Snow Emergency Declared, Schools Closed Tomorrow, Trash Delayed


Also, Michael Nutter gave a press conference this afternoon, announcing a snow emergency in Philadelphia. Parking-wise, what that means is that the PPA is offering a 24-hour flat rate of $5.00 in Center City garages. Also, it means cars must be removed from emergency routes, which can be viewed here. Because of MLK Day, trash collection was postponed by one day this week. So if you’re a regular Tuesday morning trash person, hold it (and your noses) until next week.

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Everything You Need to Know About Riding SEPTA Today

As of lunchtime in Philadelphia, things look pretty terrible outside, and they’re only going to get worse. A rumor has started circulating that SEPTA intends to shut down at 3 p.m. due to the snowstorm, but SEPTA spokesperson Jerri Williams says that rumor is untrue. Read more »

Can Speed Cameras Fix Philly’s Death-Trap Road?

There must have been nine of us in the two-door sedan, and we were driving on the Boulevard.

I don’t really think anything happened to us — we were teenagers, and we were mostly skinny — and my friend Joe had a plan if the cops pulled us over: “Just say we’re headed to the circus and sing that song!” (That would be Entry of the Gladiators.”) If I remember correctly, though, this story had a happy ending: We turned off the Boulevard to drop someone off, and very slowly dwindled in numbers on our way home. But the point remains: We were nine teenagers in a car designed for at most five people, driving haphazardly on Roosevelt Boulevard.

Growing up a couple miles from it, I rode in cars a lot on the Boulevard as a teenager. I drove almost as often, heading to the enormous Tower Records north of Welsh Road, to a friend’s house in Oxford Circle, to Charlie’s Pizza, to nowhere in particular. I was (am) not a very good driver. I never got into an accident on the Boulevard, but there are thousands like me. Clearly some of them are a little more reckless or a little less lucky, and they crash. Or they hit someone attempting to cross the street. The Boulevard is an incredibly useful road that opened up the Northeast; it’s also one of its most dangerous.

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