Eagles Playoff Game Vs. Saints Is Only Sold Out Playoff Game [UPDATED]

Because Cincinnati, Green Bay and Indianapolis all suck.

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys

Bravo, Philadelphia. Deadspin reports that of the four NFL playoff games scheduled for this weekend, the only one that is sold out is the Eagles vs. Saints game at the Linc on Saturday.

According to Deadspin, there are over 5,000 tickets still available for Colts vs. Chiefs in Indianapolis, about 8,000 for Bengals vs. Chargers in Cincinnati, and something like 7,500 for Sunday’s Packers vs. 49ers game in Green Bay, where, it should be noted, the temperature on game day will be a high of zero. Blackouts are possible in the local markets if tickets don’t start moving.

As for Eagles playoff tickets, which sold out quickly, resold tickets on StubHub and the NFL Ticket Exchange on Ticketmaster generally range from $120 to $2,000.

UPDATE: As of Thursday night, limited tickets were actually still available to the Eagles game via Ticketmaster, but few and far between.

  • NotFromPhilly

    Football is on a long road of decline.

    • USMCGY

      You’re not to bright, The NFL negotiated a new contract in 2011. The National Football League, the U.S.’s most-watched sport, will generate about 60 percent more revenue through 2022 from nine-year contract extensions with CBS Corp. (CBS), News Corp. (NWSA)’s Fox unit and Comcast Corp. (CMCSA)’s NBC.

      Should I mention the Super Bowl ads that are sold out at 4 million per 60 secs?

      Fox has sold out all of its TV broadcast slots roughly two months before the Feb. 2 football championship in New Jersey, the company announced Wednesday. The sellout comes about one month earlier than did CBS’ sellout announcement for the last Super Bowl

      Now get back to Colorado for that guvmint weed.

      • NotFromPhilly

        Three letters — CTE

        • USMCGY

          CTE will never have an impact on the NFL & it’s ratings,never. You’ve already have witnessed changes in the game for the better. Equipment is always improving, testing on players is more prevalant than any other time in the game.

          The NFL has made continuous progress in improving its concussion protocol & it will only improve with technology.

          • NotFromPhilly

            Oh, it will … as a new parade of CTE-affected players end up with dementia or as suicide victims. Eventually, it will be too much for anyone with any sense of basic morality to bear. Soccer — which I don’t even like — will be the premiere sport in the U.S. as it is in the rest of the world within 30 years.

          • USMCGY

            Soccer? LOL I heard those same predictions when I took my first tour overseas, some 20 yrs ago . Soccer will NEVER have higher ratings than the NFL.
            Notice how the NFL is playing more games every year overseas? On the opposite side, soccer attendance here has plummeted, some top leagues completed folded, attendance no where near a half decent college football game.
            Morality? People love the violent hits in football, it’s on the same warped mindset as watching a crash in a motor race.
            Happy New Year.

          • Lee MF Hazelwood

            But when happens when insurance premiums to cover CTE and related illnesses at the high school level get high enough that schools are forced to stop offering the sport and the talent pool dries up?

            In fifty years, football will be like boxing: onlookers will wonder why people still do it to themselves.

          • USMCGY

            Can’t say never I guess Lee. Boxing has no equipment for safety & CTE. Every other major sport has made great strides in protecting it’s participants. Baseball & horse racing are still very,very popular.
            The talent pool will never dry up Lee. Yep I said, Never.

          • Lee MF Hazelwood

            In the first half of the twentieth century, the three most popular American sports were baseball, horse racing and boxing.

            Things change. NFL doesn’t stand for Now and Forever League.

  • Earl J

    Would never have guessed this in Green Bay no matter what the weather. This also means these cities probably had lower playoff options purchased from regular season ticket holders.