White House Petition to Stop George Zimmerman DMX Boxing Match

Philly boxing promoter Damon Feldman under fire.


UPDATE: Under pressure from the growing opposition to the George Zimmerman/DMX boxing match, fight promoter Damon Feldman has indicated that Zimmerman will not appear at the Philadelphia press conference next week.


A lot of people are unhappy about the upcoming celebrity boxing match pitting Trayvon Martin killer George Zimmerman against troubled rapper DMX, and someone has started a White House petition to stop the fight.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the petition had over 4,000 signatures. The White House is obligated to respond to any petition with more than 100,000 signatures.

The petition, created by someone in California, reads:

Celebrity Boxing Promoter Damon Feldman & George Zimmerman are attempting to promote and profit off of racial tensions in America.

Damon Feldman has been known for fixing fights and taking short cuts in the past in bypassing state requirements for fighters to obtain a license to box.

Mr Feldmans past should be highly considered in this regard if Feldman is not going through the proper channels to ensure the safety of the participants it puts lives at risk.

in addition the entire idea of this event is to use racial tensions to lure people in to purchase the event. this will only hurt America as it will continue to stir up racial tensions that have been on going in this nation for quite some time.

No Promoter or Celebrity Boxer should ever be allowed to use racial tension to profit.

Feldman says that he is aware of the petition but has not read it. “There are a lot of haters out there,” he says. “But I don’t see color. I’m just in this to make money. There’s an opportunity for me to catch a break here.”

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  • killacutta

    people will do anything for money, doesn’t matter who gets offended. This is just going to stir up more racial hatred. I’ve already saw the comments of people taking sides again. Just glad I’m not living in the states anymore.

    • Jason M. Rosen

      I say , I’ll train DMX to beat him to a bloody pulp!!
      Jason Rosen, former trainer Main Events Boxing. face book me D!

      • swtnips

        If Zim won, it would actually look worse for him and his lies.

    • swtnips

      Unfortunately for Zim, there are many white people who are not his biggest fans, either.

    • Nathan R Newman

      Yeah, I don’t blame u for not living n the United Snake of Emerica anymore. I’m tired of the racial politics, marital law and permanent underclass situations n this country.

      • Shannon Robles

        Then LEAVE

  • Joseph Miller

    “No Promoter or Celebrity Boxer should ever be allowed to use racial tension to profit”? If this were the case we would never have seen the “fight of the century” when Jack Johnson defeated James Jeffries to become the first black heavyweight champion. Tensions were so high that it triggered race riots.

    • .haNk

      the point is: this guy’s trying to become a celebrity off of killing a kid, and that’s wrong.

      • Joseph Miller

        Regardless of the fact that the incessant media attention is all angry, he is a celebrity because his face was plastered everywhere for the trial. He literally cannot get a speeding ticket without having it covered in the paper. He’s not “trying” to be a celebrity, he has been made one against his will and now is simply going to profit from it — or in this particular event he’s going to support an animal charity.

        • swtnips

          His opening of a twitter account, daily meme creation and controversy stirring, his promising a “follow” after a certain number of people follow him, his incessant celebrity baiting and name dropping (like Hannity), his manic engaging of anyone famous (Ralphie Mae) who acknowledges him while largely ignoring unknowns who tweet him, his constant mention of his “supporters”/”followers”/”fans”, his unnecessarily LITERAL email handle along with personal photo and ego stroking Q&A that had largely little to do with the painting itself, his completely inappropriate photo op at the gun factory right after the acquittal… Yeah, this is a poor little introvert being “hounded”, not a egomaniacal narcissist starved for attention. Right.

          And it’s as likely Zimmerman’s cut will be “donated to charity” as it is he’s a “Christian”. See, Zim has this little problem – his actions don’t match his words.

          • Joseph Miller

            Wow. It seems that the intense, incessant coverage of everything Zimmerman does has inspired a fanatical following at least with you. Your encyclopedic knowledge of everything Zimmerman does is proof of your fandom, even if you’re in the “anti” camp. The vast majority of coverage for Zimmerman is negative, it is a major part of his brand which the media began building the moment they released his mugshot next to a photo of 12-year old Trayvon. Zimmerman’s personal concessions to vanity constitute hardly any portion of his fame. It is the always fresh indignation of people like you which make Zimmerman such valuable clickbait for websites like this. You clearly are supporting Zimmerman’s popularity by following every bit of news about him, with fanatical interest. YOU are a “supporter/follower/fan”. If you actually think that George Zimmerman doesn’t deserve attention, you should stop giving it to him. If this is all just a bit of news-entertainment rage porn to feed your appetite for bread and circuses, then go ahead and keep obsessing over George Zimmerman. At least you’re helping to make him money.

