school after spending 7 years trying to earn a TWO year degree. He was told NOT TO COME BACK after having been accused of killing an unarmed kid. He FAILED his community as NW and they paid dearly for that. He FAILED entrance in to the military and the Police academy.

            Zimmerman spent his whole life skating on every torrid thing he did until he killed a kid. Do you know that he lied FIVE times during the initial interview with police the night he killed Trayvon? Busted in FIVE lies on day ONE of the investigation…

          • Melinda Craig

            What’s incredible is that Zimmerman claimed he was making his weekly shopping trip with Shelly to Target that night yet he failed to take Shelly, his credit cards or wallet but took his gun. His dad claims he and Shelly had mentored those ‘poor black kids’ that day yet NOT one of those parents ever came forward and come to find out, Shelly wasn’t even there that day. She had left George, gone to her Dad’s house..

            Zimmerman had cheated on Shelly and been busted. She had left him.

      • Justice Delivered

        Trayvon’s assault’s should not have happened.

  • TwistedNotConfused

    I hope you find enlightenment before the light finds you.

  • keisha h.

    I think it’s wrong & they shouldn’t go through with it period!!

  • Leah Ashton

    Dmx doesnt need to fight this guy anyway. He has been training mma style fighting. Thats way different from boxing. Besides i think x will get hurt.

  • ariee

    He Deserves his Ass BEAT … LET IT HAPPEN !! He didn’t Cancel himself when he Shoot an Innocent BLACK child & now that he has to FIGHT an BLACK man , y’all want to Cancel it , this some Bullshit !!

    • Nevaeh

      The problem isn’t the a$$ beating it is that Zimmerman will benefit from this fight. Killers are not celebrities, they are criminals.

    • Evaretta Payne-Wilson

      If gz was in jail he’d not be allowed to benefit from his crime. Putting on this circus allows him to benefit from Trayvon’s death. Its not about the Beatdown, street justice will eventually take care of that. Its about letting this ant disappear from the world stage into anonimity and despair. Why give him a platform and celebrity status. He should be shunned by society not elevated to celebrity. Anger is useless, we did that already-erasing him from the collective conscience is how I’d like to see it go down!

      • Maxine Shaw

        Street justice my ass. This dude is still walking around without a scratch on him.

        • Evaretta Payne-Wilson

          Street justice may be slow but God’s justice is in his time, not ours and no one gets you better than when you get got by God! DMX or anyone else cannot give gz the proper justice he truly deserves. Scars heal…i’m just saying!

    • Muhammad Malik

      And DMX is in no shape to be in a prolonged fight, he may just end up taking the L

      • http://www.sbadiyahaustin.com s. badiyah austin

        it seems that no one even sees that part as well. they chose a junkie. this is sheer spectacle. whoever actually thinks that dmx could win…when he’s clearly been addicted to crack for years…is just crazy.

        people want zimmerman to get his ass beat…but truth is…i’m sure he’s trained for this purposefully. like, you people cannot be serious with the “he needs his ass beat” retorts.

        clearly, someone is smart enough to realize that he won’t.

        he’s gonna profit from murder AND get to beat a junkie’s ass as well…a BLACK junkie’s ass at that, just to piss us all off even more.

  • Tonya

    This isn’t entertainment, Feldman! This is a ridiculous attempt to make money from a tragic situation. If this were your child, would you be as insistent on having the fight? If you really want the public to see Zimmerman get a good beating, put him in the ring with Trayvon’s mother and father! Your ratings would go through the roof and everyone would be happy.

    • Rachael

      Not really. Trayvon’s parents have already stated they are not interested in any violence, that is not what their focus is on or what they want remembered.

    • ktyxes

      actually, if this coward punk ass mf came out of hiding he would definitely get his ass whooped

      • Justice Delivered

        You sound like Trayvon, look at what happened to him. If you think that you can get away with ass whooping people, you will sooner or later be terminated like a mosquito.

    • brandy

      Yes, let his parents get in that ring with this Bitch nd see how it goes.

  • Rhonda pissed of citizen

    Why in the hell is this son of a bitch Zimmerman being labeled as a celebrity anyway, thats crazy, somebody should beat feldman’s ass for even bringing this to light, it makes me think that feldman thinks Zimmerman is innocent for the killing of trayvon martin, this us so sad…..

