PHOTOS: The Delaware River Has Frozen Over

Polar Vortex, river-edition.

And now, without further ado, photos of the frozen-over Delaware River.


  • matthew brandley

    Last time I seen it like this was back in the 80 s.Screw the global warming crap. Last thing we need is heavy rain and a warm spell to cause a ice jam up the river like it did about 10 years ago that causedall that flooding up in Yardley

    • Steve in Philly

      This is something called “winter”. You should look up the difference between “weather” and “climate”. You might be surprised.

      • matthew brandley

        Leave it to a douche bag like you to be a real ahole. I was making a observation . Again last time we had a hard freeze thaw then rain a ice jam formed up river and massive flooding occured in bucks country and new jersey. I should know. I was a emt at the time in bucks country so again dont call me stupid. I have been out in the elements mors than you and I know what “climate” is douche bag! And I know what weather is . so next time keep your comments to your self before opening your smart mouth

        • cazz

          IF you knew the difference, you would not have made an asinine comment like< " Screw the global warming crap." based on a few days of cold weather….
          And before accusing someone of being a "smart mouth" you might want to check your potty mouth. It makes you sound like a petulant 8 year old.

  • Glenn

    It will save us all money on bridge tolls and gas !

  • E Avila

    It was frozen even more in 2001/2002. Pretty cool to see though, I think.

  • George Washington

    Where is George Washington now when we need him?