          • swtnips

            Only problem with all your blah blah?

            Zimmerman DOESN’T WANT to “go away”.

            He posted a Robert Downey Jr meme recently telling his followers who “helpfully suggested” he “stay out of the spotlight” to F off.

            He in no uncertain terms has made his fame CHASING obvious. He’s spelled it out for you.

            Yet here you are still trying to gobbledygook about him being “hounded”. Get over it. Zimmerman would be MISERABLE if he had no attention. And when his 15 minutes run out, he will be.

          • Joseph Miller

            Well it’s nice of you to give him that attention. You’re a good fan.

          • swtnips

            I’m a fan of justice. Which wasn’t served when a murderer was acquitted. You trying to make me feel bad for being as outspoken about this as the dolphins being slaughtered and other tragedies? Ain’t gonna happen, sorry. You want Zim “out of the spotlight”? Talk to HIM about it. I can already tell you the answer you’re going to get.

          • Joseph Miller

            I know that your critical thinking is definitely lacking if you can’t see the plain, unambiguous fact that George Zimmerman killed in justified, legal, self defense. So I’ll phrase this as simply as I can although I’m sure it’s just a concept that’s above your level.

            The attention you give Zimmerman through articles such as this one contributes to his celebrity, and by extension his well-being. You being “outspoken” is not going to put Zimmerman back on trial, it is only going to give advertising money to outlets like this, which are giving free publicity to George Zimmerman.

            Right now, every time you open this page, you are doing George Zimmerman a favor.

          • swtnips

            Go tweet your boy directly, asking him to do HIS part to stay “out of the spotlight”. Then – and ONLY then – can you come back here and whine about people “hounding” him.

            End of story.

          • Joseph Miller

            You never stop do you? Your dedication to enhancing the value of the George Zimmerman brand is astounding. I’m sure he would thank you himself if he knew. If there is even a small cult following with the same fanatical obsession with George Zimmerman that you have, I’m sure he’s going to be a household name for years to come.

          • swtnips

            A “brand” is a celebrity producing retail items. Zimmerman is a celebutante, not a “brand”. And just like others who have but not deserved the spotlight, the “fame” will wane of its own accord, no need for me or anyone else to imagine we singlehandedly control trends. Paris Hilton became obsolete because everyone with no real talents eventually does. But thank you for flattering me by pretending I control the tides.

          • Brandon Kitzmiller

            It wasn’t self defense. The police dispatcher told him to stay in the car and let the police handle things. He didn’t listen and he followed and killed that kid. I hope he gets his ass kicked.

          • Joseph Miller

            Oh the old dispatcher argument, it’s like I’m reliving the case.

            The dispatcher did not order George to stay in the car, the dispatcher said “We don’t need you to do that” after George confirmed he was following to see where Trayvon ran. Dispatchers do not give orders, as a rule. Jeantel and George’s testimony agree that Trayvon turned around and returned to confront George instead of going home. The physical evidence show’s the only injury to Trayvon was an abrasion on his knuckle, and the bullet wound. Eyewitnesses confirm that Trayvon was on top of George beating him. I don’t know about your fantasy land, but in my world walking on a public sidewalk is not grounds to attack someone, so George was not wrong in getting out of his car. Pinning someone to the ground and beating them does call for the victim — in this case George — to defend themselves.

          • swtnips

            1. No one saw who “attacked” who, i.e. who initiated contact.

            2. NO ONE was able to prove who of the two was “calling for help”.

            3. I might get an “abrasion to the knuckle” defending myself from some stranger who, for all I knew, was about to lock me in a basement for years, like Ariel Castro. Strangers who follow you do stuff like that.

            4. Trayvon was found several feet away from the concrete he was supposedly beating Zimmerman with, yet was shot through the heart, and would have died instantly. Corpses don’t walk.

          • Guest

            1. Presumption of innocence
            2. Presumption of innocence, also eyewitness placed Zimmerman on bottom with Trayvon punching him repeatedly. Seems like an odd position for someone yelling for help.
            3. Maybe, presumption of innocence.
            4. A person who has been shot in the heart can potentially have full movement for a full movement, a medical expert testified to this in the case. Only a shot to the upper spinal cord or a certain area of the brain will stop and kill a person immediately. This is a fact like yours, only mine is actually true.

