Someone Wake Me When the JFK Assassination Anniversary Is Over

All this talk about dead presidents… [yawn].

JFK word cloud

Every year, on November 22nd, I break out my trusty cone of silence to avoid the ridiculous overhyping of the JFK assassination anniversary. But this year, which, in case you somehow don’t know, marks the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination, there’s no avoiding it. There’s nowhere to run. There’s nowhere to hide. No grassy knoll or book depository in which to seek shelter. The JFK assassination anniversary is everywhere.

And it’s not just today, November 22nd. No, thanks to the fact that a half century has passed since John F. Kennedy’s brains were quite literally blown out all over the place, this has been JFK assassination month. The mere presence of the number 50 makes this all somehow more important, I guess?

There have been countless TV specials. If you were busy last night and missed JFK: The Lost Tapes on Discovery, The American Experience: JFK on PBS, or the Tom Hanks-produced The Assassination of President Kennedy on CNN, never fear, because if you’re around on Friday night, you can still catch JFK: The Definitive Guide on History, CBS Evening News’ interview with a former Secret Service agent who was in the doomed motorcade that hallowed day, or JFK: In His Own Words on HBO, just to name a few. Even the good Reverend Al Sharpton is plopping into the slop with his own special at 9 p.m. on MSNBC.

There are, of course, new books attempting to solve the mystery behind who really killed JFK. The most prominent recent release is Roger Stone’s self-explanatorily titled The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ. Stone is the political operative who, in 2008, creatively named his anti-Hillary Clinton group Citizens United Not Timid. (I’ll let you work out the unfortunate acronym.) Unsurprisingly, Stone’s JFK book lacks any enlightening perspective or earth-shattering details. He’s merely putting a new spin on an old theory.

And then there’s the Australian cop whose book, JFK: The Smoking Gun (real original, mate), explains that the whole JFK assassination mess was not an assassination at all. It was an accident! Oops. Sorry, Jackie.

There have been thousands of articles relating to the JFK assassination in major print newspapers in the last week alone. On Friday, in U.S. newspapers and wires, there are many hundreds. Everyone from the Aiken Standard in South Carolina to New Mexico’s Albuquerque Journal has something to say.

But nobody has anything new to say. The newspapers are basically reading the JFK Wikipedia page and slapping a few thousand words together, maybe with a quote from some local yokel answering the seemingly timeless question: “Where were you the day that JFK was assassinated?” My answer? “Who cares!” And some of the TV stations are brazenly rebroadcasting old anniversary specials. For instance, MSNBC’s 7 p.m. JFK “special” with Chris Matthews is just the show they broadcasted 10 years ago on the 40th anniversary. But hey, at least Matthews realizes that there’s nothing new worth saying.

I’ll see you on Monday when we can forget about all this for another year. I hope.

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  • Bill Knepper

    I support your right to express your opinion. That said, you are a jerk.

  • Jim Hatch

    It won’t take me til Monday to forget about you. You’re a self-absorbed idiot.

  • Kathleen DiCrosta Gauvreau

    You’re an ignorant idiot!!! Go back and crawl under your rock!!!

  • Jorge

    Respectful, your article is not.

  • JoAnn

    You are an ignoramus. This event changed the baby boomers forever. There is not one person who was alive from that time who doesn’t remember exactly where they were and who they were with. You obviously have no appreciation for the profound impact this had. It was the end of innocence.

    • Jane Yavis

      JoAnn, Victor confirms it changed not just the Boomers, but the world forever.

  • Vicky

    Sigh…Philly Mag is really, really scraping the bottom of the barrel by giving bad writers like you ANY kind of forum. This event was the 9/11 of its time…wake up, moron!!!

  • chescoEMT

    Once, twice, thrice. I don’t think reading it a fourth time will help me understand your point.

    • Gar Gar

      Because you are an imbecile.

      • chescoEMT


  • Kathy King

    What’s next–shall we forget to remember 911, WW2, The Holocaust?? I hope your editor fires you for your complete lack of compassion & respect. Sweet dreams Victor–maybe when you wake up you can find a heart.

  • portalprincess

    go home & let your mother slap some sense into you

  • phillytranspant

    Many have no interest in history and basically are ignorant of its force on the present and the future. Those who don’t know their history will be forced to repeat it. I believe you are one of that ilk.

