No Trash Collection In Philadelphia Thanks to Winter Storm Hercules

Thursday trash will sit until next Thursday.

UPDATE, Jan. 3, 4:45 p.m.: We’ve received some clarification on who exactly is affected by the trash pick-up delay, since things were somewhat complicated by New Year’s Day moving the schedule back. Basically if your normal trash day was Thursday, you have to wait until Thursday of next week for it to be picked up. So sayeth the Streets Dept. Twitter:

ORIGINAL: Apparently people are taking all of this Winter Storm Hercules stuff seriously. On Thursday afternoon, the City of Philadelphia announced that it would be suspending all trash and recycling collection until Saturday.

If you were expecting your trash to be picked up on Thursday and it hasn't been picked up yet, you have to stash it in the ShopRite dumpster hold onto it until next Thursday (ew). Friday trash collection will occur this Saturday (in theory).

The Street Department explains that "Sanitation crews are performing double duty as plows will be mounted to Sanitation trucks to assist with snow fighting operations."

Meanwhile, predicted snow amounts due to Winter Storm Hercules have increased, with John Bolaris calling for as much as eight inches in Philadelphia.

  • Jillian Beth

    Can we just call a state of emergency already in PA?? NY already did it and then we can keep people off the streets.

  • bob

    So my Friday trash collection, that was moved to Saturday because of New Years day, will not be moved to Sunday because of the snow. Let’s see if it gets picked up at all. The city may just skip the Friday people because they are so far behind and jump to Monday collections next week. It happens to Friday people at least once a year.

  • LadyFanshawe

    Our Thursday trash was alreay put out for Friday pick up. What are we supposed to do with it? This is all because the City doesn’t want to pay OT for Sunday. What about the infustion of all those millions the City’s coffers are expecting from the upcoming playoff game?

  • Liz Trainer

    It has been a week since the storm.I put out all my trash including my Xmas tree on Thursday expecting the trash to be picked up Friday. Recycling was collected why not trash? The roads are clear on Ardleigh and Germantown Ave so when are they going to collect?