Gov. Corbett Bravely Runs Away From Philly Protesters

Had planned an “education event” for Central High; now moved to Center City.

Gov. Tom Corbett was supposed to hold an education event at Central High today, but word got out that he was to be met by a massive protest against his education and spending policies there. So what did he do?


Yup. He ran away.

This did not earn the respect of his critics:




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  • pjcostello

    You and the rest of his critics wouldn’t have spoken well of him if he stayed and took it, so who cares if he didn’t?

    • JeffWest

      He would never have stayed and taken it. He refuses to be held accountable for the anti-citizen legislation that the GOP PACs tell him to get passed.

      • pjcostello

        Bravo! Bravo! Want a cracker?

        • JeffWest

          No thanks, one of you is enough.

      • Charles

        In politics, you stand by your decisions and face your critics. Corbett and his handlers are cowards. They planned this as a “feel good” photo-op to try to bolster his image “supporting education,” but his handlers correctly predicted the event and imagery would not go well for him. He should be like every other politician and stood by the strength of his convictions and faced the public based on those convictions. Now he just looks weak.

    • Stezepp

      I would never, ever speak highly of Corbett.

      • pjcostello

        *gasp* No way! Really? Huh. Who knew?

    • Benjamin Haas

      The point is he didn’t. He had a chance to stand for his policies in a school that was decimated by them. What kind of reception did he expect? Instead he turned tail and ran. It says a lot about his character.

  • Old lady

    Omg! Is he afraid of the school-agers phanatical phillies phamilies? He should likely maintain a distance from the art museum steps and all sporting events in philly, then. Wow. The gov of pennsylvania…

  • JeffWest

    The good news for Corbett: judge ruled his suppressive Voter ID law is unconstitutional. So he won’t have to worry about his second term any more.

  • Dr. John

    Lots of unemployed people in Olney these days.

  • Central Student

    As a Central student, I was unaware of these protests until the day before they began when I was advised to “wear red tomorrow” as a demonstration to Governor Corbett. I thought little of it and even considered wearing red on Friday. As I walked to school on Friday morning and saw my classmates standing outside, wearing red, and holding protests signs I became increasingly angry, although at first I didn’t know why. As I began my day the reason became very clear. These students who were protesting on the lawn knew nothing of Governor Corbett a week prior. Why the sudden outrage among them? Because our staff at Central instructed them to give Corbett hell and most likely wouldn’t have been displeased with a riot. At an assembly Friday morning we were told we were being honored with Corbett’s presence by the same people who were organizing a protest. Through this facade, our administration was able to act outraged when Corbett cancelled. They didn’t want him here yet they were indignant when he cancelled. Corbett couldn’t win. I’m not gonna defend or protest him because in all honesty I don’t know enough about him to form my own opinion. And neither did the majority of my classmates who “wore red” on Friday. As someone who feels passionately about blindly following a cause, I was outraged that our administration used our students to make a political point. For all the “anti-bullying” messages they needlessly shove down our throats, they nothing short of bullied Corbett into not coming. Instead of talking to him, reasoning with him, and teaching a lesson to the students about overcoming differences in pursuit of a greater goal, Central reduced itself to the tactics of a child. The woman in the video above says we need more than one gym teacher, of which we have more than five, and our music program back, which is fluorishing and producing a musical just as it did last year. This simply proves the ignorance of those who were protesting. Corbett has not been great to the school district. But either way he is the governor and he deserves respect. I was told that students were instructed to ignore him and not clap when he spoke. When the announcement was made that the governor would not be coming, the woman said that he had decided to ignore the students waiting politely in the auditorium. What would have been a more accurate statement is, he doesn’t want to face the group of students who have been instructed to either hackle or ignore him. Of course, the media would never be so honest. Overall, I was disappointed in the hypocrisy of the administration, the obedience of my classmates, and the dishonesty of the media who failed to show all sides of the issue. Governor Corbett had it right when he said he “decided not to engage with theatrics designed by adults”. No one knew what was going on behind the scenes on Friday, although no one would care if they did.

  • Rose B.

    About “wearing red”. The kids wear red every day – that’s the color of the school hoodie!