No, Michael Vick Did Not Break His Legs In a Car Accident

It’s just a stupid Internet hoax.

Michael Vick

Monday’s social media stream includes some posts about Eagles quarterback Michael Vick breaking his legs in a car accident. But as much as some dog lovers out there might wish ill will on Vick, who spent time in prison thanks to his unfortunate affinity for dogfighting, Vick did not, in fact, break his legs in a car accident.

The hoax appeared on Monday on the Global Associated News website:

A spokesperson for the Philadelphia highway safety authority (HSA) has confirmed that Michael Vick has broken both of his legs in a traffic altercation. He has been transported via ambulance to a local Philadelphia hospital for treatment, and the full extent of his injuries are not known at this time, however, both of his legs were visibly broken and not life threatening according to sources.

The accident involved a 2012 BMW driven by Michael Vick and a 76 year old female driver in a 2010 Audi. The driver of the Audi was issued a citation for failing to stop at a red light before striking the vehicle driven by Michael Vick at a high rate of speed.

Team spokespersons could not be reached for comment at this time.

Of course, if you scroll way, way down on the page to the fine print at the bottom, this is what you will find:

About this web site. FAKE… THIS STORY IS 100% FAKE! this is an entertainment website, and this is a totally fake article based on zero truth and is a complete work of fiction for entertainment purposes! this story was dynamically generated using a generic ‘template’ and is not factual. Any reference to specific individuals has been 100% fabricated by web site visitors who have created fake stories by entering a name into a blank ‘non-specific’ template for the purpose of entertainment.

Vick has been the, er, victim of Internet hoaxes in the past, and we’re sure this won’t be the last time. As of 1 p.m. on Monday, over 19,000 readers “liked” the story on Facebook and several hundred retweeted it.

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  • Katesmock

    Darn, too bad. What a creep. He needs both legs broken.

  • moodyjudi

    Too bad. I was hoping it was true. That way he wouldn’t be able to kick any dogs for a while. Wish it was his neck.

    • justbeingreal

      Moodyjudi is the perfect name for u……to wish a broken neck on another human being is just simply wrong; yeah he was a asswhole for neglecting dogs in which he paid his debt to society in JAIL; i’m pretty sure u have a few skeletons in ur closet b/c none of us are perfect u know. In other words FUCK OFF Moody J- ur so heartless

      • moodyjudi

        You can go fuck yourself, asshole. Like I give two shits what an asshole like you has to say. When I want to hear what an asshole has to say, I will fart. I am entitled to my opinion, din’t like it? Scroll down. Most people agree with me.

        • justbeingreal

          it amuses me how angry you are; I took ur advice & continued to scroll down on ur comments & it seems like u have a lot of NEGATIVE things going on in that fucked up head of urs; I bet u are one those people that’s afraid to speak to others face to face but choose to sit behind ur little computer & talk like u have some sort of power; like I said in my previous comment – Judith has skeletons too & I hope u don’t break ur neck In a car accident….im just saying Goodbye i’m just a visitor on this shitt

          • moodyjudi

            Oh boo hoo, you hurt my widdle feelings–NOT. Go fuck yourself.

        • little girl

          Vick did bad he hurt dogs he did his tie and now he is a good person you should never wish somebody a broken neck coming from a little girl and a eagles fan

    • Zach

      How long ago was that? He already served his time for that too. You need to be checked into a fucking hospital you psychopath…

  • Nahman

    Wish no harm on no one. Law of recoprocity in full effect for those who choose to.

    • loser

      Shut up Nahman. It would have been his Karma.

      • d-vet

        then that will be your Karma for wanting it to be his Karma; and around and around we go. When it’s going to stop we will never know!!

        • justbeingreal

          u are absolutely right; lets pray for ignorant & heartless people

          • Noitall

            You all go fuck yourselves. When vick dies I’m having a party and pissing on his grave


      I think that these people wishing bad on another human being that made a mistake, IS THE ONLY HUMAN THAT MADE A MISTAKE! Some people just hate because they were raised that way!

  • Jmaes

    F! To good to be true. He needs all his limbs broken beyond fixing.

  • Lisa

    I don’t like the guy and would never be able to respect him ever again , but would never want something like this to happen to him !

  • tasha

    All yall lame and need to get a life he is human smh

  • Carter

    Dogs are not human beings idiots.. whats the difference in training them for sled races or chasing drugs ..either way its against their will..You guys are just looking for a reason to hate another sucessful black man..

