Philly’s Murder Rate Is Skyrocketing Again in 2014

Two deaths on Monday gives the city a one-a-day rate.

2013 is starting to seem like a very long time ag0—remember when we were debating how much credit Mayor Nutter might deserve for the year’s stunning drop in the murder rate? Well, consider that debate on hold.

Why? Well, as CBS reports, two Philadelphia men were killed by gunfire  Monday night—in in the 600 block of Franklin Place, the other in the 3300 block of Amber Street. While the police department’s own crime statistic website appears to be down at the moment, was reporting on Monday at 11 people had already died in the New Year. The additional two makes 13 deaths by the end of 13 days so far in January—a one-a-day rate that usually inspires big headlines and scary talk. Are we there yet? Was 2013 the fluke, or is January? [CBS Local]

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  • Earl J

    So you think two weeks into the year you can extrapolate numbers for the whole year? Same lazy journalism as the hit piece you did on Vick with an “unnamed mistress” who he sent a birthday card to in Prison.

    • js

      Well, it’s been three months now and Philly is near 70 murders. They’re in line with Juarez, Mexico, which is about the same size.

      Looks like the reporter was onto something. No?

      • hoagiemania

        Juarez had 483 murders in 2013 and Philadelphia is on pace for less than half that this year, so unless the situation in Juarez has drastically improved in one year’s time, you’re just lying about the numbers. Don’t do that please.

        (Even Juarez is nowhere near as bad anymore as you’re pretending it is. When people talk about violence in Juarez, they’re referring to 2010, when they had a staggering 3075 murders there. Philadelphia in 2014 is 92% less violent than Juarez was back then.)

  • Dave Stevens

    The crime rate reflects the community, and its connection with the poor. As long as “lip service” prevails and little real effort, crime will continue to increase in the city and suburban areas. We are now seeing more attacks and home invasions in the more affluent neighborhoods, ie. Lower Merion.

  • enufalready

    Keep being a wuss, soft on crime and we all become the victims. When there is no fear of the justice system, no consequences we all become prey. Innocent people have to put bars up, alarms and cameras while criminals walk free. Criminals are provided with food, a roof, a gym, entertainment, education whille innocent people go without, into debt; innocent, defenselss animals murdered for no reason.

    • peaceisadream

      Well most the cops are dumb and dont care lie and do sloppy work so the real killers dont even worry the jokers and petty little drug dealers go to prison for years while the real criminals work with the cops sale guns there is no jobs education and the government and state do nothing for the communities besides flood them with racist cops who nobody wanna see or tslk to if they have sense its a mess that could be easily fixed when corruption stop which is never

      • Jacobs Ladder

        Not the job of government to give out jobs and “do things” for the black community.

  • peaceisadream

    They dont care to report people being killed and the cops dont care they are gangsters as well the best at it

  • tommy

    the one dude dead was some nasty fat black slob of a human being if you even wana call him one and the world is a better place with Cheif dead now only if the lazy useless pig cops can manage to keep someone another animal from taking his place on the block

  • kisteria st.john

    who cares if Major Nutter gets credit or not. Ask anyone who had their loved one murdered if they think the Major deserves more credit and see what they say. I think this article was unnecessary and inconsiderate of those who loved ones were murdered. I will get excited about the Major or whoever when not one life has been taken in any given year. By the way the crime rate is going down all over the country because God’s people are finally fed up and praying.

  • BDW

    S little update on this discussion about Philly’s new murder rate for 2014: Amber Long’s murder on Front Street just south of Front and Girard and the detetctives were checking a bogus lead from Mount Airy? How about driving north on Front Street in the dark from Girard to York and dauphin? You’ll find out your trail will be a lot hotter.

  • Jackson bean

    Poor people who have a lot of stress need to do a lot of killing. It’s hard being poor in the richest country in the world. All that stuff, and no way to get it. That gun makes them feel powerful.

  • hoagiemania

    The murder rate in Philadelphia this year has now dropped below the record-low murder rate from last year. I’m sure Phillymag will be pointing that out any second now… [crickets]

    Not that 3.5 months of data is enough to go on, but it’s a heckuva lot better than writing a post based on 15 DAYS of data, which was just totally dumb. But I forgot, it’s only a small sample if it’s good news. And it isn’t misleading as long as you end your post with a question mark. Great reporting, guys.