Fox 29 Reporter Wants You to Panic At the Doom and Death This Deadly Ice Storm of Death Will Surely Bring

And it is kind of awesome.


Wait. Where have we seen that before?

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  • phillysportsfan

    I’d like to “slam” her “in the worst possible way,” if you know what i mean.

  • JMD

    Too much coffee?

  • Frenchie

    That is Karen Hepp. She is a Joke! I have seen people forecast the weather, but forecast the news?!?! Where are the many, many deaths, where are the fires, the exploding generators…AAAAAAAAA!!!!!!

    • momatad

      As watzingmtilda said earlier, bless her heart……and I’ll add the additional Southern insult…..bless her little pointed head and pea picking heart…….

  • Frenchie

    Alright, you need to start looking around the room and try to decide which one of the family are you going to kill for food first.

  • BigGuy

    Actually, she is correct in a lot of what she is saying. It’s her delivery that is terrible.

  • springcitypa

    Fired yet?

  • waltzingmtilda

    Bless her heart.

    • momatad

      Love this comment…..’Southern speak’ for ‘poor thing, she’s a bit slow’……

  • Is she on something?

    • Frank Piotrowski


  • Maynard

    People will DIE I tell you!!!! There will be Fire and Famine and Ice Locust!!!

  • Steve Schwaidster

    A whole wheelbarrow full of crazy…..(know her personally. She’s all kinds of “special” )

  • ed

    give her some freakin xanax

  • They_Call_Me_Bruce

    This is what happens when you cover up eye candy and ask them to use their mind. Just sit at the desk and show us your puppies.

  • richard pryor

    This all reminds me of that episode of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia when there’s an impending hurricane and the gang goes to a walmart and the newscaster is in the store still trying to create mass hysteria and hyping the hurricane even though it passed.

  • J

    I always watch fox in the am and Karen Hepp does a good job but this was insane! It’s like she was having flashbacks to some other time where she had to fend for her life during an ice storm. Did she even take a breath?!

  • maryan

    She is like some kind of speed freak. I guess she wasn’t here back in 1993 or 1994 when the whole I95 corridor had the massive ice storm? I was stuck in DC nothing was moving, no trains, the whole eastern seaboard was at a standstill.


    I hope my hearing isn’t falling(I am getting old,thank goodness) because I could barely understand what this child was saying. Should we call 911 or rush out to save her ourselves? Glory be,the poor thing is going to have a heart attack or stroke. She needs to go indoors and set a spell and maybe take the vapors. Anybody know her mama’s number?She reminds me of a windup toy I had as a child.

  • Jane Yavis

    What part of “Fox News” is it we don’t get? I was waiting for her to hawk Hannity’s and Beck’s $69.95 Disaster Survival Kits. I bet they loved her in Rochester. It’s not bad enough she went on for how long but then she has someone encourage her by ending with, “Yea, that’s Right”?

    • AprilO

      What part of the 29 in Fox29 don’t YOU get. I love when people see Fox and automatically think of the cable news channel .. and go all crazy and rant, like … (see video)

  • Perry A

    Love Karen Hepp. She is energetic and shows passion in reporting the news and that is exactly what the morning Fox show was built on. She is one of my favorites

  • Jeff

    cocaine is a hell of a drug

    • Tisha Ruman

      LOL! Thanks, Jeff.

    • Frank Piotrowski

      Speed kills!

  • Magda

    Her parents must be so proud of their little princess! Yes, give her some Xanax!

  • roe

    Karen Hepp! I LIVE in Philly and watch MyFoxPhilly29 because of the OTHER anchors (Mike Jerrick & Sheinelle Jones), but I CAN’T STAND KAREN HEPP! She is SO opinionated and conservative she would fit right in on the national Fox News Channel since she’s on par with Elizabeth Hasselback.

    • Jane Yavis

      Maybe she can use that video as part of her Hasselback replacement resume’/

  • Bill

    Professionalism left the entire news business a long time ago. Why anyone would still choose it as a career has to do with ego alone and nothing to do with quality reporting. They’re right up there with circus clowns.

    • Renn Leech

      Thanks for making me laugh, Bill!

    • Miguel Sanchez

      damn right look at some of the inquirer reporters twitter pages

    • Jane Yavis

      Unfortunately, the clowns are running the circus!!!!

  • muffin_artist

    If she’s from this area, doesn’t she remember January 1994, when we were encased in ice for practically the whole month? And yet there was no mass death or destruction.

  • JayBee

    People will die!!! They make poor choices!!! All is lost!!!!!… Bring out your dead…bring out your dead…

  • pete

    Geez….my head is spinning around like Peter Gabriel in the old “big time” video.

    Holy crap.

  • Dave

    What an overreaction! There’s only 4 people dead so far and they were all old anyway! Even after Katrina only 5 people died of CO poisoning (course, that was in August and it was 90, as opposed to here and “0”.

    • Susan B.

      “Only.” smh

  • Jim

    Fox 29 news is a joke. This is why no one should watch

  • Weather or Not

    I always said Punxsutawney Phil would surely one year get hoppin’ mad for pulling him out of his nice cozy hole in the ground…

  • Paüla Bee

    WHY is she allowed to speak? EVER? I get that she’s cute- but DON’T LET HER SPEAK for the love of God.

  • Panic sells and the media is good at selling it.