          • swtnips

            Double post, “fact” boy? Angry emotional troll-for-months who stands poised over a keyboard to rip off a rebuttal within seconds of someone disagreeing with your BS, all the while pretending it’s all about cool headed “justice”, as if courtrooms are full of computers and not highly fallible humans?

          • Joseph Miller

            1. Presumption of innocence
            2. Presumption of innocence, also eyewitness placed Zimmerman on bottom with Trayvon punching him repeatedly. Seems like an odd position for someone yelling for help.
            3. Maybe, presumption of innocence.
            4. A person who has been shot in the heart can potentially have full movement for up to one full minute, a medical expert testified to this in the case. Only a shot to the upper spinal cord or a certain area of the brain will stop and kill a person immediately. This is a fact like yours, only mine is actually true.

          • swtnips

            “Presumption of innocence”… That never applied to Trayvon in your world, did it?

            Even when the shooter was not given a toxicology test but the dead teenager was. Tox tests of dead victims are usually done to determine cause of death, when it’s not known, and to help with finding the killer. In this case it was done to blame the victim. Kinda like saying the rape victim was “asking for it” based on her history.

            Even when Zimmerman told a truly ridiculous story, including a teenager from this decade using outdated slang from the decade in which Zimmerman was a teenager. Even when he claimed TM “jumped out of” a 2 foot tall bush… But wait, while he was sneaking and jumping, he was also delivering well rehearsed “I’m gonna get you” lines. Oh, and he’s a ruthless “thug” – even though he RAN AWAY FROM Zimmerman. Because thugs always run away, amirite?

            Airtight story. No reason to PRESUME Zimmerman is/was full of it. Especially given the daily downward spiral of his personality/behavior/sense of right/wrong/ethics that HE makes sure to put on public display.

          • Joseph Miller

            The defendant gets the presumption of innocence. Basic. Did you even graduate from high school?

          • swtnips

            The victim isn’t presumed to have “caused” their own victimhood. Did YOU even graduate from high school?

          • Joseph Miller

            George Zimmerman was the defendant in the case, the presumption of innocence applies to him. Although thinking adults who heard all the evidence (such as the jurors) may be convinced that Trayvon attacked George, that is not what his acquittal means. A “not guilty” verdict means that the state could not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Zimmerman was guilty of the crime. It does not determine that the defense’s version of events is true, only that it has not been convincingly disproven. That’s what the “presumption of innocence” means — the burden to prove guilt rests with the prosecution. If the prosecution cannot prove guilt, there is no conviction. You’re welcome for giving you the basic civic education your teachers failed to pass on.

          • swtnips

            Nice monologue, delivered in a predictably white-man-knows-best pedantic fashion.

            Except for the part where you again pretend that everything in life has ONE characteristic or dimension. And that the ONLY thing relevant in this case was George Zimmerman’s presumption of innocence.

            Sorry to break it to you, but the character assassination of a crime victim is just as germaine.

            I love how in your posts you berate people who disagree with you for clicking on articles related to Zimmerman… when you’re about 2 seconds behind racing to get to one the minute it hits the airwaves. Same with berating people for posting, caring, having an opinion (if it differs from yours, of course). In fact, between you and “Inclement Weather” and “Justice Will Prevail” and the rest of the handful of core GZ bots, it almost makes one think that you ARE a Zimmerman. Sorry you won the battle, but thanks to Zimmerman’s own asinine behavior are now losing the war. Hope if you donated to him you can keep deluding yourself that it was the right call. I know your ego couldn’t take being proved wrong.

          • Joseph Miller

            How the case reflected on Trayvon’s reputation is not germane (nice attempt at a grownup word, but you spelled it wrong) at all compared to a basic principle of American jurisprudence. The entire purpose of the trial is to determine criminal guilt, protecting the image of those involved is incidental.

            I don’t think there’s anything wrong with reading articles like this, but if your purpose is to suggest Zimmerman shouldn’t be a celebrity then consuming media coverage of him is obviously hypocritical. You have a right to your opinions, just like I have a right to point out how baseless and idiotic those opinions are. Free speech, just one of many rights I support — like the right to self defense or to due process.