    • Justice Delivered

      “Zimmerman being labeled as a celebrity anyway”

      Because an unintended consequence of the Scheme Team’s smear campaign has made George Zimmerman a celebrity.

  • Mad as Hell

    Damon Feldman said “it’s entertainment”while this maybe true I’m sure it would be very entertaining to see George Zimmerman get beat down.It’s disrespectful for him to be labeled a celebrity for killing someone child.What if it was your child Damon Feldman? And yes DMX is a celebrity have much love for him.DMX find somebody else to fight.And it is a disgrace to the Martins for George Zimmerman to profit off of killing someone unharmed child.Also how the hell can he handle DMX if he “couldn’t handle Trayvon” and he is not a boxer he’s a joke.And he said he would give the money to charity yeah right.IJS ifb this was your childs KILLER would you want him become a celebrity and profit off of your childs death I hope not IJS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tam

    Ask Feldman if it would be entertainment if his son was murdered, his killer set free and then made into a celebrity for it! Damn fool!

    • ReecesQueen

      Great question!!

    • Justice Delivered

      I bet that Feldman’s son is being raised better than Trayvon, and that he will never assault someone.

      The truth is that Trayvon was a victim of being born to parents who did not take their responsibility to him or society seriously.

      Having children should be associated with at least a twenty year commitment to always put the child’s best interest as your highest priority.

      • Jackson

        Great point!!! TM’s mother did not want him around and did not raise him. Tracy Martin was a deadbeat who did not even know his son was missing until 8:30 the next morning. Now they are all of a sudden concerned when there is $$$ to be made. Pathetic

  • Not Surprised

    Damon Feldman is worse than Zimmerman. No compassion, no empathy and no one ounce of guilt.

    • Justice Delivered

      This may be true, but he did cancel when he started receiving death threats. I am far more concerned about black racism and the entitlement mentality which is driving threats against a ever growing number of people. This kind of bullying needs to be stopped, the people behind it need to be tried and jailed.

      • Melinda Craig

        blah blah blah.. you would like to believe that folks go cradle to grave without ever having contributed, but studies prove this isn’t so.

      • Not Surprised

        1. In order to be a racist I have to be in a position of power to oppress. 2. I don’t feel sorry for Feldman who attempted to turn profit from the murder of a child and placing celebrity status on that child’s murderer. 3. When one lack empathy it takes something to hit them hard to wake up and realize what they are doing is a mockery and very disrespectful to Trayvon’s parents, who are still mourning their child. Do I agree with a child being threatened? No, do I agree that it was effective in make Mr. Feldman see more than the all mighty dollar? Yes. 4. The bully AND thug is fat boy, since being acquitted he has done everything in his power to remain relevant (and not in a good way) and have been arrested how many, three times since the acquittal. Having said that, STOP defending a murderer, if you choose too remember OJ was a murderer who was acquitted, why not show sympathy for him? Is it because Nicole was a lily white girl and Trayvon a little black boy????

        • Justice Delivered

          “1. In order to be a racist I have to be in a position of power to oppress.”

          Which is exactly what is being done.

          2) “attempted to turn profit from the murder of a child”

          Self defense is not murder. – Thee court ruled!

          3) Empathy for people whose neighborhood is being preyed on. Empathy for those who are being assaulted. Empathy for those who are being threatened, especially when such threats are made against their families.

          No empathy for gold diggers chasing the Ghetto Lottery.

          4) George Zimmerman has done nothing wrong and he is entitled to live free of organized black McCarthyism. Keep on flexing political muscle in unjust ways, be prepared to see it neutered in the same way McCarthy’s was neutered.

          OJ actually did commit a murder, Zimmerman did not. And Nicole being white and Trayvon being black had nothing to do with the merits of each case.

          • Not Surprised

            Blah blah blah. Maybe if Trayvon were your child your tune would be different. Now back to your bridge troll!

          • Justice Delivered

            My children were taught the joy of learning and hard work from the beginning. They received love and discipline throughout their formative years. They were taught to judge people on merit. They respect their elders and rule of law. They would never initiate an assault.

            So, their only risk factor is being assaulted by a no good like Trayvon or being caught in the cross fire of Trayvon like thugs.

            We live near a city with high crime rates. I am sick of reading about murders and maiming, mostly among young black males.

