WATCH: Trailer for Jayhawkers, A New Wilt Chamberlain Biopic

A story set after he left Philadelphia, in segregation-era Kansas.

There’s not much of Wilt Chamberlain’s Philadelphia life depicted in the new biopic, Jayhawkers. But he was a Philly guy, so here’s the new trailer for the movie about his time playing college basketball in Kansas.

Fox Sports reports: “Jayhawkers was shot at Allen Fieldhouse and around Lawrence and Topeka late in the summer of 2012. The movie’s climax involves the triple-overtime 1957 NCAA title game between the Jayhawks and North Carolina, a game the Tar Heels won, 54-53.”

(Full disclosure: I’m a native Kansan who has friends involved in the production of this movie. But I swear to you: I posted this out of the Philly-loving goodness of my heart.)

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    Not really a “bio-pic” then, is it?? In fact to label it as a “new bio-pic” when the legal rights to make one are not owned is a bit of a joke… when there is an actual Bio-pic being made. The music track is not exactly period, is it??