          • swtnips

            How this case reflected on Trayvon’s reputation is very germane to people who care about the teenager who was shot that day. Obviously you’re not one of those people. I’m guessing your political party, priorities, gender, and skin color all play into why that is.

            You can hide behind your “letter of the law” argument all day long. It’s still obvious that you’re EMOTIONALLY invested in relating to George Zimmerman on a personal level, while vilifying Trayvon Martin. Courtrooms are tried by attorneys whose attention span, drive, personal relationship with the judge, etc etc win or lose cases, and the defendants are limited by their ability to afford effective representation, either by paying or an opportunity to “make a name”. Judges are appointed from the ranks of those attorneys. Jury boxes are filled with the dregs of society, the leftovers at the end of the day after all the people with a grain of common sense have already begged off and gotten excused. And those are just some of the reasons why “Lady Justice” is a fickle mistress, not a left brained analytical infallible outcome. Kelly Thomas’ murderers were on tape saying they were beating him for pure sport, while he begged them and promised his cooperation the entire time – apparently the court “presumed the innocence” of the cops video and audio taped for 33 minutes unmercifully beating that cooperative man until unconsciousness. Right? I suppose the courts “presumed the innocence” of Emmett Till’s murderers back in the day, too.

            We have a lot of laws, some good, many bad. You can pretend to live in a universe where every time the court rules on something you fully support it. But we both know that when the Supreme Court ruled that ACA was a law you gnashed your teeth and kicked and screamed. Go ahead and cherry pick your “because the court said so” situations and try to pretend that’s not what it is. Meanwhile, you’re the only one on this board and any other you post on who actually believes your own BS. True to form, your blinders are on so tight you actually think you’re making converts with your posts, or doing anything other than piddling in the wind.

          • Joseph Miller

            Haha you’re really making a lot of totally irrelevant assumptions about me, I can see you’re desperately searching for some fallacious argument to prop up your indefensible position. My gender? The ACA? Emmet Till? Really getting off topic. The presumption of innocence is a legal principle present in all just societies, it’s not just some silly technicality. Trayvon Martin’s image is not germane to the case, which is what we’re discussing. The case has one purpose, and that’s to determine legal guilt. I followed trial itself closely, you obviously saw it as a political victory to be had regardless of the evidence presented or the legal standard of guilt.

          • swtnips

            Haha, what’s funny is that:

            9 HOURS AGO – YOU were the VERY FIRST PERSON to post a comment on this story. You then go on to berate people for “paying attention to” George Zimmerman – by “clicking on” articles about him. When… here’s the best part… apparently YOU were the first person to “click on” this article! The FIRST PERSON HERE, dude — that’s YOU!! That means you were checking Google regularly for “George Zimmerman”, then RACED over here as fast as your little legs could carry you. I hope you’re getting Social Security and leading your online one man cavalry to “save” George Zimmerman safely seated at a desktop, because otherwise you could fall and break a hip staring at that phone 24/7 constantly refreshing like you have OCD for the first glimmer of a new Zimmerman story to zip on over to.

            What’s funny is that:

            You then go on, 7 HOURS ago, to say “you just don’t stop, do you”, implying that it’s someone other than you who’s fiercely, grittily determined to Have. The. Last. Word.

            You then mention a “cult following”, as if it’s some fringe element that applies to other people much more languidly clicking and commenting on this article long after you. As if the CULT isn’t in fact >>>YOU<<<.

            Nice try, paid shill for George Zimmerman. If you think your 9 hour long rabid, frantic posting marathon in defense of Zimmerman won anyone over, you're quite wrong.

          • Joseph Miller

            I would think after rephrasing this message all day, it would be clear to you. I’ll give it another shot though, since my scheming paymasters at the helm of the shadowy Zimmerman conspiracy are giving me five dollars for every post.

            I am not, and never have, argued against consuming Zimmerman news per se. There is nothing inherently wrong about following news about George Zimmerman. It does have an effect, however, which is contrary to the stated intent of those who think he should not be famous.

            1. Some people (you, not me) are upset that George Zimmerman has some “celebrity” i.e. he is a notable figure of media attention.

            2. This media attention is driven by audience demand for such content, for instance reading articles about George Zimmerman.

            Those who are upset at Zimmerman’s media attention (2) should avoid consuming media coverage of him and thereby driving that media attention (1).

            For those described in point 1, the activity in point 2 is hypocritical.

