Book: Michael Vick Sent His Mistress A Puppy Dog Post Card. From Prison.

From the long, long list of things we wish we didn’t know, but do, the Daily Mail has a story about a new book from, apparently, the former mistress of Eagles QB Michael Vick. (Why do we say “apparently?” Because she doesn’t name herself.) There are lots of icky details in Quarterback Keeper—get it? GET IT?!?!?!—but this one’s probably the worst: That Vick sent the woman a card from prison (where he was serving time for his illegal dog-fighting ring) featuring two puppies and the inscription, “Thinking about our friendship.”

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Penn State Is Making a Lot of Cash Off Of School Pride

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: “Penn State University earned more than $2.7 million in fees and royalties in 2011 through a deal helping Bank of America peddle high-interest credit cards to its alumni and students. That put the university at the very top of the list of the colleges and universities in partnership with the credit industry, according to information that’s now available publicly following government overhauls meant to — among other things — make it harder for credit card companies to target college students.”

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Here Are Mugshots of Alleged Swiss Cheese Pervert Chris Pagano [UPDATED]


UPDATE: Swiss Cheese Pervert suspect Chris Pagano has been arrested. For the complete story, go here.


When I showed up at Chris Pagano’s Norristown home on Saturday to ask him if he was the Swiss Cheese Pervert, I didn’t exactly find his denial to be very convincing. So I’m not surprised to learn that Pagano’s 2009 arrest for solicitation did, indeed, involve cheese. Read more »

Newspaper Guild Jumps Into Inquirer / Daily News Ownership Fray


The Philadelphia Newspaper Guild, which represents more than 500 employees at the company, filed a petition to intervene today in their parent company’s ongoing ownership dispute.

A status hearing took place this morning at which attorney Lisa Lori appeared, representing the Guild. “The Guild has seen nothing but pay cuts [in recent years]” she said afterward. “Unpaid furloughs. … They want an equity stake.”

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24 Is Coming Back to TV

Deadline reports: “The clock resets when 24: Live Another Day premieres with a special two-hour television event on Monday, May 5 at 8 PM, followed by its time period premiere the following week in 24′s signature Monday 9 PM slot.

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