Steal This Now: Giant Eagles Cutouts On Art Museum Steps

Can these things possibly survive through Saturday’s game?


Those members of the Art Snob world who roll their eyes at the presence of the Rocky statue at the base of the Art Museum steps with be delighted to know that those same steps are now flanked by giant cutouts of Philadelphia Eagles players just in time for this Saturday’s playoff battle with the New Orleans Saints.


"It's an expression of civic pride," says Art Museum spokesperson Norman Keyes.

So, which are better: the Eagles' chances of beating the Saints on Saturday or the chances that someone is going to steal* one of these things before kickoff?


* Of course, Philadelphia magazine does not really advocate breaking the law. But if you do decide to take a ride out to the Art Museum in the middle of the night, be sure to send us video.

  • Earl J

    I love the Birds up there although if the large Christmas Tree would appear next year at the top on the apron where it used to be I would love the Museum even more!

  • BlindChow

    Is there one of Patrick Chung? Because I would seriously consider playing a cardboard cut-out over the real thing.

  • havertowncal

    The Saints are calling on their fans in town for the game to do a “Who dat” Rocky run up the steps in their Saints gear on Saturday. That is why the cutouts are there