            On a side note, my posting marathon is not to convince anyone of George Zimmerman’s innocence. After a completely one-sided case which should never have gone to trial, I am confident that anyone who believes Zimmerman is guilty is emotionally incapable of digesting an alternate perspective. I am doing this for fun, to bask in the impotent rage of frustrated degenerates. It’s a low impulse, but it entertains me.

          • swtnips

            Have. The. Last. Word.

            You just can’t stand it, can you?

            You’ve gotta get here first, and be the last to leave. Total control freak.

          • Joseph Miller

            As long as your seemingly limitless impotent rage keeps flowing, I will never be sated. Your stubborn wrongheadedness is the cornerstone on which I build my castle. I’m going to bed for now but be assured I will be here to revel in your frustrated blathering in the morning. Sweet dreams.

          • swtnips

            Of course you’re “going to bed” – it’s 8:25 Eastern time, 5:25 Pacific. Maybe a round of “connect the liver spots” before sleep finally comes, then up at 4 to prepare for front lawn sentry duty, shaking that cane at those whippersnappers, then back online for an entire day of numbing yourself out with Zimmerman obsession, to distract you from the fact that no one in “real life” listens to you or cares anymore. Sleep tight, old bigot.

          • Joseph Miller

            I admire your dedication to stereotyping and bigotry, I would never have thought that you would extrapolate from my bedtime that I must be an old person. I think you’re exhausted every irrelevant personal quality you can imagine to feed your narrow-minded stereotyping. First you state that my opinion must be related to my “political party, priorities, gender, and skin color” and now my age too. Way to contribute to a tolerant society. While you’re well of the mark with your Holmesian deduction of my age (I got to bed early to get up early, because I’m a productive adult) you are close to the truth when you suggest I’m going to spend the morning yelling at children, that’s what I have you here for. It was like Christmas morning, seeing you really put in the effort for two lengthy nonsensical posts — thank you.

          • Jackson

            give it up. all the evidence came out. Trayvon attacked GZ and that was backed by the medical evidence, rachel J. ,and the ear witnesses. he is an innocent man free to do. what. he wants.

          • swtnips

            You keep on pretending “medical evidence” can prove who threw the first punch, something that no one, literally not one person, besides George Zimmerman, witnessed. Then maybe next you can explain to me how “medical evidence” can also predict the next winning lottery numbers. Because according to you, “medical evidence” is some sort of magic.

            MIDDLE of the fight: distant witnesses (some of whom contradicted the ones determined as “credible” during a case stacked against the dead victim from the start).

            START of the fight: NO witnesses. Zero. Zip. Nada. That means there is NO “evidence” as to who “attacked” who. None – whatsoever. I’m sure you’ll keep trying, though.

            Your buddies, like “Joseph”, want to argue it was a LACK of evidence that acquitted Zimmerman. Then the rest of you fools want to play the “see, look at all the EVIDENCE” card.

            The fact of the matter is, courts and juries get it wrong ALL THE TIME. And seem to be doing so with greater frequency. There is no other way to explain the ruling in the Kelly Thomas case, or this one.

          • Jackson

            Rachel Jeantel stated that it was TM who was the first to speak. She said he said “why are you following me” to which GZ responded ” What are you talking about? ” The ear witness who heard the argument said the first person to speak was very angry and confrontational and the person who was responded was meek. We know from RJ that it was TM who was the aggressor. All the medical evidence backed up GZ’s version. I never said it proved his case. The medical evidence did not back up the prosecutions case. That is why they kept changing their version and what ultimately led to a justified verdict. A little bit of common sense tell us that TM escalated the situation to violence. The fact that he was just a kid complicates it a little bit because kids do not always act appropriately. Just like in the Dunn case where Dunn escalated the situation unnecessarily, violence could have easily been avoided. I personally believe the evidence proved GZ’s innocence but that is my take on it.

          • juststoppingby

            Check the evidence – he was already out of the car when the dispatcher said “We don’t need you to do that”. I repeat, he was already out of the car. This is a basic fact of the case.

          • swtnips

            He was not “attacked” by Trayvon Martin while on the phone with the dispatcher, either. Any ADULT should have common sense (that’s the part where he would realize a teenager not knowing who he was would naturally be afraid of his intentions) and professional responsibility (that’s the part where he would realize that since the police were on their way the most prudent choice would be to RETURN TO his vehicle and wait a few minutes for their arrival).