            The question is why in hell people like you are not tired of this? Why don’t you care enough to change this situation? And why are you spending so much time on this case when there is a slaughter occurring?

            It is long past time that you get your house and community in order. Not for others, but for your and your children’s good. What in the hell is wrong with you?

          • Not Surprised

            So what did you teach your children about being stalked by a wanna be top flight cop? Did you teach them to stop and answer to them or to get away and tell an adult? Old Georgy boy initiated the attack when he got out of his truck with a gun AFTER being told not to. What’s funny is Georgy boy is now willing to fight a grown man in a boxing ring but couldn’t defend himself with a child? Since you don’t know me nor my works in not only mine but other communities I will not dignify that last rant with a response. Typical racist response by the way.

  • TD

    I feel like things happen for a reason the justice system has failed trayvon an his parents so now its time for the people to take action in there on hands DMX is only agreeing to do what I’m pretty sure his dad is been wanting to do for along time so yes he should fight him an make sure he put some speed knots on that dam head an dare him to rub anyone of them that’s all I have to say about that

  • ms jai

    Entertainment??!! Really??!!! The pain of a broken family and an outraged nation is ENTERTAINMENT TO THIS MAN???!!! HE IS REALLY ONE SICK PUPPY. GOD HELP OUR NATION. SICK. SICK. SICK. SICK.

    • Jackson

      Pain of a broken family?? Are you kidding? His parents were absentees. His mother did not raise him and wanted nothing to do with him. His father did not even know he was missing until 8:30 am the next morning. Now all of a sudden they are parents of the year!!!!! The racist black community and the media exploited this situation for money and got away with it. You created GZ’s celebrity so stop whining!!!!!! Not all blacks are racists and many did not buy into this nonsense. Get help BTW Michael Dunn is just as guilty as TM. Both escalated a situation to violence unnecessarily. Grow up please.

      • Melinda Craig

        He had gone to stay with his dad ONE WEEK before he was killed.

        I think you’re projecting your own life. “His parents were absentees. His mother did not raise him and wanted nothing to do with him.”

        No one has made more money off of this than Zimmerman.

        Zimmerman hadn’t even talked to his brother Robert in 8 years because Robert came out as gay. Zimmerman had not spoken with his parents in 2 years before he killed Trayvon, the last big fight he had with his mummy dearest, he shut off her electricity. Now look at how all of those cockroaches came crawling out of the wood work, to make money off of Zimmerman’s back for having killed a black youth. THERE’S your ‘parents of the year’.

        • Justice Delivered

          “No one has made more money off of this than Zimmerman.”

          Wrong again, the martin Scheme Team collected between one and two million. They call it the Ghetto Lottery for a reason.

          • Melinda Craig

            And they deserve every penny they got, I hope they get more.

          • Justice Delivered

            Actually, as the libel-defamation cases proceed it will be interesting to see what comes out of discovery. If they can be connected to any of the false remarks George Zimmerman may be entitled to everything they got.

          • Justice Delivered

            If they are implicated as the source of libel-defamation George Zimmerman may be entitled to every penny the have.

            The reason they have been campaigning against SYG laws is that most have a provision which stops criminals or their families from filing civil lawsuits.

            As it stands now, Trayvon’s parents are liable for his actions, and that is a valid cause for action, as is libel-defamation. What goes around often comes back around :)

          • Melinda Craig

            Dream on. That’s never going to happen. The family can still sue him for wrongful death. They Actually did suffer a loss. TRATL HOA paid up. No reason he shouldn’t.

            OJ lost a suit for wrongful death even though he was found not guilty at trial.

          • Justice Delivered

            HOA should have waited a few more days, then they probably would not have got a dime. Considering the evidence, it was a rightful death.

            And, just think of them opening themselves to discovery, that would be quite a show.

            Are you really this dumb? Don’t answer, we can already tell.

        • Jackson

          Wrong as usual. GZ has made no money and is 2 million in debt. You are continually inventing evidence which shows you are just a loony liberal with bias. GZ said he ran after TM- wrong! Dunn said “you can’t talk to me that way!” -wrong. His brother was talking to him before the incident. They were very close. You are regurgitating false allegations.

  • bri

    I hope dmx kill his ass. How bout that!!!

  • ReecesQueen

    It’s entertainment really, Feldman is a crook anyway scum bucket. He’s been in trouble before with his promoting tactics. And people say stop living in the past, but hell how can you!