    • Keith Remaly

      Carter -Just be advised, it was NEVER about race, so please don’t play that card. It was about killing and torturing dogs. If you don’t know what the differences are between being trained as drug dogs v.s. fighting dogs, then you really are clueless. Secondly, if you have a dog and you treat it well, then you know they offer unconditional love.. and you know when they are sad or are in pain. Dogs are much smarter then some people… especially in this thread !

      • NJDIII

        Michael Vick lost 20 millions dollar, and spent 2 years in federal prison. He literally did the most jail time in America history for a first offense dog fighting charge. He was a punk, he is now someone who I strive to be like, hard working, team player, family man, selfless (put his body on the line for the city and teammates). He came out and said Foles was the better choice when most vets would of become a cancer in the locker room .He is always doing charity work and speaking to at risk kids about the dangers of trusting your “boys” I wanna reach through my computer and snatch that puppy outta your hands and give him to Vick, although he is shot as a qb he is a role model and a good human being who clearly has changed for the better. I hate fucks like you who read the bottom line on espn or heard skiff Baylee’s say something and all of a sudden your an expert. I can’t believe how many no nothing’s agree with you, you all deserve each other bc none of you ever made any mistakes and are perfect. Fuck off

    • Alejandra

      Dogs are like humans they have fillings and don’t need no black mother fucker putting dogs to fight way doesn’t Vick get in a cage and fight… I wish he did brake everything!

      • NJDIII

        Dogs are not human beings last year a man tied his dogs leash to car handle and drove around town until the dog died. 6 months probation and a 1000$ fine….go ahead tie up Vick and drag him behind your car see if you get the same punishment as the dog killer.

    • Bud

      Michael Vick successful? lol Does it matter if he’s black or white? He is a has been. He ruined his career for a few extra bucks destroying dogs in fights. That’s being successful. He is a loser and a crappy quarterback.

      • CJT

        IF you followed the case and KNEW anything about VICK or the real facts, NOT what the media portrayed, then you’d know he was NOT the person acually fighting the dogs. His cousins were. He allowed it to go on and he did not intervene. He paid his debt to society. I don’t agree with harm to any animals, but we all make mistakes either directly and indirectly everyday. I think he has more than paid for his mistake. His career has never fully recovered. It’s appalling that people get this mad about DOGS, but no one was outraged when a man blatantly gunned down a young man he thought LOOKED suspicious…. we acquitted that man, but sent Vick to jail because he condoned vicious behavior. This country is full of hate and hypocrites sitting on high horses UNTIL its their son murdered. SMH

        • Mary

          CJT that was very well put. We American (black and white) are the most selfish human beings on the planet. And it doesnt have to be that way.

      • NJDIII

        He paid off 20 million in debt in a lil under 4 years. Is making 3-7 million this year….I dunno how much you make Bud? I’ll bet my left nut he gets another 4-8 millions dollar contract next year from some team….

      • Antonio Blackston


  • Lacesout

    So disappointed. He does not deserve to walk this earth after what he did. He should be spending the rest of his life trying to right what he has done.

  • d-vet

    Throw that stone, and it will probably bounce off of your faults and knock you upside the head!

  • Keith Remaly

    Stick a fork in him, his career is done. He is and will always be hated for what he did and he will never be forgiven…. EVER !! Broken legs are too good for him.

  • justbeingreal

    The world is full of HATE; so many people in this discussion is wishing bodily harm on Vick; who are u too judge; Vick & the rest of us will have to answer to GOD in the end; The world we live in is beyond crazy: priest molest little boys & gets no jail time; drug dealers gets 20 plus years; & lets not forget about Zimmerman; and the rest of society is just as fucked up!!! That’s ok I’m going to pray for u guys!

  • Deesker


  • belle

    All of you who wishes harm on him is a fucking idiot. He made a mistake yes he paid for it! One sin does not outweigh another! The hatred in your heart is just as bad as him killing dogs ! GET OVER IT!

  • Richard Colton

    How were people so gullible? First of all, there’s no such thing as the Highway Safety Authority (HSA). There’s a Regional Safety Authority (RZA) and the Greater-Philadelphia Safety Authority (GZA). And believe me, they are nothing to F with.

    • G_WallyHunter

      and if you get in an accident, you definitely do not what the Inspectah paying a visit to the scene

  • 205

    accually micheal vick did not fight dogs his cousin did yall going against a black person would if this really happened cuz a dog aint nothing but a animal dat want to fight anyway so yall can save dat stuff by vick………a dog really. GO VICK!!!!!!!

    • Richard Colton

      makes perfect sense when you put it like that.

  • Chloe Smith

    Too bad Michael (the dog killer) Vick did not break both of his legs and arms. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

  • Antonio Blackston

    dumb ass people it should be a crime to post fake shit like that