            He WAS on the phone with the dispatcher out of breath, obviously exerting himself, and speaking with pressured language that clearly had frustration and anger in it. Rather than choose to count to 10, calm down, and not do anything rash, he went with the alternative. Considering he was frustrated with his failure as a husband and provider, annoyed at being a “nobody”, and taking prescription amphetamines every day (prescribed for a reason, that reason being him being a nut in the first place), it’s not hard to figure out why he didn’t choose the rational, prudent option that a good “watchman”, especially one armed with a gun, would choose.

          • Joseph Miller

            Are you suggesting that imprudence and anger remove the natural right to self defense? That, if George Zimmerman made a poor choice in protecting his own safety, and perhaps experienced some emotional upset, that means he not only deserved to be physically attacked but that — Christ like — he should have suffered even unto death?

          • swtnips

            Imprudence = negligence.

            Shooting and killing someone in anger = homicide.

            George Zimmerman’s “Christ like suffering”, LMAO!!!!!!!!! Well, that is what he’d like us to believe. He does lead a daily “Bible study” on his twitter account. Funny, though, how he always leaves out the passages that say you’re supposed to pray for and respect your government (regardless of what party is in office), not commit adultery, not take the Lord’s name in vain (as he’s done on the memes he himself has created), etc etc etc…

            Hate to break it to you, but when the Bible talks about “false prophets” and “knowing them by their fruit”, charlatans like George Zimmerman are the exact reason why. The Bible also says not to pray out loud in public to be seen, because only fakes do so. There’s a lot of emphasis on humility, meekness, and doing charity >>anonymously<<. All told, according to the Bible GZ is always pretending to believe in, he resembles a "Christian" only in Bizarro World. I'm surprised his fingertips don't burn every time he touches a Bible or types a verse.

          • Joseph Miller

            I’m sorry but “negligence” and “homicide” have their own definitions, very different from the ones you just invented. If you care to peruse the actual jury instructions they’re available online — I think you’ll find the elements of homicide are a little more specific. As much as I’d love to delve into a theological discussion with you, I’m afraid that rant rests on your embarrassing inability to parse a simple sentence. Read it over again — am I suggesting that Zimmerman DID suffer unto death (Hint: Zimmerman is still alive)? I understand how your desperate attempts to rationalize your delusional worldview through bigoted stereotyping might leave you a bit confused.

          • Harold Tuttle

            You are not a legal system. The legal system acquitted him. You are cherry picking factoids to support a flawed argument. Having said that I hope he gets his ass beat to :)

        • Mikey

          That is not true. Had he not done the crime, lied about it, and do more crimes, he would not be in the news. There are over a million of Americans and we don’t stay in the news. Forced or not

          • Joseph Miller

            The news reports even on his traffic tickets, because the impotent rage of misinformed tools like you drives web traffic to anything with the name “George Zimmerman” in it.

          • swtnips

            Only simpletons think in simple ways, and it takes a simpleton to spend all say defending a fame addicted narcissist who chases the spotlight by saying the ONLY reason he’s in the spotlight is people are interested in what he’s doing.

            Give it up, simpleton. Like most things in life, it’s more than one thing. And the biggest part of it is Zimmerman’s obvious desperate need for attention – it’s smeared all over his twitter account. You want to kvetch about people giving him attention? It will be a whole lot less disingenuous when you stop pretending Zimmerman is some meek little lamb trying to avoid having his picture snapped.

            Casey Anthony was a big story, too. The difference is she actually went and hid from the spotlight. And she, consequently, isn’t “trending”.

          • Joseph Miller

            Wow you’re a sore loser.

          • swtnips

            I wasn’t “playing” anything, merely observing. Only overly emotionally invested GZ trolls like yourself (who play at the non emotional word of law game when convenient, then turn around and scream “no government” the rest of the time, like when laws are passed granting gay marriage or insurance coverage for all).

            I had nothing to “win” or “lose” in this case. It would stand to reason the person choosing those words feels that way. I’m glad you think the life of a teenager was a game.

          • Joseph Miller

            Sure bro, better luck next time.

          • theguyonthecouch

            Not to sound dumb but aren’t there more than a billion Americans who dont stay in the news

      • Samantha

        What in the wording of this petition for one second made u think its against Zimmerman? Its protecting him if Anything!

        • swtnips

          The petition was started by people who are anti-Zimmerman, to stop him profiting from a killing, but is also being championed and signed by pro-Zimmerman fans for very different reasons, aka “protecting” him. But it was not created by people who had any concern for the latter.

