28 Bone-Chilling Photos of Philadelphians Braving the Polar Vortex

The gloved HughE Dillon snaps the frigid scene.


We sent Philly Mag’s The Scene photographer HughE Dillon out into the plunging temperatures today to document how Philadelphians were enduring the Polar Vortex. We hope he wore his gloves.

HughE Dillon covers parties, events and more for Philadelphia magazine’s The Scene. You can follow him on Twitter at @iPhillyChitChat and visit his daily online social diary PhillyChitChat.com.

  • BL1010Philly

    Are these pictures serious? They are terrible. It’s just people walking around in coats! Get better content, I expect more from Philly Mag.

  • Jack Meoffer

    Yo- these suck


    This roly poly should take a photography class in stead of walking around center city all day looking at man-ass !!!!!!