  • ann

    Thank you for this. President Kennedy was shot a looooong time ago and everytime I see another sanctimonius tv personality look sad on cue about it, I think ‘who effing cares?!’ For the people that DO care and remember, god bless and I’m sorry. Just real tired of having the blood wrung out of this stone over and effing over.

    • Marie Hudgeons

      It’s called change the channel if you are not interested….get the picture?

    • Gar Gar

      So right you are. Ignore all the other idiotic posts.

  • Will Peckham

    What a dumb a$$ you are. Go post what you ate for breakfast on Facebook.

    • Jane Yavis

      I was looking for an on point post regarding Victor Finest Fellow,,,,,, Yours and Alan Flemings are right on target. Thank you

  • Alan Fleming

    You have nothing new to say. How did you get this job?

  • Marie Hudgeons

    Opinions are like asses everyone has on and yours stinks.

  • Jane Yavis

    With nary an original thought, and all the right Buzz Words, this appears to be Victor’s public Resume’ for Philadelphia Conservative Talk Radio Host. Maybe this is what Victor needs to do in order to feel important in his own little world.

    Victor, I wish there was a more polite way to tell you you are too ignorant to even know what ignorance is. But if that’s all you need to make you proud,,,,have at it.

  • anarchteacher

    On November 22, 1963, a coup d’état by Lyndon Johnson and the highest echelons of the National Security State was accomplished with the brutal murder of President John F. Kennedy. Andrew Gavin Marshall has written an excellent and concise online summary article, “The National Security State and the Assassination of JFK,” which compliments the definitive, path-breaking research of author James W. Douglass in JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters.

    The “smoking gun” in the cover-up of the assassination is found in CIA Dispatch #1035-960 (available online). This was the crucial covert directive to the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird elite media assets to vigorously denounce critics of the Warren Commission Report as “conspiracy theorists.” This is when that particular derogatory term of denunciation and disinformation entered the national conversation in an attempt to cut off and stifle informed debate on the president’s murder because the path of evidence would lead directly to those elements behind the sinister cover-up.

    These facts are discussed in detail in Lance deHaven-Smith’s authoritative Conspiracy Theory in America (Austin, TX: University of Texas Press). Dr. Smith is a widely published scholar in peer-reviewed academic journals and is Professor in the Reubin O’ D. Askew School of Public Administration and Policy at Florida State University in Tallahassee. DeHaven-Smith has appeared on Good Morning America, the Today Show, NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw, CBS Nightly News with Dan Rather, the NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, and other national TV and radio shows.

  • Jane Yavis

    With nary an original thought, and all the right buzz words, this appears to be Victor’s Public Resume for a spot on Conservative Talk Radio. If this is what Victor needs to do in order to feel important in his special part of the world, so be it.

    Who better to keep ignorance alive than someone not quite able to recognize how easily it thrives in their special corners of the world.

    PS – Victor wouldn’t even dream of attacking a certain deceased Republican past President with the same vigor, would he??

  • LaurenMPH

    Wow, even the fictional character Peter Campbell on MadMen has more brains and integrity than you! Says Pete when JFK is murdered: You can’t just shoot the president of the United States!”. Not only was the president assassinated, but you, oh dumb American, are dismissing this as an unimportant event! INCREDIBLE.

  • LaurenMPH

    P.S. I am not a baby boomer. I’m 28. Just want to state that for the record.

  • Ed

    I agree with the author. To the people blasting him, try thinking for yourselves. Yes, I know the media TELLS you that this is important, but it’d be nice if you could decide for yourself what is important for a change.

    This article is a breath of fresh air. Just the fact that the public opinion seems to be against is enough to tell me that he really has something here.

  • Makai Ookami

    I’ll stand up for you. I don’t care about the JFK Assassinations. I have no reason to believe there was a conspiracy, I don’t believe it is reasonable to believe it was a conspiracy, and even if we completely debunk the JFK conspiracy theory, people will not change their minds they won’t even know it was debunked.

    Queue obligatory reference to birthers and truthers.

  • david krall

    from: david t. krall
    I just came across your article above regarding your opinions on the JFK
    assassination….I hope I can help you!!!… maybe there’s still hope..
    not sure how deep or how far down your head is positioned in the sand.
    From what you are trying to say, It may take a major construction team
    to do a major-mega job here…don’t loose hope…help is out, ah I mean up here…
    not sure if you need them. but I am sure that any rose-colored glasses
    certainly protected your eyes from all that sand….