          • Rain Francica

            Good sparring with that Joseph person. 6 whole words is his last post. nice job.

  • enochmubarak

    FEATURE PRESENTATION: Mr. Charlie’s pic-a-nic entertainment plantation style…

    Black America it is bad enough that we are laughed at the world over because many of you payed Tarantino millions at $13.50 a piece to sit us in a theater for 2hours watching a movie whereas he calls us ni@#ers to your faces over 100 times and you loved it. Now here you are again gearing up the jungle drums to alert each other that the big fight is on.

    Mr. Charlie has classified acquitted child murderer George Zimmerman a celebrity and reportedly scheduled him to fight a black man other than the father of the child George Zimmerman killed whom by the way should be the first black man extended the opportunity to fight him and at the very least make the selection as to who fights acquitted child murderer George Zimmerman on his behalf.

    However this is a Mr. Charlie pic-a-nic entertainment plantation style in your face full frontal black disrespect feature and black people have gone from spreading the word to calling for a boycott but ….why boycott something not even worthy of mention?

    Black people with dignity and self respect hear it and don’t hear it because the notion of even suggesting something so vile and disrespectful make black people with dignity and self respect to say to themselves.. , “I wouldn’t even tell nobody no mess like that.”

    If you are one of the many black people spreading the word about the upcoming fight…you are playing for the wrong team.

    Sincerely, Enoch Mubarak
    President/CEO Mubarak Inter-prizes

    • swtnips

      I agree with you about Zimmerman, but in 12 Years A Slave, produced and directed by WHITE people, the “n word” also figured in prominently. And just like in Tarantino’s film, the people saying it were clearly painted as RACISTS, not sympathetic characters. So why have a problem with one film, but not another? Are you considering context in one, but not the other?

      • Me

        12 years a slave was A story told by a Black man, the movie was directed by a black man and the screen play was written by a black man

        • swtnips

          And it was produced by a white man. Plenty of people have taken offense to the same word used in Blazing Saddles but conveniently not noticed that Richard Pryor cowrote that script, kinda like Jamie Fox happily starring in the Tarantino film. Having an issue with merely SAYING THE WORD means I can’t report that someone said it, by way of saying that person was wrong. Context is everything. I’m no big fan of Tarantino, but if he made a movie where he was GLORIFYING the people who said the word I could see reason to object. But the racist characters in his film were presented as just that: RACISTS. As in, not good, not something to aspire to, not characters to relate to or like.

  • TreAnthony

    Find George Zimmerman and do what he did to Trayvon just before he’s scheduled to get in that rink…END OF STORY…Then people would file suit against Feldman and he’ll go broke for messing with Zimmerman…

  • Samantha

    I say if we are lucky George Zimmerman is beat to death and will no longer be profitting off of getting away with murder.

    • Reeeeeeee

      ur sikk

    • nestazhe265

      My Uncle Gabriel got a stunning blue Dodge
      Charger SRT8 from only workin part time on a home pc… hop over to here

    • gtw1983

      Prove he murdered anyone.
      Oh thats right..your argument is emotional and you can’t prove anything eh?
      Too bad.

      • M E

        So he beat the trial. Regardless of whether it’s murder or not he killed someone. The idea of him having a “celebrity” boxing match just further perpetuates the idea that Americans are in a panoptic decline. Would you feel the same if it were Casey Anthony on some celebrity dancing show? Celebrating an admitted killer with a violent past whose wife stated he is a “ticking time bomb”. Not to mention that he was just arrested a few months ago for putting a shotgun in his new girlfriends face. Emotion is completely relevant when logic precedes. He’s got murderer written all over his actions within the last few months.

      • samantha

        i’m sorry you guys are too stupid to realize you FORFEIT your right to claim defense when you CHASE someone down after you are told to stand down. He is a loser who WISHES he could be a real cop so he plays community watch and thinks that means he can shoot to kill. I’ts not emotional it’s common sense..what do i have to prove…it’s already been proven he KILLED trayvon…it was his gun and his bullet and his manipulative woe is me defense that then allowed him to be free (where he KEEPS getting into legal problems and his violent tendencies are becoming more prevalent and REEEE…I am “sikk”….sick of hearing about george friggin zimmerman. He is profiting on beating a murder charge

  • KobraKai7474

    I am not saying the person who came up with the petition is wrong, but, if we are being completely honest here, people have been “using racial tension for profit” for generations. Why do you think “Apollo Creed” was black? Why do you think Mike Tyson’s first fight after he got out of jail was against an unknown named Peter McNeely? Why do you think Samuel L. Jackson has been able to fashion a long and successful career as a foil in Hollywood “buddy movies” (and, to be clear, Mr. Jackson is brilliant in every role he takes even when it is the usual buddy movie genre)? Why do think guys like Strom Thurmond and Jess Helms got elected to the United States Senate over and over again even as they approached 100 years old and lacked the mental acuity to say their names?