  • ReecesQueen

    Let him fight Trayvons father or brother! Since all he want to fight is blacks. They would be the best candidates!

    • Jackson

      He should fight Al Sharpton, the man who exploits the poor and vulnerable.

  • George Linard

    The only thing wrong with this article is that they aren’t showing DMX as a 12 year old angel. Other than that, let the show to on!

  • Jon

    Who would be entertained if no one attended, and no media covered the crap being passed as entertainment

  • Michael Harrison

    The fight shut have no rule , fight to death ??????????????

  • jackson carter

    No fight needed, just me, him and a chainsaw 😀 You will get yours one day Zimmerman, why? Because the planetary patriot said so. But remember he’s got a FBI shadow team in close protection mode, and he’s got on a vest to, so aim high and make it count! 😉 Stand your ground back in motion… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vimZj8HW0Kg

    • Justice Delivered

      Were you masturbating while you wrote this? Do you have any idea what a tactical shotgun would do?

      • jackson carter

        Yes I do, don’t ask about squads in Iraq doing a Robocop with a tactical shotgun on Hadji and sand monkeys aka Iraqis, and no not the new remake, the 87 one , but well tray did not count, all those people in iraq to katrina, hell they did not get jon bonets killers, even little white girls don’t count. Only zionists and the super rich do. Bagel :/ pp out!

        • Justice Delivered

          So, you appreciate that a chainsaw is not a stealth weapon, it does not handle well and it is no match for a gun?

          Your anger is misplaced, you should be mad at those who have children but cannot or will not commit to stand by those children until they are ready to stand on their own.

          Trayvon did not get this, and even worse is that there are large numbers of other children being shortchanged in the same way.

  • Ty Ellison

    No matter who wins, the ultimate winner of this fiasco will be Zimmerman.

    • swtnips

      That’s what I’ve been trying to tell people who are rooting for Zim to get beaten. If he does, it legitimizes his lies that some “thug” not his age who’s thinner than he is could beat him senseless and leave him no choice but to shoot them dead. If Zim “wins”, everyone else explodes in rage then fights amongst ourselves, as if the two of them represent us somehow.

      And when Zim said “proceeds will go to charity”, he didn’t specify what percentage (most likely .09999999%). The rest will go to fund his life of leisure (given the reason for this being cooked up in the first place was Zim being unemployable).

  • Deborah Dennard

    The fact that the news release was done on Trayvon’s birthday is another slap in the face of his parents. Allowing this murderer to become rich off of this is outrageous. DMX is probably gonna get his behind beat cause he is a crackhead, and you know he isn’t training, but I bet Zimmerman is.

    • Wake Up

      Most people don’t know that he had the nerve to announce the fight on Trayvon’s Birthday. They are two pigs wallowing in their own filth, and want everyone else to join, but I won’t entertain this travesty one bit. FOH!!!

    • Jackson

      You mean the parents who couldn’t care less about him before he died?? Now that there is $$ to be made they are all over the place. pathetic if you ask me.

  • outraged


    • Justice Delivered

      I hope that you understand that this could easily lead to a lawsuit for interference in a business. It is an actionable tort.

  • phillychic

    Ok so all the petition signing I did and other ppl did from facebook and Internet etc were overlooked?? I’m sure its more than half 100, 000 ppl signed what’s going on with that??

  • Miena

    SINCE HE WON’T CANCEL the fight, the best thing we can all do is don’t purchase the tickets to the fight, don’t watch it if it’s televised, and pay it less attention! Unfortunately attention is attention regardless of whether it’s good or bad, so although so many of us are against this, our opposition is giving it a bigger name. All the talking we are doing about it is giving it exposure and making it popular and worst of all making it money!!!

  • DJ

    Just make sure he doesn’t bring a gun to the ring…….let him know the true meaning of stand your ground now that the playing field is even.

  • Fige Bornu

    Trust me, this event will not happen.

  • Ewing Fyahblaze

    zimmerman should fight Travon’s Father…. put them in the ring together

    • Jackson

      I think Zimmerman should fight Al Sharpton!! I would love to see it!!

  • tashatexas

    If there is this much opposition to it why continue with it? What charity wants to be involved with this ignorant tomfoolery? Not a one nor is Zimmerman doing this for charity. If he wants to give to a charity so badly he should have donated the money he made off of that wack painting. There will be no fight and that sleazy promoter knows it.

