Jo Ann Allen Leaves WHYY

Next up for the “Morning Edition” host: movie writing.

After three nearly four years of helming the morning news at ’HYY, Jo Ann Allen dropped a low-key announcement on Twitter that today was her last in the gig.

Allen says she's leaving to concentrate on spec movie scripts and writing a reaction to the Trayvon Martin case. Jennifer Lynn will take over the news chair for the time being.

  • podmanic

    Whyy sure dropped the ball on informing listeners about this

  • misstress of Ed Cunningham

    She had an affair with Ed cutsy Cunningham

  • rockstarry

    Best wishes for a joyful journey Jo Anne!

  • Steve

    Now I can resubscribe to WHYY. Joanne was so depressing to listen to and faked cheeriness. Jennifer Lynn us like a breath of fresh air to morning radio.

  • JHS

    Well…she dropped the hint that the next day (i.e., the day of this article) would be her last day.