  • Brad D

    Now we have the White House trying to stop a citizen from looking for an income?
    How does the government justify that? What business is it of the White House?
    Why is everyone up in arms over Zimmermans involvement and not DMX?
    How does DMX say he wants this fight for every black person who has been denied justice… Justice? How many times has DMX been arrested? These people think justice is whatever works out for them and people like them. Maybe zimmerman should fight for all those rape victims who never saw their rapist go to jail.

    • swtnips

      Many of Zimmerman’s FANS, who hate Obama, are signing/talking about the petition. So “what business is it of the government”?? The “government” DIDN’T START THE PETITION, numbskull. Go discuss your blame-Obama-for-everything fantasies with the PRO-petition crowd at CONSERVATIVE TREEHOUSE.

  • Reeeeeeee

    All u folks can’t get enough of zimmerman, thats why he’s relevant in ur convo’s

  • derrick

    No acquitted murder should reap the benefits of his reckless behavior who he openly and flagrantly admits to killing Trayvon without an ounce of remorse or dignity. Worst of all rub his unjustly freedom in America faces with actions in sharp contrast to what was seen and heard at trial. He will forever be seen as a shameful man. I support the petition. DMX if you back out, you will come out a bigger winner without ever getting your name tarnish with Zimmerman to your legacy.

  • Amy Lathrop

    Personally, I would love to see DMX beat his sorry ass! But I think it’s sick that this scum is trying to make money of the death of a young man. If it hadn’t been for Trayvon’s murder, Zimmerman would be a nobody and he wouldn’t even begin to think he might get DMX in the ring!

  • Rashad Johnson

    Why would anyone pay to watch a drug addict and a loser go at it . A person could watch the same thing in kenzo for free.

  • David_Smith

    Where is the White House petition to support the fight? I want to sign it.

  • Vivian Moore

    I think this is so wrong that the Martin Family has to keep seeing this ugly ass cold blooded killers face every time you look up you see his face whether on the news or on facebook he got away with a murder he did commit this family is getting ready to have to go threw Travon’s anniversary on the 26th of February every year when I celebrate my birthday I will have to always think about him and his Family and what there day may be like or what his mother and father are feeling.with God on there side and prayers from around the World 17 days after the anniversary of this young man that this fight never takes places.To the Martin Family you do have my VOTE that this doesn’t take place and to DMX I can’t believe you would want to disrespect the Family like that that could have been your brother cousin nephew or just a friend of the family do you need money that bad or are you still supporting your DRUG HABIT?

  • Betty Himes

    This is a disgrace to the human race, no man should be allowed to promote such anger and hatred , if anyone should box him it should be Travon’s father, oh but that would be pre-meditated murder, if he claims to be a good boxer than why did he not just box Travon ” no weapon” should have been needed nor would he have felt threatened as he claims if he is not afraid to box a grown man vs a child. This is all to disgusting to believe that we will feed into it. He should be banned from breathing.

  • Shannon Robles

    everyone is SO OUTRAGED and screaming that NO ONE should be allowed to profit off racial tensions…..REALLY???? The NEWS and MEDIA DO IT ALL DAY LONG… Who do you think kept pushing this crap. I’m so sick of whiners and complainers. The guy was found not guilty GET OVER IT. How many blacks get away with murdering whites, Hispanics and every other culture EVERYDAY….but no one cares about that. BUNCH OF BS…I’m WHITE and 2 black males INVADED my home, shoved a gun in my face and my daughters face, ROBBED ME, and NO ONE GIVES a **** ABOUT IT. They NEVER went to jail. There is NO RACE that is NOT GUILTY of racism. I’m sick of it all. If the two jerks wanna fight let them, neither Zimmerman or DMX are worth a dang or doing anything for anybody and its their life, if you don’t like it don’t watch it. Not to mention it’s only the people that keep responding to this that give them the fame they seek. So if you don’t want to see that happen don’t contribute.