Can Everybody Please Shut Up About The Obama Funeral Selfie?

Go back to hating Barack Hussein Obama for being a Muslim.


It happened on Tuesday. One day before the Fake Sign Language Interpreter Scandal broke, United States President Barack Obama put on the Classic Overbite Selfie Face for a photo with some mobile-phone-wielding blonde (who happened to be Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt) and British Prime Minister David Cameron at the memorial service for Nelson Mandela, a photo that has now become known as the Obama Funeral Selfie and has inspired the Great Obama Funeral Selfie Scandal of 2013, otherwise known as Selfie-gate.

How could Obama be so insensitive as to sit there and pose for a funeral selfie in the midst of such a solemn affair?

Well, it turns out things might not have been as solemn as the right wing nuts who have been blasting Obama for this ad nauseum would have you believe.

The man who took the Obama funeral selfie photo, photographer Roberto Schmidt, has taken to the Internet to explain a bit of the context surrounding the photo. CONTEXT. You remember context, don’t you?

Anyway, here’s what Schmidt had to say about all this on Wednesday on the website of AFP, the news agency for whom he took the Obama funeral selfie photo:

From the podium, Obama had just qualified Mandela as a “giant of history who moved a nation towards justice.” After his stirring eulogy, America’s first black president sat about 150 metres across from where I was set up. He was surrounded by other foreign dignitaries and I decided to follow his movements with the help of my 600 mm x 2 telephoto lens.

So Obama took his place amid these leaders who’d gathered from all corners of the globe. Among them was British Prime Minister David Cameron, as well as a woman who I wasn’t able to immediately identify. I later learned it was the Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning Schmidt. I’m a German-Colombian based in India, so I don’t feel too bad I didn’t recognize her! At the time, I thought it must have been one of Obama’s many staffers.

Anyway, suddenly this woman pulled out her mobile phone and took a photo of herself smiling with Cameron and the US president. I captured the scene reflexively. All around me in the stadium, South Africans were dancing, singing and laughing to honour their departed leader. It was more like a carnival atmosphere, not at all morbid. The ceremony had already gone on for two hours and would last another two. The atmosphere was totally relaxed — I didn’t see anything shocking in my viewfinder, president of the US or not. We are in Africa.

Tuesday, it’s the Obama Funeral Selfie Scandal. Wednesday, it’s the Fake Sign Language Interpreter Scandal (note to Rush Limbaugh: I have it on good authority that the fake sign language interpreter was actually Obama’s sponsor in the Muslim Brotherhood… call me!) What is Thursday going to bring?

Of course, Schmidt was probably paid big bucks to write all that and make the Obama funeral selfie story go away by the same people who paid big bucks to the guy who secretly transported infant Obama from the Islamist terrorist base camp where he was born, so I guess just believe what you want.

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  • DTurner

    But Victor, if we don’t maintain our righteous indignation of the opposing side, we’d actually have to get something done!

  • Robin M

    ..”with some mobile-phone-wielding blonde (who happened to be Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt)” How dare you reduce the Danish Prime Minister’s presence to some off-handed remark. Obviously this disrespect is not because she is a foreign prime minister, as shown in the mention that Prime Minister David Cameron got. Is it because she is a woman and blonde or just because she is a woman??

    • vfiorillo

      It’s because she’s a Dane!

    • Brown Poop

      Normally if I saw an allegation of sexism in the media I would just scoff because of past experiences with internet feminists, but this is totally true. She’s the Danish PM with, assumedly, the qualifications to be a world leader for God’s sake! Give her the respect she deserves instead of making her sound like a stereotypical bimbo.

      • Robin M

        I would usually ignore sexist dribble as well, but this was just TOO much to ignore.

  • ClamCop369

    Really classy behavior and that includes the phony excuse from the photographer.

  • nursemp

    Obama has been a fake about everything tried to portray, and has done a great job with the assistance of the media to fool most Americans. Watergate was a drop in the bucket compared to what this evil man has done.

  • Inquizative

    It was a celebratory moment. Nelson Mandela lived to the ripe old age of 95 and died peacefully with all his family and loved ones. It was a celebration of life. Nelson Mandela was one of the most prominent people in modern history. He liberated millions. This is why the S. Africans were dancing and in a joyful mood. YOU people need to stop with the bull. Stop hating because it’s apparent. What’s so sad is you people trying to make something out of nothing. To make a sordid attempt on Obama’s integrity for taking a “selfy” is petty and pathetic and the WHOLE world is looking at you for the trivial low lifes that you are!

  • jorionwood

    Like most sane people, I believe that Obama is an incompetent bozo and his election is nothing more or less than a symbol of the USTMZ welfare state that we have become, but do agree that his lame selfie old is not worth ripping on him about…especially on a day where some goof conned him into letting him stand on his stage while he pretended to interpret what he was saying using sign language, while actually throwing up gang signs and using referee gestures.

    seriously, home boy…imagine how you people would react if Bush was involved in either of these irrelevant situations?

  • Jk Walker

    No. I won’t “shut up” because your golden child embarrassed himself (and his country) again. It was UN-presidential, period. Maybe he ISN’T some intellectual God transported to us, but perhaps the pretty feckless adjunct proffessor / community organizer politician that he is.

  • Gwen Richardson

    relax people, and get to know some more black people so you can attend some of their families funerals, or as we call them “Home Going’s”. Its more like a party compared to other groups stoic funerals. Our weddings are way more formal. My Dad who is a pastor, had to set a rule that people not use flash photography to take pictures of the diseased, it freaks some family members out.

  • sarahs man

    sure,,he changed his tune,,ego driven,phony,narcissist,community organizing inept muslim