Video: Eagles Fan Spits On Saints Fan

Keeping if classy at the Linc.


It’s fair to say that every Eagles fan was upset after the team lost to the Saints on Saturday at the Linc. But here’s one fan who decided to demonstrate his dismay at the end of the game by spitting on a Saints fan, who had his camera rolling.

Nick Scelfo, the guy who was the recipient of said saliva, told the world via Twitter that a fight ensued:

No word yet on the identity of the spitter.

h/t Deadspin

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  • Mike

    No matter how much it sucks that your home team just lost a playoff game, and how much of a TOOL the Saints fan was being (you know he was just asking for this to happen), spitting on someone is assault. Period.

    • Ej

      Could he not be happy for his team just winning a great against a great team? If he’s a tool, I guess everyone there was a tool also.

    • kira.neal

      How can you justify this as “he was just asking for this to happen”? You’re definitely right about the assault but I keep finding these posts that say that the Saints fan was “asking for it”? Just wondering, no hostility..

  • Philly’s Best BYOBs

    That Philly fan deserves to loose

  • Davarieus Fox

    I’ve seen people whom condone the actions of this man. But what is sad is had the Eagles won, they’d do the same in their celebration. Taunting is part of the game. So is trash talking. But, spitting? Really?

    • Jane Yavis

      Kinda with you,,,,, What hurts the fan’s reputations isn’t what they do, it’s the excuses we hear about what they do.

  • Philly’s a joke

    Have you ever

  • Philly’s a joke

    Have any of you ever been an opposing teams fan in Philly? Do any of you know how much crap is dished out during the course of a game from Philly fans? This guy finally had his moment after 3.5 hours of abuse. Suck it up and take it Philly! You losers can dish it out but can’t take it!

    • USMCGY

      Let’s here where your team is from? . I’m sure we could find a video of an asshole doing the same thing. Assholes are everywhere in every city, you show your childish ignorance by grouping an entire city of Eagle fans on one idiots actions.

      • Jane Yavis

        I hear the guy is from here.

        • USMCGY

          Jane: Hi What guy, the one baiting Eagle fans to prompt bad behavior? To me, he accomplished what he set out to do, find another idiot to confront him with physical actions. Every stadium has them, everywhere.
          Can the National press let the snow ball Santa incident go too, I mean that happened what 25 years ago? Not one comment by the Natl press on how we received over 8 inches of snow hours before game time, and there wasn’t a drop of snow in sight at the Linc. Negative press sells.

    • GlassJawn

      I was on a Broad Street subway train filled with Mets fans chanting against against the Phillies. No one cared. On the other side of the coin, I’ve been harassed at Shea for being a Phillies fan. Grow up.

  • The Who Dat Nation

    Nice representation of your city you classless scumbag! It was a pleasure watching you lose. I have run into very few nice people in that god forsaken frigid hellhole!

    • nestazhe265

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    • USMCGY

      Keep painting your crown molding with a roller ok.

    • GlassJawn

      Lets hope that 3rd world city of New Orleans stays under water next time. Wasn’t aware you savages got internet access there.

      • Kirby

        It goes without saying Philly fans are the biggest babies and white thrash in the US. They even had cops undercover because they know their own fans can’t control themselves and act like inbred animals. You have any idea how many people lost their life in that hurricane you bag of $hit!!! Karma will put you the ground for that comment!!!!!!!

      • kira.neal

        What a stupid and ignorant comment. It must be nice to live in such a dumb world. I wish I only had three neurons to fire on a daily basis. You’ve obviously never been to NOLA and you are most certainly NOT WELCOME. We, savages, have that so-called “internet” and you should probably check your definition of “Third World” before you start calling names. Enjoy the rest of the games from your couch, sore loser. WHO DAT?! :)

        • kira.neal

          No wonder your profile is private.. What a dork.. Cool profile pic too..

        • GlassJawn

          Who dat? Talk about a mastery of the English language you cretins have mastered. I remember when Jim Mora was the Saints coach (back before New Orleans realized they had a football team) and called you fans sickos for cheering an injury to your own quarterback. Enjoy the whipping the Seahawks are going to give you.

  • Kate

    This is seriously news? Oh great there’s an a-hole at a sports stadium. Alert all media, Philly fans have done it again and proved their the worst! As an Eagles fan, I’ve seen games in both San Francisco and D.C. We’ve had empty beer cans thrown at our tailgate area in D.C. and heard plenty of nasty comments at candlestick. I don’t denounce their entire fanbase as scum.

    • Jane Yavis

      Their, their now…… When you were they’re did there fans spit on you!!!! Why the excuses???? He spit,,,,,he knew the camera was on and he Spit.

      • Kate

        Oh no, it’s the grammar police! Sorry I used their instead of they’re. You have now completely humiliated me in front of the entire internet, Jane!

  • sSandra

    Nasty Bastard, should have given that extra spit to Fuck-up Foles maybe then he could have controlled the ball.

  • get_real_philly

    I’ve been spat on in Philly wearing an opposing teams jersey. My wife has had full beers thrown at her (and no she was not taunting anyone). Now I bring my kids to the Linc but will not allow them to wear opposing team jersey. Sad isnt it? All we want to do is watch the game and enjoy it, win or lose. Why do we need to be abused for that?
    Lets be honest folks, there is more than 1 bad apple in that stadium! Bottom line is that Eagles fans are low life scum. All of them. Most of them are blue collar white trash. So all you people trying to defend the spitter in the video, obviously you come from the same mold.
    Face it Philly, you suck! New coach, same result. You’re all better off finding a new team.

    • Sal

      I was born and raised in Philly for almost 19 years and then went into the Service to do my part for America for three years. I was an Eagles or now called Beagles Fan until Tose and the other owner got greedy. The other teams spent more money to get better players but not Tose he wanted more in his pockets,.sorry Phily you are all losers with all the teams going down the toilet .