  • ?

    For the folks who think Zimmerman will get a beat down, you all are fooling youself. Participant’s sign a contract to not hurt each other in the ring… its all a pony & dog show. This boy Damon feldman is a sick man… in my eyes he is a child predator… preying on a dead child to try and make money

  • ashley

    Zimmerman isn’t famous In a good way … Considering he’s ganna get he’s ass absolutely kicked and he deserves way more then that I think dmx should kick hes ass good

  • bandmlove

    How bout Zimmerman getting beat up in the ring? First one to fuck up Zimmerman wins!!!!! Vote: yes
    . no

  • upstandingblackguy

    So where is all those racist ass white people that was parsing him for killing that boy and said he was right for doing so? This bastard been in trouble 3 times since now this bull shit. Where you racist fucks at now?

  • Evelyn Canady

    If anyone that think this is a charity event should think again. There is nothing charitable about Zimmerman. He is a murderer that belongs in jail . My wish for him is that he never finds peace on this earth as long as he lives.

  • Dorothy Haith

    Let’s face it we all know that Zimmerman is doing this for himself, he’s broke and owes a lot of people. Yea right he’s gonna donate some to charity,mI’ll believe that when pigs fly. He is not a celebrty and this fight should not happen but if it does, I hope DMX kicks his ass GOOD!!!!!

  • Jeff

    He might have a gun under the ring just in case.

  • Joshua Bergeron

    i say let them fight if he loses the money can got to Trayvon’s family or an out reach program if he wins make him pay his legal fees (WIN_WIN) if u ask me

    • dieniggerdie

      If traycoon was beating your son you’d be crying like a bich now tho right doodoo?

    • dieniggerdie

      That’s no family just sum filthy naggars son, get a clue sonny boy

  • peter

    Beat his black ass Georgie boy! I thought blacks idolized gangsters in their rap music? Make up your mind blackies! Are you gangsters or pussies? Real gangsters don’t whine like little school girls. Blacks are chicken shits at heart.

  • Maou

    I got my money on Zimmerman. You can’t flim flam the zim zam.

  • DoinMe

    We are quickly becoming a society of sociopaths. This is sick on so many levels.

  • tillzen

    Let’s be honest, there is zero difference between a promoter paying George Zimmerman to fight and allowing MMA cage fighting. Both are an abomination and lower the bar for who we are as people but if America wants to be this type of nation then so be it. Someday, our grandchildren or their children will look back and wonder what we were thinking? Profit is a great motivator, unless of course it turns the promoter and the audience and the country into sub-human pariahs.

  • Bob

    “An unarmed black kid who was committing no crime gets shot and killed ”
    He was assaulting Mr. Zimmernan, among other things, hitting his head into the
    concrete and Mr. Z feared for his life

  • dieniggerdie

    This the second time Zimmerman beat blackie! Blackie scared of Zimmerman! Hahaha he wins again!!

  • SheRahMoor

    DMX is a friggin Crack Head , respectfully, I still have love for him. He’s not in any condition to battle with a so called “MMA” trained individual such as Prick Zimmerman. Why don’t he get his life right and stop picking on young and drug abused people ! You dayuuuum Bully.

  • SheRahMoor

    How can you cancel something that was never confirmed??? Idiots! You just wanted to see if DMX was high enough to accept the invitation to humiliation. NO, I don’t have faith in DMX. Have you seen him lately? He doesn’t even want to stop smoking crack cocaine for his children, he’s not going to stop for George “the prick child killer” Zimmerman

  • Cal Cutty

    If he wants to fight someone let him fight Mayweather! I’m sure he could use some pocket change after that $10.4 million bet on the Broncos lmao

  • Mugsy Russo

    Writer/promoter Mugsy Russo is fuming after promoter Damon
    Feldmans press conference. Damon and Mugsy had made a last minute deal
    that would keep the fight alive and ease some of the controversy. That
    was what was suppose to be revealed at the press conference. Apparently
    Damon got cold feet. Mugsy Russo says he didnt need feldman or his venue
    and that the fight is still on. He also added that he wouldnt back down
    to death threats or intimidation tactics. “The George Zimmerman Fight
    will happen. Mark my words. And Alki David will have nothing to do with